LittleBigPlanet 2 Update: The Creatinator!

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Sackboy Fans! Imagine a tool that gives you and your Sackboy the power to make something out of nothing. Well now, in LittleBigPlanet 2, you’ll have…the Creatinator!

And for more Creatinator goodness, check out this walk through by our own Alex Evans from this year’s gamescom.

What will pop out of your Creatinator?

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  • Fun this game is.

  • Hey Mark! Another cool video :-)

    Just curious, since we can import our own audio into this, can we film a video inside of LBP or with the PS Eye and have it play on a cardboard screen? (I mean like, how in the early levels of LBP1, you sometimes had screens that looked like scoreboards that played a video).

    Also, with audio, do we have to record it through the PS Eye or can we make an audio file on our pc, save it to the PS3’s HDD then import it?

    With the Creatinator, it was a blast at E3—will definitely make the competitive levels far more interesting hehe

    • Thanks Zookey (I owe you a call back)

      Not sure if what your proposing will work, but will ask For Sackboy audio, I know the audio is tied to the “acting” on your Sackbots or the music sequencer. Will find out more…

  • Man this game gets better and better. Any hints of a release date?

  • I want/need a beta code :( lol

  • can’t wait for the creatiator!!!!!

  • Can’t come out soon enough. Unless it was today. lol

  • Really can’t wait for LittleBigPlanet 2

  • @ dominican-glory

    lol dude did you watch the video it says the date at the end.. a big January 18th

    Cant wait for this game!

  • Nice, I’m tearing it up in the beta but can’t wait for the full release. Incredible game and endless possibilities.

  • I got a good laugh from the ending. :)

  • can you guys Please Consider Re-Releasing the

    Spacesuit Costume Release date: 11/05/2009 and the

    Birthday Cake Costume Release date: 11/05/2009

  • doofenshmirtz?

    Does somebody have kids that watch Phineas and Ferb?

  • I still see it has that floaty jump…. :(
    I know you can change that when creating your own levels, but I wish the developers changed that for the campaign levels :*(

  • Hello. I pre-ordered the LBP2 collector edition & payed it in full on day 1. I am hooked on LBP since november waaay back when it first came out, i wasn’t online till this year and so i missed the LBP birthday suit and spaceman costume. So i checked back this year… and NO LBP birthday items… is there anyway you can help me? especialy because LBP2 was delayed & after all the money spent for LBP add ons i didnt get a beta. could you PLEASE tell me if the birthday suit and spaceman suit will be re-released? also if new betas will be available to those who have an $80.00 game paid off? THANKS GUYS!! I LOVE LBP :)


  • We’ll definately let you know when those come back. Check back on Friday’s LBP community update.

  • I never got a voucher for the beta!
    I’ve been very loyal to LBP and it’s dlc!
    can i have an invite please??

  • @12
    Yeah, it reminds me of Doofenshmirtz too, sometimes I watch Phineas and Ferb with my siblings :)

  • New December release date maybe yes? :D

  • I know the LBP DLC will be retroactive in LBP2… but I have a question. I own the LBP GOTY version, this includes some DLC content, will be able to use that DLC on LBP2?

    And please MediaMolecule, can you re-release the spacesuit and birthday cake costumes?

  • Pre-ordered the special edition. Can’t wait for this game to release.

  • The music in the trailer is awesome! Is it in the game? Who’s the artist?

  • With the sequencer you can make any music you want.
    It’ll be an awesome game. It’s very deep with the create.
    Hope my tower defense can come out in time.

  • The creatinator-inator is probably what Doofenshmirtz would’ve called it had he invented it.

    Cake frosting? I don’t think that’s what they would’ve called it had this been put in Spore.

    The best LBP2 video I’ve seen today is the Afterburner level on youtube.

    Pre-ordered the CE in July (thankfully Amazon only charges after it ships) and really looking forward to Jan. 18th – only 2 1/2 more months.

  • what ever happen to the final fantasy custumes pack?

  • Dang! Now I’m worried about LBP2 Beta! :(

  • oh the humanity, why must we keep waiting

  • I can’t wait for my collectors edition to come. Now that we’re on another game can you guys add in new holiday items? It was awesome during the first year that there was always a new free item, but after I already got everything it stopped being so awesome. Maybe like a holdable jack-o-lantern for halloween or something instead of the pumpkin helmet.

  • So now, so wow! That electricity thing gave me many ideas! Two questions: Will there be Sly Cooper costumes, and what’s the danger trigger? I saw it in the whole mash-up of TV’s in the first feature-ette.

  • This game would have came out 13 days from now. :(

  • question I won lbp 2 from the subway fiery footlong frenzy and I’m wondering when I’ll be getting it in the mail thanx

  • Okay so I’ve been hearing that LBP2 is going to be released in November 16th. But I’m also hearing that it will be released in January. Can you clear this up please?

  • I am excited for this release and have preordered the collectors edition, but it’s a shame of how they changed the date to January…. *sigh* This game would have been a HUGE holiday hit and would have been a great time for a game to come out… Oh well, I would rather wait a little longer for then it will be bug-free, ect. 1/18/10

  • @ 35 1/18/11

  • I’m positive either myself or someone else will make a game in this game thats based on a movie and not suck…

  • I preordered LBP 2 collectors editon . It will be Amazing what we will be able to create .

    I hope I will get invited to the beta .

  • Hi, will the LBP 2 Collector’s Edition come to Australia?

  • Hey Mark

    I made a custom trailer of LBP2
    wanna see?

    here’s the link

    without the . in http of course

  • Preordered the LBP2 CE the day it became available. Can’t wait for this game to come out. Dying to put my game-breaking skills to work in the beta, now to get/win an invite somehow…

  • Any chances of Portuguese audio/subtitles in region 1 LBP2, please? Since this game will be officially released in Brazil now and we Brazilians speak Portuguese not Spanish. OK, I can speak English but my two kids (6 and 8 y.o.) both love LittleBigPlanet and they can’t.

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