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It’s not often that we have reason (or desire) to talk politics here, but Tuesday is shaping up to be an important day for gamers in California and around the country. This week’s Supreme Court decision could have major repercussions on not just the gaming industry, but many other forms of protected speech, including movies, TV shows, music, comics, and just about any form of entertainment you probably enjoy now. We’ve had a couple of guest posters on the topic and we’ll have another update for you later this week.

In news from this past week, 2 major themes emerged. 1 – Gamers from around the world shared their favorite PlayStation 2 games on the 10th anniversary of the PS2 in North America, and 2 – God of War: Ghost of Sparta is pretty damn awesome.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 25, 2010)

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  • Fallout New Vegas patch for glitches? Great, how about the performance so i don’t have 5 fps when there are 10 people on my screen, thanks Bethesda. Learn 2 code

  • Hey Jeff,

    I’d appreciate you stop linking stories to Kotaku. Kotaku isn’t “the gamers guide”, it’s more like “let’s post completely irrelevant things that have absolutely nothing to do with videogames.”

    Kotaku is the equivalent of TMZ in the gaming world, and the less we see of them the better.

  • Jeff, any news on whether MLB 10 the show will get move support? I thought I read it was getting move support and so far I have not seen any patch for it.

  • dear playstation



  • I’m kicking myself for missing out on the PS2 Game discussion. I didn’t get much for it, but out of what I have, my all time faves were GTA: Vice City (The Whole Reason I got a PS2 & still my overall favorite GTA), Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 (I was a freshman in high school when the 2nd one dropped. Man, I feel old…), From Russia With Love, & 24: The Game (RIP The TV Show).

    Seeing as I missed out on some of Sony’s finest PS2 games, I’m glad the HD Collections exist, for I am psyched that Sly Cooper got dated for 11/09. Black Ops may come out that day as well, but Sly Cooper is easily a first day purchase on that day too.

    After seeing Ken Chan’s Blog Post on Kratos’ numerous outfits, I’m REALLY pumped for Ghost of Sparta this Tuesday. Seeing pics of Deimos in God of War 3 easily warrants a return trip to one of the best games of 2010.

  • Can we please have the release date of GT5 like you guys promised?

  • What up with all the pushbacks, LBP2, GT5, The Fight Whats next? (Probably GT5)

  • Give us another FW update /=

  • I agree with @8, we need another update, one that implements some of the ideas on blog share such as mine being to organize media so we have games in the same series next to each other in a column. Like for example, I put all the Tomb Raider games next to each other, u should do this for since some us are a bit of neat freaks. also I heard someone mentioning adding a loop of osrts so when we press down on the most bottom media or the up on the most top, we scroll to the opposing side, just think about it. have a happy halloween by the way.

  • Thanks for the reply, Jeff.

    I am not sure where I saw that information.

    Anyways, I have been playing high velocity bowling with move and love the controls on it. It feels a lot better than using just the Dualshock 3.

  • By the way, what happened to releasing some of the PS1 games rated some time ago by the ESRB such as Street Fighter: Alpha 3 (PS1 version) and more Disney PS1 games such as a Monster’s Inc game and Toy Story 2, I’m guessing the two latter have to do with why the current PS1 Disney games were taken off of the US PSN.

  • Awesome that GOW GoS has been getting great review scores in almost all places, of course its not really a surprise, I mean GOW games always kick a**. Can’t wait to get it on Tuesday!

  • What about the Playstation phone? Did you read about that? :D We want!!!

  • Loving the Killzone beta, can’t wait to see the finished product.

    btw How about getting whoever to fix it so we can login while on the PS3 Internet Browser again.

  • Any way to still get in the KZ3 Beta?

  • i found it funny reading that people who cover games never had ps2s and some of the dumb reasons why this week.

  • this sucks I was one of the first people to download the kz3 beta theme I mean I download it right after the store updated I mean I download like under a minute after it was available and I didn’t get a code but my friend who downloaded it the day after it was release got it what is up with that I really want to play

  • I wonder if you bothered to read the Sony executive who mentioned there would be a GT5 release date before the end of the month?

  • GT5 Release Date????

  • They forgot to mention GT5 is being dropped in favor of a new Digimon racing PS3 exclusive.

  • I hope Sony add Google TV to PS3.

  • So that’s why I kept getting different prices for streaming-only service at Netflix whenever I visited the site.

    I got it locked in at $8.

  • I cant believe Dead Nation & GT5 still don’t have a release date which is pretty sad especially for dead nation. the game is releasing sometime next month why its a psn game not a blu ray game release it already seriously.

  • Jeff,

    Do you read neogaf? There comments about killzone 3 concerns me! Please sony/GG consider reading all the complaints. Thanks.

  • you know what would be really awesome….?


  • New features please!

  • GT5 info please

  • @21 probably not going to happen as theres tv’s to be sold with the functionality , as a matter of fact , due to sony’s collaboration with google on the product . I now have SERIOUS doubts that the ps3 browser will get any better than what it is . I could be wrong … but i got a bad feeling towards the future of the ps3 browser .

  • GT5 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey, Jeff,

    Any chance of prying a release date for GT5 out of Kaz Hirai and giving the public some worthwhile information, instead of nothing?

    We would all appreciate it.

  • GT5>Xmas

    Make it happen chumps

  • @ #29 Truer words have never been spoken! So Jeff, are you listening yet? Or are you completely oblivious to the angry mob outside your door(i.e. GT5 fans) The people have spoken. WE WANT GT5 RELEASE INFO, NOT EXCUSES!

  • PSN_ZJJ, I believe n4g is the TMZ of gaming news.

  • GT5 info please!

  • @#4 I’m with you, I really loved those games and since there no plan on making a new one, we could at least get a bundle with all of them on one disc or something… Legacy of Kain will be so epic on PS3 and a new game will be even more epic!

  • Dear Sony, Please find a way to bring coded arms: assault to us. This title really hyped me up, and i’m so disappointed that its cancelled.

  • Delivering what you promise ON TIME is not politics its good business. Not doing so is very bad business & constitutes fraud in some jursidictions. What we’re not reading is when games like GT5 will really be coming out or even if its coming out.

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