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Can’t talk — playing way too many video games. So many games, in fact, that I dropped the ball on the most slam-dunk Halloween costume idea I’ve ever had: Swamp Thing using a ghillie suit. I was this close to ordering the costume, but the last thing I remember is inserting the Fallout: New Vegas disc and picking up the controller and oh god where am I what time is it

Needless to say, I’ll be dressing up as a “social media blogger guy” yet again this year. Anyone dressing up as a PlayStation character?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Redemption” Trailer — Some guy: “You should take heed, Spartan. You will not succeed — turn back now.” Kratos: LOL
  • Prinny 2: First Trailer, Panties Design Contest — Here’s a contest I think we can all get to grips with. D00d. Oh, and a delightful new trailer!
  • Blacklight Tango Down Infiltrates PSN Tomorrow With New Features — New additions and improvements for the PS3 version include “Join in Progress” multiplayer.
  • ModNation Racers – Those Ain’t Snow Chains! — Heat up the track with Kratos, and catch up on the week’s top community creations.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II hits PS3 Tuesday, Enhancements Detailed — Dual lightsabers. Sith Lightning. Severed Storm Trooper limbs. Yeah, I can work with this.
  • Hal Sparks Returns for ‘The Tester’ Season 2 Preview Show and Download & Win Sweepstakes Details — If the drama isn’t enough for you, enter the Download & Win segments for a shot at a PlayStation Move bundle or a Sony HD HandyCam.
  • Celebrating Ten Years of PlayStation 2 — Any serious fan should watch this video documentary — it’s packed with fascinating details and footage from PlayStation’s first days.
  • No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Announced Exclusively for PS3 and PlayStation Move — Swing your Beam Katana through Santa Destroy’s top assassins with the power and precision of PlayStation Move, all in HD.
  • MLB 10: The Show Predicts: Giants in 7 — The developers simulated a match-up between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants and predict a seven-game classic.
  • PlayStation Store Update — 20% off all Red Dead Redemption DLC (including Undead Nightmare!) til 11/2, plus Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom Demo, Blacklight Tango Down, and Superstars V8 Racing.
  • Explodemon Blowing Up Exclusively on PSN this Winter — An epic five years in the making, this PSN exclusive is nearing the finish line.
  • Introducing PlayStation Rewards – A New Way to Earn Exclusive Status and Recognition — The invitation-only beta has started, and the first wave of emails are going out now. Can you make it to Legendary status?
  • Medal of Honor Gets Hot (Zone)! — DLC incoming! One’s free, the other isn’t, but other offer plenty of new content.
  • Game Developers List All-Time Favorite PS2 Games — Top PS2 games chosen by Stig Asmussen, David Jaffe, Warren Spector, Evan Wells, Tim Schafer, Ken Levine, Cliff Bleszinski and more.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — New Y: The Last Man, Deadpool, and 5 Ways to Die headline this week.
  • Little-Known Facts: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer — Prestige improvements, split-screen online support, Custom Game Editor, and tons of other Black Ops multiplayer details.
  • Halloween Festivities Continue in PlayStation Home with Silent Hill 2 Items + The Force Unleashed II, Hudson Gate Updates & More!!! — Wow, they put Silent Hill 2 in Home? That I’ll have to see.
  • PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance — A brief word from our technological overlords.
  • Standalone 320GB PS3 System Available Soon — You asked for it, and you got it. So many GBs!
  • The Sly Collection Sneaks onto PS3 November 9th — Before inFAMOUS, Sucker Punch was best known for this fan-favorite PS2 stealth series. Soon you can play it in HD (and 3D)!
  • Killzone 3 Helghast Edition and Pre-order Bonuses Detailed — Guerrilla Games ain’t fooling around. See first pics of and pre-order bonuses for this beautiful Killzone 3 limited edition collection.
  • MAG Escalation DLC Coming November 2 — Jeremy describes Escalation as a “three-faction gunplay whirlwind.”

  • New God of War: Ghost of Sparta Skins Exposed, Deimos for God of War III Unveiled — All hail Robotos! See all of Kratos’s new costumes — plus a peek at Deimos in God of War III gameplay.
  • 8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 3rd — Kazunori will crown a new performance vehicle with the honor of getting digitally recreated in a future edition of GT.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Don’t forget: The original Nightmare on Elm Street rental is playing free from on Saturday 5pm to 3am Pacific. Freddy’s coming for you…
  • Activision’s Blue Offers Double XP All Halloweekend, Developer Play Session — If you race Saturday, October 30th from 11am to 2pm, you might find yourself trading paint with the Bizarre Creations developers themselves.
  • Dead Nation: Weapon Upgrades Trailer, Armor Upgrades, and a PS3 Theme — I cannot *wait* for Dead Nation to arrive on PSN, and you’ll see why when you watch this video focusing on weapon and armor upgrades.
  • Final Weekend to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Receive FREE Ultimate DLC Bundle — It’s your last chance to get six free pieces of DLC by pre-ordering. What would Kratos do?
  • LittleBigPlanet 2: New Sackbot Featurette Trailer — Sackboy gets theatrical, with a cast of thousands! This video couldn’t be cuter.
  • Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Patch Alert: MAG v2.02 — Updated PlayStation Move settings and more in our latest patch.
  • MAG Escalation DLC Coming November 2 — Thanks to your devotion, we gathered a surplus of fantastic data that allowed us to make MAG a better game… and we’re not done yet!
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • Another batch of UNCHARTED 2 PSN Avatars hits the PSN Store! — Our latest set of PSN Avatars features a selection of some popular multiplayer characters, all shown in the familiar retro photo frame theme from the character selection screen in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer.
  • The Labs <3's Halloween — The Halloween weekend episode of “The Lab” features 2 vs 2 Elimination. The suspense created by having only one life per round in Elimination fits a Halloween nicely, don’t you think?
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    8 Author Replies

    • Playstation ftw.

    • Let me be the first to ask the $1,000,000,000,000,000 Question;

      When in the hell is GT5 coming out?

      also, BTW, I can’t log on into the PS Blog from the PS3 Internet Browser. Can you please fix that in your next update?


    • I’m playing through CoD4 again, that game was sooooo much fun. I’m also reading the book Metro 2033, great story though I kind of perfer the game’s version of it.

      Now I gotta go buy a PSN card so I can get that sweet MAG DLC and the Shatter soundtrack.

    • Also, Sid do you or anyone else know if the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition will be coming to Canada? Both and have no mention of it.

    • Alternate question: What’s going on with the PSP Go Price drop. That leaked memo said it went into effect Oct 15th and most retailers dropped the PSP Go price to $199 on or before that date but you guys haven’t announced a thing yet.

      Did you change your mind(too late)? Forget to post the press release? Decide to change the price drop date(again too late)? or what?

      • The $199 price isn’t actually a new development — it’s been that price at several retailers for a good chunk of 2010, so it wasn’t seen as “news” as such when the price expanded to include more retailers.

    • Sorry but I think that rewards program is a complete waste. It’s like icoke up here. Buy $1000 worth of Coke products in a year and you have enough icoke points for a cellphone ringtone, wallpaper and a couple entries into a contest they legally have to let you enter without purchase.

      Unless you’re going to strive to be something better then Club Nintendo, don’t even bother. Go away and don’t come back untill you have something better then themes and contests to offer.

    • Sorry but I think that rewards program is a complete waste. It’s like icoke up here. Buy $1000 worth of Coke products in a year and you have enough icoke points for a cellphone ringtone, wallpaper and a couple entries into a contest they legally have to let you enter without purchase.

      • The program was just unveiled and the team has said it will evolve. Much like the PS3 and PSP, I’m sure it will get better and better over time.

    • I’m currently playing New Vegas, hoping to get platinum in the next two weeks. I’m also playing the Killzone 3 Beta. Sid, I don’t know about you but I could use some squadmates so feel free to add my PSN ID and we could Beta away.

      This applies to everyone else in the beta who doesn’t yell into the mic like a 12yr old with tourettes and doesn’t mind working as a team.

    • For Halloween parties, I haven’t been masquerading as a Sony made character, however I have dressed up as some who appeared on PS3 recently: Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2.

      As for games I’m excited for Ghost of Sparta on Tuesday, as well as 007: Blood Stone. Thanks to this week’s post on the Ghost of Sparta skins, I’m eager to revisit God of War 3 as Deimos as well.

      In your opinion, how’s the Undead Nightmare Pack for Red Dead Redemption? I’d get it, but I’m holding out for the disc with every add-on coming out late November, seeing as I have none of them.

    • NOA Club Nintendo sucks comparred to EU and Japan Club Nintendo and they were still a million times better then what you’re offering out of the gate. With better prizes, retroactive points for Nintendo Published games already registered, games already downloaded etc.

      I don’t think “It will get better over time” will fix Sony’s vision for the program being stupid and pointless.

    • same as #2

      you can log on with your ps3, however, you have to trick the system. go to the log in page, once the page loads up, select tools, javascript off, then refresh the page. you shloud be able to type in your log in information. Once you type your information, DONT SELECT SIGN IN YET, instead go back to tools, javascript on. Now select sign in… it should work now. I’m not going to take credit for this, someone else posted this a few weeks ago on one of the store update blogs.

    • I’m playing: Alundra, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo. Yes, I restarted Castlevania after losing my file to the glitch but now that the patch is out, I’m back on what I started: Getting that platinum trophy. NFS with Autolog is addicting as heck! I think my friends hate me for getting #1 on their leaderboards though :(

      I’m watching: Blood+, more than halfway through with the series. Netflix is finally getting more titles in Canada too!

      I’m reading: Nothing at the moment.

    • For some better News, an Eidos guy on GAF confirmed they’re fixing that annoying trophy bug. Hope that comes soon.

    • Sid Shuman  |  October 30th, 2010 at 2:00 pm The program was just unveiled and the team has said it will evolve. Much like the PS3 and PSP, I’m sure it will get better and better over time.7

      that’s what they said about ps+, and it hasn’t gotten any better then when it launched, now it updates on fewer dates and with less content. the uk plus has improved, the us version hasn’t, and that isn’t just my opinion. $50 worth of fallout 3 dlc for free on the uk, when are we getting those type of deals? that alone is worth subscribing.

      • PS+ is also in early days, but in the last two months it’s gradually begun to offer more interesting benefits, such as the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta for all members. If it’s not your cup of tea, wait it out and see what other benefits materialize in coming weeks and months before you make up your mind!

    • The latest DelayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5 release date needed. PS3 firmware updated needed. PlayStation Blog Share is currently completely pointless.

    • Good selection of games, I’m playing right now Castlevania LoS, 3D Dot Game Heroes and waiting to get Vanquish next week and ofcourse am still waiting for Gran Turismo 5. Btw where is the GT5 release date?

    • yea it worked im signed in on my ps3 any way Im playing. killzone 3 beta lbp2 beta and astro tripper im watching a nightmare on elm st. come midnight im reading other folks comments

    • GT5 release date???

    • if u can answer this, how come the Disney PS1 games were taken off of the US PSN?

    • I’m still having problems with the Rewards program <_<
      I got the email but it keeps saying "Access Denied" when I click the link. Called the Sony line, all said email them. But I got my response just to get an automated message of the stuff that's in the Knowledge Center.

      Uhhh Sid, any help?
      I'm in a infinite loop :/

      • Is it possible that your PSN account is banned? Also, hit up @AskPlayStation on Twitter and see what they tell you — they may have more info.

    • I’m Playing: Enslaved (PS3), Costume Quest (PSN), Dragon Quest 9 (DS), and Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)

      I’m Watching: Lots of Netflix streaming. Mostly tv shows like X-Files, Dead Zone, Farscape, etc. Also just watched the first two episodes of Carnivale, the short lived HBO series, via Netflix. Very good!

      I’m Reading: The Somnambulist still. Also Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Seasons, and the occasional Neil Gaiman short story! :)

      Enslaved is such a cool game! Still unhappy that LBP2 is not comming out next month, but I’m glad that there are other cool games coming out. Also still hoping against hope to get into the LBP2 beta. lol.

    • I am loving New Vegas, but lawdy they need to get a few patches out. The companion AI is pretty much boneheaded, hahaha.

      I actually was unable to hack computers until I remapped the action buttons and held down a different Action button the whole time I made the attempt, using X to plink in my words. That’s holding Circle down with my middle finger while I tapped the X to make my selections for the whole hack job!

      Still already looking forward to New Vegas DLC!

    • Cool! Move update for MAG! TOTALLY glad they’re fixing the parachuting issue. Too bad they won’t make the sniper scope work more like the reflex sight…

    • I’m playing: God of War Collection (God of War), Assassin’s Creed 2 (just got platinum!), LittleBigPlanet (please heart my level and me. so I can get platinum!)
      I’m watching: Survivor: Nicaragua
      I’m reading: PlayStation Magazine, Frankenstien by Mary Shelly.

    • Naughty dog and Activision battling for doublee xp weekend
      Uncharted 2 has double xp, blur has double xp

    • Waiting patiently for MAG DLC!

    • Is the sports champions haunted pack going off sale after halloween?

    • I am playing: Uncharted 2 GOTY and Sports Champions (Thank u sony for move!!)
      I am watching: thge other people get there butts kiked by me in Uncharted2.
      I am reading: the last gameinformer magazne i got

    • People are complaining about that PS rewards program? Only in America do you get people whining about the free things they get.

    • today i saw ” Cabela’s Dangerous Hunt’s ” for ps3 on the store shelf . it said it was MOVE compatible . Although I’am not interested in the game i am interested in the rifle controller that comes with as it would look like it would work alot better for games such as mag , rather than that small hand gun type of attachment for the move . Do they even sell stand alone models of this attachment/controllers ? if not …. is it compatible with other shooters besides Cabelas ?

    • I’m playing : Castlevania Lords of Shadows (man this game is flipping long but awsome!) Red Dead Redemption Online ( trying to hit up the double xp before its gone) and gonna try to get around to playing undead nightmare and the killzone 3 beta.

      I’m watching: South Park ( The koon and Friends, Lmao) Eastbound and Down, Dexter, Smallville ( its corny and campy, I know, but Ive been watching it for like 9 seasons, might as well finish it) and finally tomorrow im gonna tune into amc and check out the Walking Dead premiere, Yah!

      Im Reading: Deadpool, Fables and army of darkness. :)

    • This is an off the wall question. Will SONY ever drop the price of SIREN: BLOOD CURSE on PSN. It been $40.00 since the release of the PS3. I want to purchase this game but DAMN …… I can’t believe its still $40.00.

    • Been a GAP member for over 5 years and did not get into the PS Rewards Beta… kinda disappointing. Was really looking forward to it.

    • i so wish GT5 were coming out next week… i was looking forward to that game so much….
      but as of now, im currently playing God of War3 and FF13..
      watching 50 Dead Men Walking on Netflix…

      and reading whatever current magazines i get in the mail…

      hurry up GT5..

      my one gaming wish is a new Destruction Derby game….

    • Fallout New Vegas is too buggy on PS3, having constant freezes and other problems with this game. Obsidian really failed in my eyes because these bugs were there since Fallout 3, never got patched and now they never got fixed.
      I feel ripped off now by buying this poorly developed game.

    • I am playing: Killzone 3 beta, Burn Zombie Burn
      I am watching: A Nightmare on Elm Street (thank Sony)
      I am reading:…..internet?

    • When is Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team coming out for PSP on PSN?

    • ========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================
      Anybody home? Where’s GT5 release date?

    • Sony’s email customer service just gave you a cut and paste response that didn’t resolve your question? No, they never do that!

      Seriously Sony, your quality of service goals are a joke because you don’t spend enough money on customer service to have any chance of actually meeting them. You only pay for enough people to rush through emails with cut and paste nonsense and barely squeak in under the speed of reply goal.

    • when is Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team comin onto the psn?????

    • Hint we dont care what PSN propagandists are playing. We who keep you in business are more concerned about what we’re not playing. Games like GT5 LBP2 and so on. You know those games your getting pre order payments for but not delivering.

    Please enter your date of birth.