Auditorium Streaming to PSN November 23

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Along with the community we’d been building up, I’m playing and reviewing many of the entries for our first ever indiePub Games Independent Developer Contest. There’s plenty of variety and creativity on display here, but there’s one game that sticks out to me the most. Its minimalistic visuals and haunting audio drew my attention at first, but it was the unique gameplay that kept me in. That game was Auditorium.

Conceptually, you are transforming light into a symphony of sound. If you’ve played it before, you know what I mean. If you haven’t experienced Auditorium yet, you’ll have that “a-ha!” moment after a level or two. And then you’re hooked.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who felt the same, and soon enough, Auditorium was voted and crowned the winner of the competition.

Following their victory, we at Zoo Publishing and indiePub partnered together with the folks at Cipher Prime to bring Auditorium to PlayStation consoles. Along with developer Empty Clip Studios, we’ve collaborated and put together what can be considered the definitive version of the game: Auditorium HD.

Auditorium HD

This being our first major release out of indiePub, we and Cipher Prime really wanted to do something for the fans. So not only do you get the original, 72-level Auditorium experience in full 1080p HD, now dubbed “Auditorium Classic”, you get a lot more. “Auditorium Modern” is an entirely unique experience exclusive to Auditorium HD. We’re talking 78 original levels and audio; essentially a brand-new Auditorium game in itself! And they’re really challenging—during development, I had to rely on the debug build level select cheat in order to see all of them. It’s not that I couldn’t have eventually figured some of them out, I just really wanted to see and hear what cool things were coming up next!

Besides that, you can also thank Empty Clip Studios for coming up with stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support. 3D was done in a more subtle manner that compliments the gameplay experience very well. If you’ve got the proper 3DTV display, it’ll be a nice visual treat. And you’ll be glad to know that you can use your PlayStation Move controller to play through the game as well. The DualShock 3 is no slouch in the controls department, but I personally preferred the immediacy that the PlayStation Move brought when playing.

Auditorium HD

And there you have it, from indiePub contestant to full-fledged PlayStation 3 game. It’s been a fun ride getting here, and I’m excited that you’ll all be able to play the game soon. Auditorium HD for PlayStation 3 is slated to be released November 23 for download via the PlayStation Store for $9.99. I and the rest of the Zoo Publishing and indiePub gang will be here to answer any questions or comments you might have about the game up until release when you can finally experience it for yourself!

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  • Can’t wait! I’ll have to take a break from GT 5 though.

  • I love creative, different games like this. Nice.

  • Interesting this looks very cool!

  • What the heck, I thought I was commenting on the Dead Nation post… oh well, still can’t wait.

  • The last game I bought for $9.99 off PSN was Tumble and that was awesome. This works with the MOVE controllers and it’s only $9.99…consider it already purchased!

  • This is a definite purchase for me. I love the game on the Iphone and now i’t coming to my fav system with MOVE support even better.

    WrekGar AKA “The Blog Stalker”

  • oooh, pretty lights! so entrancing… :D

  • That audio was beautiful, this is a buy right when I get home for Thanksgiving break. Please create a blog post when its released so I don’t forget!

    • Hi LightAce,

      Thanks for the comments. We’ll see what we can do so you’ll remember to pick up the game for the holidays!


  • i smell AAA.

  • This is already a must-have. Damn, now I’ll need to get some more PSN cards.

  • Sounds cool I hope you guys give us more updates about this game before it comes out on the 23rd.

  • This looks great, and all the better for having Move support

    I know there was a lot of doubters when Move was first announced, but I’ve played such a variety of games on it now, it was well worth the price of entry.

    This game should be a good addition to my Move library

  • Definitely picking this up. It wil go in my UNIQUE folder.

  • Is Move required to play this?

  • I like the lights too, sold! :D

    btw just curious, is this a PSN exclusive?

  • Nevermind, I missed the part about the dual shock. *doh*

  • This looks awesome. And exactly what I love about video games. SOLD!

  • I guess I should also post a question :p

    Is the music strictly orchestra-type music that was in the trailer? Or are there any other kinds or styles of music?

  • I really like the concept of this game. One question, though. I see there are a lot of levels both in the “classic” and “modern” versions of the game. Are there different game modes in which I can enjoy the game, or is it one sequential experience?

    • Hey FORMIK,

      Both “Auditorium Classic” and “Auditorium Modern” modes are sequential experiences. However, for the majority of tracks, you only have to complete a few of the levels to unlock another track.

      So if you get stuck in a level, you can go to another one and come back to it later.


  • Looks real good!

  • As I have said of this game before. Shiny music, purdy.

    The demo was great. I can’t wait to see all the new features. So this is like Auditorium Plus or Super Auditorium? Or maybe Auditorium Deluxe Edition?

    Anywho, this is so going to put me to sleep on my couch. Definitely need more “indy” ambient style games on my PS3. Hmm maybe I should upgrade my HDD…again.

    • Hi Rhez,

      Cool titles. We almost went with “Super Auditorium Turbo: Double Impact” but “Auditorium HD” had a more elegant ring to it. =)

      But yes, you can call this the definitive version of the game with all the new features and levels!


  • Hi Alvin,

    It’s probably too late in the submission process to introduce it if it has not been included, but…

    Has the existing PS3 firmware feature for screen captures been added to the PSN version of Auditorium? This is such a beautiful game, I’d love to have the option to create some of my own wallpaper or even share the beauty with friends!

    Thanks for bringing this awesome game to us PlayStation owners!

    • Hi TriEluzai,

      It was a pleasure to bring the game to you guys! Unfortunately, we were already deep in the submission process by the time we learned about the screen capture function, so maybe next time.


  • Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the comments so far! Can’t wait to see what you guys think of the game when it gets released next week. In the meantime, if you’ve got any, keep the comments and questions coming and I’ll try to reply to them as best I can. =)


  • I don’t know what the hell was going on in that trailer, but I want it. NOW.

  • Alvin,

    Thanks for the prompt response! I am glad to hear what you said about the level unlocks. I do enjoy a slight challenge, and also appreciate that this game takes advantage of the Move and 1080p HD.

    This game just made a surprise appearance on my holiday wish list.

  • Alvin,

    Thanks for the quick response! Not to throw Sony under the bus here, but from an end-user’s perspective, it would have been nice if Sony would have briefed your team on all the features at your disposal earlier in the process. Sony, dev, pub, us users, we all would have benefited! ;-)

    As you said, maybe next time, which I’ll change to ‘hopefully next time’, as I look forward to seeing another vision from Cipher Prime on PSN in the future.

  • IWow this game looks beautiful. I love games like this, so I’m purchasing it on the 23rd.

  • Will this be available on the EU PSN as well?

    • Hi taurus82,

      It’ll eventually be on the EU PSN as well, but we’re still determining the release with SCEE.


  • Does the game render in 1080p natively? if not, does it do 2x MSAA @ 720p and then downscape to 1080p?

    Does the game have 24-bit HD audio assets? I’ve been really disappointed by a lot of music-oriented games using MP3-quality tracks (Fret Nice, etc) and ignoring the PS3’s unique HD audio capabilities.

    Depending on the answers, this is a day one purchase for me. Great job!

    • Hi plaztikskye,

      I followed up with our awesome PS3 developers, Empty Clip Studios, just for this answer. =)

      Yes, we support 1080p native. If you have a 3D TV, the game will render at 720p in 3D mode.

      And we definitely use the high-quality audio output on the PlayStation 3.

      For Auditorium Modern, Cipher Prime created new audio, all double length, about twice as much music as the original.


  • Will there be a demo available for this? If it’s so hard to describe, there will be some of us who aren’t willing to spend even ten bucks on something that we don’t understand and haven’t been able to try.

    I wasn’t even slightly interested in Flower for at least a year, and then the demo finally came out, and now it’s on my list. The more out-of-the-ordinary your game is, the more useful a demo might be.

    • Hi FeistFan,

      There’s no PlayStation 3 demo planned, but why don’t you give the original game a try?

      This is exactly what I played when we were looking at the indiePub independent game developer competition entrants over a year ago before it won and we brought it over to the PlayStation 3.

      The game has really evolved since then, with all new HD graphics, levels and audio, but you can check out the original, along with other indiePub games at our site, and see for yourself. Have fun! =)


  • I’m definitely going to pick this up. I really liked playing it on my computer, and I can’t wait to play it on something that actually has good speakers.

  • Wow, to see how this has grown is pretty awesome. I remember thinking how creative it was in a browser a long time ago. Games like these need to be put on sale in a digital store, instead of just collecting dust in some ad riddled website.


    • Thanks, Kirkpad!

      That is our goal at indiePub: to explore and promote indie games not only to the community itself but to everyone out there!


  • i agree with #5… we need more move titles on the network. For 10 bucks, tumble is solid….hopefully this will be too. Good Luck!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard about it. The Flash demo on the site was a pleasure, and I look forward to seeing if my Move controllers still work.

  • I really love this trend of Indie games hitting the PSN. Definitely saw a lot of great feedback from the competition and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to play this title on my PS3. Looks like I don’t have to wait much longer.

  • Is there any chance of having a soundtrack along with this game? Looped and all I’d still buy it! :)

    • Hi ProjectInfiniti,

      I agree. The music for the game is excellent! I’ll pass it on to the team and see what they have to say.


  • I give you so very many congrats on this new PlayStation 3 version! I have owned the original on my PC since it came out, and Fractal was an amazing follow-up game as well. As always, I fully support what you’ve been making, and can’t wait to play this! I wonder; will this be the game that convinces me to buy a PlayStation Move?

    • Hi nweasel,

      After months of playing the game during development, I definitely prefer using the PlayStation Move myself. I got used to accessing the Controls I wanted to play with more quickly simply by pointing at them. However, if all you’ve got is a DualShock 3, the R1 and L1 buttons work fine!


  • It looks lame. Also, why is this even being called a game? From the trailer it’s nothing but a glorified screensaver.

  • YES!!!! i played the browser-based version and it was superb, and i played it on my ipod touch which was also superb!!! Please bring Hexy(i think that’s its name?) to PSN one day! :D

    @38: you’re dumb, end of story.

  • also, is there really going to be a psp version? i saw it listed for psp in some places cuz i’d really like to get one for my ps3 and psp :)

    • Hi RyuuNoSekai,

      The good news is that yes, Auditorium Classic is in the middle of the PSP submission process, and we’ll let everyone know when it’s ready to go out!


  • Lets face it, this is a very eccentric niche game that wont appeal to the majority of gamers. But it does do one very important thing. It proves once again that the PS3 can do full 1080p resolution outside of playing blu-ray movies. More developers should be taking this as a lesson. We PS3 owners should be getting more games in 1080p and not playing second or third fiddle to that other system.

  • Oh this looks kind of interesting.

  • Oh I also forgot to ask, will this game have PS3 Trophies?

    • Hi LightAce,

      Most definitely. Not to spoil what they are exactly, there are in total 6 Bronze, 1 Silver, and 2 Gold Trophies for you to discover and unlock.

      Good luck!


  • I played this game on the internet and it’s really REALLY cool. Extremely creative.

  • Will there be PlayStation Home rewards/content/game space?

    • Hi taurus82,

      At the moment, we don’t have any PlayStation Home content in development. Perhaps for future projects.


  • Can’t wait

  • The demo on your website is simply AWESOME, i can’t wait for later today when this game launches on the ps3 baby!

    If you are interested at all by the video, check out the demo! See responses above for link.

  • Hey everyone,

    Just a reminder that Auditorium HD is out! =)

    Hope you all have fun and enjoy the game!


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