Triple Threat: Sly Collection, The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance hit PS3 today

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Good news! Three great PS3 titles are hitting store shelves today: The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance, and The Sly Collection are now available for $39.99 and make a great buy for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

The Fight: Lights OutThe Fight: Lights Out

For the underground bare-knuckle brawling fanatic or family fitness buff, The Fight: Lights Out takes the fighting genre to a new level of realism as the PlayStation Move tracks players’ movements with one-to-one precision as they brawl their way to the top of the underground fighting circuit (under the tutelage of one Danny Trejo). The Fight: Lights Out features a robust single-player career mode, online and offline multiplayer, a calorie counter feature, and is playable in optional stereoscopic 3D to create an immersive interactive experience.

Also available today are eight consumable DLC packs for The Fight, priced at $0.99 each, with each pack containing 10 uses. Each use enables you with enhanced abilities specific to your pack of choice for the duration of one match. You can purchase these consumable DLC packs both in-game and through the PlayStation Store. Choose from Bottle of Win, Energy Drink, Reindeer Horn, Russian Medicine, Chinese Secret, Lubrication, Rigged Betting, Street Surgeon, or get them all! Full details on the consumable packs are available here.

SingStar Dance for PS3 and PlayStation Move Soulja Boy_Crank That SingStar Dance for PS3 and PlayStation Move Lady Gaga_Poker Face

If throwing punches isn’t your style, check out SingStar Dance, a new interactive singing and dancing experience from the popular SingStar franchise that allows aspiring stars to step into the limelight and sing or dance along with their favorite chart-topping hits and music videos. As players follow the on-screen chorography, the PlayStation Move tracks their dance moves with one-to-one precision, scoring them on accuracy and skill. SingStar Dance features 30 energetic songs by popular artists like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed, Peas, Run DMC, and Cyndi Lauper, and supports up to four players to deliver an engaging and entertaining experience for the whole family.

Also launching today is the SingStar Dance Party Pack which includes the SingStar Dance game, two SingStar Microphones and a SingStar USB converter, to give you everything you need to immediately start singing along with the entire SingStar Dance track list for the same great price of $39.99.

Sly Collection for PS3Sly Collection for PS3

The critically acclaimed Sly Cooper series makes its return on the PS3 with The Sly Collection, featuring fully remastered versions of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly 3: Honor Among Thrives, all on a single Blu-Ray Disc and playable in optional stereoscopic 3D. Originally developed for the PS2, all three action-packed hits follow the mischievous raccoon and his gang of eccentric friends as they pull off daring heists and thrilling missions across the globe. All three games also feature full Trophy support. As an added bonus, The Sly Collection also features PlayStation Move enhanced mini-games to give you a new set of motion-based challenges to explore.

Sly Collection for PS3

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4 Author Replies

  • gettin’ Sly.

  • Nice can’t wait to buy!!

  • maybe The Fight Lights Out

  • Great, now when are the wireless microphones coming out in the States?

  • Woohoo! Gonna get that racing wheel all hooked up, got my seat put out in the centre of my room…

    Wait, there’s still something missing…

  • I can’t find Sly at any store yet. It makes me a sad panda.

  • The only one I’m getting is Sly.

  • Sly Cooper will keep me busy. However, I seem to remember Sony was going to release a… simulation of some kind. I can’t remember what it was though! Wasn’t it suppose to be out last week? I’m honestly drawing a blank here because Sony never talks about it!

  • Can a SCEA Rep please reply to this!!!!!!!!

    Has Sly Collection shipped to stores? A K-Mart rep said you guys haven’t shipped the game out yet, does GameStop or Toys R Us have it?

  • I’m pretty psyched for Sly and will be getting that really soon and I’m gonna look into The Fight more, a demo would be nice. I’m passing on Singstar but I’m sure its fun for its target audience.

  • the game that i’m looking forward to needs a driving wheel to be more enjoyable

  • Great news, can’t wait for this…
    The Sly Collection will be a definite purchase.
    5 times the threat instead of triple considering sly is 3 in 1.


  • Sly is not yet out in Canada.

    Apparently it is coming out tomorrow!

  • Great Post!
    Truthfully, there are a few games I’m interested in…
    Five of them actually… One is the next Uncharted. :)

  • Fight: Light Out on PSN or Disk?

  • hmmm, selling that stuff for The Fight on the PSN seems like some BS that EA Sports likes to pull. For shame sony.

  • This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

  • don’t worry badgerboots, i will remember you

  • wow, talk about spam…..

    **On Topic**
    This is awesome! I need to play the Sly Collection. Never did beat them all on PS2.

  • hey playstion stop releasing corny kids games we want adult games like battlefied vietnam & war games with realistic guns no killstreaks, more guns & vehicles…
    if your an adult you aint gonna play these games like
    “Sly Collection, The Fight: Lights Out, SingStar Dance ”
    give us new shooter games MAG was best now it patched too death, & the battlefied bc2 game has taken over just listin too your customers for once we dont like PS move not one bit…
    the real gamers arnt gonna be waving hand around like Wii kids do!!

  • Waiting for The Sly Collection to arrive at my front door :)

  • Ill be looking forward to the Sly Collection, Would like to get The Fight also but i need more Money and less Rent/Bills.

    FREEMASON007…..Isnt very Smart doing what he’s doing

  • Waiting for The Sly Collection to arrive at my front door :)

    Waiting for the XXXX-XXXXXXX 5 at my front door….TAp.TAp.TAp.

  • I’m getting Sly Collection this week, and also _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ if its real

  • I still don’t understand why Singstar Dance has a software pack and a bundle pack for the same price. Doesnt justify buying just the game alone. I’ll prolly pick up Singstar eventually, maybe Sly.

  • @chickengravey

    Whats absolutely criminal about the whole thing is NOT A SINGLE WORD FROM SONY. Some guy in czech republic playing GT5 and uploading intro videos and stuff, whereas sony is all up in Sly Cooper and The Fight’s @$$. Hey, how about a release date for arguably your greatest system seller? Just look at this mess. I’m going to talk about this whole debacle in my management class tonight.

  • Sly Collection, Call Of Duty Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood =D

  • Hahah AdvanS13, I hope i’m not the only one who got that reference.

  • “Which games are you most interested in playing?”

    You’re new here, right?

  • This is what a well organised and coordinated release looks likes. Harmony everywhere, transparency, and good communications from the top down.

    Sadly this release bares none of these signs and instead is complete chaos.

    I like a lot of other people here aren’t particularly interested in waving a curling iron.

  • Yup Sly collection is delayed by one day in Canada.

    Got the news from my local EB.

  • Just a note: Sony games usually ship on the Tuesday but make it to stores on the Wednesday, at least for Canada. Though this is not always the case as bigger titles tend to be shipped before and make it out on the date.

  • Hey what happened to the part of the post that said: “Which games are you most interested in playing? Let us know in the comments!”?

  • Sly yeah! FIght, sure, singstar… not so much.

  • During the week of November 9th, GAF MINIONS clashed with the Playstation Blog as the rage FUMED across the oceans.

    The mighty Zeus brought the lightning. The mighty Translator-Guy brought the notepad. The might Bish brought the Pistol out of Window picture.

  • Only Kevin Butler can save us.

  • I wonder if Bently’s wheelchair is featured in GT5. Kaz? ;)

    Sly Collection is so mine.

  • i’m grown and can’t wait for the sly collection.

  • Got Sly on pre-order.

    I would buy the Move just to play Singstar Dance. Unfortunately, I refuse to buy SingStar until the product starts getting support. It’s embarrasing that the wireless mics STILL haven’t been released stateside. Get that taken care of, and I’ll start buying their products again. Seriously guys, it’s loosing you money…

  • Has the Fight Light’s out been released no Gamestops around me have it yet what’s going on isn’t today the release date, why isn’t it in stores?

    • The Fight: Lights Out has been shipped! But depending on the retailer, it can take a few days before they get it out to their local stores and get it on the shelves.

  • Is it true the Fight allows you to use the DS3 if you don’t have two moves?

    • The Fight: Lights Out does require two PlayStation Move motion controllers. A DS3 can not be substituted for the motion controllers. However, for those games that suggest a PlayStation Move navigation controller, like the Heavy Rain Move edition, you can substitute a DS3 instead of the navigation controller.

  • wow lol… so yeah, take two.. Can’t wait for Sly tomorrow. :rollsyeyes.gif

  • Sly Cooper is fun.

  • @PickleAhoy
    Can’t get my finger on it.

  • Best Buy says Sly isn’t coming out for another week.

  • Ok guys I think this is enough.

    I’m outta here… And I’m kinda disappointed by the lack of a proper response.

    btw mods, don’t forget to click that “Delete” button ———->

  • @vonhammer

    no you need at least 1 move but dualshock wont work, i mean you dont need a dualshock to fight because you dont really move. so you need 1 or 2 move controllers.. that is a bit confusing maybe lol

    i hope my comment wont get deleted this time…….

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