Comet Crash DLC Swarms to PSN Today

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Hi everyone! It is our pleasure to announce Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm will launch today on the PlayStation Store for $4.99. Additionally, a free patch update to Comet Crash is available.

The Bionic Swarm campaign continues where Comet Crash left off. Enemy forces have resurrected with improved defenses and advanced technology. To defeat them you will battle your way through 16 action packed levels that span across two new environments.

In Bionic Swarm you will expand the abilities of Basic Ops units and unlock advanced weapons with the Research tower. Scouts and Tanks are morphed into hideous and powerful swarm creatures. Drones are upgraded into vicious Kamikazes that hurl themselves into enemy air units. One of the most exciting additions in Bionic Swarm and the highlight of today’s new video footage – Missiles – obliterate clusters of enemy buildings and units with one strike. Missile Defense systems also help to protect territories of your choice. Players will see mass clusters of missiles streaking toward their targets, decimating the metallic swarm creatures in devastating attacks that players will need to master.

New health upgrades for your ship allow you to navigate the deadliest of enemy territory and carry out your nefarious plot. You might be able to cause some serious damage!

Here is a quick rundown of the new content offered in Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm:

  • 16 challenging campaign levels across 2 new environments
  • 10 more battle maps on the new environments
  • 4 new towers, including the Harvester and Missile Silo
  • Research facility to unlock new weapons and units for late-game strategies
  • 11 new trophies

New Comet Crash DLC Incoming

Additionally the free update adds the following:

  • 4 new Battle maps
  • Option to select between an assortment of player ship colors
  • Graphics enhancements

Thanks to all of the avid Comet Crash fans who have taken time to send us tons of great feedback and creative suggestions!

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2 Author Replies

  • loved this game

  • Looks interesting I might give it a try. 4.99 is reasonable…thx

  • Looks good, cant wait to pick this up later!!

  • NICE!! will the extra towers and units be available for local play too?

  • COOL!! Got to buy it today!! Cant wait to play

  • My friends love coming over and playing this. Thanks for the extra content!

  • Oh, any new trophies with this?

  • Nice one, been waiting for this for ages. Shame Sony sucks when it comes to updating PSN, maybe by Wednesday it will be available.

  • Well ia lready bought it!! Downloading right now, after you update comet crash, go to Online store

  • YES! Bought it a couple minutes ago, first person to rate it 5 stars! You guys rock!

  • @10 I got the update last nite, still no sign of the add on ….

  • cool. I never finished the original game because I’m stuck on one level and every time I come back to it I can’t quite remember how to play. Maybe I’ll play this then go back to that level :P

  • I really need to get back into this game… and the DLC really seems to freshen things up a lot. Picked up the game back when it was on sale and really loved it but something came up and I never finished it :(


  • Comet Crash is my favorite PSN game and I’m thrilled there’s new content for it. Thank you for the continued support!

  • Bought it! Comet Crash is by far my favorite PSN game!

  • Okay this is how I see it. Back when your game first came out I watched the video you guys made for it and to be quite frank it flat out sucked. The music was just too slow, and the way the video was presented was completely unprofessional. It felt like a 5th graders video. It made me not want to purchase the game.

    Then you came out with a patch adding many things to the game free of charge. That was what made me buy the game, was your dedication to your game and your fans that bought it. That’s when I found out how much fun it was to play, and I found it a shame it was advertised in such a horrible manner. Had the advertising been up to par I would have bought the game on Day One.

  • Now you come out with some DLC for a price. Have you learned anything from your past experience? From the look of this new trailer, yes you have.. somewhat. This trailer looks much more involving, has music to match the frantic pace of the game, and looks pretty impressive! But yet still lacks the professional look and feel that I believe a PS3 advertisement requires.

    IMO You still have a ways to go if you want more sales. Your game is really good and your DLC is priced just right, yet you have barely anyone posting comments or rating the DLC. There can only be one answer and that is bad advertising of your product. However, since I know your game is good already I will buy the DLC. I just hope you can get up to par with your advertising. It would make more people see how great your game really is.

    Also, just like the last video you show gameplay of zoomed in camera shots. Is there a way to zoom in finally or what?

  • @Thrill_Kill: Advertising isn’t really Pelfast’s fault, I think it’s the Playstation community in general that’s too closed-minded to appreciate this for what it is. The game is absolutely incredible but gamers these days need high-def graphics, online play and/or (in most cases) an assault rifle in first person.

    Even if many people bought this game, a lot of them would complain about how it’s not their kind of game or are too impatient to take the time to understand what to do. It’s not exactly a pick up and play kind of game. Plus, it requires some logic and ingenuity to get by many of the stages…again, something a lot of people these days DON’T look for in games.

    Still, it’s great to know that reviewers and people who actually give Comet Crash a shot know how amazing the game really is. It’s just a shame that people refuse to give it the shot it rightfully deserves.

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