PULSE 11/9 Edition is Available Today: Singing, Fighting, Kratos and Knives

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Time for another edition of PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network. In the 11.09 edition, Christina Lee checks out the latest titles for the PlayStation Move including SingStar Dance and The Fight: Lights Out, the return of Kratos in God of War: Ghost of Sparta, plus Top 10 downloads of the 10th month of the 2010. What do you think is #1 for October? Plus, Knives Chau is now available as a butt-kickin’ add-on for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. And, if you missed the movie in theaters, it’s now available on the Video Side of PlayStation Store.

Watch Pulse here now, or download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store publish.

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  • LOVE Ghost of Sparta. Everyone should check it out if you own a PSP! Can’t wait for Scott Pilgrim to come to the PSN Video Store.

  • Sony give these Pulse Hosts a raise
    they look unhappy with their fake smiles

  • Cool!
    Scott Pilgrim is available for rent in US, and here in the fifth world (Italy), the movie will be out in cinemas just next week.

  • Am I the only one that finds it odd that Pulse is sponsored by a mobile phone, and it’s NOT a Sony Ericsson phone? really what is up with Sony lately? Pulse sponsored by a Samsung product? The Tester S2 sponsored by a Microsoft product?(the sync robo)

  • So is this publish going to ACTUALLY be today, or are we going to have the same issue as last time where it gets delayed past midnight for most of us?

  • Good to see Christina back. Guys Sony knows they fudged up so let’s just keep this one clean.

  • I really hate those Sprint commercials like the one in the beginning, don’t know why but they bother me.

    Pretty cool pulse, I’m really loving God of War: Ghost of Sparta!

  • GOW will not fix my ailments.
    On the other hand, PD’s product will.

  • Who dresses Christina Lee? Does she have a wardrobe person?

  • I really hope that this weeks update goes live on time. I remember last week update of the store becoming available really late.

    @4 Yeah, it´s really weird to see a samsung phone being advertised instead of a Xperia X10. Let´s hope things change once the PSP Phone comes out.

    And as always, any news regarding Man Furismo Jive?

  • “This edition of Pulse will begin after a brief message from SONY ERICSSON”

    Would be what would have been said in a sane world.

    Sony, please, you have a network of tens of millions of PSN subscribers… why don’t you advertise YOUR phones to us, and sell your music to us, broadcast your TV channels to us. There’s tons of things that you could charge us for, and yet you prefer to charge SAMSUNG to sell THEIR PHONES to us, even though their in direct competition with YOUR beautiful Xperia phones, which never get mentioned anywhere on PSN or Pulse.

    What is the world coming to?

    PS: My edition of Pulse DIDN’T load after the brief message the first or second time :( Stupid Viddler

  • PD’s game is priority. Everything else is inconsequential.

  • Sex and the City 2 and then Grown Ups.
    its like the Ying and Yang of movies for Women and Men

  • Do you guys know what “Sponsoring” means? its when you give money to someone to show your product its a business thing for marketing, how is sony going to sponsor themselves? , giving themselves money?

  • Ghost of Sparta is quite simply AMAZING!

    Jaw dropping visuals, and fantastic story! Plus over 10 hours of gameplay!


  • I heard that some parts of this show have been DEYALED and can’t be show till I don’t know when. Please eleborate.

  • @PullusPardusUS
    “how is sony going to sponsor themselves? , giving themselves money?”

    Exactly! Advertising space is worth money, and Sony wouldn’t have to pay to sponsor themselves.

    In other words, they get free advertising on the PSN platform. Although technically Sony and Sony Ericsson are different companies, they’re still family

  • @LeeorV

    they are branching out with psn programming and it’s just advertising. that’s the way it works

  • It would be nice to hear of new/interesting Sony products from PSN.. Though, the people that made them are probably not with Sony any longer.

    Maybe they’re not proud of their products anymore. — They have the strongest consoles on the market, but they’re pretty much neglected potential-wise. PS subsidized the failing parts of Sony; what will be left?

  • That makes two PSP games I want to buy, Ghost of Sparta and Valkyria Chronicles 2. Metal Gear has been locked in my PSP and is not letting go. Then when I am home its Vanquish and Red Dead Redemption. There are some great games this year.

  • any reason why there was a 2 week gap in between this Pulse and the last? we’re supposed to get it every other week, this shoulda been last week, not this week.

    • We skipped a week to better line up with the upcoming holiday weekends so the PULSE team can provide the latest news going into the Thanksgiving and Christmas/Boxing Day long holiday weekends. Thanks for noticing!

  • Kratos is out of ammo. My idea is that they makers of God of War take their bloody methods (wich I like) and make other games that will entertain the masses. This is Oscar signing out :P

  • This edition of PULSE was good. Why was the PlayStation Store updated one day late instead of on Tuseday? I got my Pre order bund of God Of War: Ghost of Sparta. When will the bundle end for the digital copy? Do any of you notice my Avatar?

  • Can you still leave a comment on the show like the xbox 360 sent u a message

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