Activision’s Blur Offers Double XP All Halloweekend, Developer Play Session

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I am about to become a legend.

No, really: In Blur, when you hit level 50 in the multiplayer system, you have opened up all the cars (oh, Koenigsegg CCX, how I love thee), activated all the mods (Mastermine – which fragments other people’s mines and gives you the points for it – is my favorite), unlocked all the game modes (including Motor Mash and the fan-driven Community Event playlist), and hopefully have a decent strategy for all the tracks, from the tight turns of Hackney to the one-way trip down Mount Haruna. And when you reach level 50, well, there’s nowhere else to go. Except around the track, of course. Preferably very quickly.

Blur PS3

And then, much like Modern Warfare 2, you face a decision: Do you keep playing with all the big toys, or do you challenge yourself by hitting a Legend rank and building up your reputation and garage again, based on pure skill?

As I write this, I’m level 40 or so. I’m going to get some more racing time in this week. And this weekend, the Blur developers at Bizarre Creations are offering a little Halloween treat – double XP from Friday the 29th through Sunday the 31st. (These are the perks when your studio’s logo is a jack-o-lantern.) That means for every race, you get twice as many fans, which means ranking up twice as fast, filling your garage with gorgeous Corvettes and Elises and Vipers in record time.

Blur PS3Blur PS3

My mind is made up. I’m not wasting a weekend of double XP to just sit on my level-50 throne – as soon as I can hit Legend status, I’m going for it. Of course, it does not hurt that, by doing so, I will also unlock an exclusive car as well as a Gold Trophy. Plus, I get to use all the cars I earned in the single-player career mode in my online races, too. Armed with that, I’m willing to put my rank on the line.

The double XP goodness flows all weekend, but if you race Saturday, October 30th from 11am to 2pm, you might find yourself trading paint with the Bizarre Creations developers themselves. And of course, look for me too – my PSN ID is OneOfSwords. With any luck, I’ll be at the front of the pack!

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