Newly Released Game Seeks Player: Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Now On Sale

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Knights in the Nightmare PSP

Age: 1 day old
Location: In stores & PSN
ESRB: Teen
Players: 1

Hello, PlayStation.Blog readers. I’m a super fun and newly available (in stores and on PSN) game seeking that special person to take me home and get me going. To be clear, I’m not a casual game; I’m the real deal, a true hardcore experience, and I’m looking for a serious gamer who can commit to a mix of action, strategy, and roleplaying to delve into my campaign and unlock my secrets. My name is Knights in the Nightmare, and I’m available now on the PSP.

I vary between 2” tall and total non-corporality. I love long walks along the lakeside; fast-paced, action-packed bullet hell shooter gameplay mixed with tactical RPG goodness; and dark chocolate. I think I have a lot to offer a prospective player: over 40 missions spanning an emotionally charged narrative fraught with loss, hope, and retribution, not to mention a thrilling mix of fast-paced action and strategic roleplaying, beautiful visuals and sounds, and much more.

Knights in the Nightmare PSP

I’m looking for someone who can handle my uniquely involved, satisfyingly challenging mechanics. He/she must be open to a slight learning curve, but after that it’ll be non-stop innovation, a stunning array of colorful, stylized graphics, and a ton of replayability to boot.

The more time you spend with me, the more you’ll get out of me. I have three different main characters I can offer an interested player, each with their own unique take on my story’s events. Moreover, because recruiting characters throughout my adventure is a big part of the experience, and because it isn’t possible to recruit every single one in one playthrough, you’ll have plenty of cause to boot me up for a second or even third run.

Knights in the Nightmare PSP

Even better: for a limited time, regardless of whether you pick me up from a store or through PlayStation Store, I’ll have a friend of mine tag along, too. That’s right, get me and you’ll also get Yggdra Union (PSP). Everyone knows two is better (and more fun) than one!

Do you have what it takes to complete me?

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8 Author Replies

  • 1st? LOL!!

  • I love Atlus games, going to be buying this one for sure! :]

  • I have what it takes!!!

    *watches tutorial*

    *in tears* .. what have I gotten myself into???

    XD this was a great deal, two games for the price of one & KotN is quite unique and interesting! Thank you Atlus!!!

  • Atlus you guys make great stuff im still playing demon souls lol :)

  • Is there any way to tell if the UMD version comes bundled with Yggdra Union or not? there a sticker or something on the cover showing it?

    I know it seems like a stupid question, but I don’t get paid until the weekend, and even then, I don’t know if I’ll have enough to pick this up then. It might be another 2 weeks.

    • Yes, there is a sticker indicating the promotion. Moreover, as long as you purchase your copy at launch, you will receive the bonus copy of Yggdra Union. So, in other words, we totally have your back, Zarxce.

  • I’ve been looking around in NYC (J&R, Gamestop, Bestbuy) and it has not yet been received by the shops near me, should I take this as a sign to order it online or wait for incoming shipment(s)?

    • reson8er,

      I would wager that if your GameStop store did not have it in today, it is very likely it will appear tomorrow (some areas often get games 1-2 days later than others).

      I would just give your local store a call tomorrow (save on gas and driving around) and check with them. I do not believe Knights in the Nightmare will be in Best Buy stores.

  • Aram, I need a serious answer from you.

    I love quirky Atlus game. However, I am not someone who enjoys SRPG. I DO like Sting’s style, seeing as how I’ve played through Riviera and enjoyed that to an extent.

    Knights in the Nightmare doesn’t seem AS SRPG’y as, well, an SRPG. However, the freebie looks def SRPG. That being said, it’s done with Sting’s style… and again, it’s appealing because of that but I just don’t know!!

    What do you think, sir?

    • depward,

      Tough question to answer. The core gameplay in Knights in the Nightmare is hardly SRPG; it is real-time, fast-paced, and demands the player’s constant attention.

      There are, however, strategic elements, particularly inbetween battles, that involve some menu navigation and party/item management. Those may be the bits that a non-SRPG gamer would be turned off by.

      My advice? Read the reviews, as some go out of their way to detail the ebb and flow fo the gameplay, and also check out some videos on youtube. Regardless of whether you watch a bit from the Japanese PSP release or the DS version, you’ll get a better idea of what to expect.

      As for Yggdra Union, it IS more of a strategy RPG, although it still has elements that differentiate it from your prototypical SRPG. Again, my advice would be to check out youtube videos and see how it plays.

      Two games for the price of one, though… you almost can’t go wrong!

  • Also, a side question for you:

    If I were to purchase via an online game code being offered by Amazon (, would I be eligible for Yggdra Union?!

    Thanks! Appreciate it!

  • hi there where’s dbz tt?

  • Haha apparently Kamjatang (#8) doesn’t know how to read the article. Great narrative by the way! Looking forward to playing this game (and writing a review).

  • Just got it yesterday, both are really fun!

    On another note,I know there are some problems in brigin Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner to the ps store but will it someday be release on digital download or is it best to forget about it?

  • this games just the games as the nintendo ds version of it so ill pass

  • its still a fun game though wish to see more atlus games for the psp and hope u guys put better psx classics on the psn and hope to see crisis core

  • PSP Personals Ad? We should have more personal ads for games, I like the way this came across. :I Also it was nice to include a video of yourself as well. As soon as I can get back to a decent amount in my pocket (and pick up Brotherhood), I’ll be sure to sing around and say hello. There is the problem of that other fine thing named Gran Turisom 5 though. :) I’ll try and double date? No offense to both.

  • When you say “for a limited time”, could you give a more exact time frame?

    • OneFate,

      What’s out there now constitutes the entirety of the promotion. In other words, as long as you snag a copy at launch, you will receive the Yggdra Union PSN voucher, but we will not continue this program should there be any additional copies of Knights in the Nightmare produed.

      For digital KITN purchases via PlayStation Store, there are only a finite number of KITN/Yggdra bundles, meaning they will only be available until those have sold through.

      I hope that clears things up!

  • This is unrelated…(sorry)

    I see everywhere on the internet that blood drive is out now on psn but I don’t see it in the store. Is that a misprint?

  • I hope Atlus will be around forever. I already have Knights in the Nightmare on the DS, but I’ll be sure to get the next great Atlus title.

    I wish I had been a bit quicker in buying Shin Megami Tensei for the PSP, your games sure have a bad habit of vanishing from store shelves shortly after release never to be seen again. A darn shame that.

  • I’d love to get my hands on this game but I’m from EU. Is there be a chance that the game might be coming over (with its friend of course)?

  • Got mine last night as soon as the PS store updated! I’ve wanted Yggdra for a while but never got around to purchasing it and when I heard about this deal I didn’t want to pass it up. Especially considering I thought this launched a while ago and I missed the date.

    Also, with the acronym KITN you can’t really go wrong

  • dat cover!!!!

  • forget the download version, i gotta get the UMD copy!! the game AND the cover makes my purchase all the more awesome!

  • I already bought Yggdra Union on the PSN! Makes it not too much of a bargain for me. :( If only they’d give me Riviera instead.

  • gonna show my nerdy-ness here but dang I want a poster of that cover! XD great artwork! Gotta get the UMD version now

  • I plan to get this soon (probably in a week) off of PSN, but only if it still comes with Yggdra Union.

    Will it indicate on PSN if it comes with or without Yggdra? Don’t really want to buy it expecting the extra game only to find out the promo had already ended.

  • Wish I had a PSP…

  • Only complaint? Load times. Why there’s no data install, I will never know. Maybe. Unless Atlus states why.

  • ;_; video gaming is such an expensive hobby..

    I’m not saying the game is expensive. I’m just saying is that I will be missing a great game because I just spent my money on Black Ops and Sims 3..

  • I bought it last night from the PSN. Thanks for supporting us Go owners and thanks for including Yggdra Union, it looks awesome!

  • Is gran turismo 5 releasing any time soon?

  • lol at the trolls

  • Great post.
    5 stars.

  • I want to say thanks for bringing this game out. I plan on picking up Knights in the Nightmare as soon as I can. I thought that it looked cool on the DS. But seeing as I very rarely use my DS I passed now I have no excuse to pass it up this time around. So thanks for bringing it to the PSP.

    Also I want to know if you have any plans on bringing out Persona 2 Innocent Sin, Venus & Braves, Fate/Extra, Growlanser, Blaze Union & Danganronpa. The saddest thing is if you do bring out these PSP I will be spending a lot of money but will be having lots of fun so it will be worth it. Again thanks for bringing KitK out & all the other PSP games the team at Atlus brings over. Because it is great to see that some companies still think the PSP is a great system.

  • Dear Knights in the Nightmare,

    Alas, I went to gamestop to find you yesterday, but after waiting in line for 15 minutes behind people waiting for some other game, I found you were not there! Best buy did not have you, which was sad because I keep getting all this rewards credit from there, but they did have PSN cards, so I decided to download you. Sorry I was late and you got desperate and had to take out an ad. You’ll be happy to know that I told all the store employees about how wonderful you are and how silly they were not to have you in stock.

    <3 lily <3

  • Very original post, bravor sir. Bravo.

  • Bring this series to the PS3. Already have this on the DS. I would buy it again but if in HD. Otherwise it needs to be brand new.

  • I pre-ordered you and now you’re already in my house.


  • Unfortunately, your redemption code isn’t working. Maybe Amazon got you to my house TOO early? Hmmmm….


  • Pffftt… XDDDD

    Why is this written like a personal ad?

  • Turns out I confused the “G” with the “6”. Code working now. Thanks a lot guys!


  • Sadly a pass for me, turn based is the only thing that gets money out of my wallet (Yggdra Union is cheaper separate, assuming turn based fans don’t have it already). You guys are one of the few though who bring anything over.

    Keep up the good work!

  • you know that’s my favorite number??? (TheTwelve)

  • It’s the best number ever.


  • Played the first 1 of both KinN and YU and love them both. Its definitely not for casual gamers or those who arent experienced in RPGs or SRPGs. But if you want something new and refreshing thats really great and addictive then I highly recommend both.

  • great great great!! Those 2 games are excellent. I really love you Atlus: thanks for persona 1 and 3, and for the package KiN and YU.

  • I would just like to add that I’ve been playing KiTN since I got it and it is really quite interesting. I think I’m going to have to replay it when I’m done because I haven’t quite got all the strategy down yet. :) Good deal! Go Buy it!

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