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Hello, again, everyone! This is Enrique Galvez and Adam Milecki, returning to tell you about Rockin’ Android’s latest PlayStation Network release, Crescent Pale Mist for your PlayStation 3! Rockin’ Android has become known for its love of shoot-em’-up games, but our passion for video games runs deep and wide. That’s why we’re proud to present Crescent Pale Mist from independent Japanese developer, ClassiC Shikoukairo. It’s a hardcore 2.5D action/platformer that will scratch your nostalgia itch, just like the Gundemonium Collection did, but in a very different way. Crescent Pale Mist combines tense exploration platforming with rapid fighting and bullet-hell shoot-’em-up mechanics into one thrilling experience.

In Crescent Pale Mist, you are the sorceress Yunou, the only magician capable of wielding powerful and deadly magic known as Pale Mist in Gasyukal, a beautiful and explosive dimension between worlds, rife with monstrosities. Toxic Pale Mist is leaking from Gasyukal into the outside world, and Yunou is determined to stop those responsible, her former comrades. As Yunou, you’ll have to explore, but curiosity can kill you here. Take risks, leaps of faith, and battle the myriad of monsters that block your already uncertain path. When you find your way, clash blades and lethal spells with powerful magicians that you once called countrymen, and turn the dreadful flow of Pale Mist against itself. As Rockin’ Android’s own, Jody Mahler, sums it up, “It’s a rivalry between super powerful magicians that has gone too far, and as a result, puts an entire universe at risk for destruction. There are heroes you’ll admire and villains you’ll love.”

Crescent Pale Mist

Crescent Pale Mist Crescent Pale Mist

Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin’ Android have done their part to make ClassiC Shikoukairo’s hard work on Crescent Pale Mist shine even brighter. Working with the prolific Sony Online Entertainment has allowed us the luxury to enhance the PSN release in a few areas, this includes dynamic lightning, texture mapping, and additional artwork provided by the enormously talented Keiko Sakurai.

Crescent Pale Mist will be available for $5.99 this Tuesday, November 9th, exclusively on PlayStation Network.

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  • Looks interesting. I hope theres a demo :D

  • Actually, just to mention… this is the perfect kind of game to give to PS Plus subscribers. Especially since the price is decent.

  • A great price for what looks to be a great game.

  • Looks cool. Will have to keep my eye on this one.

  • Demo would be awesome. The game look incredible, but interested in the controls.

  • 5.99?
    Wow…that’s actually reasonable…..I believe I’ll be buying this day one due to the fair price

  • day one purchase cause of the price nice!

  • wow 5.99 sounds like im buying it when i get more money. why do i have to get paid every two weeks :(

  • Wow, that looks amazing. Crescent Pale Mist and Guwange are gonna be nice eye candy to mix in with my Call of Duty sessions next week.

  • Wow, it’s looking awesome, same for the price =D

  • Now this is more like it! Game looks great
    and price is right on target. Kinda reminds
    me of Strider…. just a lil’ bit ^_^


  • This looks Awesome!

  • You guys are putting out some cool games (love Gundemonium), and it’s refreshing to see some reasonable pricing for a PSN game these days!

  • Looks amazing..and at $5.99 this is a day one purchase for me.

  • day 1 purchase

  • Price is right on target ^_^

  • Have to agree, the price looks right.

    Is this a Mini title? Are there trophies?


  • great price, and I really appreciate that the visuals have been updated a bit. the updated visuals are what make the value worth it for me; there’s no intrinsic value beyond MAME, otherwise. texture re-authoring and hi-res sprouts culled from original assets/artists, 2x MSAA to 1080p, 24-bit/losslessly compressed audio from original assets, as well as lighting, mapping, and self-shadowing improvements are the kinds of things that get me to buy more of these kinds of games.

    it would be great to see some Japanese adventure games given this treatment, or even some American adventure games!

    does the game have co-op play? does it render in 1080p?

    keep up the good work!

  • price is right.enuff said! XD

  • this is amazing almost every exclusive title for the PSN is always something new and unique. The price is what sealed the deal demo or not this could be sumthin worth playing over and over. Since its exclusive dynamic themes or avatars would go very well with this game

  • Good price = instant purchase. Take note, publishers of $15 games we’re still waiting for sales on.

  • @20: Agreed. Some $15 games just aren’t worth the full asking price. I love it when a game hits PSN at something OTHER than 14.99 and 9.99.

  • Kinda reminds me of S t r i d e r… just a lil’ bit ^_^

  • used to play the heck outta
    that game on my sega genesis =D

  • Good price I’m there.

  • Wow this game looks crazy. Had to rub my eyes when I got to the price point as well. Great stuff here. I dunno about making it free for ps+. While I wouldn’t hesitate to scoop it up lol, Devs like this deserve to paid for things of this nature. The DLC era is really building up amazing steam with some quality titles at lower cost to us.

  • “It’s a hardcore”

    Why? Why must these types of games always be hardcore? The era of arcades is over, man. We’re not pumping quarters into our PS3. Even if it has an easy mode I’m sure that won’t actually make it easy (see: Astro Tripper). Maybe its just the nature of the genre itself – as in it can’t not be hard without being mind numbingly boring?

  • Look awesome, thanks for continuing to bring these games to us in NA, its really appreciated :)

  • This game looks kind of interesting and promising, let see how this game does.

  • ahhh yeh … nothing beats the feeling of $20.00
    worth of quarters jangling around in your pockets in
    a smoke filled arcade (smokin was allowed then) LOL ^_^

  • Hell yes!! That’s what i’m talkin’ about Playstation! I am gonna eventually get an Xbox, just for it’s exclusives and Kinect looks pretty amazing, but Sony is the real deal. Nothing like the quality and originality of a Playstation game.

  • lol… kinect is crap xboxlol

  • Question : Are you going to port Acceleration of Suguri because i heard that game would be the next after Gundemonium Collection :)?

  • This game looks awesome and with that price I’ll be sure to buy it Tuesday!

  • Crescent Pale Mist? Sounds like a soda flavor.

  • My first thought was this was Dark Mist with a name change. Apparently it’s not.

    Which leads me to my question…

    Are we ever going to get Dark Mist? It’s been available in Europe for almost two years now. I would really like to play that game.

  • This… IS… AWESOME!

    This is PRECISELY what I’ve been waiting for- an action-platformer and a game using swords rather than guns, all in one!

    And $6? Ha! Sold.

  • I’ll just ask now: sequel?

  • It looks like a little megaman/superman tearing the holly hell out of the screen so im guessing that it seems like a good buy but it would have been better if there was more levels XD

  • On an unrelated note, does anyone know what is the song playing in the trailer? (Maybe it’s on the game’s soundtrack?)

  • I forgot to mention in my post wishing we had Dark Mist that I will also be getting this. It looks great. :)

  • Wow! That looks really fast/twitchy! It looks really cool, too. I just may give it a go.

  • killer – I have to add this to the collection! Loved Gundemonium and this looks just as fun…and as hard.

  • ok so just if someone can confirm this, this is basically another gundemonium recollection type game?

    • No, its combines a 2d side scroller, mazes and shooter style boss fights, lots of timing involved and strategy. Weapons, you’ve got a sword, throw daggers, teleport, use Pale Mist (magic) with it’s various forms and some hard bosses to fight off.

  • The people who brought me Gundemonium? 5.99??? SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!

  • Good price 1 Day purchase

  • WOW. this game looks friggin awesome! really hectic, and intense. And to top it off, a GREAT price point. Can’t wait to try this out.

    Questions though;
    does it support:
    custom soundtrack?

    Thanks guys~

  • Wow, 5.99…

    Add funds to your wallet?
    Download in Background.

  • I cant wait for this game, i seen people playing it on PC and as soon as i seen it i was hooked.

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