MAG Escalation DLC Arrives Today

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The MAG Escalation Pack is now live on the US, Canada and Mexico storefronts.

The PS3‘s massive, ever-changing global war just got bigger! Starting today our “Escalation Add-on Pack” introduces the exciting three-faction “Escalation” game mode that throws Raven, SVER and Valor into simultaneous battle on three brand new maps. As an added bonus, Escalation owners also get their hands on nine exclusive new weapons — including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns! The best part? All this can be yours for the low, low price of $9.99.

To commemorate the release of our new DLC, we’re also unleashing a variety of special offers to our existing and future fans. Here’s our list of deals:

  • Escalation Add-on Pack: $7.99 Through November 9 (until 11:59pm Pacific), anyone who purchased our previous DLC pack, Interdiction, prior to Midnight Pacific Time on October 28 gets 20% off the Escalation asking price!
  • Interdiction Add-on Pack: $4.99, reduced from its original price of $9.99; this is a permanent adjustment
  • MAG Starter Kit: $14.99 Valued at almost $30, it’s everything new MAG users would want: Both the Interdiction and Escalation Add-on packs, a 30-day trial for MAG character slots B and C, six official MAG PS3 avatars that sport Raven, SVER, and Valor characters and badges, and three dynamic PS3 themes (one for each PMC).
  • PlayStation Plus Members receive special bargains as well. Through December 14, “PS+” members can purchase Escalation at the discounted price of $7.99 and Interdiction at half price, for only $2.50!

But we’re not done yet. Gamers that play any of our add-on packs between November 2 and November 14 get additional XP bonuses. Specifically, anyone who plays Interdiction or Escalation within that timeframe earns a +200% bonus with every finished match. We’re also including an all-around +100% bonus for playing any MAG mode within the same time frame. In other words, it’s going to be a MAG XP frenzy!

One last thing we want to mention before we go, is how Escalation fits into MAG‘s storyline. Followers of the game’s mythos have been asking us, and it goes a little something like this:

The Neuvonics Corporation has collapsed in the wake of rapid expansion and spending on cutting-edge energy facilities around the world. Three of their most prized investments are up for grabs after on-site personnel walked out late last week. It stands to reason that the security contract for these facilities will go to the company who possesses them, which is why Valor, Raven and SVER operatives are currently en route. Once the dust settles, if their energy production remains intact, the PMC in control stands to make a fortune from these contracts in the years to come.

For additional details regarding Escalation’s gameplay, including a detailed description of the game mode itself and the maps within, check our list of links below. Enjoy the new content!

Want to talk about it? Visit our official MAG forums by clicking this link and discuss Escalation with your fellow fans!

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6 Author Replies

  • When is it going to be released to the Store? Is it out now? Or we have to wait for the regular time the PS Store updates?

    I’ve been waiting all day to play. I hope there’s no much waiting left! :)


  • i love MAG! this is good stuff! thanks zipper interactive!

  • I still need to get into MAG. How are the Move controls?

  • Move controls are good, but you will have to put A LOT of time in to master them. After playing with a controller for 15 years, adapting to a new control scheme is hard!

  • Why can’t PS+ members get a discount on the entire $15 package? That would be the best deal :)

  • I too would like to know when it will be available in the store. Is it available now, or will it be available around the same time as a usual store update?

  • Thanks for the Playstation Plus discounts.

  • the move controle are the same with a mouse and a keyboard :)

  • it would be nice to know when it goes live to psn store since i would like to download it now but last i checked it is still not on the store

  • great! love that i have plus and those discounts are too hard to pass up. thanks!

  • Wait, so doesn’t that mean that if you buy before the 9th, you’d be better off buying Interdiction at $4.99, then buying Escalation at $7.99 for a total of $12.98 vs $14.99 for the bundle?

    Or is the $7.99 only for people who purchased Interdiction at the higher price?

  • @Jeo, exactly. The $7.99 price is for people who already got Interdiction or have PlayStation Plus.

  • I was wondering when we can expect more info on that ‘surprise’ you guys talked about for Nov?

  • People who have the Move should pick MAG up. I took me about 3-5days to get better at it, I prefer the move over a controller hands down now! Thank you so much for adding Move to MAG.

    I really could care less about other shooters coming to the market this month because I enjoy MAG so much.

    One you add Move to MAG and play it for a bit to get a feel, you will never want to go back.

  • @5
    Well the first addon Interdiction Add-on Pack was only $2.50 for me as a PS+ member, So you can pick up the new one & old one for 12.50 that is a pretty good deal.

  • Wow. Unfortunately, the past two months I have not been playing as much as I’d like to. I started playing again last night, and after downloading this $14.99 starter pack tonight, I will be firmly back into Mag.

    Thanks, Zipper. Other developers, take note: This is how you freakin’ support a game.

  • i was wondering what happened to interdiction on the psn store i can not seem to find it anywhere let alone for 5bucks

    • If you’ve already downloaded it before, it won’t appear on the list — but if you’re looking to re-download it, hop into your “View Downloads” list and grab it from there again.

  • MAG + Move = Awesome!
    Thanks Zipper, I’ve been looking forward to this.
    I’m going to buy both add-ons with thus Plus discount.

  • I’m off to the store in a bit and I will buy MAG.

    After this post, I am sold!

    THIS is how you entice new players while also keeping the interested of MAG veterans.

  • Will buying this DLC also give us PS Reward Points?

  • Is there a new Patch? just wondering :)

  • I bought the bundle, but in the Store it still shows as purchasable (even though I got access to the DLC modes and dynamic themes to download), but I didn’t get the 6 MAG-themed avatars?

  • I may pick this up later. I wish it had been released a bit sooner, since Black Ops comes out next week. I’ll still always be a MAG gamer though :)

  • So I am a PS+ member who bought Interdiction at launch. Does that meant I get Escalation for $5.99? That’s what one would guess from the info above.

    $9.99 – 20%(PS+) – 20%(Interdiction) = $5.99

    • Hi Loke,

      The special offers don’t stack — it’s $7.99 for Interdiction owners or $7.99 for PS Plus Members.

  • Thank you Zipper, I will purchase both add ons as a Plus member. I originally bought MAG for $60 and believe that it was some of my best spent money with all of the updates that keep me coming back for more. Love the Zipline Podcast and can’t wait for Socom 4.

  • Man. Been a few months I played MAG. Even with Black Ops next week, I might have to return to MAG.

  • So I’m the only one who didn’t receive the avatars when buying the bundle?

  • I downloaded the starter kit and it didnt have the avatars.
    Am i the only one?

    PS Thanks Zipper.

  • Thanks Zipper! I’ll be picking this up shortly.

  • Thanks guys, good to see a game this great getting support like this, I’ll have to jump in for some XP bonuses!

  • Picked up MAG on Sunday, Returned it on Tuesday when it became apparent that Zipper can’t program for the PS3. MAG Freezes 100% of the time on my PS3, Zipper blew their last chance with me. I will NEVER buy another game from them.

  • Finally something to justify my PS plus service. Since buying both DLC I have now saved $4.50. Just need $45.50 more in value to get my money worth. Sigh

    Anyways thx zipper for giving the discount to ps plus users right out the gate rather than waiting 2 years before nobody is playing the game anymore

  • @31 QDub

    Sounds like you have a problem with your PS3 or your network configuration maybe. I haven’t had any problems like you mentioned and I know I’m not the only one. Play with some of your router settings or get a new one. They are not all created equal. I suggest the net gear wndr 3700. my Internet and gaming experience is the amazing now. unless of course it’s your ps3 that’s the problem.

  • Count me in Jeremy and thank you!!! 8)

  • so if i buy it i can get about 550% 200 + 100 + 100(happy hour)+ 150(interdiction bonus)

  • I love MAg…you guys should give it away free to get player levels up..with a PS3 bundle

  • ***Edit***
    My starter kit didnt include the avatars and the slots:(

  • Do the XP bonuses stack up? Like lets say I have the Happy Hour XP bonus and go and play Escalation would I get both XP bonuses?

  • @37 Rayziel

    Character Slots don’t have a download, they’re purchased as a service that you can see under your account information under the XMB.

    The avatars on the other hand need to be fixed.

    @ 38 UltraRazpacho

    Happy Hour will always stack with any other active XP bonus.

  • What reassurances do I have that I won’t waste more money? I spent $10 on the Interdiction map and it was a waste. Could never get in! The game will not launch unless there are a minimum amount of players waiting for that map. There were never the minimum amount of players (not even close) so I could never play the map. Couldn’t get a refund on something that I couldn’t even play.

  • Just wondering but…

    “Gamers that play any of our add-on packs between November 2 and November 14 get additional XP bonuses.”

    Has those dates changed out at all? I’m asking because before today, there was only a 100% EXP bonus placed on Directive matches, not all matches. Directives is back at 50% but when I was playing earlier I didn’t see any multipliers in place…

  • @AceMcVeer: All match types work the same. To get into a match of any type in MAG, minimum numbers must be met by two factions at least. Escalation will probably have the same standards but minimum numbers from all three PMCs.

    This is why I suggested before that Interdiction at least be given to PS+ members free. I know that $2.50 for a new match type is a hell of a deal, but giving it away to Plus members would do WONDERS for the Interdiction game type and MAG as a whole.

  • I need to get back into this game. I’ll definitely be picking up both DLC packs and hopefully can get in some Interdiction matches.

  • I downloaded both interdiction and escalation packs today. I installed both, but when I go to the deploy menu it says I need to install interdiction. Escalation works fine. Anyone else having this problem?

  • It’s great how Zipper keeps giving us more of what we want. I just purchased the new DLC and can’t wait to play it!! MAG FTW!!!!!

  • Just piping in to say I really REALLY respect you guys for knocking down the price of the first DLC, and discounting the new DLC in consideration of early adopters! Also for putting in Move support early on (the only way I’m playing MAG anymore), and the great bargains you’re offering to Plus Members!

    I’m going downstairs to download the new pack very in a minute!

    Bought 3 months of Plus membership to try it out and already I’ve gotten all Red Dead DLC @ 20% off, all MAG DLC for about $10.50, not to mention several free games to waste my time on here and there as well as an increasing collection of themes & avatars… I must say I’m pleasantly surprised, and considerably lucky to score the DLC I’ve been wanting at this price/time!

  • I have PS move and I gotta say I dont like playing mag with it. I think I gotta play around with settings but I get like 30-60+ kills with DS3 and only 5-20 with PS Move.

  • give us some zombie co op, lol.

  • Oh man! can’t wait.. I’ve just been getting into MAG again lately. Love all the updates and chances since release (I’ve had it since day one and did all the betas haha).

    Mad props for a job well done thus far.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out!

    Any word on when you are going to do something about all the lag-switchers and aimbotters? Sabotage is almost unplayable sometimes because there is so much cheating going on.

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