MAG Escalation DLC Coming November 2

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MAG Escalation DLC

This past summer, many of you took part in our latest MAG Beta program to help us test out a number of new features slated for our recently-released update, MAG 2.0, and future DLC. Thanks to your devotion, we gathered a surplus of fantastic data that allowed us to make MAG a better game… and we’re not done yet!

Though the MAG 2.0 patch has been available since the end of September, the DLC portion of the beta has remained unreleased — but not for too much longer. Starting November 2, our three-faction gunplay whirlwind, the “Escalation” Add-on Pack, will be available for download from the PlayStation Store for $9.99 (US)!

But we aren’t stopping there.

To celebrate the release of the Escalation DLC, we’re offering two other deals to existing and would-be fans. Check this out:

  • Interdiction Add-on Pack: Now $4.99 (US); reduced from original price of $9.99 (US)
  • MAG Starter Kit: $14.99 (US): An almost $30 (US) value and everything new MAG users could want: Interdiction and Escalation Add-on packs, a 30-day trial for MAG character slots B and C, six official MAG PS3 avatars that sport Raven, SVER, and Valor characters and badges, and three dynamic PS3 themes (one for each PMC).

MAG Escalation DLC

If you didn’t get a chance to play it in our MAG Beta, the Escalation add-on supports up to 96 players, or one 32-man platoon for each PMC, as a separate in-game mode that pits the forces of Raven, SVER, and Valor against each other at the same time. The aspirations for each PMC is to earn the requisite number of points before time runs out or, if time does expire, to have the most points overall. Whichever team meets this goal wins the map and additional Shadow War points.

Escalation gameplay is set up in two phases: For phase one, all three teams battle to hold the map’s A, B and C objectives — but when any of the three PMCs gains control of two of the three objectives, phase two begins. In this second phase, the original three objectives are locked and a new fourth objective (D) opens up. Now, the PMC that forced the phase shift must defend objective D against both attacking groups as long as possible; if D is lost, then play reverts back to phase one again and the war continues on until we have a winner or time runs out.

MAG Escalation DLC

As beta players have already seen, Escalation offers three completely different environments (maps) to the MAG universe, including the volcanic beaches “Isla de Magma,” the mountainous “Silverback Ridge,” and the desert wasteland of “Radiant Barrens.” As an added bonus, our new add-on pack isn’t just made up of new maps – there are also nine previously-unavailable weapons we’re throwing into the mix too:

Raven: Gotha Elite (Assault Rifle) | KP21 (Machine Gun) | Kinmark SRS (Sniper Rifle)
SVER: Tamsen MK2 (Assault Rifle | Ariet SFW (Machine Gun) | Rubakho SVR (Sniper Rifle)
Valor: M31 CIR (Assault Rifle) | M245 (Machine Gun) | Sentinel M421 (Sniper Rifle)

If this sounds like your brand of DLC fun, we’ll see you again on November 2!

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3 Author Replies

  • “This photo is currently unavailable”
    You guys might want to look into that

    • Uno momento, we’re investigating :) UPDATE: Image issues should be fixed now; If you still get a “photo not available message,” try clearing your browser’s local cache.

  • MAG = Best Online FPS EVER!!! and it’s only getting better with time :)

  • the starter kit sounds like a good way to get me back into the game.

  • Please keep this game alive!!! Great job

    MAG is the only FPS i trully get into, i played BC2 all summer and all but i came back to MAG.


    Do PS PLUS members get a discount? :)

  • Doesn’t look it many polygons.

  • #4 I totally agree. MAG is one of the very few FPSs I “want” to play. Thanks for the DLC, Zipper!

  • Is any of this gonna be free for plus members later cuz I don’t want to pay now then its free down the line?

  • People are still playing this? Surprising seeing how poor a reception it got cause of all the bugs it had.

  • A lot of post this week that’s great! but you know what would be the icing on the cake? Dead nation release date ;)

  • Agree with #2. MAG = Best FPS ever!

  • Great Deal. May have to jump on this even though Black Ops is around the corner.

  • I’m sorry, but without a simple 256 person death match, I’m still not buying this game. I dont care for squad based mission stuff. I want to just run around and shoot anything I see.

  • MAG FTW!!! 8)

  • @davethestalker……there are a lot of people that do just that. having just a deathmatch I think would make for a very good match…too much going on for just shooting each other

  • Thanks for the continued support for MAG Zipper! I love how you guys care too much to bring us more and more. I hope this doesn’t stop here. ;)

    I’ll be sure to buy Escalation. My friend also bought MAG recently and he was looking to get Interdiction after escalation. So, he’ll be getting the Starter pack now. :)

    All I wanted to say is, AWESOME job Zipper. As long as you keep updating the game just like you’re doing now, I’m with MAG till the end!

  • Move support for MAG really changed the game for me. What started out as a somewhat frustrating experience with neat novelty value (not too good with joystick-controlled FPSs) quickly changed to one of my favorite games on PS3, although I wish the big scopes controlled like the reflex sight does. I’m really glad that interdiction is getting a price drop, and at this point I’m considering getting both DLC missions – and since the starter pack is the same price as both DLCs but with added value, I will probably go for that. Access to the B & C slots will allow me to see which faction I work better with without having to delete my character.

    Anyway, thanks for putting Move support into your game.

  • @16 agreed. MAG + Move is seriously a lot of fun.

  • MAG is such a under rated game……I will buy day one…Game On…I am not buying Black ops because I will be playing this

  • Although I would say… is time to make more domo and sabo maps next….and we will surley pay for them

  • I still think the weapons should be free and the maps/game mode should be $5. I don’t want to see a repeat of Interdiction, so Zipper best make the Escalation gamemode have %200 XP.

    I guess I’ll buy this eventually. Why buy an add-on for this when Black Ops comes out on the 9th? Sorry Zipper.

  • @DeadCell, Black ops is nothing more than a revamped modern Warfare 2.

    Plus, Why buy a mode that’s a repeat of interdiction? You know what, Did you notice on the website of MAG that the 80% of the people are getting Escalation?

    So, it’s safe to say, Escalation is going to be a success this time.

  • We need a double exp weekend to celebrate. Make it happen Zipper.

    • We’re putting something together for the near future.

      That said, we do currently have some in-game XP promos already running:

      — Happy Hour bonus (Double XP the first hour you play)
      — Interdiction bonus (Quadruple XP)
      — Directives bonus (50% XP)

  • Sure did take long enough, can’t wait!

  • I need to start playing again. I re-bought the game when 2.0 came out and play for 2 days then haven’t played since. I also wish I would have waited on the DLC. Could have saved myself $5. No big deal though cause I sure do like all the changes that came with 2.0 and can’t wait to see this new DLC later. Keep up the great support Zipper.

  • awesome……….. November is going 2 be a good month cant wait to kick some ass in escalation n next time put new shotguns n SMGs in DLC

  • hay did u change the maps or something because the pic on mag blog look different from beta

  • @ Shadow-Man_4
    LOLz, its gonna be more that a “revamped Modern Warfare 2”, I’d say its a completely overhauled MW2. With all of the extra features they’ve added, the game is going to be better than a lot of people expect.

    Zombies is returning, I assume they addressed the balancing and spawn issues from MW2, multi-profile logins, split-screen online play, and other stuff.

    See, MAG still suffers from the same issue that MW2 has. MAG is extremely unbalanced.

    Oh and the 80% of votes for that poll don’t mean anything. Heck, I would have voted that I would buy it (eventually). Its kinda sad to see this pack being released now because I was just beginning to enjoy Interdiction, now everyone is gonna migrate. Oh well.

  • Just a question; if we bought Interdiction for $10.00 before it went down to $4.99, do we get $5.01 back, or at least get Escalation for $4.99 as well?

    MAG’s a great game! (In my opinion, better than COD)


  • i would definitely buy Escalation with a PS+ discount. still, there is a low player count for Interdiction, maybe with the Mag Starter Kit to entice players, this might work but i won’t hold my breath….also, PS+ members like me already have the “rental” MAG PS3 avatars and themes.

  • This is actually pretty nicely timed. I picked up mag after the price drop, and was on the fence about getting the interdiction pack, but a bundle like this will definitely make for a good reason to pick them both up.

    Nicely done!

  • Been looking forward to this since I heard about it. Really enjoy Interdiction and Domination so this seems right up my alley. Also love the support and tweaking all of you continue to make. When I bought this I figured it would only be something I played now and again. Instead it is by far the game I play/have played the most out of everything I own. Love it and I am looking forward to anything else Zipper comes out with.

  • I’ll try to get it when it’s released but I left to wonder how many people will buy it after they tried the beta…there were quite a few complaints around

  • Sold.

    Dear Zipper,

    I hope MAG 2 is/will be in the works.

    MAG is one of the best shooters in history.

    There is nothing like it.

    Good move, Sony.

  • @ DeadCell34: You should go re-read the Black Ops post here on the forum. Multiple PSN logins is scrapped. Also, is Zombies DLC like before? Cause if it is you should look around more too. MS has an exclusivity deal with Activision in place guaranteeing timed exclusive DLC until 2012… In the long run, it’ll be another Activision title that’s basically the same as the previous titles.

    In the long run, at least Zipper is here more for it’s complete fanbase rather than catering to another system a-la-Activision. I suppose though that’s what exclusivity brings to the table.

  • I am going to buy this on launch :D

  • Swweeeeeettt good job Zipper !! i love that you guys have the starter kit. Unfortunately this is not true for the EU store, I don’t know why it’s like that. A lot of people from the UK and EU have been waiting for a bundle. Is there going to be future Bundles for escalation and interdiction in these regions ?

  • Looks Awesome!

  • This is such a great game. Thanks for the news. The only reason I don’t play it as much as I would like is because my Wife complains about my talking/volume. I get so involved with what’s going on that I forget that I may be annoying those around me. Thank you, Zipper, for such a great game and your continued support.

  • Definitely gonna buy that starter pack! I need to get back into this game.

  • 3D Patch please! I want to play MAG in 3D on my new 3DTV. Also, Socom 4 should be awesome….in 3D! :D Pretty please Zipper!

  • Yeah, whats up with a 3D patch for this? I would think they would want to “beta” the 3D before SOCOM 4 as an update on MAG.
    Personally, I dont like MAG, it feels like something I dread in console games the “finished, eternally unfinished game that still this much later doesn’t have as much polish as an empty Lee’s press on nail kit”…..BUT I play it….hoping for it, because I want to like it, but I think the collision detection is horrendous, but perhaps being in 3D would fix it.

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