This Week in Home: Videos in Hollywood Hills Personal Space, Music in the London Pub, Tons of Items in the Mall!

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This Thursday, November 4th, members of the PlayStation Home community can own real estate in one of the most glamorous and exclusive zip codes in the world when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launches the all new “Hollywood Hills House” personal space.

Hollywood Hills House in PlayStation Home

Hollywood Hills House in PlayStation HomeHollywood Hills House in PlayStation Home

For just $4.99 you can live like a celebrity in a two-story mansion perched atop the Hollywood Hills. Invite up to 11 friends at a time into one of your two home theaters and watch clips from some of your favorite movies, trailers, Minisodes and exclusive content from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing and Crackle. Throw a party by the sprawling infinity pool, lounge in the Jacuzzi, and take in the million-dollar views – all in the Hollywood Hills House, available this Thursday from the Estates Store in PlayStation Home.

Music lovers rejoice! This Thursday the London Pub Radio (LPR) takes to the airwaves – a free update to all London Pub owners. Every month LPR will be pumping tunes courtesy of a hand-selected group of featured artists into a radio placed in the London Pub personal space (first up from LPR are four tracks from RedderStare – an up and coming four-piece band from London, UK).

That’s not all – LPR is also launching a website where independent musicians from our community will be able to submit original music for a chance to have their tracks broadcast into London Pubs all around PlayStation Home. Head to to upload tracks and learn more about this exciting new program!

Pub Radio Core Space in PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Mall receives a large update this Thursday with items from Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 (look for the Jungle Pirate and Nevec Soldier costumes), nDreams’ “Party Props” and “Black Robe” items, and a some truly awesome additions to our line of original costumes (check out the pics below for a taste of what is in store this week).

PlayStation Home MallPlayStation Home Mall

PlayStation Home MallPlayStation Home Mall

“Scion’s “Take on the Machine” activity returns to the Central Plaza this week. Log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to join the challenge and unlock special rewards. Then head to for additional information on the all new Scion tC and to find a dealer near you.”

Finally, we’ll debut a new series this week in the mega-popular PlayStation Home Community Theater. Come out and watch the premier of Replay with Doc. In episode 1, the Tester star interviews Brett Norton, lead designer of TimeGate Studios, and they discuss the upcoming Section 8: Prejudice as well as digital distribution in the gaming industry. After you watch Replay with Doc, stick around for GamerIndepth’s “Shoutouts” and learn how not to appear “N00Bish” in Central Plaza and catch an interview with the team behind Lair.

See you in Home!

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  • Is that a trailer I see playing on a virtual TV? What is that exactly?

  • Ooops, nevermind. I should read before getting excited about a photo. Sounds awesome. Nice to see media streaming to personal spaces.

  • Give us TV’s we can actually use with video from our HDD and music speakers as well! Arghhhhhhhh

  • Does this mean we can watch video from our HDD in home now with friends?

    • No – this does not mean that you can stream video from your HDD into Home. It is, however, the first time video is being made available to you in a personal space to watch with your friends.

  • Hey, dunno if this is the right place to post this, but I’m unable to log onto Home. Whenever I load up the application it attempts to download a patch, fails, and resets the PS3 system.

    On a 60GB Fat.

  • No we cant play videos from our HDD on home, read it again. We are paying sony to play commercials to us to the exclusion of real content.

    In plain english: Sony + Lithium = Fail

  • Any possible updates for IREM or a hint to any new female fashions or hair?

    BTW thanks for the post locust this looks great :D

  • I think the reason we can stream videos from our HD is because it opens up a mess of possibilities: People streaming porn to visitors, whos parents will then blame Sony. Or simply streaming illegally downloaded movies that aren’t available at retail yet.

    But this is a good start, for both the video and music. If you guys could stream controlled music and legal episodes of shows or interviews from game developers, etc etc etc.

  • “can’t”

  • Another wicked update… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Excellent, excellent update, Locust. Nice to see that we’re finally getting some form of media into personal spaces. I’m very excited to see how that London Pub thing plays out.

    Two questions:

    1. Will Pulse, The Tester, etc. be on the Hollywood Hills playlist?
    2. Any sign of the separate Fire Elemental and Lightning Chick costumes? I really need that Fire Elemental.

    • Hey,

      Pulse and the Tester will not be on the HHH playlist at launch. However, it’s a great idea and I’ll be sure to pass the suggestion along to the appropriate parties.

      Regarding the separate costumes, these will be made available next Thursday (11.11). We apologize for the delay in making these items available for individual purchase.



  • The Hollywood Hills house looks awesome! I love “googie” architecture and I hope we get some nice mid-century modern furniture to go with it!

    And thanks to VEMEE for giving us music in the London Pub! This is the 3rd or 4th free update they’ve added to the London Pub…yay them!

  • @11

    I second that. That’s an awesome way to take advantage of a TV in a personal space. Stream things like the Tester and Pulse. It would also raise the viewership of those shows.

  • TV’s in Home *Faints*

  • The gateway to something even more amazing has just been opened.

    • We certainly encourage you all to view this content not just in terms of what is immediately available at launch but also consider what this could mean in terms of future possibilities. As with many things in Home, development is ongoing…

  • I’m not that bothered about TVs, but can we please get WALKMANs in Home? It gets really quiet in there sometimes, and just feels a little boring.

    I’d love a Walkman accessory that’d give your avatar headphones, and would let you play music to yourself from your hard disk. No-one else would hear it, but the song you’re listening to could be shown above your avatar.

    It’d be a great way to socialise too, as you’d see what people are listening to and might make new friends who like similar music

  • You are charging for this stuff? I’d say I can’t believe it but it is Sony. Explains why my console died after 3 years, video camera died after 1, and why Sony didn’t even bother to reply to a hand written complaint letter.

  • Ty glass wall and locut star.. Home is getting better and better.. This personal; space looks epic im going to buy it. Its worth the money. Are we allowed to get in the pool?

  • @ pitythefool852:

    I guess you haven’t heard…Sony just discontinued their Walkman line of products about 2 weeks ago or so. They had a good run though! I remember getting my first Walkman as a 3 year old child of the 80’s…

  • Nice update, this might finally knock out the Log cabin as my favorite personal space

  • is the black rob a costume or a statue or something like that as it

  • @StephieRawks It slipped my mind. Maybe they could have headphones plugged into an Xperia phone or something :)

    Still, it’d be a nice way to commemorate the brand by keeping it in the virtual world. I’d definitely have an original Walkman if it was available on Home.

    I still stand by my idea though, being able to listen to your own music and other people being able to read the title of the song you’re listening to would add something to the social side of Home.

  • oh and do you have to ability to change what the tvs shows from what you have on it or does it play random stuff

  • any Adult Swim Robot Chicken items coming to NA?

  • Looks great, can’t wait to see this tomorrow. LS, any info on the PlayStation Plus Burn Zombie Burn content from last month? No one has the hat yet.

  • I’m very excited about the LPR in Home. I only wish they would have added the Tester and Pulse to the video in the Hollywood Hills House but it’s a start. I’m also a little disappointed the MtG space didn’t hit this week but over all I am very happy with this update.

  • That would be nice to watch G4 in Home since Directv discontinued its broadcasting for me. BTW, why does it take you guys so long to incorporate such cool stuff like personal space music and tv? Just wondering?

  • why do I usually see more female PS3 users on the PS Home announcements than any other update on the blog? *scratches head*

  • pretty sweet

  • Will we be able to choose which trailer or video we want to see in that TV? For example, you want to stream a specific trailer so you select the TV, select the trailer and go!

  • only the cassette walkman was discontinued, i believe they have mp3 branded walkman.


    because they are too busy finding new ways to piss us off instead of make us happy, Sony is very good at saying “haha, we have lots of money and u don’t! we don’t care about what you, as a consumer, want in terms of features, we just do what makes us the most money”

    so well we wallow in our frustration, they roll around naked in piles of money while munching on doughnuts and screwing everything with 2 legs

  • @Locust This new space, I’m guessing, is your way of hinting at movie rental parties… tres chic!! :)

  • @Locust_Star

    Since you can’t or won’t respond to questions about when streaming personal video and audio content from the HDD to our Home spaces will be coming, can you at least say simply whether or not this is still even in the plans for Home? It was one of the features touted when Phil Harrison did the first public unveiling of the service, and there has been no mention of it – from Sony, at least – since. I understand that Home is a free service, and that it is still in Beta (despite being available for a couple of years now!), but I get a bit irked as a consumer when every week there is some new, purely cosmetic virtual item that I have the privilege of being able to spend real money on, but items promised at first announcement are still unavailable, and with no indication when that will change. Any reply you could give would be appreciated.

  • @Locust_Star

    An answer about whether or not there are any plans on increasing the “active” item limit for our personal spaces would be nice too. I’ve asked you that question for over 3 weeks now and you’ve always answered everyone before and after my posted question. I’m not asking for majorly drawn out answer/explanation. I just want to know if it is being worked on or not. Any kind of truthful answer would be very much appreciated.

    • There are no updates regarding a change to the active item limit that I can share at this time. That said, I can assure you that we have made note of your (and many others) requests in terms of raising the limit and have passed along the feedback to our development team.

  • I have download Home to my PS3 and i have had it a while but what exactly is it. I know that you can talk to people and socialize and i think there were some mini games at a few places but what are all the things or what type of things can you do there? Is it kind of like PlayStation’s Exclusive version of Sim’s?

  • For just $4.99 you can live like a celebrity in a two-story mansion perched atop the Hollywood Hills, or you can buy yourself a real-life hot meal. Useless crap is useless.

  • I am interested in uploading my music but I have 1 big question…..DOES IT HAVE TO BE RADIO EDITED(Meaning no explicit language)!?!

  • Fantastic Update, curious to see what Crackle has on offer!

  • Locust,

    Why not release a new update(or fix it) so people do not keep screwing up when trying to update? I think this happened with U2 as well, how is this even happening so late into ps3’s life?

    Any news on getting a party feature in Home? Listen to our own music off our HDD? As everyone else is saying, watch videos, photos, music with friends in our personal spaces? Facebook integration with Home? Trophy room?

    Any news on Sodium’s next game(S2?)?

  • Fantastic news Locust_Star! I can’t wait for this new personal space and the LPR news radio!

    Will the content on the virtual tv’s rotate or will we be able to pick which ones we will be able to play, like we can with the radios in our personal spaces?

  • Does this mean now we don’t have to go to Home Theatre to experience buffering problems we can have them in the privacy of our own spaces?

  • lame. no one wants to watch trailers and crackle videos. the Tv/movie threater updates are worthless.

  • is a good website. i really hope we’ll be able to watch all the content in this hollywood hills personal space.

  • Seems to me this pub radio and theatre stuff is just a marketing gimmick to shove product down our throats. Pub radio sounds like some kind of Idol clone. I have thousands of good songs on hard drive and can watch tons of good stuff on netflix. Its time for a new version of the napster revolution.

  • For just $4.99 you can

    i stopped there…

    i paid for qore. i paid for psn plus..

    i now have to pay for extra home features? j

    isnt home still in beta? how do you charge for a feature that is in beta stage?

    now if i’m in psn plus and you wanted to offer this to those users then that makes sense but this is silly..

    i slam ms for silly features they charge us for.. this is up there with the same type of .. well.. silliness…

    stop adding and charging new features and streamline the ones you currently have..

    in my circle i am the biggest sony supporter and i cant co sign this.. it seems sony is just finding new methods to charge people for things.. really.. pick a way to take my money but if you keep finding new ways to do it i’m going to have to close my wallet.

    home (and some of psn) is turning into socom 2 with hard drive support.. think about that

  • You guys should do something for GT5 like an event or something. BTW I like the Home GT5 racing suit that I got from shick.

  • @Locust_Star

    Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

  • It’s been ages since I visited or cared at all about HOME. Could anyone be so kind and tell me if you still have to keep re-downloading EVERY single area every time they do updates?

  • This is looking good. Video Streaming might acually come to PS Home! :o

    Can’t wait to pick up this personal space tomorrow!

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