Who’s That Flying?! Out Tomorrow for PSP, PS3

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Hi all! We’re very, very pleased to announce that our second minis game, “Who’s That Flying?!” goes live tomorrow on the PlayStation Store!

Check out the all-new, full trailer for the game!

With “Who’s That Flying?!”, we’ve combined side-scrolling shooting action with elements of tower defence and even some up-close and personal quick-time events for the super-dramatic moments!

What that means is that the character you control, the “Guardian of Earth” is pretty much invulnerable, blasting enemies apart and grappling giant bosses with ease – but the cities you are defending are hugely vulnerable. So your goal is not to survive, but rather to stop too many enemies getting past you and destroying your cities.

The story starts out with the Guardian of Earth on trial for allowing the invasion to take place; each level is played out as a flashback as you submit your version of events… in the most dramatic way possible!

The game will become available today on the PS3 and PSP worldwide for the price of $5.99.

We’ve piled as much as we could into our latest game – INCLUDING (but not limited to):

  • Story mode with full animated cutscenes detailing the trial of the Guardian of Earth!
  • Five unique stages and over 40 individual levels!
  • 4 Infinite mode challenges to unlock with local highscore boards!
  • Challenge mode with 24 unique trials to unlock!
  • 17 different enemy types!
  • Masses of bonus artwork and awards!
  • Huge finishing moves!
  • Combos, medals. Power-ups and more…!

The response we’ve had to our previous minis title, “Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!” has been phenomenal – thanks to everyone who’s supported us, and we’re really hoping that with “Who’s That Flying?!” we can raise our bar even higher!

Who's That Flying?! for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini) Who's That Flying?! for PSP and PS3 (PlayStation mini)

For more information check out the Mediatonic website, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again for all your help and support! If you have any comments, please drop them below and we’ll do our best to respond!

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16 Author Replies

  • this looks like a lot of fun!

  • was this always the name of the game? or in true “Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman” fashion it got a new name? for some reason i thought it was called something else before.. but i could be mistaken, its hard to keep up with you guys game titles(no offense)

  • Monsters was good, but short… This looks fun as well, and seems to have a bit more depth. I’ll bite!

  • This is my kind of game for quick play so I´ll be fast to get it once it’s available on the PSN. The graphics are great as well and I love the tittle lol, simple but effective. Keep up the good work guys and please please, pass the word to the creators so they can put this characters as downloable PSN ID avatars, I’ll get them all!!

  • i stand corrected, i just looked at the previous blog post and it was the same name.

  • This looks really good!

  • This looks pretty good. And it should be, because Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is simply the best Mini yet! I’m looking forward to play it. I’m glad to see that this game also offers more content. Let’s face it, it’s not only about quality; quantity matters too.

    I have one little question: what is the price in euros going to be? I hope it won’t be 6 euros, because that’d be a little steep.

  • I know this isn’t the rite place to ask, but: when will we get the PSN on Brazil? Xbox live was launched, and we r still waiting for the PSN!!!


  • Dead Nation Please.

  • Will this have some sort of demo/unlockable trial? I’m guessing not and that is the reason I haven’t bought one mini yet.

  • Hi all!

    Thanks for the comments so far!

    @MaikelSteneker – Thank you! And the price in Euros will be 4.99!

    @Mattsta001 – afraid no playable demo. It’s not possible on the minis format! Are you SURE we still can’t tempt you to give minis a try? Does the preview video alone not give you pause for thought? :)

  • Awesome. I absolutely loved your first Mini – this looks like another winner!

  • SOLD! Been waitin for this for a while now. LOVE!

  • In the post you have it available today, but it say available tomorrow? Which one is it? Anyways, I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. I wish the game was a little cheaper, but I will still buy it! Keep the great games coming!

  • @depward – Thank you! If you liked Monsters, we really hope that Who’s That Flying?! will appeal!

    @Big_Hawk97 – It’s really fantastic for us to hear this kind of enthusiasm. It’s a nerve-wracking time for us! Let us know how you get on with it!

  • @DZORMAGEN – Oops, yes this is a mistake. The game will be going on sale in the US TOMORROW (Tuesday 16th).

  • I didn’t even notice the acronym until the end of that trailer. lol

  • This is obviously a mini title?

  • @Chuckbait – Yes. Yes it is. But with big ideas and aspirations.

  • Hells yeah! I’ve been waiting for this title for a long time. Glad it’s finally hitting.

  • @hush404 – So are we!

  • @Jim, the video has my curiosity piqued, that’s why I asked if there would be a trial version. Not sure why minis can’t have a trial version when I’m pretty sure all XBLA games do. Without being able to try the controls myself it’s no sale. Good luck with the game anyway. I hope one day minis will allow people to try before they buy.

  • Damn, this week’s felt slow for me — ever since getting a job, there’s been stuff left & right that I’ve wanted to blow money on, typically from sales (it’s how I got your guys’ first game, despite not having a PSP of my own until, erm, this past week…-ish). Don’t make me want to drop dough on this beaut.

  • @Mattsta001 – Hi Matt, I completely hear what you’re saying. I’m a big fan of trialling games before I put money down too. It’s just not an option we have for the minis titles as much as we’d like it to be (and to be fair it’s not possible on XBL Indie Games either, which may be the closest comparison…)

    Occasionally I’ll take a risk if something really catches my eye, and of course we’d LOVE it if WTF?! grabbed your attention enough to make that happen, but even the fact that you saw the video and came on to comment is a really positive sign for us. We’re pleased just to have had your attention this time!

    Our hope is of course that the game is liked well enough to pick up some review scores that might, maybe, make you change your mind in the future! Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for your comments!

  • @TJF588 – You sound both overworked and incredibly intelligent and discerning. You should totally treat yourself to a new game or something.

  • Dear Mediatonic

    I know you said it would be released worldwide, but I want to doublecheck if it’ll be released in Hong Kong. I still can’t find “Monsters Probably” on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store.

    You don’t have to do a local translation or anything. Most people here play games in English anyway.

    I’m hoping both games get released here

  • Looks like a great game, by viewing of the trailer. Will definately be eager to pick it up tomorrow!

  • @pitythefool852 – I’m afraid that Asia is the one area where we are still not able to release our versions of the games, which is why neither are available yet.

    Please keep an eye on our website http://www.mediatonic.co.uk in the future in case we’re able to change the situation.

    I’m really sorry the games are not available to you yet. Thank you for taking the time to post on here. The more awareness we have of who is interested in playing our games, the more likely we are to be able to make improvements in the future.

  • @proskatercam – Awesome! Thank you!

  • @Jim, fair enough. To be honest you’ve done a good job of persuading me to take the plunge. I appreciate it when devs take the time to explain and answer questions. Consider it bought.

  • @Mattsta001 – Hand on my heart, I think that’s completely brilliant Mattsta. I’m really happy to have had the chance to talk to you! Please drop us a line on twitter to let us know how you find it – would be really great to hear what you think!

    We’re at twitter.com/mediatonic

    Thanks again! :D

  • @Jim Griffiths

    Thanks for your quick reply, mate. I don’t know about other users, but I’d definitely buy both games if they were available. I really want to give you guys my hard earned money, but HK PS Store just won’t let me.

    There’s a lot of other Minis available here, so it seemed really weird that yours aren’t.

    If it’s a problem at Sony then send me the email of whoever’s responsible and I’ll spam their email like there’s no tomorrow ;)

    Great trailer anyway.

  • @Pitythefool852 – Ah, it’s a real shame. I think perhaps the HK PS store uses a different log in the EU and US stores. We have both EU and US accounts on our office PSPs so that we can test out both versions each time.

    Hmmm… ;)

    Glad you liked the trailer!

  • Yeah!, we need more side-scrolling shooters minis :(

  • Guys, I really want to support your titles, but I just can’t bring myself to spend money on minis. They look really bad on my 50″ Plasma HDTV, and the lack of trophy support further dilutes the value proposition. Please make a PS3 native version!

  • @plaztiksyke: Just your taking the time to come on here to voice your support is really encouraging for us!

    We feel that the PSP is where you’ll see minis at their best. It’s a superb that they can be played on PS3, but the larger and more awesome your screen is the more that neat little PSP image gets stretched and the less silky the animation and artwork look.

    I see that you’re pointing to limitations on the minis service itself (same with trophies), rather than WTF?!, and we’re really pleased that you’d like to see a PS3 native game. We’d love that!

    But the minis platform is what’s given us the opportunity to get this far and put us on your radar. We and all the other minis developers need the support of people like you, here and now, in order to be able to make great things happen in future!

    I really hope you’ll consider taking a look at WTF?! when it’s out. It’s the same experience at heart, and with the right support it’s possible that it could become something in future that will do justice to your 50″ screen!

    Either way, the fact that you’re coming on forums to make your thoughts and opinions heard to us developers and publishers can only be good for everyone! Thanks!

  • @Grouken: Ah! So pleased you think so! Because our NEXT minis game is totally going to be ANOTHER side-scrolling shoo…

    Wait a minute – you’re mocking us, aren’t you? ;)

    All I’ll say is that we believe if you work hard, you can find ways to innovate and have fun even in very well-established genres. Hope you’ll give us the benefit of the doubt!

  • This game is awesome!

    I know, because I was fortunate enough to write the review for it at PSPMinis.com, which we should have up tomorrow.

  • I’ve been waiting for this. Not this week but I’ll get it next week. Can’t wait to see how it the story ends. Twists are always awesome but the Duke is more awesome. :D

  • @DiscoJer – Hope you find the length of the game more to your tastes this time! ;)

    Really looking forward to it. We’re fans of http://www.pspminis.com. It’s great to have a site that’s dedicated to supporting minis developers and players, and we like that you guys are working to improve it all the time. Thank you!

    @Shinra_Soldier – Ah ha ha! Anyone who comes here to comment favourably about the story and is a fan of the Duke should be awarded a phD in Awesome as far as I’m concerned!

  • Anyone who hasn’t tried Minis yet because they’re afraid they’re not worth the money, Monsters is really great. If you don’t like it you’re out 5 bucks and you’ll never have to get another one. But if you try it out and like it (like you ought to) you’ll probably be excited for this one too. Unless you don’t like funny addicting games.

  • Is this official? cause last time you guys said launches on tuesday then come store update it was delayed

  • Loved Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, so I can’t wait to get this one. You guys make the best Minis, can’t wait to see what comes up next from you.

  • @Killzone79 – It’s official. Just a matter of hours now!

    @Elvick_ – So pleased you liked Monsters! Fingers crossed you’ll get on with Who’s That Flying?! as well!

  • I really liked MPSMP so I might pick this one up down the line. I just have to make a quick kinda unrelated but related comment.

    Why is it every time a mini releases people cry for trophies? When the minis were first announced one of the first things they said was that there would be NO trophies on any of the games so that they could be released faster. Also minis were originally PSP only and PSP doesn’t have trophy support. And MPSMP had it’s own achievments/trophies in the game if you really feel the need to collect them all. Take pictures and send them to your PSN friends if you feel the need for them to know you’re awesome. Otherwise it’s a fun game to play when you’ve got a bit of spare time. And that’s what games are for if I recall correctly.

  • just downloaded. off to play…

  • what’s with 5.99 lately it really offsets my wallet with extra

  • Well, got this last night. Had $1.02 left in my wallet, so now only three cents of leftover. It’s p good, though I expect things will only be getting more hectic.

    That’s the things about your minis: They’re beatable, but you have to be GOOD at them to really experience everything (mostly read as “unlock everything”). I only have one of M(P)SMP’s scrapbook images, for instance.

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