SkyFighter Comes to the PSN Next Week!

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Howdy, PlayStation Network friends! Devon here from TikGamesCreat Studios with an exciting announcement I know our fans have been desperately waiting for. I finally have the pleasure of telling you North Americans all about our latest game, SkyFighter, available for download next week for $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.

If you like the sound of side-scrolling aerial combat, get ready to join the elite SkyFighter airborne squadron! Prepare to defend your country against the hostile enemy fleet. Battle in any conditions—rain or shine, day or night—while mastering your flying skills in a variety of aircrafts.

SkyFighter’s fast-paced missions will enlist you to bomb the enemy’s equipment and fortifications, shoot down their fighters with your machine guns, and destroy their hostile bombers with your missiles. The action isn’t all dogfights, either. Stealth Missions require you to take cover in clouds, avoid search lights and dodge floating air mines.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This game sounds awesome, but what about local multiplayer?!” Ask and you shall receive! Recruit a partner for 2-player Wing Mode to complete missions and shoot down enemies together. Or, if you’re the competitive type, challenge up to 7 other players in Dogfight Mode and determine who really rules the skies.

SkyFighter also supports full 1080p, custom music, and SIXAXIS controls. The coolest feature, in my opinion, is the ability to shake your controller to extinguish the flames when your plane is on fire! Oh, and did I mention how awesome the visuals are? We’re quite proud!

Everyone at TikGames and Creat Studios are incredibly excited to continue supporting the PlayStation Network with the release of our 11th title. We’re always listening, and we absolutely love chatting with our fans. Please check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to hear about our current projects and to talk to the team. Let us know what you think of SkyFighter!

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  • This looks like a really cute game, I’ve enjoyed most of your previous releases, I might be picking this up too.

    any chance of a PS+ discount? 20% even?

    • Thanks, LeeorV, we think it’s cute too! A PS+ discount isn’t currently in the works, but we hope you’ll give SkyFighter a shot anyway. :)

  • This is quite timely. I was just talking to my brother about how much I loved U.N. Squadron on SNES. Aaaand this looks fairly comparable!

    • Hah, that was no coincidence–we actually heard your conversation and decided the timing was perfect! In all seriousness, we’re quite pleased with the comparison. Enjoy, depward!

  • This actually looks pretty solid. Might have to check this out. Nice to see PSN games going for less than $15 again.

  • I must ask: Must the controller be shaken in order to put flames out? This title looks like my girlfriend and I could enjoy it together, but one of my controllers doesn’t have a functional SIXAXIS chip and that could put a damper on the fun being unable to down the flames.

    • Nope, any standard controller will do! SixAxis functionality just adds a little extra excitement to the SkyFighter experience.

  • This actually looks really cool!!!!!! Big fan of all your games Tikgames-Creat Studios!!!!!!!! Sold!!!

  • Any Move support?

    • Not at the moment, walnoj, but who knows what the future will bring? Feel free to chat with us on Twitter or Facebook and share any other awesome ideas you have for our games!

  • Reminds me of an old PC game called “Ancient Art of War in the Skies”

  • I’ll be getting it!

  • I really really hope this isn’t a good game. Rockin Android came out with that awesome mist game, and I bought the Bon Jovi thing for Rock Band 3 and that’s like almost 30 dollars, plus I bought the DLC for Scott Pilgrim, and the Blu-Ray/Digital/DVD version of Scott Pilgrim and Kick Ass.

    I just can’t afford to have good PSN updates. So hopefully we won’t get too much good/expensive stuff next week.

    • Gosh, you seem to have a lot of excitement on your plate at the moment, MakaiOokami. We like to think SkyFighter is more than just a “good game” but you can be the judge and let us know!

  • @9 How much of a jerk do you have to be for wish for bad content ont he PSN? Just because you can’t or choose not to enjoy something doesn’t mean you should wish badness on the rest of us.

  • looks fun! Might pick this up when get money!! Love local multiplayer!!!

    • If you love local multiplayer you will definitely enjoy SkyFighter, KIT-_-KAT. Let us know what you think once you’ve played.

  • I LOVE YOU TikGames-Creat Studios for your amazing suport for the Playstation plattform! Keep it up! LOVE IT!

    • We love our fans, and we love the PlayStation Network! There’s tons of love goin’ around in this forum at the moment! :) Thanks, xiked.

  • Looks fun!

  • I thought Gran turismo 5 was going to have a release date by the end of October?

  • @Nukem79
    October 2013

  • I will definitely be buying this game. I love the classic side scolling shooters.

    The “Blog Stalker”

    • Woohoo, we do too, WrekGar! Enjoy the game and give us any feedback you may have. We love hearing from fans. :)

  • I have been eyeing this game since I saw the trailer last month, and I know it’s been out on the european psn store for at least a month, can’t wait, day 1 purchase for me!

    • Awesome, banok! We’re psyched that our fans have been anxiously awaiting the US launch of SkyFighter. We hope you absolutely love it!

  • This reminds me of my favorite PC game I played as a kid – Sopwith.

    I will be buying this for sure.

  • TerRover approves. Can you confirm that bacon game? *licks lips*

    • Hah, you should know better than anyone that I can’t disclose any potential Creat secrets, Jetup! You’ll just have to wait and see, and keep pestering us.

  • This reminds me of my favorite PC game I played as a kid – Sopwith 2.

    I will be buying this for sure.

  • Will there be a demo? Like previously stated, UN Squadron on SNES is a great game and I was hoping this would play like that until I saw the ability to shoot in all directions. I suck at that.

    I did enjoy TerRover and Mushroom Wars so I’m sure this game will be great as well!

    • If a demo will make your day, maybeeee we can make it happen. :) We’re glad you liked our other games, and you’re clearly up for a challenge! You’ll have no problem mastering your shooting skills, BritishGolgo13–we have faith in you.

  • Speaking of retro, Anyone else get a Time Pilot + Looping feel from this? I think you guys are going to see quite a few people snapping this up!

  • Im reminded of an old Midway arcade game from 1984 called Two Tigers. Perhaps you heard of it? =)


    …………IF GT5 releases before Dec 1st, if not… tough luck! not interested!

  • Hey, I just wanted to say I love your games! Ever think of releasing a full-out disc-based title in the near future? I’d love to see what you guys could do with a lot of funds and a two to three-year development cycle!

    • Thanks for the question, poodude! We have considered it in the past and if we hear enough feedback from fans like you we will certainly consider the prospect even more. We want to make sure our fans are happy, so keep tellin’ us what you want to see.

  • Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to answer my earlier question. Looking forward to launch day. Cheers!

    I will say, though, that a demo would be a major plus for a lot of folks.

    • No problem, PuppetShoJustice–talking to you guys is the best part of my job at Creat! Rest assured that your feedback has been heard, and keep your eyes peeled for future announcements. :)

  • @Devon Herrington 1.Can you customize your planes appearance? 2.Can you upgrade the weapons & abilities of your plane? 3.will there be any unlockables to reward you for completing levels ect..? 4.Any online co op or multi player modes?

    P.S…Thanks you for keeping the classic side scrolling shooter’s memory alive.

    • Hi, dragon_frost, here are answers to your questions:

      1. In Dogfight (local multiplayer) battles you can choose your plane color/type, not in Campaign mode.

      2. You can pick up specific weapon upgrades and abilities after you complete special objectives within the mission (e.g. after destroying a specific enemy plane or ground object)

      3. Yep, lots of rewards! After each mission you’ll get a set of honors, depending on your level of achievement in that mission. You also get honors that vary by your level of achievement in the overall game. Andddd, there are some unlockable sketches. :)

      4. No online multiplayer at the moment, but we’ll always consider feedback from our fans about future content.

      Hope this helps!

  • Just might have to buy this next week. Looks great!

  • I’ve bought most of Tik-Creat’s games, you guys (and gals) are among the best of the PSN developers out there! Loving the price point as well. Sold!

    • Awww, thanks T3mpr1x–we’re very humbled by fans like you. I also appreciate the shout out to us females, hah. It rarely happens!

  • it would be pretty cool if you guys could release a compilation blu-ray of your PSN games. I’d def pick that up!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Jimmy_Cosmos. We always consider the feedback of our fans when making decisions about future products, so feel free to email the studio or post more of your ideas on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

  • So, is there no online co-op for this? Not that I’m complaining; most of the time, local multiplayer gets shafted for online. Would be nice if you could’ve done both! But, I’m sure that decision must have been complicated!

    • That’s right, PSWii2008. SkyFighter supports extensive local multiplayer gameplay, but online multiplayer is not currently available. If our fans ask for online multiplayer we will definitely consider it! :) Let us know.

  • I dont really like it, im more into 1st person shooter games!!!

    • We can’t please ’em all, toxicmonoxide07, but we wish you the best of luck in finding a fun 1st person shooter! Maybe you’ll one day discover an untapped love for side-scrolling aerial combat. :)

  • Dead Nation better be farking amazing! for all this shovelware that has been releasing lately…seriously, you guys have released like 10 un-heard of games since announceing dead nation. you guys spilt the beans the dead nation WAY too soon. the more I have to wait through these crap games for it, the less im interested in it. can you stop putting out games for kids and get back to the hardcore audience, thank you!

  • really glad to see this , much much better than that driving game which is never coming, i will buy this instead

  • We want Dead Nation.

  • Don’t know Wht GT5 has to do with any of this…. but awseome looking game! takes me back to all those afore mentioned games plus anyone else remember Wings of Fury? This looks to like tons of fun! I can’t wait. quick question will there be a surprise character that is a beagle riding a red roofed doghouse? Sorry, I couldn’t help it had to ask.

    • Thanks, SkullOne, we do think it’s tons of fun! I have yet to see your mysterious cartoon beagle, nor have I seen a yellow bird, but I’ll let you know if I spot anything. ;)

  • WoW

  • First off – looks awesome. day 1 purchase for me – second, the reply to #27 – want to make sure fans are happy? this is one of the best blog post responses i have ever seen – Third – great job with all the replies Devon – #1 key to making fans happy

    • Thanks so much, jbslayer, your support of our new title and of our company philosophy is greatly appreciated. Our fans are the sole reason we get to make games for a living, and our studio wouldn’t exist without you guys. :)

  • Seems awesome to me. Glad to see not all devs are charging 15 dollars for new games.

    Will there be a demo?

  • That looks really fun. The water/ship effects look good. I’m a sucker for sinking ships. What were some of the inspirations? I’m thinking maybe a tad or 2 of the Broderbund classic Wings.

    • Hi, Chipper, glad you’re liking the visuals. We’re huge fans of classic arcade-style games at Creat and they’re often a source of inspiration for our team. A couple of titles mentioned by others above certainly evoke a certain nostalgia for us, and we hope SkyFighter gives players those warm, fuzzy feelings. :)

      ((Whoops, sorry this posted twice!))

  • Hi, Chipper, glad you’re liking the visuals. We’re huge fans of classic arcade-style games at Creat and they’re often a source of inspiration for our team. A couple of titles mentioned by others above certainly evoke a certain nostalgia for us, and we hope SkyFighter gives players those warm, fuzzy feelings. :)

  • Seriously Playstation.Blog, can we give Creat Studios the official ”most beloved PSN developer” award already? They’ve got like 20 games out there and we love (almost) every single one of them!

  • this looks promising .. PSN needs more Schmups!

  • I like the SIXAXIS controls for extinguishing fires. What else can be controlled with SIXAXIS? When I saw the trailer, I immediately thought how much fun it would be to tilt the controller in order to control the plane.

  • wat about tenkaichi tag team

  • Devon,
    Thanks for the response. I can’t wait until next Tuesday to get those warm fuzzies :)

  • NICE GAME….. but is they online Gameplay

  • Wow this looks great. Might pick this up forsure. I bought Digger and it’s amazing!

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