MLB 10: The Show Predicts: Giants in 7

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Hey baseball fans! With the World Series ready to get underway, we’re here to predict the winner of this year’s Fall Classic using the most realistic baseball game on the market, MLB 10: The Show. We simulated the match-up between the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants, and are excited to see that a seven-game classic is in our future. Here’s a quick video rundown of the series:

Much as they did against the Yankees, Texas jumped to an early lead in Game 1 and then blew it open against the Giants bullpen. After San Francisco bounced back to take Game 2 easily, the series moved to Arlington for a pivotal Game 3. Texas battled back from a 4-0 deficit to lead 5-4 in the ninth, but Aubrey Huff hit a two-run homer off Neftali Feliz and the Giants seized control of the series with a 7-5 win. A 6-3 triumph in Game 4 extended the Giants’ lead three-games to one, but Cliff Lee continued to be an almost unhittable force in the postseason for the Rangers, throwing eight innings of six-hit ball and winning Game 5, 4-3.

Still, the Giants had two chances on their home field to win it all. In Game 6, it was the Rangers’ turn to leave the hometown fans heartbroken, as they rallied for two runs in the 8th and two more in the 10th to win 4-3 and force a deciding Game 7.

In Game 7, pitching ruled the day as the teams combined for just five hits over nine innings. Leading off the bottom of the 10th, Pat Burrell’s fourth home run of the Series not only cemented his claim to series MVP award, it gave the Giants their first World Series title since moving west in 1958.

Here are the game-by-game scores:

  • Game 1: Texas 10, San Francisco 3
  • Game 2: San Francisco 9, Texas 1
  • Game 3: San Francisco 7, Texas 5
  • Game 4: San Francisco 6, Texas 3
  • Game 5: Texas 4, San Francisco 3
  • Game 6: Texas 4, San Francisco 2 (10 innings)
  • Game 7: San Francisco 1, Texas 0 (10 innings)

And here are some of the Series’ top performers:

San Francisco Giants:

  • Pat Burrell (MVP): 10-28, 4 HR, 11 RBI
  • Buster Posey: 10-30, 3 HR, 6 RBI
  • Matt Cain: 2 games, 1-0, 15 IP, 8H, 1 ER, CG in Game 2

Texas Rangers:

  • Cliff Lee: 2 games, 2-0, 16 IP, 12 K, 2.81 ERA
  • Josh Hamilton: 7-29, 2 2B, 3 RBI
  • Elvis Andrus: 8-22, 4 runs, 2 RBI, 2 SB

How accurate is MLB 10: The Show? The World Series starts tomorrow – we’ll know soon!

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  • BFD

  • Wow, that’s a tight series. But SCEA being based in San Francisco I call bias! Texas in 5!

  • i think tx in 6 games.. the pitching of tx is way deeper and better than sf..

  • I live in Cali,but go Rangers,they deserve it much more! 1st conference championship,1st World series victory!?

  • Yeah I don’t think so. I’m betting Texas in 4.

  • I’m gonna say Texas in 6 since I’m a Rangers fan. hehe. I really want them to win the World Series for the first time.

  • If Pat Burrell is the MVP in this series, I will have seen it all. I thought I had seen it all already with Cody Ross winning in the last series.

    Rangers in 5.


  • Baseball is sooooooooooooo boring.

  • Very cool. It would also be very cool if you guys put some kind of Playoffs mode into The Show ’11. Let us skip the season and jump right into the division playoffs, championship series, or even the World Series. Amp up the crowd effects so it feels like a postseason atmosphere, etc. This is something I’ve always wanted. Sure, you can sim through a season, but that’s a hassle, and can result in your team not looking the way you want it.

    Postseason mode in MLB ’11!

  • That sounds like an EPIC series! I’d love to watch that.

  • Looks like Kevin Butler was wrong about Kansas City in 6. :P

  • Gotta admit it’d be awesome to see a walk-off homer in extra innings to win the whole thing.
    Though i’m still rooting for the Rangers!

  • Giants in game 7 ? Idk this series looks one sided in favor of the Rangers.

  • Only in a video game. There’s no way Texas would be shut out in Game 7, no way Pat Burrell hits 4 home runs and no way Cliff Lee’s ERA is above 2 for the series.

    Get out your brooms cause it’s the Rangers in 4.

  • I don’t really like sports but I like reading things like this, it’ll be fun to see if it turns out to be right (post it here on the blog because I’m not gonna be watching the games)

  • Living in a town by San Fran, everyone is crazy right now for the World Series. I don’t care who wins…but I’m leaning towards Texas, they got that player I forgot his name who came back after doing drugs and stuff and turned his life around. Thats amazing.

  • Your computers and number crunching doesn’t take into account the heart of a champion!!! Go Rangers!!

  • If this game is right on the money, I’ll buy it.

  • @Jason Villa

    Is there still going to be Move support for MLB 10 or is it going to be in MLB 11? It was said it would be in MLB 10 at E3 but I would understand if it was just going to be in MLB 11 since I’m sure they’re hard at work on it right now.

  • I love MLB 10: The Show, but it will be the Rangers in 5

    Too much offense will overwhelm the Giants.

  • Giants are gonna win! Go Giants!

  • BOO Giants, BOO Rangers, LET’S GO DODGERS, at least next year!!

  • Giants in 4.. yeah i said it .

  • hurry up and update the playstation store!!!

  • Texas has this one on lock.

  • Rangers are my pick. But wait, Kevin Butler…from the future….he was wrong! he was right about MOVE’s success but not baseball! he may have just created a time travel paradox that will unravel the time stream and destroy the entire universe! Great Scott! This is heavy doc!

  • Can you put Move support in this game please?


  • #28 is so hilarious. Lordy.

  • I’m going to say Texas in 6. Whoever pitches the best will most likely win. Most of America want Phils/Yanks. However the power of the underdog will win the 2010 World Series.

  • Its 8pm eastern time! And still no update for PSN store!! u got to be kidding!! wow

  • @28 quit whining you big baby the world doesn’t revolve around you “im getting a 360 cause they haven’t updated the store yet” wahhh wahhh grow up

  • I have Rangers in 6.

    Oh and My RTTS pitcher is now in 2019 so I think I want MLB 11 The Show about now. March cannot come soon enough.

  • @28 try having a life most people don’t sit on their ass all day long waiting for the psn store too update they actually are busy working and have more important things on their mind.

  • i have the rangers in 6 as well cliff lee and josh hamilton co- mvp’s

  • wheres the psn update its an hour late?

  • Let’s go Texas!

  • San Fran all the way! but also Texas Forever so either way I’m happy.

  • @34 “try having a life most people don’t sit on their ass all day long waiting for the psn store too update they actually are busy working”

    Huh? It’s 8 pm. Do you really think the problem here is that I need to go back to work? I’ve already put in a full day working on “more important things”, as you put it, and now my wife and I would like to play some Rock Band. It’d be nice if Sony would get on the stick and post the Rock Band content to PSN.

  • @34 haha, Well I don’t usually care for the ps store update, but the red dead zombies looks amazing and I am just hype for it. putting it in all caps acting like I’m upset might motivate sony to put the update out

  • Boo. I’m rooting for Hamilton, Lee and the Rangers since my Mets are way out of it.

  • I predict a store update at 9:00.

    Seriously, how long does it take? It’s been years of incompetence with these store updates. Is anyone listening?

  • @39 its not 8 pm everywhere some people are in the west coast too and are just getting off work and about too

  • @39 i wasn’t responding to you before anyway

  • where’s the psn update for today ?:S
    i know this isnt where i should be posting this…but i am curious

  • While I can understand looking forward to the update, do we really need to complain about the timeliness of the free update? If people want to have something run like clockwork they can go to xbox and pay for it. But while we’re all getting content updates for free, who cares when it goes up?

  • Still have to pay for the content when it goes up.

    So when you say that we get content updates for free, that’s quite opposite of what actually happens.

  • @46 uhh its not free, except maybe for a small wallpaper or something or a couple demos??????????????

  • MLB THE SHOW 10 predicted a great series .

  • they are probably being distracted by the Heat vs Celtics game i know i am..suck how my HEAT is going to end up losing their first game..the Celtics roster is JUST NOT FAIR >:/

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