ModNation Monday: Carnival Parts Pack and “Free” Progressive Kart next week!

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Greetings and Happy ModNation Monday everyone.

The Carnival is coming to town!

Coming to PSN next Tuesday is the Carnival Parts Pack. The Carnival pack features a new group of 13 “Big Top” themed track parts to make new tracks or just make amazing tracks even better. Dodge clowns, get big air with Bounce Pads, and jump over or “through” a Ferris wheel — The Carnival Pack lets you do it all.

ModNation Racers: Clown Pop Up

Scared of clowns?

ModNation Racers: Giant Donut

“Doing Donuts” just got a new meaning.

Included in the Carnival Pack are 13 parts listed below. The pack can be purchased on the US PSN store for $4.99.

Scene Props

  • Jumbo Donut
  • Fun House
  • Big Top Tent
  • Three different Carnival Tents

Dynamic Props

  • Pop Up Clown Blocker
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Salt and Peeper
  • Log Roll
  • Bounce Pad

Track Props

  • Ticket Booth
  • Milk Bottle

Progressive Kart available for free next week!

ModNation Racers: Progressive Kart

We’ve got another special item coming to ModNation Racers next Tuesday courtesy of the fine folks at Progressive Insurance. The Progressive Kart will be available on the PSN for free starting next Tuesday. Don’t forget that you can still download Flo on the PlayStation Store if you haven’t already. Flo Mod + Progressive Kart = Win!

Sly Cooper Correction

We are postponing our Sly celebration a few weeks and will be releasing his official Mod and Kart early December. Sorry for the wait, but we promise his Kart will be tuned and ready to go in time for the holidays!

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows, you might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: “Flipside”
Creator: Icandy55

ModNation Racers: FlipsideModNation Racers: Flipside 2

Ramone says: This Mod is a lot like a mullet hairstyle – business in the front, party in the back. Of course, that if by “business” you mean “normal face” and by “party” you mean giant skull face tattoo. It’s kind of weird to be stared at by that face while driving, but that’s good work.

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: “Dragon Eye”
Creator: blizzardmx-5

ModNation Racers: Dragon Eye

Ramone says: This Kart is a bit deceptive. It looks fairly simply, but that’s precisely why it shines. The airbrushed dragon eyes on the sides are killer, and the claw marks on the front are a really nice touch. It’s even got a little tail on the back doors. Very well done.

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel, email and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: “On the Waterfront…”
Created by: atheistsw

ModNation Racers: On the Waterfront 2

ModNation Racers: On the WaterfrontModNation Racers: On the Waterfront 3

atheistsw says: “A frantic dash through a vast harbour area after-hours…There are a multitude of shortcuts on this track, all with their own risk vs reward, and one huge shortcut that is so effective it only opens up on the final lap. Be on the look for it as you dash through the dockyard area…”

Ramone says: Oh, man! Choose your shortcut carefully on this one. Athiestsw was downright cold blooded on one shortcut in particular on this track. If you manage to make it through the pop-up columns that block this shortcut, you’ll be greeted by a narrow passage guarded by a bot with an attitude along with a bit of HOT FYAH to keep you on your toes before you can make a nice big jump with a good spin opportunity. Is it worth it? Give it a shot, and you tell me.

Track Name: “Mountain Switchbacks”
Created by: OverReAction

ModNation Racers: Mountain Switchbacks

ModNation Racers: Mountain Switchbacks 2ModNation Racers: Mountain Switchbacks

OverReAction says: “This majestic mountain track was built for some sweet mountain ride. I’d say it’s one of my random tracks. I was bored though. Also, to all newbie’s out there, I’ll show you how the Track Branches really work!”

Ramone says: I can’t help but wonder if OveReAction’s PSN ID is supposed to be ironic. Imagine my overreaction when I had some boost, hit R1 to activate that trigger on the shortcut, slipped past the wall that had dropped, launched off the ramp, flew through the air past the hungry K-Wrecks, only to find that…. Well, I won’t ruin it for you, but that wasn’t a nice thing to do. This is a really fast and well thought out track with lots of blind corners after hills that you’ll have to be careful about navigating and make some quick calls. Fun stuff.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Tsunami in Costa Rosada, by SergioChileno
Tuesday: Mountain Drive, by MarioGamer159
Wednesday: Farbanti Rush, by IndianWolf
Thursday: A: Forest Glen, by Tecnoboy1
Friday: Full Tilt, by AngeloComet
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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7 Author Replies

  • this is awesome i love modnation racers

  • Thanks for picking my track for Hot Lap. :D

    It’s nice to see some more track DLC. How much will it cost?

  • Will this one be free for a limited time again like the last one?

  • Woot! I love it when community managers do their job.


  • Sweet – more track DLC. Keep em coming! :)

  • lol they have the Homer donut in the picture.

  • there should be an underwater track dlc. i would love to make an under water level where you drive in a glass pipe. also there should be a dlc pack that allows you to unlock every track and item in the modnation campaign for those of us who prefer multiplayer to the single player campaign and are too lazy to unlock them all.

  • there delaying the sly mod so they can announce sly cooper 4-calling it

  • Excellent!, new stuff for MnR!

    The progressive kart bodie has to be usable for new creations!, I just suggest…

    Ramone, how does it will cost?? (the carnival pack DLC).. ohh and you have to tell me about the Halloween contest prize please.. for knowing what to buy and what don’t :P

  • Russell the Hot Lap has been broken for a week+, times aren’t recording, wrong tracks have been up, etc. My guess is daylight savings time messed it up because I noticed the times being erased an hour early.

    And new track themes are needed badly btw… as well as some new tracks for XP races/series. Brand new UFG tracks would be nice :)

  • Are there any new creation parts on the Progressive kart?

    And, yes, please more tracks in XP series…please, please, please.

  • Impressive! Like the way you get more Track Props DLCs. But we still need to wonder if you’re working with a Track Theme, like Snow, Moon, etc.

  • “Doing Donuts” just got a new meaning? Umm… never mind. I’m glad to see some new track creation materials and I hope that more are on their way (especially new environments).

  • Dare i ask when Europe will the track DLC?

  • I have yet to pick up this game, but im hoping to soon. Every time i play it at my cousins i have a lot of fun with it. Cant wait!!!! :)

  • “…will GET the track DLC…!

    Ramone is there ANY way that us euro thrash can get the Flo DLC parts in the future?

  • Could you please consider increasing or getting rid of the brush budget? I am currently working on a grand canyon track, and it would really help if there was more brush budget for making the land very detailed.

    I agree as well, right now the MNR community needs more themes for track creation rather than add on props.

    • UFG can’t increase or get rid of the brush budget they did all they could to allow users as much freedom as possible in the creation studios.

  • Great news on the additional Track Parts DLC (and the progressive Kart body).
    Hope we see more “Themes” as well soon (and like maverick –07– suggested) new UFG tracks using these Parts Packs and *new* Themes.
    Please say there’s a Jurassic Theme in the upcoming mix as well as the much requested Ice/Snow, Far East/Asian, Greek/Roman archectiture styles.
    How about a Water Elements Parts Pack (additional Fountain styles in available in other Themes rather than just the Alpine would be nice)

    Thanks for the update Ramone,

    Looking forward to next week for sure!!!

  • @reply to 16

    Sometimes i think we are!

    I know Progressive is a U.S company but surely you guys could re-package the parts as some random UFG/Sony created mod/kart for release in Europe?

  • And please look in to adding a new game mode. Something like GTI clubs bomb tag mode…

  • @19 and Ramone

    I agree with moriarty1975. (Even though I am a US Player…)
    Don’t leave the European players out of these new/free parts. Those players certainly ARE NOT “trash” and in fact some of the better Creators in the community are being left out.

    • Any DLC that America gets EU will also for the most part. There will be special occasions hence the Progressive mod and kart. But all other UFG DLC will be released in all territories.

  • This Carnival Pack looks great, too bad I gave up on it due to the AI being too difficult… even after the update.

  • Just decided to replay Modnation and you guys drop a bomb like this. Nice going, UFG. I’m running out of hard drive space because of you guys! Too much content!! Seriously though, thanks for the support. It’s nice to know when developers listen to their fans and offer ample support.

  • I don’t spend nearly enough time with this game. I will definitely be getting this pack but hey we want new environments/themes.

    Of course I could always hold my breath for ModNation Racers 2. It would be fun to have more options for modifying the environment like night races, rain, fog, snow.

    And “AI being too difficult” Seriously? I’m a terrible gamer and I got through the entire tournament. Granted, I have a couple of grudge matches I have yet to defeat but otherwise got most if not all the standard unlocks. And come to think of it I got through most of those on regular difficulty since I didn’t discover the update till much, much later.

  • @21

    Thanks Ramone for clarification.
    I realize there may be exlusivity involved as well (such as the Progressive sponsorship). I just hate to see some players missing out on new creation stuff.
    Perhaps in the future similar deals could involve releasing a generic version (non-sponsored) after a certain period of time to other markets (EU et al). I think that is what moriarty was suggesting in post 19.

    Looking forward to more Track DLC…
    oh and don’t forget the Fire Truck and Old Time (early days of MRC) kart body featured in the Game Tutorials and Behind the Scenes videos. Still hope to see those one day. :-)

  • @ anybody wondering why progressive mod /kart not in E.U . because it’s not UFG’s / sony’s call to do so . licensing . I highly doubt UFG /Sony went into business to irritate people , and I’ am certain , left up to them the mod/kart would be there . I’am certain in the future that E.U will get stuff that some people ovder here wont understand . the interactivity of networking internationally has seemingly blurred the lines between regions, and it’s easy to forget these days that business’s especially ones that work internationally , still have to recognize the seperate and distinct laws of each region .

  • @26

    I totally understand that but what i meant was they could just release the mod PARTS and KART over here. i.e a mod/kart parts pack with no mention of Flo or Progressive insurance(The Kart + the Blouse, Hair with Headband, Apron parts). We already have it on our HDs just need an unlock key to use it.

  • And i dont think the E.U will EVER get anything that the U.S doesnt. ;)

  • suggestions
    1. motorcycle kart
    2.make it so the hair doesnt go through the helmets

  • UFG!!! You guys have made the EXACT parts I needed to finish my new track!! Thanks so much!

  • New track DLC!! I am excited! Thankyou Ramone and nice work UFG.

  • Alright Ramone, I’ll be looking out ;)

    one question, the body of the progressive truck will be a usable part for kart creations as well like it was the hair of Flo?

    Thanks for answering

  • Oooh, new track stuff! And it looks like it goes nicely with the stunt stuff from last time!

    Will this be treated as a separate theme, and subject to the limitations of how many themes you can use on a single track? If so, can the stunt stuff be included in the same theme, or will they be treated as two separate themes? If this is implemented badly, I can see it limiting how many things you can put on a track.

  • Any idea when you guys will do new weapons dlc to expand on the ones we currently have?

  • Hey Russell, would it be possible to tell us how many more track packs like these we should expect to get? 4-5 more? I need to know how much more money I need to put in my wallet. :)

  • Wallet meaning PSN account, lol. :P

  • Oh and you spelled my name wrong. About my name, I choose this username coz well, i ran out of username ideas.

  • Why delaying Sly Copper mod and kart?


  • I love this game, but i haven’ tplayed it as much as i should. I need to get back into this.

  • Can we please get an unlock code to receive all in-game items. I really appreciate it when games do that (i.e., Burnout: Paradise, Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic, etc.). The career mode can get really frustrating. I would pay 5-10 dollars for the DLC if it was released.

  • Ramone: Thanks for the information about the brush budget. I will try to avoid that next time I try to make the track, and still make it very detailed.

    Thanks for the Modnation Monday update, I look forward to the next. You do a great job putting these updates together.

  • 5 $ for 13 items. It’s really expensive.

  • Why don’t people actually read the blog? It says what is is and how much it will cost. I could understand if it didn’t say the price. I don’t really think these carnival things fit in with the feel of modnation. Same with the last one. They feel kind of just thrown in. No unique design based off modnation. It’s DLC like that that makes me feel like you guys are trying to just milk MNR. Luckily the first one was free. But this one cost money and it doesn’t fit in with modnation racers, it seems out of place. No buy for me.

  • @44

    The price wasnt in the original blog post.Was put in later.

  • Hey Ramone where are the list of good tracks that you will include at the modnation monday?? so that new players can see how modnation is different to other kart racing..

  • wow….

    This is awesome.

  • I’m slightly annoyed with the entire “NOT here yet, but coming NEXT week” thing that ModNation Mondays has turned into recently. While I’m interested in the heads-up, part of me really wishes you’d just keep it under your hats until just before it actually hits. As it is, by the time it actually shows up, it’s rather anticlimactic.

  • Russel one thing everyone in the game could benefit from is a Modspot vote to kick system. The rammers have gotten to a point of extreme annoyance, you need to allow us to remove the people from the modspot because they wont stop. Its 24/7 rammer happy hour. Either give us a VTK system or make a patch that allows all the karts in the modspot to drive through each other. Put a stop to the rammers once and for all. Pressing R1 or going into photo mode doesn’t cut it, because everyone wants to sit with their friends and look at their creations while talking to each other on the mic or on the chat. Or better yet allow us to have private modspots, free from the rammers and the D4D addicts.

  • ive lost my interest in playing MOD a time ago since theres always the same power ups… it gets tiring only 4 of them! ill play more when a good dlc of power ups arrive…..

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