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Some days I like my job. Other days, I really like my job. But today? I love it. Why? Because we just got back from the printers a big box of the Holiday issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine — and it might be my favorite one yet.

inFAMOUS 2 on PTOM's holiday cover

For starters, there’s our spectacular cover story: inFamous 2. We spent a full day with the fine folks at Sucker Punch, seeing aspects of the game that no one outside of the studio has ever witnessed, and getting a chance to go hands-on with Cole MacGrath in new areas of the New Orleans-inspired setting. All the electrifying details are revealed inside our lavish 10-page feature, along with world-exclusive screens, juicy new tidbits about the story, and a guided tour of New Marais’ first island.

We’ve also scored a big scoop with the first hands-on with Mass Effect 2 on PS3, including details on how developer BioWare will ease us PlayStation gamers into their epic sci-fi RPG (since the original game wasn’t released on PS3). Nifty stuff.

And it wouldn’t be a holiday issue if there wasn’t a gift guide. Our whip-cracking managing editor rounded up 49 of the coolest games, gadgets, Blu-rays and more, then doled them out to the PTOM staff in order to prod us to finally hit our deadlines. Find out how you too can win allies and influence gamers with this totally unique gift guide.

As if that weren’t enough, we have our biggest reviews section ever, with most of the holiday hits covered; playtests of some of the biggest 2011 releases; and must-read interviews with everyone from Twisted Metal’s David Jaffe to My Chemical Romance. It’s all in our Holiday issue, on stands November 23, and hitting subscribers as you read this.

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  • Can’t wait to get mine in the mail :D

    inFamous 2 is going to be sooo good.

    • I’m really impressed with what I’ve seen of the game. I liked the first one a lot, but this one really seems to fix a lot of what we all had issues with: the character has more character, the action is more active. I can’t wait to play the finished game.

  • Sounds like a Prime freekin’ issue!

  • OPM is still around? I used to get that magazine when it was the only good way to get demos…

  • SWEET, looks awesome!!! 8)

  • Cant wait for this to come in my mailbox!

  • We need a release date for this game dammit.

  • I regularly only get gameinformer but this looks almost to good to resist

  • @danthe57 OPSM actually died off a few years befor the ps3 came out. but the unofficial PlayStation magazine “PSM” ended up becoming the new OPSM.

    • I was on OPM from 1998 to 2003. And I’ve been with PTOM on and off since 2008. So I’m your connection to both mags.

  • I am very excited for inFamous 2. I really like OPM, I used to be a subscriber but I live in a very tiny apartment, so no storage space for me.


  • Resistance 3 stuff…. when?

  • I think playstation blog is losing the point of it. When there advertising a magazine.

    • Nah. We figured you might want to know that they’ve got a big inFAMOUS 2 cover feature, among other new game coverage. I can personally vouch for the guys at PTOM — very good people.

  • The Mass Effect 2 Stuff sounds really interesting. Any chance of Getting someone from Bioware on the Blog?

  • I’d rather see Sly Cooper on the cover.

    Sucker Punch teased us with Sly Cooper 4 for the PS3 and PSP in a 2007 issue of PSM, but seem to have dropped it in favor of inFamous. Then they teased us with “Sly Cooper 4” again in the inFamous demo, but again seem to have tossed Sly aside for inFamous. And no, a collection of the old games isn’t what Sly Cooper fans expected.

    If Sony and Sucker Punch are going abandon PS2 fans and franchises, let them go quietly. Just don’t tease us and then failed to deliver.

    • I’d love to see Sly Cooper on my cover one day too! Have you picked up The Sly Collection? It’s gorgeous, and those games really hold up.

  • sly cooper?! you mean “suck” cooper! infamous 2 has more momentum so it makes sense to keep it up than feature something that has no traction. pffft! also, it looks like cole’s keeping his looks – whew!

  • Mass Effect 2 FTW!
    I need PS3 gameplay screens! they said it would play different, I wonder how…

    • They’re doing a great job of getting players up to speed on the series, so those starting with ME2 can jump in and feel like they’ve made a lot of the choices in ME1. Read the feature to find out more!

  • i cant wait to receive it by the mail :)

  • once it arrives i’ll cheack it out, well i usually read most of it lol cool on the cover tip, looks crazy! part one is still great!

  • Genius. Pure genius.

  • I personally prefer PSM3, but this mag is good as well.

  • Back in the day, OPM was a great read. I loved the writing of Gary Steinman, Joe Rybicki, Chris Baker, etc. I remember I started buying them from Issue 4 (with Resident Evil 2 on the cover) and got them every month until maybe a year or two after the PS2 came out.

    It’s nice to see a good Playstation magazine still around in news stands, even though the internet has pretty much killed print media these days. I still find myself picking up the odd issue or two of PTOM if I find myself bored and in need of reading material to kill time (i.e. my PSP died while I’m at work). This issue sounds like a good one, so I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    • Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I still keep in touch with Joe and Chris. They’re good friends of mine.

      I’m real proud of PTOM and the content we deliver. Yes, the internet is your daily news source (and more), but we do nifty things in print that can’t be done online. Keep reading, and keep enjoying.

  • Will the Holiday Issue have the review of GT5? I’m a subscriber that’s thinking about renewing, but I don’t want to renew unless I see you guy’s review of GT5, so is it going to be in Holiday, or do I have to wait until January?


  • I cannot wait for this game, it can’t come soon enough. Enjoyed the first game enough to platinum it and have been looking forward to it’s sequel since it was announced.

  • has no one noticed Cole’s new look again? 3rd time’s the charm they say. lets hope it sticks with this one. i personally didn’t mind the 1st one, 2nd one looked grotesque, this one looks like a bald first one so that’s good i guess lol.

    • We dig into Cole’s look with Sucker Punch team in our feature. They shared a lot of insight into the creative process and the thinking behind all the changes.

  • gary who is that in your avator?? that you?

  • Seriously, Sony has the best developers. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Sony Santa Monica, Insomniac, Polyphony, Team Ico. MS can’t even compare with what they have. I LOVED the first Infamous, and this one looks so good! Looks so polished and the visuals are insane. I just picked up the Sly Collection as well, never played them before, too much fun!!

  • Where’s some Socom 4 info? That game was supposed to be out this year, I was expecting something in this magazine….

    Its my most anticipated game of 2011 and theres no info on it other then single player which no one cares about. They don’t buy Socom for single player its all about the multiplayer….

    Stop dropping the ball on Sonys best online game series and get it give us something already!

  • @GoosePants

    Just for verisimilitude, Insomniac isn’t a part of Sony despite a great relationship. In fact they recently announced they’d be doing multiplatform games for the first time ever.

    Sucker Punch isn’t Sony either but they still are PlayStation exclusive.

    But yes your main point stands, SCE may have the most impressive stable of first/second party developers in any publishing family.

  • cool. don’t ever let PTOM die! the world needs it!

  • I know Sony really, really screwed up the release of GT5, but not a single mention of it on the cover? Not at all?

    If I were still 12 years old I might get excited about silliness like Infamous and Batman, but that’s not the case …….

  • silliness???? Batman??

    *puts up bat signal*

  • HEY Gary when will subscribers get theres in the mail ? hopefully sometime next week i hope

    • Subs have been mailed out. You will likely get yours around the 16th-18th, I’d guess. Tho some will get theirs sooner, some a day or two later.

  • Ah, good old Cole is back.:)
    About Mass Effect 2, I hope it looks better than on the other console, if Bioware wants me to p(l)ay again.

  • Oooh, new Arkham City stuff. Looking forward to that.

    inFamous 2 looks neat as well. ;)

  • @Gary: I’d like to see PTOM do in-depth interviews with Biart Studios which is developing Deep Black and also Vicious Cycle Software which is developing Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon.

    • We have some coverage of EDF planned for an upcoming issue. But I’ll take a closer look about both dev teams!

  • This game is going to be big. So many great games coming out next year! :D

  • When I saw your name on this blog, I was excited. I’m totally going to get this one, Infamous 2 is going to be one big SHOCKWAVE!!!!!!

  • Friggin’ sweet
    Ya know, not to be a late bloomer but,
    I just got my Platinum Trophy in inFamous, and damn did I love both endings of the game.
    I just hope inFamous 2 has huge skyscrapers and maybe the Thunder Drop move returns..please :] ?
    I had too much fun making lighting charged Superman drops to the street level XD
    Sooo looking forward to this game and Resistance 3 <3

  • Ok, I dont expect anybody else to think anything of this but, PlayStation, do you realize today is November 12 (11 + 12 = 23) and you did 23 reviews in this issue! Oh my god!!!

  • I only have 2 questions will there be a collectors edition of infamous 2 and will there be multi-player or co-op?

  • Hey, Gary. I wanted to know where I could get the magazine without paying for a subscrition, What stores will have this in specific? I’m crazy obsessed with inFAMOUS 2 and I want to get this without paying for a years worth of magazines.

    • We’re distributed just about everywhere you’ll find magazines. But safe bets are at the big bookstores like B&N or Borders. It’s on stands 11/23, so you’ll have to wait until then, though!

  • I have been getting this magazine for years and it is awesome every single time. I am pumped to get this holiday issue and especially pumped for the InFamous 2 article. I already placed a pre-order for it!

  • Just subscribed! Really looking forward to this! Sly Collection review! When can I expect the review for the Sly Collection? At least, what do you give it?

  • I’m hoping that we get this in the UK Official PlayStation Magazine.

  • Info on the PS3 release of Mass Effect 2? Then I guess I’m kind of obligated to purchase this issue; since you know, no one else has been talking about it since the E3 announcement.

  • Cole looks different AGAIN. Now he has fish lips or something. Please tell that this is just a concept art/render?

  • This game is gonna be so sick! Looking forward to it next year. :)

  • I did play the first one but I’m just wondering how they’re gonna explain Mass Effect 1 and the choices you made in the game. And what they’re gonna do about that in Mass Effect 2 for the PS3. I just don’t see how but, hopefully, they’ll be enough information in PTOM to enlighten readers who liked the first. I’ll be looking forward to it next week once the issue slaps my mailbox while I play Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on Tuesday.

  • god dammit we need a heart transplant cole so stop shocking that person your just making it worse.

  • I played the first one so many times. It’s just fun to move around the city leaving everything as dust in your wake. I can’t wait to pick up the second one once it hits. I love open-world games, picking up Brotherhood on Tuesday, and definitely looking forward to inFAMOUS 2. Hopefully this time around there are more movement techniques rather than just rail-grinding and gliding.

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