Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm DLC Coming Soon

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Hello everyone! This is John Bates and Jennifer Pourchot from Pelfast. Pelfast is a small indie startup located in sunny California. Our debut title, Comet Crash, turned the tower defense genre on its head with completely new and exciting gameplay and we’re hard at working wrapping up a massive expansion, titled Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm. For those unfamiliar with the original Comet Crash, here’s a quick rundown.

Tower defense fans appreciate the simple yet addictive experience of building towers to defend from enemy waves. On the other hand, we at Pelfast love the thrill of a massive offensive rush to demolish an enemy base. We designed Comet Crash with both of these elements in mind. Finally, you can send massive swarms of your own troops to wreak havoc on the relentless waves of enemies.

Since your last mission at the end of Comet Crash, you have enjoyed peaceful times. But while you have been delighting in the fruits of your latest victory, underground enemy forces have been frantically working to rebuild their defenses. Their technology has expanded and once again they are ready to fight.

Welcome to comets Gaia and Kronos. The swarms are massive and the creatures have morphed into gargantuan monsters. Life is a bit more chaotic here and you will need all of your skills if you hope to survive these dangerous lands.

Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

Gaia is a lush and savage landscape where enemy forces have been hiding out conducting experiments on their militant troops. Updated intel reveal they have mastered technology that transmogrifies existing fighters into hideous and powerful swarm creatures. If you hope to survive the no-man’s land of this comet it is crucial that you loot guarded research and use it to convert your own fighters into invading beasts as well as harness the power of guided missiles in order to blast your way through enemy territory.

Should you survive Gaia you will be transported to Kronos. Before it was ravaged by enemy forces, Kronos served as a bustling metropolis and was a primary research station for offensive weaponry. Enemy forces recently invaded Kronos, stealing local research with diabolical plans of evading your increasingly ingenious attacks. Once you gain the technology to cultivate hordes of Kamikaze fighters and master the art of missile defense you may have a fighting chance at survival. Be prepared for a battle of epic proportions — to survive Kronos you must be cunning, stealthy, and strategic.

Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm will be available on the PlayStation Network in coming weeks.
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Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

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  • Comet Crash is my all time favorite downloadable game on the PSN!! I’ve played through it several times. This DLC looks amazing! I can’t wait for it to launch!! Thanks for the hard work and for keeping the game alive!

  • Have you decided on a price?

  • Great News, Comet Crash is still one of my favorite PSN games.
    Online multiplayer please
    also, when we complete a level, and want to replay it, sometimes the game crashes and we go back to the XMB, can you fix that?
    Release date? Price?

    • Thanks! Release date coming soon… We have made some stability improvements in the upcoming patch that should help. And price will be $4.99.

  • what about the price? ;)

  • Great news!! This DLC looks like it will be amazing!! any word if it will include multiplayer?? i can only get my g/f to play it with me so many times… but having an online portion would be fabulous!! anywho cant wait to pick it up!

  • Online Multiplayer will never come to Comet Crash. See the response I recieved when I sent Pelfast a message about it below:

    “Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback. We at Pelfast would absolutely love to see Comet Crash have an Online Multiplayer option. We now realize after tons of player feedback that this feature would have been the single thing we could have done to make our fans very happy. We do think that the tradeoff of the online experience would be worth reducing the number of units a bit. There is always the possibility that we could make an improved version of Comet Crash (Comet Crash 2) and improve many of the aspects of the game based on feedback from users. Right now we do not have concrete plans for a Comet Crash 2 but it is also not out of the question. Thank you so much for your suggestions and I do hope in the future we will have a chance to improve Comet Crash.

  • That being said, I am very excited about this DLC.

  • well thats a bummer, tho its really great to see this DLC regardless… i suppose im just going to have to get more of my friends over for some gaming lol

  • I remember emailing you guys about new stuff a few weeks ago. I’m glad to hear that you will releasing DLC for this game in a few weeks. This is one of my favorite all time PSN games. Keep up the great work.

  • awesome , I have to replay comet crash again soon . will be pickup up this dlc . $5 is a good price to add to this fine gaming experience , you should have a bundle deal to entice new buyers too – maybe $13.99 or $12.99 ?

  • should say picking up , not pickup up – wish we could edit comments

    just another thought . maybe another dlc with a level creation tool so we could upload/download new levels ?

  • wow comet crash, i forgot about this game, i mean ive had this on my PS3 since day 1 of release on PSstore but after MW2 cameout i’ve been playing that everyday, when blackops comes i’ll be playing that everyday too. i’ll keep this game and DLC in mind if i ever get off black ops lol.

  • I would love a battle map editor with a rating system that allowed us to view which Maps people liked the best. I think a map editor and shared maps would be useless without a rating system though.

  • SWEET! I haven’t even watched the video yet, but SOLD! Great multiplayer game.

  • Im for sure gonna buy this! Love the kamakzee thing and the missle guy. I know i emailed you guys for kamakzee guy!!!

    • Yes! and thanks for emailing us ideas! The kamikaze is a nice balance to the airborne snake and dragon upgrades.

  • John when are we going to have one new features coming in ?

  • This is beautiful. Comet Crash is one of the greatest game on the PSN. I agree with the others here – a second DLC pack with online multiplayer and a map editor would be fantastic; a definite purchase for myself and many others, I’m sure.

  • Why does everyone keep telling me there’s a nuke in the game now? I didn’t noticed it in the video. Anyways, I’m back for more Comet Crashing.

    • That guided missile is the nuke. Our upcoming trailer will show a lot more examples of the nuke/missile in action.

  • Comet Crash has got to be one of the best games on PSN. If it isn’t for the fun it has to offer. Then it must be for the great graphics, sound, music, multiplayer, high re-playability, solid game play, etc…

    I suck at RTS games though my loves them and we both have a ton of fun with Comet Crash. The perfect title for Tower Defense lovers and RTS fans to unite!

    Pelfast needs to be a company that is around for a long time. Please support Pelfast if you haven’t already.


  • I couldn’t agree more with last comment. Gamers of the world, support Pelfast. Comet Crash rocks!

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