‘The Tester 2’ – Episode 2 Featuring Ted Price Now Available

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After last week’s PlayStation Network Season Premiere of the “The Tester 2,” we are quickly down to ten (10) gamers all competing for the job at PlayStation, the $5,000 signing bonus, a limited edition ‘The Tester’ PS3 system, and a 46” Sony 3D Bravia Television.

In Episode 2, President and Founder of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, joins the panel as the cast travels to historic Edwards Air Force Base to band together for their first team challenge of the season.

With precision and memorization skills tested this week, who’s going to stand out? Who will step it up as a leader? Who’s going to crumble under the physical demands of this week’s challenge? Get all the answers in Episode 2 of “The Tester 2” from PlayStation Store or watch with your friends in ‘The Tester’ theater in PlayStation Home where we’re also rewarding the first ‘Game Over’ shirts.

The Tester - Price with Games

This Week’s Prize Package

And don’t forget to download each episode during the season for a weekly chance to win great prizes from our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes. The sweepstakes continue this week with a Sony Cyber-Shot T99 digital camera, a ‘The Tester’ Limited Edition PS3 system, and signed copies of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and Resistance 2 from Ted Price. See the official rules here.

The First 11:00 Minutes of Season 2

If you haven’t seen Episode 1 yet, the first eleven (11:00) minutes of the Season Premiere are now playing on the PlayStation YouTube Channel and the official “The Tester” website. Be sure to download the complete episode from the PlayStation Network.

The Tester - Big Fazeek Extra Scenes

Extra Scenes!

For those of you who didn’t get enough of Episode 1, we’ve got some Extra Scenes from Episode 1 also now playing on The Tester website, PlayStation’s YouTube channel and in PlayStation Home in ‘The Tester’ theater.

Also, for those looking to get to know a little more about Boo and Max1m, be sure to check out the PlayStation LifeStyle podcast. The PlayStation LifeStyle crew takes a deeper dive into why Boo and Max1me tried out for “The Tester 2” and what happened behind the scenes.

Who’s your favorite? Vote now by heading over to ‘The Tester’ tab on the PlayStation Facebook page. We reset the “Likes” and you can now see who’s getting the most ‘votes’.

We hope you enjoy episode 2.

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4 Author Replies

  • Ted Price is the MAN!

    • I totally agree. He was so gracious and great to work with (as are all of our panelists this season – we’re really fortunate). Ted was with us for a very long day and seemed to really enjoy talking games with the Air Force Honor Guard.

  • A few Q’s about the contest.

    Does the episode need to be downloaded from the Game or Video Store? Or either one?
    Do automatic downloads count?

    • Either side of the store will work. Automatic DL’s won’t count since the Sweeps started after the Season Premiere ‘push’ to Plus Subscribers.

  • wasn’t this supposed to be pushed to plus users with automatic downloads? i never got it…

    • Sorry for any confusion to Plus Subscribers. We only pushed the Season Premiere, but if there’s more interest in receiving episodes of The Tester, please let us know!

  • i feel the wrong person got sent home forreal… The other team didnt work “as a team” AT ALL , to me a team consists of all players involved… i didnt go into details for those that have yet to watch it.

  • That fat guy should go.

  • #6 Agreed, he’s a complete waste. Hopefully he’ll be kicked next time.

  • That episode was great. So glad to see Ted Price on. I might have struggled being coordinated due to being shocked to seeing Ted Price.

  • About to watch episode 2.
    I must admit I’m pretty excited for it. Episode 1 was pretty cool, me and my brother in law actually enjoyed it.
    And I can’t believe War Princess was left on the show. She doesn’t even own a PS3! May God have mercy on her poor soul….

  • OH!
    And btw!
    Ted Price, YOU ‘Da MAN!

  • So what’s are our real changes of winning the prize package?

  • Keep watching!

  • the contest should have been open to canada!

  • i already have a signed copy of Resistance 1 and 2 by the Insomniac Team back when there was the release party at the PlayStation Store in San Francisco. But I won’t mind getting another one.

  • I forget the team colors, but the wrong team won, when 1/2 the team just stands there saluting, that’s not even putting forth effort, pathetic the judges overlooked this. Hope they hire someone who doesn’t even try…

  • precision and memorization doesnt sound like it bodes well for War_Princess… hehe… ill watch it this weekend…

  • @4 I’m with you, I was hoping to have the episodes pushed to me as well. Even if it was only the night before.

    Something that may want to be considered for a future FW update is being able to choose what you want to allow automatic download to download. (Patches, Demos, etc.) Some people may want some stuff but not others.

  • for the record, i just want to say that war princess is a hottie!

  • I love you Ted and ur games

  • just watched the show and i really kind of feel bad for samurai.because i know that he wanted to be in the show and win it all like everybody else…but at the same time i think it was wise of him to have taken “one for the team” since the other contestans are going to get in to each other throats before all is said and done.

    thats why i dont watch these type of shows….because they appeal to the lower common denominator in all of us.besides, the war princess chick doesnt really belong there in my humble opinion…unless,the producers of the show thought of her as part of the “non-gaming” comunity.oh and the dude that owns almost every game and console that there is…looks pretty pedant and just “bufonish”(sp)…

    anyways, i think i’m gonna stop watching this show.because quite frankly “reality tv” is just not for me.but, i’m aware that this type of programming may appeal to the “mtv” culture. so, with that in mind i wish sony and the people watching this… good luck! :0)

  • It’d be nice if The Tester kept being pushed to PS+ User, or have the option to enable it. I turned my PS3 on expecting it to be downloaded and ready to watch. :)

  • I already have my copy of R2 signed by four Insomniacs. 8)

  • This all seems pointless to me. It’s not like it’s some dream 6 figure job or anything.

    Also the skills required to be an entertaining reality show contestant and being a good video game tester are not the same. The casting process is counter prodcutive to finding someone actually worth hiring in the capacity you are looking for.

  • I really didn’t understand how the “winning” team got away with just having 1/2 their members stand at attention. What was even weirder was that the judges didn’t say ANYTHING about it. Maybe they couldn’t because they didn’t specify that all members had to actively participate, maybe you could argue about the definition of “active participation?”

    Still, as cute as she is War Princess should have gone home and I firmly believe that if Samurai hadn’t basically volunteered himself she would have. I’d like to see them specify that all team members must actually DO something for the next challenge though.

  • Big Fazekke is annoying. Soooooo annoying. Dear God I hope he goes home.

  • Hi …. Pls allow automatice download of all the tester Episode’s its so cool….

    I think all the Plus memebers will really appreciate!

  • Ratchet and Clank 3 is my favorite PS2 game, and Ratchet and Clank Future 1 (the latest I’ve played) is my second favorite PS3 game (behind inFamous-sorry Ted!)

    I liked the episode. I knew Samurai would get cut, but I thought he would get cut solely for being the only one to sit out. And while Big Fazeek was the first to be a jerk, the girl shouldn’t have said anything to him when they got back to the loft. But then it showed how even bigger a jerk Big Fazeek was.

    Also, I wish to see the show unbleeped (with the exception of any f bombs).

  • Samurai is a good dude man. I would love to game with him some time, and I hope he gets his dream to one day visit Japan!

    Kudos to you Samurai.

  • is this sweepstakes only in the US. its not availiable in canada, correct?

  • Big Fazekke is such a d-bag. He has proven to be at the same level that War Princess, on competition grounds, but at least she’s nice and cute.

    And Samurai is a great person.

  • ….4

  • …..5

  • i really dont see the appeal for this show. i barely watched an episode from first season. it seems to me like your average “reality” show on TV. does the winner on the first season even do anything? i havent heard anything about that? or is this like all the other reality shows and everyone is in it for the money?

    I really dont see why sony jumped on the bandwangon for something like this. instead of wasting money on such a stupid show. why not invest that for games on the psn? considering how poor the psp is doing. i would love to see that money be going to that.

    Just a rant. if im wrong please tell me, but from what i have been seeing this seems like your normal fake “REALity” show.

  • Yea, I don’t mind the content being pushed for us via PS+ members but will be taking a look at part 2.

  • 2 eps in and i don’t like this season. the first season was ok even though i still feel the challenges don’t fit the job. i thought it would be more technical. it would have been cool to see the other side of gaming rather than silly challenges.

    and the judges are all idiots even the staff sergeant. really hard to take them serious after this one.

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