Blood Drive Hits PS3 Tuesday, Car Combat with Zombies

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Tomorrow, Blood Drive will be hitting shelves and players worldwide will be able to take part in the zombie maiming mayhem that is the Blood Drive tournament. At its core, Blood Drive is a combat driving game. It’s all about driving fast, splattering zombies and wrecking as many enemy drivers as possible. Ultimately though, the question must be asked … How did people go from a worldwide zombie apocalypse to the most ruthless, exciting, and action-packed form of sports entertainment ever?

The Blood Drive Tournament is the natural evolution for the gambling paradise in the desert city of Las Ruletas. From its early beginnings during the civil war as a center for illicit arms trading to both sides, the city has fostered a hands-on, do-it-yourself, self-empowering environment. When the zombie apocalypse broke out, the criminal cartels in the city used their resources to preserve their little empire by cutting deals with top secret government bases in the desert. Working together towards a common goal for once, they managed to not only survive the zombie hordes, but to thrive.

Blood Drive PS3

As the gambling trade was dying, another attraction in the city was growing. Led by one of the first “Blood Drivers,” Bastian “B.D.“ Dice, the drivers who patrolled the routes to the sanctuary in the desert built upon his philosophies of violence and showmanship. Before long it wasn’t about just keeping the zombie population to a minimum, it was about doing it in style and in the most violent and messy way possible.

The sport grew and new drivers replaced the ones who couldn’t cut it. Soon TV networks and internet sponsors wanted a piece of the action. The battles were structured and codified and the Blood Drive Tournament was born, with B.D. as the ringleader and announcer.

Blood Drive PS3Blood Drive PS3

You’ll take the role of one of the eight finalists in the Blood Drive Tournament. Over the course of the game, you will compete in a number of different event types. As you progress, the goals will change and you’ll have to adapt to keep up. From zombie killing to traditional race events, to the crowd favorite King of the Skull, it will take a combination of skill, guts and sheer firepower to claw you way to the top.

There are six different events in the Blood Drive Tournament, each with a unique goal, and thus a unique strategy to win. For the most part, the events center on killing stuff, pure and simple – zombies, cars, cars and zombies … On top of these there are several more traditional race type events that follow the simple principle of crossing the finish line first = winning. The difference between a Blood Drive race and a regular race is that your opponents don’t have any reservations about ramming you, crushing you, shooting you, or doing any number of other things to ensure they come out on top. Oh, and did we mention the zombies? They haven’t quite figured out that they should stay off the course; in fact, they’re everywhere!!

Blood Drive PS3

Learning the event styles, the race courses, the zones and the world of Las Ruletas will all play a part in the driver’s success to climb the ladder of the Blood Drive Tournament. Drivers will be able to choose from unique weapon loadouts between events, as well as collect weapon pickups, health, speed boost and other powerups during gameplay. In addition to this, each vehicle has a unique Rage Power that can be used during the events. Killing the walking dead in as many ways as you can think of fuels the Rage Powers. Missiles, bullets, landmines, the side of your car, the front of your car, walls, trash cans, baggage carts – anything available. Regardless of the event, it’s never a bad idea to splatter a zombie or wreck an opponent. At the end of the day only one Blood Driver can come out on top!

I hope this sheds a little light about Blood Drive to you. Please check it out tomorrow if you like what you see!

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