Create Will Move You November 16th

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Create is all about your imagination – tapping into both visual creativity and creative problem solving. We have created challenges that require you to exercise many different types of thinking and problem-solving. You will be tasked with a challenge, then given hundreds of objects in the game — all with different physical properties — that you can use to solve it. We have themed 140 Challenges divided into four main types.

Object challenges encourage you to look for the most efficient solution to a simple problem using a small set of items. These can actually be quite tough to solve! Scoretacular challenges seen in the video above are the complete opposite of the Object challenges, as you’re tasked with solving a problem in the most outlandish way possible using multiple objects and setting up crazy chains of events. This mode is incredibly fun and causes intense competition to find the wackiest solutions. Contraption challenges present you with a set of parts, such as wheels, planks, pivots and girders, as well as a place on the screen where you can build. The challenge is to construct a contraption that works! Pick-up party is a bit more creative, as you are encouraged to take a number of different routes, not always the most obvious, in order to solve the challenge while picking up as many Create Sparks en-route as possible.

The main thing to remember about Create is that while the challenge itself is a general guide, the game is driven by the creative solutions that you bring to it. Create is not a puzzle game with only one solution – people bring their own unique set of solutions to the problem. I have spent an hour in a challenge just playing with new ideas and ways of chaining events together – it is a huge game in that respect. The more time you invest in trying out novel and “out there” solutions, the more you will enjoy playing. And, for the Trophy hunters amongst us, the higher score you will achieve!

Create for PS3Create for PS3

One of our original mantras on this project was: “Make it easy enough for someone who can’t paint or draw to be creative.” Create provides a multitude of easy tools that allow you to fully customize the worlds we provide, enabling the building of a scene from background to foreground and adding all of the details in between. For example, you can choose a sky as a starting point and change the lighting and mood as you go. You can then add your own details like clouds, birds and airplanes and set them all in motion. You could paint on top of that if you wished to add more detail and make it unique. You can add texture to the world, and then add details like stickers, scene props, creatures and decorator brushes. For a finishing touch, you can add full-screen effects like rain or blowing leaves.

PlayStation Move allows us to streamline the controls to make something simpler and more intuitive to use. For instance, the precision it gives you when painting with our brushes, to rotating and scaling props and stickers in their scenes. Though PlayStation Move is fully supported in Create, it’s also not required.

Create isn’t a traditional game in that it doesn’t have separate ‘game modes’ – many of the tools and objects are available all of the time. For example, you can be working with a challenge solution, decide that you want to decorate their scene some more and do just that, in real time. Additionally, you can also create your own challenge at any time, play around with any of the game items to see what they do, or just create crazy chains of events (which is fun in its own right). We also allow you to share all of the above online with other creators. You can also download and remix other people’s solutions, creations and challenges via PSN.

The development team can’t wait to see the crazy solutions that you’ll come up with in Create!

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