Slam Bolt Scrappers: Calls for Beta Testers in Boston

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How many times have you said to yourself “Self, I wish I could see some of these awesome upcoming indie PlayStation Network titles before their release date”? Today is your lucky day. You see, we’re opening up the Fire Hose Games and extending a personal invitation for you to come by and play Slam Bolt Scrappers before it is released!

Slam Bolt Scrappers: Island

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a genuine, bona-fide genre-twisting mash-up of brawling and building where one to four players clash in an all-out brawl while simultaneously creating weapon packed towers that fight alongside them. Gameplay centers on assembling colored blocks into powerful weaponized turrets while defending against enemy attacks and mobbing creeps. The game presents a deep battle mode with tons of replayability and a fast and frantic co-op campaign filled with deviously charming baddies, epic bosses, and fun, cartoony levels.

Duke it out and crush your enemies in the competitive battle mode by building massive towers of weapons…Or work together as a team to protect Slam Bolt City against hordes of invading baddies!

Slam Bolt Scrappers: Skyscraper

Want to participate in this beta testing opportunity? Drop us a line at test [at] firehosegames [dot] com with your name and when you are going to be in Boston, and we’ll get you set up!

For those who can’t make it to Boston’s soon-to-be frozen tundra, never fear. Slam Bolt Scrappers is scheduled to hit the PlayStation Network in early 2011.

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  • Thx for the post! You are right we do love the indie games. I’ll go over and check out this cool looking game

  • why can’t you just have an electronic beta instead? wouldn’t that be easier and cheaper? i’d certainly join an electronic beta if given the chance, but i’m not going to Chicago…

    • An electronic beta would be teh awesome but we don’t know how to do that (in fact, I’m not even sure if that’s possible on PSN?). This is the next best thing though, and as an added benefit you get to hang out with the hilariously unhinged dev team!

  • Looks pretty cool. Too bad I’m not in the Boston area. @GT5 whiners, wah, wah, wah.

  • Darn! I was just in Boston last week visiting my little sister. I won’t be back up there till some time next year.

    • Next time you are in Boston drop us a line anyway! We’ll definitely have an awesome new game for you to try even after SBS is out.

  • What the?!? Why did the “Are you a robot?” comment switch from replying to darklegaia1 to me? Maybe we found the true robot…

  • The gameplay sounds vaguely similar to the NES/Arcade classic “Rampart”. A source of insparation or am I missreading things?

  • Cool… I guess

    You guys still working on that GT5 release date?

  • “we don’t know how to do that (in fact, I’m not even sure if that’s possible on PSN” Seriously ?

  • I think they mean the LBP2 style Betas, online, the works!

    Anyway, seeing as I live in Ireland….. :(

  • Hey I live in Boston.
    How old do you have to be to go to one of these things?

    • 18+. If you’re under 18 just get a parent/guardian to come along with you.

      Also, bring your friends! The game is multiplayer :)

  • Come on guys, we need a GT5 release date. Some people already have the game and we don’t even have a date. :|

  • How much you guys paying to play that game?

  • Why isn’t there a nice beautiful slot for indie games on our PS3’s? Yes, I know it’s in the idea box, but I wanted to just add a little buzz for it. :)

  • You know Eitan, I have said that to myself multiple times. Glad to see this happening, sadly though, I live nowhere near Boston. Hope whoever does attend this Public(Literally Public)Beta will enjoy the game and I’ll be looking forward to getting this game next year.

  • emailed alec from the team and awaiting reply to see when it is best for your studio, Eitan. loved what I played at PAX and if I can get in to see the game, that’d be great, but I will be buying it regardless.

  • Ohh I live in Boston count me in . As soon as I find out what this game is about .

  • This game has been put out before it even got started.

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