PlayStation in Latin America: Live in a State of Play

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Hola PlayStation Nation. It’s a huge treat to share with you today all the exciting news we have for PlayStation in Latin America. Today marks a momentous milestone as we launch our first official advertising campaign for the region and have the great privilege of unveiling the first two TV commercials with you, our most loyal fans. As some of you may know, we formally launched the PlayStation business in Latin America early last year and today we are officially operating in 19 countries across the region. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to extend the same access to the full breadth of PlayStation products and services to our consumers in Latin America as we’ve been doing in the US and Canada for many years. This means that when North American consumers are able to experience first-hand the array of immersive and revolutionary PlayStation Move games, Latin America consumers are also sharing in that experience on the same day. We’re also spending a lot of time focusing on bringing customized and localized experiences for our Latin American PlayStation Nation. Over the past few months we’ve released customized gamer kits that offer all-in-one solutions with huge savings for new gamers and families looking to upgrade their entertainment experience.

Today, we’re also unveiling continued efforts to bring tailored product offerings for this region with customized bundles this holiday that include a Konami Pro Evolution Soccer bundle for PS3, PS2 and PSP systems, in addition to a EA Sports FIFA 2011 bundle for PS3, PS2 and PSP systems, and a few others that will be announced in the coming months. Beyond the customized bundles, we’ll also be offering one of our best holiday line ups yet with Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 and the full range of brand new PlayStation Move games such as The Fight: Lights Out, The Shoot, EyePet and many more.

And with the help of our friends at Saatchi & Saatchi Latin America, we’re also looking to promote and foster a one to one dialogue with our consumers through a brand new advertising campaign to build awareness of PlayStation as a comprehensive and multimedia entertainment solution. To do this, we took a very unique approach to remind consumers of what it is to be truly entertained. The first commercial which hits TV networks across Latin America today features a baby as a depiction of the emotions that are often associated with the purest form of entertainment. It reminds us of a time when even the smallest actions, sights and sounds can provoke unhinged and constant entertainment. In the second TV commercial, which will air later this week, you’ll see similar treatments being used to promote the pure fun involved with the PlayStation Move experience. PlayStation is a brand that is constantly pushing the envelope of entertainment and we wanted to encourage and challenge our consumers to live in a constant state of play through this campaign. We hope you enjoy the commercials and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

As you can see, it’s been a busy and exciting time for the Latin America region and we look forward to bringing you more updates about our continued growth and momentum!

Muchas Gracias y Saludos!

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  • Buenas noticias!!! My family is in Mexico and I know some of them are gamers, so they will love this news! Muchas gracias!

  • it´s great to hear that, but when we can aceder to completely playstaion store

  • QUOTE: tjjoss | November 10th, 2010 at 2:45 pm
    I agree with all my fellow latin americans. If you plan to reach the latin american nation with your commercials, you have to either:
    – Do it in spanish and portuguese (that’s what we speak here, you know)
    – Use latin american locations
    – Use latin american actors
    – Use latin american music
    – Use Kevin Butler
    You just don’t get it do you? Didn’t you learn with your past baby commercials? Do you think these are as creepy as the one you did on your initial PS3 campaign? Who are your advisors on this?! Common!!!
    Also, you left so many blanks in your blog post:
    – Which countries?
    – What about home?
    – What about proper PSN support?
    – What about using credit cards?
    – What about the video service (which ever you like)?
    – What about having special deals?
    – What about having prizes and rafflles or whatever?
    So please, before you write stuff to sympathize with latin america, do some research, sign some deals, and THEN, tell us about it.

    I agree with each setence!
    If PS3 earn commercials showing that play PS3 is to old people like Kevin Butler does, Playstation will be a sucess here.

  • Does anyone else think this is almost as scary as the original PS3 commercials?

  • Where is Kevin Butler!? D:

  • I get it! They release these commercials first so that everyone complains about them, and then in six months they start the Carlos Butlez commercials to great success, and everyone says how much better they are than the old commercials

  • Encontré bastante divertido el comercial, muy simpático, no se como es que no entendieron el sentido, yo entendí que trata de las emociones, sentir, alegrarse, jugar, creo que eso quiere expresar sony, EMOCIONES.
    Como muchos dicen lo que realmente falta desde que apareció el PS3 es un verdadero PSN para américa latina, mucha gente si queremos descargar algun demo o videos ,necesariamente tenemos que crear una cuenta en una región que no nos pertenece, sería fantastico tener una PSN Chile o por último una general para américa latina, sobre los juegos muchos vienen subtitulados al español y portugues creo que eso es suficiente, es mucho mejor oir el idioma origina y leer los subtítulos en nuestro idioma, eso va también para los juegos de origen japones, sería genial tener el audio original y tener subtitulos para nuestra región.
    Bueno Sony espero que pronto podamos tener nuestra PSN, saludos desde Chile.

  • Spooky ads you made sony.
    This baby grown ups, scare me…

  • Whaaaaaat?? I don’t understand the message behind the videos.

    First: What does babies displaying emotions have to do with Latin Americans?

    Second: Does this means that USA sees Latin Americans as babies?

    Third: The videos are completely Americanize (Latinos aren’t known to have blonde hair with blue eyes and our cities are different from those seen in the videos)

    Please Sony, if you are going to sympathize with the Latin people you need to create videos that show the Latin American gaming culture.

    I want a Kevin Butler speak Spanglish campaign!!

  • We need PSN Store!!!!!! PLZ!!

  • Para mi solo se trata de una respuesta al golpe que Microsoft hoy les dio lanzando el Live en algunos paises de latinoamerica oficialmente. Yo pienso que desde que no haya PSN Store no hay ningun soporte real, puede haber cubrimiento de garantias, etc, pero de nada nos sirve no poder comprar con nuetras TC ni tener campañas decentes. Y mas sabiendo que la “imposibilidad” de hackear PS3 frente a X360, hace que el mercado latinoamericano sea mucho mas rentable para SONY.

  • wow, i was expecting different stuff, you know a spanish song, maybe something more hispanic…. being that i’m hispanic from mexico oh well…

  • …. ¬¬

    Ok, you don’t get it, I’m a publicist and this ads are terrible, they completely missed their target. gamers are not babies, and this is also very different to the actual “Move” ads you already have (in Chile), which while not really exiting, at least show the kind of gamer you should be targeting with your ads.

    Also, what about PSN? and if you ever give use a LA-PSN, what about transfer support for our American/Europe accounts? I may not hunt exclusively for trophies but I like get as much as I can from the games I buy and I will like to keep my hard earned trophies and stats.

    Also, a little request,please, I read you want to localize game for Latin American but please DO NOT REMOVE THE ENGLISH VOICE ACTING FROM THOSE GAMES, keep the dual audio (triple if you also leave the Japanese voice acting from Japanese games), I want to have the ability to choose which audio I want to hear. For example it was really annoying for me to get used to Starcraft2 in Latin America because we are forced to play with the dubbed version which is not bad… but I rather hear the original English quotes and stuff).

  • Gotta say that outside KB (who’s starting to get a bit stale) Sony’s marketing and advertising has always been very weak and this is certainly no outlier. You guys should really take some tips from Apple and Microsoft…

  • Yay, ads. What’s left now? Oh, everything else.

    PSN, lower and compatible games/console prices, official support and technical assistance.

    Listen to the 43th comment.

  • Finally, I can talk about Gran Turismo 5.

    So… when it’s gonna released, Sony?

    And I have to agree with like everyone else, horrible ads. Can’t believe you guys think that will make people buy a PS3.

  • Hey Mark, thanks for hearing us latin americans more, I think that´s a HUGE step. We until now felt out of place with you Americans and Europeans having all PS launches, news, PS.Blog, PSN, etc. Hope these can come to us in the near future.

    I personally think the two commercials are of such extraordinary bad taste that I cannot comment on. My opinion, sorry…

    But Mark, come on. Latin Americans are Chileans, Argentines, Venezuelans and… guess what? Brazilians as well. So when you put 2 commercials and your whole marketing strategy in spanish (and not portuguese too) and say something like “Muchas gracias y saludos” you continue to let us Brazilians out of place, which I might be wrong, but it´s kind of disrespecting.

    And I agree with #73, it´s really better for us to hear original language and have our titles subtitled other than dubbed. Instead of North America we tend to not like dubbing (dubbing must be REALLY good and localization too, to become acceptable for demanding gamers).

    Take care, all the best!

  • Didn’t like that ad at all…and are you trying to say that gamers have a baby like mentality? anyway wrong approach, also that logo “vive en estado de play” sounds like a someone with bad spanish would use…

  • would make more sense if it said something like “Vive en mentalidad de play” but still need a total different approach…

  • Jajajajaja vacilones los anuncios.
    Hasta que al fin nos dan pelota.

  • Saludos desde Mexico. Que bueno que cada vez se expandan mas para estos lugares, necesitamos precios mas competitivos mas especificamente en las consolas y perifericos PS3. / Greetings from Mexico. It’s a good news the Playstation expansion to this region, we need better prices on all your products, specifically on the consoles and accesories.

  • An official Latin American campaign that leaves out the largest economy in Latin America… pretty smart. I’m sure those Spanish campaigns will be a huge hit in Brazil.

    Someone should invent a sarcasm font, cause I really need one right now.

  • What about Brazil? You know, we speak portuguese.

  • Seriously! I don’t get why almost everyone is hating on these commercials! I personally liked them, the second one made me laugh, and although Kevin Butler is great we have to get some variety in here! Not every single ad could be Kevin this Kevin that…

  • these commercials are horrible fire your ad person..these commercials will not sell your product

  • Nothing new to read here, when the PSN will come to Brazil? When we’re going to stop creating US accounts to use content?


  • We need PS store for latin America! When will we have it??

  • Estou começando a achar que para a SCEA o Brasil é u problema para eles, pois somos de longe maior economia da América do Sul (me recuso a usar o termo América Latina), mas não falamos Espanhol, o acaba atrapalhando os negócios da empresa na região!
    Tanto é verdade que tudo que falado sobre Playstation na América do Sul é em Espanhol, propaganda é Espanhol, o site oficial é do México, o PS3 oficial é Mexicano e até o limitado do Mark Stanley – General Manager for Latin America faz suas piadas limitadas em Spanglish!
    Sabem de uma coisa, ou a SCEA aprende a falar Português-BR e aprende que tudo no Brasil é diferente do resto da “America Latina” ou tenham a vergonha na cara de admitir que sabem lidar com o Brasil e o nosso belo idioma Pt-BR e nos esquece de vez, nos deixando seguir em frente como sempre fizemos.

    O Brasil não faz parte da “América Latina”, a “América Latina” é que faz fronteira com o Brasil, entendam isso Norte-americanos limitados!!!

  • Hey!, Chile here… you know? we got some miners out recently?

    So, any plans for PS Stores for Latin America? you could implement it like… PS Store LatinAmerica and just keep working with dollars so there won’t be any trouble with the different region currency.

    Please, take our market seriously… please? PSN Cards are ULTRA expensive for us… cut off the middle man, please?

  • Horrible horrible ad. It’s creepy and how does this show the Playstation Move?

  • En mi opinion, el Comercial esta genial yo me identifico completamente en el hecho que hay cosas que a mi me divierten con el PS3 que muchos otros piensan que es para niños (tengo 22), eso es a lo que se refiere el comercial a personas como nosotros que vemos el entretenimiento ,donde muchos otros no. Ademas, a mi que me importa lo que piensan las personas de EU de este comercial, si es para nosotros los de Latino America. Y prefiero mil veces que sea un comercial divertido a que pongan musica latina y algun artista que nisiquiera sepa que es un PS3.

    Ahora, esto es una buena noticia amigos; ya no se quejen esto es algo bueno que al fin Sony nos tome en cuenta y podemas temer los mismos beneficios que los americanos y los canadienses.

  • My thoughts are better support, store support and local currency. Sony Chile wasn’t able to solve my problem with my network connection when I asked, so I called the US support line and it was solved in like 3 minutes!.
    XBox Live came to Chile last week, why can’t we have some love from our favorite console’s company?

  • as long as there is no PSN for the region, i couldnt care less about an ad campaign for the region


  • I loooveee the campaing. I can relate to the man living in the sate of play (vive en modo Play) and now I say it to everyone I can. I even have wrote some post in my blog about the importance to keep our spirits young by “playing” in adulthood as we did as we were younger. Kuddos to the Mktng team. Excelent

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