Newly Released Game Seeks Player: Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Now On Sale

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Knights in the Nightmare PSP

Age: 1 day old
Location: In stores & PSN
ESRB: Teen
Players: 1

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. I’m a super fun and newly available (in stores and on PSN) game seeking that special person to take me home and get me going. To be clear, I’m not a casual game; I’m the real deal, a true hardcore experience, and I’m looking for a serious gamer who can commit to a mix of action, strategy, and roleplaying to delve into my campaign and unlock my secrets. My name is Knights in the Nightmare, and I’m available now on the PSP.

I vary between 2” tall and total non-corporality. I love long walks along the lakeside; fast-paced, action-packed bullet hell shooter gameplay mixed with tactical RPG goodness; and dark chocolate. I think I have a lot to offer a prospective player: over 40 missions spanning an emotionally charged narrative fraught with loss, hope, and retribution, not to mention a thrilling mix of fast-paced action and strategic roleplaying, beautiful visuals and sounds, and much more.

Knights in the Nightmare PSP

I’m looking for someone who can handle my uniquely involved, satisfyingly challenging mechanics. He/she must be open to a slight learning curve, but after that it’ll be non-stop innovation, a stunning array of colorful, stylized graphics, and a ton of replayability to boot.

The more time you spend with me, the more you’ll get out of me. I have three different main characters I can offer an interested player, each with their own unique take on my story’s events. Moreover, because recruiting characters throughout my adventure is a big part of the experience, and because it isn’t possible to recruit every single one in one playthrough, you’ll have plenty of cause to boot me up for a second or even third run.

Knights in the Nightmare PSP

Even better: for a limited time, regardless of whether you pick me up from a store or through PlayStation Store, I’ll have a friend of mine tag along, too. That’s right, get me and you’ll also get Yggdra Union (PSP). Everyone knows two is better (and more fun) than one!

Do you have what it takes to complete me?

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