Blood Drive Hits PS3 Tuesday, Car Combat with Zombies

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Tomorrow, Blood Drive will be hitting shelves and players worldwide will be able to take part in the zombie maiming mayhem that is the Blood Drive tournament. At its core, Blood Drive is a combat driving game. It’s all about driving fast, splattering zombies and wrecking as many enemy drivers as possible. Ultimately though, the question must be asked … How did people go from a worldwide zombie apocalypse to the most ruthless, exciting, and action-packed form of sports entertainment ever?

The Blood Drive Tournament is the natural evolution for the gambling paradise in the desert city of Las Ruletas. From its early beginnings during the civil war as a center for illicit arms trading to both sides, the city has fostered a hands-on, do-it-yourself, self-empowering environment. When the zombie apocalypse broke out, the criminal cartels in the city used their resources to preserve their little empire by cutting deals with top secret government bases in the desert. Working together towards a common goal for once, they managed to not only survive the zombie hordes, but to thrive.

Blood Drive PS3

As the gambling trade was dying, another attraction in the city was growing. Led by one of the first “Blood Drivers,” Bastian “B.D.“ Dice, the drivers who patrolled the routes to the sanctuary in the desert built upon his philosophies of violence and showmanship. Before long it wasn’t about just keeping the zombie population to a minimum, it was about doing it in style and in the most violent and messy way possible.

The sport grew and new drivers replaced the ones who couldn’t cut it. Soon TV networks and internet sponsors wanted a piece of the action. The battles were structured and codified and the Blood Drive Tournament was born, with B.D. as the ringleader and announcer.

Blood Drive PS3Blood Drive PS3

You’ll take the role of one of the eight finalists in the Blood Drive Tournament. Over the course of the game, you will compete in a number of different event types. As you progress, the goals will change and you’ll have to adapt to keep up. From zombie killing to traditional race events, to the crowd favorite King of the Skull, it will take a combination of skill, guts and sheer firepower to claw you way to the top.

There are six different events in the Blood Drive Tournament, each with a unique goal, and thus a unique strategy to win. For the most part, the events center on killing stuff, pure and simple – zombies, cars, cars and zombies … On top of these there are several more traditional race type events that follow the simple principle of crossing the finish line first = winning. The difference between a Blood Drive race and a regular race is that your opponents don’t have any reservations about ramming you, crushing you, shooting you, or doing any number of other things to ensure they come out on top. Oh, and did we mention the zombies? They haven’t quite figured out that they should stay off the course; in fact, they’re everywhere!!

Blood Drive PS3

Learning the event styles, the race courses, the zones and the world of Las Ruletas will all play a part in the driver’s success to climb the ladder of the Blood Drive Tournament. Drivers will be able to choose from unique weapon loadouts between events, as well as collect weapon pickups, health, speed boost and other powerups during gameplay. In addition to this, each vehicle has a unique Rage Power that can be used during the events. Killing the walking dead in as many ways as you can think of fuels the Rage Powers. Missiles, bullets, landmines, the side of your car, the front of your car, walls, trash cans, baggage carts – anything available. Regardless of the event, it’s never a bad idea to splatter a zombie or wreck an opponent. At the end of the day only one Blood Driver can come out on top!

I hope this sheds a little light about Blood Drive to you. Please check it out tomorrow if you like what you see!

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  • this might actually be fun!

  • Is this like Carmageddon?

  • @Mies2000 I was thinking the same thing.

  • Will there be a demo/trial version released with this?

  • This is a game whose time has come. $10 bucks and I’m sold!

  • Wait is this PSN?
    What em I saying…it is…
    So how many trophies will it have?
    What em I saying…its around 8-12 like most games…
    Same people that did Shatter and Gripshift?
    What em I saying…it is…
    Should I buy this?
    What em I saying…yes I should…

  • Looks promising… Heavy on the gore i assume :)

    Is there and or will there be custom soundtracks? or is there enough variety of heavy metal tunes to keep me from hearing repeating tracks?

  • Look at that…a game that’s actually releasing in early November…

  • Through no fault of the developer, I find that this is the game that just pushes me over the edge into full on zombie fatigue :(

  • umm ill be the first to say this but just a knock off of twisted metal….FAIL!

  • Any info on pricing?

  • looks like fun, 2 questions how much and does it have multiplayer?

  • @2 Maybe I can finally uninstall my copy of Carmageddon.

  • hmph. looks nice.

    so how about a dead nation release date?

  • aah the dirty side of twisted metal perhaps.. looks fun!

  • The game drops tomorrow?…..a price would be nice.

  • I work with the dev team.

    To answer some questions, the game is a little like “Carmageddon meets Twisted Metal with zombies”. I wouldn’t consider it a “knock off” of either because it plays out quite differently, but both games were definitely inspirations and referenced titles throughout development.

    It’s a retail title, and it does have multiplayer (several modes, dropin/dropout).

  • Guys this is a blu-ray disc release and it’s $49.99

    Looks alright, but I think I’d rather have Twisted Metal with zombie DLC.

    I might get this if it reviews well.

  • Wait, this game was made by Sidhe, the guys who made Shatter and GripShift. That raises my interest level mildly.

  • lol its carmageddon with zombies… Really original /sarcasm

  • 1 star for a total Twisted Metal ripoff.

  • Shatter and Gripshift are awesome so I have high hopes. Saw it in action last night on 1up’s Game Night and it looks like it delivers.

    Sidhe’s name has some value to it since they make awesome games so it’s a shame you’ve been basically hiding that fact instead of putting it out front and centre.

  • Thumbs down.

  • Sidhe always has my support!

  • so basically twisted metal on steroids ok

  • @17

    sure you do, why isnt the box red for your comment the huh?

  • $50 on amazon????? good luck. this should be on PSN for $15 tops.

  • @25

    Isn’t Twisted Metal kind of already on steroids?

  • Yeah, I thought it was a PSN title and thought $15 bucks would be a little pricey for it.

    Now that I know it’s a retail title, it’s a definite no for me. GT5 is coming sooner or later and if it’s $59, there’s no way this is worth $49.

  • ehh i’ll wait for twisted metal. the fact that they’re selling this game for 49.99$ tells me it must have something missing or it’s probably too short =(

  • Was interested until I read it was retail. Sorry but not worth full price for me… still have other $50 games I would rather get.

    Kinda reminds me of when Modnation Racers was announced… for the longest time I thought it was gonna be a $15 PSN game. Even now (after some price reductions) I still haven’t bought it because I think it’s still too pricey for what it is.

  • @Killzone79, That really is Mario Wynands, Managing director and co-founder of Sidhe, the developer of the game.

    He’s totally on the up and up, even if he isn’t red box capable.

  • Man I’m better of playing some other zombie game like dead rising where u blow up ur car u get a new one. U use ur imagination to make weapons.

  • psn price please.

  • okok! this is only availble in “physical” disc.
    you should put this one on the PSN.

  • Not to like burst your bubble or anything, but a bunch of people are already selling the game as it’s not street dated. It came in like last week Thursday.

  • @34 it’s a physical game, and It was either $49.99, or $59.99, I didn’t pay too much attention to it, It’s already out tho.

  • Carmageddon on psn….yes please?!?!?!?!

  • a Zombie Highway (iphone game) for PS3? oh hell yeah! Can’t wait!!! :D :D

  • Hmmm…Carmageddon for $50…sorry, that’s about $35 too much. Like most comments here, I watched the trailer and thought, cool, if it’s $15 PSN, instant buy. Not this time I guess.

  • id rather have a deadnation release date

  • Today is “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) en Mexico; is like the Halloween, but based on the prehispanic culture (aztecs, mayans, etc.). In this day the people that have lost a relative going to the cementery to leave offerings to their dead; some people spend all night with them in the cementery.

  • Totally missed out on the Halloween time window, Activision.

    And sorry to say, but the 2010 Halloween Awesomeness Award goes to Double Fine’s Costume Quest.

    Still, I’m kinda curious.

  • 2 racing game blog posts the very day before the latest GT5 failed release date. I hope those zombies are the remains of PD’s staff, or now former staff paying for their unmitigated act of sleaze.

  • @jenkins1

    “looks like fun, 2 questions how much and does it have multiplayer?”

    I’m sorry.. did you watch the trailer? “looks like fun” okay so you did. I guess you missed the part where the giant bold letters came up on the screen saying “DROP-IN, DROP-OUT MULTIPLAYER!”

    … well, yeah. You must have.

  • I’m getting a trophy synch error from this game. I’m in love with the carnage and bloodshed, but I’d really like to update my trophy list.

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