Create Will Move You November 16th

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Create is all about your imagination – tapping into both visual creativity and creative problem solving. We have created challenges that require you to exercise many different types of thinking and problem-solving. You will be tasked with a challenge, then given hundreds of objects in the game — all with different physical properties — that you can use to solve it. We have themed 140 Challenges divided into four main types.

Object challenges encourage you to look for the most efficient solution to a simple problem using a small set of items. These can actually be quite tough to solve! Scoretacular challenges seen in the video above are the complete opposite of the Object challenges, as you’re tasked with solving a problem in the most outlandish way possible using multiple objects and setting up crazy chains of events. This mode is incredibly fun and causes intense competition to find the wackiest solutions. Contraption challenges present you with a set of parts, such as wheels, planks, pivots and girders, as well as a place on the screen where you can build. The challenge is to construct a contraption that works! Pick-up party is a bit more creative, as you are encouraged to take a number of different routes, not always the most obvious, in order to solve the challenge while picking up as many Create Sparks en-route as possible.

The main thing to remember about Create is that while the challenge itself is a general guide, the game is driven by the creative solutions that you bring to it. Create is not a puzzle game with only one solution – people bring their own unique set of solutions to the problem. I have spent an hour in a challenge just playing with new ideas and ways of chaining events together – it is a huge game in that respect. The more time you invest in trying out novel and “out there” solutions, the more you will enjoy playing. And, for the Trophy hunters amongst us, the higher score you will achieve!

Create for PS3Create for PS3

One of our original mantras on this project was: “Make it easy enough for someone who can’t paint or draw to be creative.” Create provides a multitude of easy tools that allow you to fully customize the worlds we provide, enabling the building of a scene from background to foreground and adding all of the details in between. For example, you can choose a sky as a starting point and change the lighting and mood as you go. You can then add your own details like clouds, birds and airplanes and set them all in motion. You could paint on top of that if you wished to add more detail and make it unique. You can add texture to the world, and then add details like stickers, scene props, creatures and decorator brushes. For a finishing touch, you can add full-screen effects like rain or blowing leaves.

PlayStation Move allows us to streamline the controls to make something simpler and more intuitive to use. For instance, the precision it gives you when painting with our brushes, to rotating and scaling props and stickers in their scenes. Though PlayStation Move is fully supported in Create, it’s also not required.

Create isn’t a traditional game in that it doesn’t have separate ‘game modes’ – many of the tools and objects are available all of the time. For example, you can be working with a challenge solution, decide that you want to decorate their scene some more and do just that, in real time. Additionally, you can also create your own challenge at any time, play around with any of the game items to see what they do, or just create crazy chains of events (which is fun in its own right). We also allow you to share all of the above online with other creators. You can also download and remix other people’s solutions, creations and challenges via PSN.

The development team can’t wait to see the crazy solutions that you’ll come up with in Create!

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  • LittleBigPlanet rip-off

    • Actually, it’s very different to LBP although it’s certainly in the same creative genre.

      This is a game about puzzle solving, not a platform game. The creative aspects of both games are quite different.

      You should try it, you might like it ;)

  • hello

    Glad to hear you are excited about it! i’m part of the dev team and will be here for a short while to answer any questions :)

    it launches on November 19th in europe and november 16th in the US

  • is it just me or is this just like contraptions the incredible machine

  • Youtube-upload seems obvious for this… Or at least some other form of video uploading service. Will it haz?

    • Players won’t be able to upload their own videos directly although you will be able to share all your creations, solutions and player made challenges within the game and even remix them.

      We do have a website though – – where we’ll be posting videos of the best player made creations, solutions and challenges.

  • @lSTFST4U Dude, read the title, release date is right there.

    Game looks great by the way. But how much is it going to cost me. Since it’s coming out on the 16th, I don’t see why you guys wouldn’t release the pricing info either.

  • Wow, the game looks really great. What is the price for this game?

  • This looks great.

  • I hope this does well! I have high hopes for the Move integration. This looks like a perfect mix of physics exploration, puzzle solving, and creation.

  • Honestly… doesn’t look very exciting :/….

  • Looks pretty cool. I’m always looking for some new decent games that I can use my Move with.

    Is this a PSN title or a retail title?

    And is there any multiplayer?

    • We’ve had a great response with people playing it with the Move so if you own one, definitely have a go with that.

      It’s a retail title.

      And no, there’s no competitive multi-player but it is the kind of game that back seat gamers just love to get involved in so be prepared to share the experience with whoever else is in the room ;)

  • Is this a disc based game or a DLC? I really like the idea! Reminds me of an OK Go Video :)

  • Is there going to be a PC version? This looks like it would be better with a mouse. I’m not sold on Move, and I don’t like doing the point and click thing with a controller. Release this on Steam and I will give it a shot.

    • There is a PC version too :)

      Although it does work really well with Move (or even the basic PS3 controllers) – it’s really intuitive and as Justin says above, we wanted to make it super simple to play and interact with.

  • Cool, I never even heard of this game. It looks awesome, will be a day one purchase for me.

  • It sounds pretty good. You guys should make this a part of the Create Play Share family.

  • @Emily Newton Dunn

    Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll go with the PC version.

  • Thanks everyone :)

    I’m going to log off now but it was really great to hear so much enthusiasm :D

    Obviously I’m biased but it is a really fun game, really easy to pick up and play and really easy to just keep playing for hours!

    I hope you all enjoy it!

  • Wow! I had originally seen and heard very little of this game, so I was in the camp of thought that it was very inspired by LBP.

    That said, after seeing it in action I see it takes a page from the likes of Jeff Tunnell’s “The Incredible Machine”, a creation-based puzzle series I loved in my youth. That alone has me smiling and moving this from being little more than a passing interest in this heavily packed holiday season. Bravo!

  • Will there be a launch day demo?

  • Wow, gorgeous. Looks very time consuming like LBP. Will there be trophies (maybe a platinum?), or incentives to spend so much time building these complicated worlds?

    If this is in the $40 Move game section, I’m in… for $60, eh, I’ll take Sims3. ;)

  • Here’s a question:

  • “Actually, it’s very different to LBP although it’s certainly in the same creative genre”

    Well it doesn’t look like a mostly linear platformer so I guess that’s true. But I still don’t get developers resistance to admitting what they’re actually doing.

    You shouldn’t start with the premise that you game is 100% unique and original then admit minimal similarities. It would be way better if you just admitted what you were ripping off and explained your tweeks to the concept that makes your game unique and able to stand on it’s own(if it actually has those things).

  • oh your a designer? cool. how did you break into the industry? this looks cool but im a poor college student and i dont even have move yet. i want this though.

  • Rube Goldberg would be proud.

    Please put out a demo so I can test out the Move controls before purchase!

  • I had a lot of good memories with the old Incredible Machine series back as a kid for PC, this will definetly be a day 1 purchase

  • Is there splitscreen for this game or is it just single player. If there is splitscreen, you can count me in for a day one purchase. If not I don’t have long to wait til LBP2

  • Does it have trophies?

  • It’s sad to me. The day LBP2 should have been released, this knock off is. *Sigh* I understand it is different from LBP2, but I still feel that this is a knock off of it.

  • Even if the game is inspired by the idea of “Create your own stuff,” that LBP introduced to PS3 gamers, what is so wrong with that? You guys are ok with “Call of Modern Warfare with Band of Brothers earning a Medal of Honor Part 12”, so what’s wrong with someone else jumping on the Create Your Own world genre of gaming?

  • this game feels like a cross between a LOCOROCO MuiMui house game and elefunk PSN game.

  • I have to admit, I was super skeptical when I first saw the game earlier in the year, but after seeing and reading this, I am super excited for it! As an avid gamer and LBP fan, I’ll have to check this out! :D

  • This is an Incredible Machine for the current generation. Finally!

  • Players with a lot of time on their hands would get a lot from LBP2, but for those of us with limited time, this looks like a great way to still have some creative fun (given that the concept is less ‘open-ended’ and more specific than LBP2).

    Really hope a demo is forthcoming!

  • If this is a full retail release then hell no. Sorry. I’d pay 10 bucks at the most for it.

  • Looks just like LBP…. Aint getting, waiting for LBP 2( NOW thats going to be AWESOME!!!!….. No offense)…. Although, I might try it, but im more of a LBP fan.

  • I honestly don’t understand this game… I was hoping it was like LittleBigPlanet(which I 100% love and understood right away).

  • i buy nothing from EA no mater what game is

  • You guys are lucky that LBP2 got delayed. A good amount of people will pick it up just because they want something more to do while waiting.

  • I think people see the title, “Create,” and automatically assume it’s in the same vein as LBP thanks to that game’s “Play, Create, Share” mantra. This game is much more like The Incredible Machine, in that you set up Rube Goldberg-like contraptions or setups, something that you can occasionally do in LBP. I am definitely interested now, hopefully there is going to be a demo – if not on the PS3 then at least on the PC!

  • How about Crayons, a piece of paper,and some imagination..
    All this is, is ” LEGO ” on a video screen..

  • It’s obvious who started gaming recently. IE: Everyone saying this is a LBP ripoff. ‘

    As mentioned before, this game is more in the vein of The Incredible Machine. Which is great, we need more games like this to make you think. There will be simple ways to solve the challenges and complex and ridiculous things you can do to solve the same challenges. That’s why it’s great.

    I hope that people stop being so ignorant and try this out because it looks great.

  • Wow!
    This is why I love my PS3!
    The possibility to play avery single type of game that is fun and exciting. :)

  • well is anyone else having trouble with the head tracking device wen you calibrate your ps move on lights out???? and it should be a good game but you have to punch so slowly otherwise it goes wrong!!! also how do you get the move avatar on ps home to access the move room? plz help tx

  • Thanks for the video! this looks very cool and challenging and I like these type of games…

  • I want to check this game out. It looks so cool. We need more move compatible games.

  • Yet another failure where possibly good games get the shaft, just because nobody in management had the lack of foresight to say: “Hey Guys, I bet putting a demo at launch time would really sell these cookies!”

    Instead, you get cool people like Emily practically begging you to buy the game to try the game.

  • There is a PC demo for those still thinking about buying the game or not. The game is more like Joe Danger mixed with a really cool puzzle game that everyone in the family can play. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE Little Big Planet.

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