Reason #6 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – God of War Game Directors Live

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Spartan Army! We are only one day away from the release of God of War: Ghost of Sparta. For those that pre-ordered, make sure you don’t forget to visit the PlayStation Store to download your DLC bundle, and get an exclusive look at the God of War Game Directors Live video. Note: You’ll be able to redeem your DLC voucher on PSN starting tomorrow, November 2nd at 5:00pm PST.

Earlier this year, over 150 of our PlayStation.Blog & Spartan Army community members were treated to an unfiltered, non-censored, no-holds-barred interview discussion with the entire cast of God of War Game Directors. What was the alternate ending that Stig Asmussen and David Jaffe explored for God of War III? How did Cory Barlog go from Lead Animator to Game Director? What about the biggest challenge for Ru Weerasuiya and Dana Jan as the Game Director for the portable experience? Find this out and more by pre-ordering God of War: Ghost of Sparta!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look of God of War Game Director’s Live with our Senior Social Media Specialist, Rey Gutierrez.

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  • OORAH!!!

  • Hi Ken-
    What’s the total download size from PSN? Also will it be available at midnight PST 11/2 or do we have to wait till later in the day?

    Last question- will there be custom PSPGo bundles like this instead of the PSP3000?

    • You’ll be able to redeem your DLC voucher on PSN starting tomorrow, November 2nd at 5:00pm PST.

      The Entertainment Pack is for the PSP3000 only

  • Hows about the reasons 1-5, no GT5 YET!!!!

  • I Can’t wait to buy this game!!!!! I love the God of War Series!

  • a little over 24 hours left!! hey ken you wouldn’t happen to know if the save system is the same as god of war 3, ie. a separate save for every checkpoint?

  • $20 and I’ll buy on PSN, $40 and you can go take a hike. No portable downloadable game is worth $40 period. Keep overpricing your downloadable games and they will continue to not sell on PSN.

  • @krae_man
    It’s true that a lot of downloadable titles are a bit overpriced. This title however comes with an insane amount of awesome pre-order goodness it makes it well worth the price.

  • Hey Ken, how long is the God of War Directors Live? Are we looking at a 5-10 minute video, or perhaps 20-30 minutes? Thanks! :)

  • Can’t wait till tomorrow :D
    My PSP is on flame right now!!!

  • I don’t think I’ll pre-order. I’m not into these pre-order items unless they have a part in the game. And even if they do have part in the game, these “limited” items will be available for us to download for free/small price later on PSN.


  • …but of course I will be buying the game as soon as I can. I’m trying to work through buying all the backlog of games that I have yet to buy for PSP, PS3, and the DS. I have a lot. But I’m going to try and buy Ghost of Sparta as soon as I can since I love the God of War series so much.

  • Nice shirt on Stig.

  • i think i’ll hold off on buying the game, though it might kill me. i’m waiting for the rewards program to go full force since i’m sure purchases aren’t retroactive – sigh.

  • Ken do you know why they took the HD version of “Unearthing the Legend” from the GOW3 CE from off our PS Store download list? Now it’s just the SD video.

  • @13 are you in the beta? If not that means April 2011. Can you really resists Sparta for that long? lol

  • How much disk space do I need to have so that I can download GoS from PSN tomorrow?

  • Thx Ken. Is the soundtrack transferable to a PC like other ones sold in the store? I can’t wait for the dynamic theme and avatar, hope Amazon sends that code out asap.

  • Will there be another blog post tomorrow telling us that the game is actually out? (rolls eyes upwards)

  • Yeahhh can’t wait to play this game!!! Epic documentary!!! CORY BARLOG PLEASE RETURN TO SONY AND MAKE GOD OF WAR 4 PLEASE!!!! My favourite still GoW2!!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the behind the scenes video. The actual event is pretty awesome, that final cut came out great.

  • I hate to sound like a broken record but..

    Canadians who PO from Gamestop/EB Games will be able to get this bonus package as well, right?

    The website does not have the bonus listed, and I just called into two EB Games and they have told me that they have not recieved the PO bonuses, let alone word that there is a PO bonus.

    Link to Gamestop Canada listing:

    Regardless, I’ll still be picking up Ghost of Sparta, but I really want the PO bonuses. That Kratos avatar looks so badass.

  • The Best GOW is GOWIII.

  • I’m very psyched about Ghost of Sparta and can’t wait to download it tomorrow; however, as a PSPGo owner, I’m VERY disappointed that pre-order goodness is only for the PSP3000. Why are you discriminating against PSPGo owners? This makes no sense and is very upsetting!

    • Hey Travis. PSPGo owners will get the same pre-order bundle when they purchase the game through the PS Store starting on 11/2

  • Welp… I think this video just persuaded me to commit to buying it (off the PSN) tomorrow. I don’t have any immediate air travel plans which is when I usually do my PSP playing but the preorder bonuses are enough to make me buy now and play later.

    Well played PlayStation blog. Well played.

  • Just one more day before release, it’s almost here! Man I preordered this game back in August and it has been a long wait! I got the God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Bundle. This is going to be an Awesome Game for sure!

  • AWESOME FINALE to the reasons to get this game, as if getting it were a question anyways :) anywho, i was wondering if the game and bonus content will be available on psn as of midnight for us Go users? thanx for answering and i hope everyone enjoys this outing in Greece as i will!


  • As one of those lucky enough to attend the GOW:Directors Live event, I’m wondering if this will be the full, uncut version. It really was a very frank dissection of the series, and a hugely illuminating peek into video game production. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing over again tomorrow evening!

    • Close. You may remember the entire recording was approximately 3hrs long, so did some editing to make sure the best elements are kept.

  • Awesome! very interesting info in the vid you put up, Cory thinks GoS is the best one in the series O.O wow, I have read that online as well, interesting…….VERY interesting… just gonna have to see for myself. Also I would love it if Jaffe came back in the future to make another GOW game, or even Cory Barlog.

    Im very happy that this is 80 mins long, I love all that behind the scenes and talking about the struggles and how they came up with what they did and all that stuff. Being an aspiring game designer myself, this stuff really inspires me and gives me the drive to push forward and come up with some awesome stuff.


    • As long as you pre-order GOW Ghost of Sparta, or purchase through the PS Store during the 1st week of launch, you’ll be fine on getting Deimos Skin

  • Thanks for clearing up my earlier concern Ken!

  • I got mine paid off, not if I could only get my copy today

  • Reason #7

    ” Pre-Order GOW:GOS and have free code to download God of War: Betrayal (minis) from playstation store ”

    I wish you can do that :)

  • Awesome vid!

    And I could be completely wrong on this, but it seems like a lot of the directors just didn’t like God of War 3 as much as everyone else does (especially Cory; I don’t think i’ve heard him say anything good about the final product up to this point…)

  • Ken, Its Geoff. I saw myself like twice in the video! I was the winner of the raffle of the God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP set with signatures of all game directors. I was wondering when I get it??

  • will the EU psn store have the same bonuses???
    avatar, dynamic theme, etc ??

  • can’t wait 2 pick it up tomorrow :)
    i mit pre-order Assassin Creed Brotherhood =D

  • I loved 1-3 and COO… I cannot wait to continue the saga in GOS… GOW is the business…

  • and the answer of my question is…..

  • wow good graphics pretty good man i bet the gow ghost of sparta scella cold swallow the gow chains of olympus boss whole

  • Lack of solid info on Canadian pre-order bonus = will wait for Greatest Hits version at $20.

  • Are the pre-order bonuses region locked between USA and Canada? I’ve had to order the game from the US because none of the retailers in my area or e-tailers have confirmed the pre-order bonuses here in Canada, thus making me think that this stuff isn’t being distributed in Canada. Its not the first time this has happened – there’s a long history of Canadians getting shafted when it comes to pre-order bonuses. I just hope I can download the bonuses even though I’m importing it from the US, otherwise, I’m NOT going to be a happy customer.

  • Oh crap! Cory Barlog says this is the best in the series? Now that’s something. I personally thought he made the best GoW too, so this sounds really good! :D

    Can’t wait!

  • So for a while I thought I’ve set my mind in buying the game at the PS store but my friend decided to buy my old PSP so at the very last moment I’m buying the PSP bundle and I cant pre-order anymore. Anyway with my employee discount I can buy the bundle and then the game game on the PS store and it will still amount to $199. Somehow working in retail can be sweet. =)

  • Unsure, if its answered yet or explained elsewhere, do any of the pre-order benefits apply to purchases from the psn store on the day of launch or with in a couple of days of that?

  • Okay, it is bad enough I had to wait forever to even “preorder”being a PSP Go user. But now it is the 2nd and nothing on the PSN to DL anything, Ken what is going on , I have been with GOW Betrayal on Mobile. Waited all last night for midnight.. I love my GO but this is annoying, I can go to EB/Gamestop and buy the game a 10:00am why can’t I DL NOW!!

  • Watsinaname, yes it has been answered several times, was first posts month or so back seeing sometimes us PSN GO users are left behind. Some people feel the GO was a mistake.

  • @43 – Yeah, they say if you purchase it within a week that you’ll still get the pre-order benefits. Which honestly I would rather have that anyways because just pre-ordering by itself can be a hassle whereas this just makes it very simple. Now I’m just waiting on the store to be updated so I can purchase… can’t wait!

  • @44 – I have a pspgo as well. The way I look at is that when I get this game I can play it on the go, as well as all my others without lugging around the discs potentially breaking them (I’ve broken several on my psp 2000). And because this game is going to be so awesome I’m sure hand cramping will be involved so we can just switch to the ps3 controller. All together, I’d say pspgo users have the overall benefit. We have to wait a few more hours, but that wait is far better than me having to keep up with the disc. I’ve sold my psp2000 and would again in a heartbeat because of the ease of my pspgo. BTW, I can’t wait either haha!

  • Is there going to be anymore DLC in future like extra arenas or skins????

  • umm i preordered the game at gamestop and the promotion codes are’nt working nd i checked if i typed them wrong and theyre the rite numbers nd letters, but it keeps saying tht the codes are either wrong or it isnt a real code but i bought it just today

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