LittleBigPlanet 2: New Sackbot Featurette Trailer

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Welcome Sackboys and Sackgirls!

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 Sackbots LittleBigPlanet 2

Hopefully you’ve seen our first two “Featurettes” that highlight the new Grappling Hook and Bounce Pads available to play in LittleBigPlanet 2. And if you loved those, you’ll love our latest Featurette focused on Sackbots. Watch it now!

And if you’re looking for more Sackbots info, check out this special CREATOR insight into what you can do with your Sackbots!

Sackbot walkthrough by David Dino:

We’d love to hear what you have planned for your Sackbots! Let us know in the comments below :)

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  • anything little big planet is great!

  • Why, why oh why next year :'((((((

  • dope … when will we see lbp2 again … January 2011?

  • They shall be used as characters, puzzle objects, superpower mirror dimension version of the player and annoying chickens :)

  • oh wait .. I didn’t watch the vid .. lol :D

  • Any Beta news?

  • While I lack the patience to create I cant wait to see what other people make!

  • never have I seen a game so easy and fun to play yet so challenging and satisfying to master. Hats off MM

  • you guys never gave me a beta key for LBP2….
    and after all that dlc i bought? not to mentnion im a plus subscriber…..

  • THRILLER DO A THRILLER VIDEO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT NOW!!! The whole time i kept seeing it all i could think of was the thriller music video

  • Awesome! Thanks Mark.

  • GAH I need more time to play the beta!!! I remember thinking the original LBP was amazing and perhaps the pinnacle of user-driven gaming, but this…This is on a whole other level. I cannot wait until it’s finally here, and I’d love to see the beta extended *hint hint*

    Also, the game froze on me and when I turned on my PS3 again it submitted a bug report to SCEA…Are you guys receiving those?

  • I preordered the collectors edition, I can’t wait for it to release. Also I didn’t get a beta key and I was wondering if it was because I hadn’t played in a while. My cousin lent the game to his friend in june but he sold it and I’ve been dying to play more little big planet so I really hoped I would get in. Please don’t make me wait until January to get sacked, I miss my little sack boy.

  • If only this game was as fun to play as it is to watch… Well, here’s hoping the sackbots fix that.

  • Looks cool.

    Too bad I can’t help make the final version even better since I’m not in the Beta.

  • So good.

    Just shut up and take my money, Media Molecule!

  • Looking awesome MM!

    Now how bout some more US Beta invites. Please to has????

  • Aw, no more vids, give us something to play with. The wait for LBP2 is made worse by teasing us like this. A demo, or new costumes/packs for lbp instead, please.

  • I was sort of expecting a bigger update, especially since there was some major updates in LBP 1 the other day.

    Sackbots are cool. Too bad I have to wait until Feburary. Unless there will be more phases in the beta, though.

  • Thanks for that entertaining and informative video! I pre-ordered several months ago and haven’t looked back.

    Any chance you still need beta testers here in the US?

  • The strangest thing about this game so far is that the story levels are the funnest levels to play. I’m not saying you can’t create fun levels because you can, but MM has really worked hard to make their own levels nothing short of amazing. Especially the “Tower of Whoop”.

    I just wish they would keep the beta levels. I made a Super Smash Bros inspired level that turned out really good.

  • Meh, I’ll wait for a price drop on this. I already paid for a create-your-own platformer by Mm. This doesn’t do much more except up the engine a bit, add spinney cameras, sackbots, and a bunch of DLC-like items (ie. grapple hook).

    I can wait. In the meantime, MODNATION RACERS.

  • That trailer’s already given me so many creative ideas.

  • So cute. Yes, I just used the word cute.

  • Psychoz69 | October 29th, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    THRILLER DO A THRILLER VIDEO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT NOW!!! The whole time i kept seeing it all i could think of was the thriller music video

    my thoughts exactly

  • Any news for an open beta or demo yet?

  • I’m am in the LBP2 BETA and man do I love the sackbots! So much to do with them, and I love how you can dress them up! :)

    Can’t wait for the full game to release! So, when is the exact release date exactly?

  • Awesome news. Release date and all. I’m curious, because I’m in the Beta and in the second video you show a Controlinator on the outside of the Giant Sackbot. I’ve attempted to recreate the same, but it only allows me to place the controlinator on the Sackbots Circuit Board. Was this feature removed or will be in the full version?

  • thx to you 2011 will be a clear vitory for ps3.
    killzone, resistance, rachet and clank, twisted metal, the last gaurdan, and LBP i think im going to be borke LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for the 18th of January!
    When’s the demo coming?

  • Its ashamed this could of been The VGA G.O.T.Y., if it would of release this year.

  • I’ve heard good things about this game from friends who are in the beta. I suck at creating levels but I love playing other peoples levels so next year this game will get a lot of burn in my ps3

  • There is so much to do in LBP2, it’s crazy! Can’t wait until the full release!

  • Is there still LBP2 beta invites being sent out?
    I’m a mature gamer and could definitely give some constructive feedback about the game.
    Liking the videos so far. This game will be on my to buy list next year for sure.

  • What’s with that new sweet tooth trailer that just got released on gt?

  • I really like how multicultural LBP has been. I love seeing that.

  • Absolutely awesome, I loved when all the robots and sackboy were dancing in sync with each other, made me laugh. Cant wait for this game.

  • Why do Sackbots look like they’re made out of wooden blocks that have nothing to do with sacks at all?>

  • Sackboy for President

  • Is there any way for receiving an invite to LBP2 Beta even without a PS+ subscription? My friend has it.

  • Do you have to use costume parts from your Sackboy or can you make your own custom one?

  • nice i can wait!!

  • I want to make a TAG game! I don’t know how yet, but i’ll learn!

  • I figure this is the best place to ask. Any news on the Final Fantasy DLC coming to LBP?

  • is there going to be a special edition of LBP 2
    also will my add-ons and costumes from LBP GOY would work on LB2

  • Sackbots are one of the major things I’m looking forward to in LBP2. I think they will be a ton of fun. Also, they are yet another great reason to buy more DLC costumes. :)

    Like everybody else, can’t wait till the beta expands or a demo comes out or both. lol. Can’t wait to play the game.

  • The expansion of a circle should not break down like it did in the first game. Or the game should recognize it still as a circle.

  • Collector’s Edition in Canada.

    Where is it?

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