Beat Sketcher Coming Soon to PSN for PlayStation Move

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My name is George Weising, Producer for SCEA. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you all to Japan Studio’s upcoming title Beat Sketcher, a Move exclusive title that will be available for purchase in the PlayStation Store just in time for Thanksgiving.

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So, what is Beat Sketcher? It is actually hard to call this a game, as it is more of an artistic experience that allows you to become very creative using the PlayStation Move as your virtual drawing tool or paint brush. Beat Sketcher lets you create your own masterpiece no matter what your skill level is. You can learn to draw by copying brush strokes in something called Challenge Mode or grab some friends and work together to create something magical (either cooperatively or competitively if you so choose). My favorite part is the Creation Mode, where you start with a blank canvas, so-to-speak, and unleash my imagination! If you create something you’re proud of, you can even upload it to YouTube for all your friends to see.

The basic team that created Beat Sketcher is a collaboration between JAPAN Studio, WILL Co., Ltd. (echochrome) and noisycroak Co.,Ltd. (echochrome, No Heroes Allowed series, Patchwork Heroes, Yakuza 3, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, etc…). This is the first time the team has collaborated creatively and we are pretty excited about what they’ve created!

Over the Summer we spoke with three members of the Beat Sketcher Development team (Ichiro Ebisu – Sound Creator, Yasuhiro Kawagoe – Sound Director / Composer , and Kenei Hayama – Art Director) for a little Q&A. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing videos created by each of them along with portions of their interview to give you an idea of who they are and their thoughts behind the creation of Beat Sketcher. For this weeks segment we’d like to introduce Mr. Ichiro Ebisu and show you a video that he created using Beat Sketcher.

Ichiro Ebisu – Sound Creator: “I tried to express that this game allows not just to draw, but also to generate music made with individual sounds by each stroke, which is Beat Sketcher’s unique feature. Also, I completed the artwork making full use of the ‘Auto Sound Tool Select’ feature and ‘Eyedropper Tool’, and tried not to use the Tool window as much as I could.”

We’ll be back next week with part 1 of the developer interview and introduce you to Mr. Yasuhiro Kawagoe. In the mean time, here are some sweet pictures that were drawn using Beat Sketcher, just to give you all an idea of what you can create.

Beatsketcher Beatsketcher Beatsketcher

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release of Beat Sketcher for PSN on November 23rd!

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  • The demo for this game never worked for me. I am going to try to download it once again.

    • yeah, as mentioned by other people here, just set your Move controller to port 7 on the PS3… THis was a small issue in the original demo that was fixed..

  • Awesome. Looking forward to this. D1 purchase for this household.

  • Tried the demo and had fun with it. Any word on price? And can two people draw at the same time?

  • #1 set your controller to #7 on the PS3 and it should work….I dont know why but it worked for me!

  • Wait set your MOVE to slot 7….sorry for the double (no edit button)

  • Demo worked for me, was pretty cool. My 4 year-old daughter did not like it.

  • vernSL has 2 good questions:
    “Any word on price? And can two people draw at the same time?”

    • That’s a great idea, and something the team did consider. Currently the game only supports one PS Move controller at a time. The reason for this is that the team was concerned that people would need room to draw and didn’t wan’t players crowding the canvas. This is a feature that we may consider for possible future updates.

  • Interested to see more about this game.

  • Manticore19,
    Me too.

  • i liked the music matches the drawing

  • Maybe sony should start to listen to the crowd and give us a release date for GT5. You guys said it would come a new date before the end of october.
    Now it is November 11 and the only info we get is from people you have leaked copies.
    That is´nt the way to treat your flagship game

    Hoping on some news soon, and by that I mean the general meaning of soon and not your own type of “soon”.

  • The demo never worked for me.

  • The demo was pretty cool. I might get it depending on the price.

  • If the demo gets stuck at the part where you are supposed to hit the move button then set the Move controller to slot 7….worked for me

  • Guess someone didn’t like my drawings.

  • @darkwing75

    That’s a fantastic idea! :D

  • I am artist!
    I could see myself really digging this. The added feature of music that each stroke creates sounds sublime. Awesome.

    Will I be able to export my paintings so that I could print them out or maybe use them as a wallpaper and such?

    • Absolutely yes!

      Saving pictures is fully supported from within the game. Your saved pictures are stored in your XMB photo gallery. You can post them to Facebook or even print them out right from your PS3 if you have a USB printer connected :)

  • threw some of the gameplay videos, this just feels alittle bit bland, large idea that kinda flopped in the end, But thats just my take, im probly not the target audencie for this game

  • that is some pretty sweet stuff goin on in that vid too, lookin forward to this for sure!

  • I’ve spent allot of time playing the full game and I can tell you that it’s a real blast to draw music. Takes some getting used to, but drawing tools are actually pretty powerful, and it’s interesting what your picture ends up like when you are concentrating on creating music and not painting art.

  • I bought the PS3 Move Bundle. I got the Demo Disc, but I was never able to make Beat Sketcher Demo work. It says to press O but nothing happens. I have installed it a few times, but no luck.

    Has there being a patch or a fix for it since then? (the day the PS3 bundle came out) I haven’t tried to get it to work again.

    • Yeah, honestly the original demo was created pretty early in development and was kind of rushed. We will be releasing a much improved updated demo in December that will fix all of the issues from the original demo.

  • The demo for this was horrible. When I finally got it to work at least. It seems like a game to just keep babies and kids a amused. The Shoot, The Fight, Sports Champions & Tumble are the real Move must haves.

  • Looks like a fun time for me and my kids. I’ll buy it.

  • I was veeeeeeery sceptic about this game, but then Jeff Ruby(you know… that guy!) convinced me to try it, and the demo really surprised me! In a good way!

    I might buy it, but only if the price is right…

  • Ah, this is amazing! *shiny anime eyes* I want it now… <3

  • If it had a proper pointer system it’d be cool,but because it uses the absolute tracking position of the orb as pointer controller.I had to reach and walk around the room to paint each corner on my TV and because of that I didn’t like it.
    Still did some cool pictures though.
    It’d be cool if we could animate them like the flickbook app on DSi

  • Try standing closer to your TV and re-calibrate your controller. the interface is designed so that the closer you are to the TV, the less you need to reach… This was done on purpose so that players who want to incorporate their physical performances into their artwork can really move around a room if they stand back from the TV. I can’t wait to see the kind of movies people share!

  • i played this at the playstation comic con after party. and i loved it. though it was too loud for me to hear the music i created while painting, it was a ton of fun. i can not wait for this.

    • Yeah, music is a big part of the overall experience… I especially love how the music transforms over time as you draw… each time you play you are inventing a completely original song… I wonder if people will use Beat Sketcher + a PS Move to DJ live in a club?

  • This is really interesting. I’m a music producer and really would like to hear it with different sounds. Is there any way that users can up load their own sounds for their own experience? It almost seems like a VST or sampler that is triggered by an X-Y axis controller and the color the particular sound. This would be a great thing for live performances if was customizable enough.

    • Not at the moment… great idea though :) Beat Sketcher does come with a large selection of Sound sets though… I’ll pass your thoughts onto the team…

  • With the Move they should really do a Win Lose or Draw game.

  • i played the demo like it, it’s a great game a lot of people have like it.

  • will this only be in japan? i want this so bad now

  • Played the demo and liked it,
    so, what’s in the full game

  • nvm found it on my demo disc lol

  • It looks stupid!!!

  • @32: If it was only going to be in Japan then the North American blog wouldn’t be discussing the game.

    The demo was awesome and I was sold. Can’t wait, even if I can’t draw well it was still fun. Some of the things that people have done with it so far are amazing.

  • If this had a facebook picture uploading option that would be amazing. I am sold regardless. But that would just make it 10X better.

  • Hey just to say that i like this game and i’m happy to see it coming soon !!!

    If you can make a bigger or larger ( Copy square ). If people dont know, you can take a picture of your face and copy/paste it every where.

    I would have love to make my head ultra big xD or some things like that ( lol that can sound perv lolol )

    My fat ps3 died… So i lost my BEAUTIFULLLLL DRAWING AND PICTUREEE ( i loooove doing abstract/funny drawing )

  • I loved it, its pretty fun to write and draw stuff on there.

  • I tried the demo and it was great. I know music is a big part of the experience, but is it possible to turn it off?

    I was just thinking how cool it would be to make video blogs with this to upload to YouTube, and to be able to draw things onto the screen as I was recording it. Is that possible?

    • What you’re suggesting is a really cool idea and something that the team has thought about… (microphone support and music on/off.) I believe that the designers really wanted player expression to come through drawing and music… sort of a physical performance with a sound track that develops as you draw.

  • This looks really cool! It would be awesome of there was the ability to turn your creations into avatars for your PSN ID.

    I could finally have a Grinch avatar!

  • Truth be told this game fells good for a but five minuets then after that i would be looking for a real game to play. This so called “game” dose not have enough depth to keep any one i know coming back for more. But like rules their is always the exception and that is “if and only if” you are a artist at hart. The music in the game is so mundane and limited it lacks any real fun other than waving your hands a round and making dirty pitchers.

  • I downloaded Beat Sketch! from PSN today. It’s really good for me. The Rainbow mode is very tough, and the challenge mode is fun. I’ve made a few videos already that are way to embarrassing to share online.

    HINT: Put on sunglasses, get a friend, and pretend you’re a DJ when playing. It makes it much more fun. Seriously, we looked like the SingStar Dance commercials with friends actually dancing around and having fun in front of the TV together.

  • There’s a couple of things I’d really like to have patched in though.

    1: As I said above, Beat Sketch! would be the ultimate video blogging tool if you could turn off the music, talk to the camera, draw things when appropriate. Please add microphone recording support as well as Music On/Off. Also, if people vlog using Beat Sketch then it would, in turn, advertise Move and its drawing capabilities.

    2: Please bring support for two controllers. Two player simultaneous multiplayer would be fun, and would open up more gameplay mode possibilities. Even if it’s not simultaneous, we should be able to use two controllers instead of passing one.

    3: Speaking of two controllers, back when Move was being demoed, Anton from R&D demonstrated some very cool “Minority Report” ways to insert, move and manipulate images using two Move remotes. That alone would make Beat Sketch worth the price of entry. There’s many people who’d pay $10 just for that tech demo.

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