Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm DLC Coming Soon

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Hello everyone! This is John Bates and Jennifer Pourchot from Pelfast. Pelfast is a small indie startup located in sunny California. Our debut title, Comet Crash, turned the tower defense genre on its head with completely new and exciting gameplay and we’re hard at working wrapping up a massive expansion, titled Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm. For those unfamiliar with the original Comet Crash, here’s a quick rundown.

Tower defense fans appreciate the simple yet addictive experience of building towers to defend from enemy waves. On the other hand, we at Pelfast love the thrill of a massive offensive rush to demolish an enemy base. We designed Comet Crash with both of these elements in mind. Finally, you can send massive swarms of your own troops to wreak havoc on the relentless waves of enemies.

Since your last mission at the end of Comet Crash, you have enjoyed peaceful times. But while you have been delighting in the fruits of your latest victory, underground enemy forces have been frantically working to rebuild their defenses. Their technology has expanded and once again they are ready to fight.

Welcome to comets Gaia and Kronos. The swarms are massive and the creatures have morphed into gargantuan monsters. Life is a bit more chaotic here and you will need all of your skills if you hope to survive these dangerous lands.

Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

Gaia is a lush and savage landscape where enemy forces have been hiding out conducting experiments on their militant troops. Updated intel reveal they have mastered technology that transmogrifies existing fighters into hideous and powerful swarm creatures. If you hope to survive the no-man’s land of this comet it is crucial that you loot guarded research and use it to convert your own fighters into invading beasts as well as harness the power of guided missiles in order to blast your way through enemy territory.

Should you survive Gaia you will be transported to Kronos. Before it was ravaged by enemy forces, Kronos served as a bustling metropolis and was a primary research station for offensive weaponry. Enemy forces recently invaded Kronos, stealing local research with diabolical plans of evading your increasingly ingenious attacks. Once you gain the technology to cultivate hordes of Kamikaze fighters and master the art of missile defense you may have a fighting chance at survival. Be prepared for a battle of epic proportions — to survive Kronos you must be cunning, stealthy, and strategic.

Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm will be available on the PlayStation Network in coming weeks.
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Comet Crash Bionic Swarm DLC

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