Hal Sparks Returns for ‘The Tester’ Season 2 Preview Show and Download & Win Sweepstakes Details

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To get you ready for the Season Premiere next week on Tuesday, November 2, we’re releasing a special ‘Preview Show’ today that features more about the cast, a glimpse at what you’ll see this season and, most importantly, casting submission outtakes from folks that didn’t come close to making the cut. Our good friend and Season 1 panelist, Hal Sparks hosts this preview.

While Hal was unavailable for Season 2 because of his touring schedule, he was able to check out the hopefuls, provide his hilarious perspective, and introduce his replacement, Adrianne Curry… all in this short preview episode.

During the season, you’ll see cast members win challenges and also valuable PlayStation and Sony prizes like a PlayStation Move bundle or a Sony HD HandyCam. You, the audience and fans of “The Tester,” will also have the opportunity to win the prizes seen on the show with our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes.

The Tester - Stig signed God of War III

From a God of War III: Ultimate Edition (signed by Creative Director, Stig Asmussen) featured in next week’s Season Premiere to a Sony HX8 46” 3D Bravia TV grand prize from the series finale, all you have to do is download the episode from PlayStation Store to be automatically entered into each week’s prize drawing. For details, visit the ‘Download & Win’ section at www.thetester.com.

With only one week until the Season Premiere of “The Tester”, we’re looking forward to your impression of the Preview Show and we can’t wait for everyone to see the premiere on Tuesday, November 2.

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  • My long time dream is to own a signed copy of God of War!

    But what the hell i live in india:-(

  • The Stig means business.

  • @Kevin Furuichi

    Is there any chance of getting The Tester shown in other regions. I asked Sid about it before in the blog and he says he thinks it’s only available to North America.

    It’s just a shame that you’re limiting yourselves to a single market, as there’s so many PSN users outside of the US, but so little video content. Here in Hong Kong there’s hardly any video content on PSN, and a show like The Tester could be fun to watch.

    I’m sure advertisers would become even more interested in PSN original programming if the whole international PSN community was able to watch the content being made.

    Anyway… in the absence of The Tester being available here, are there any websites where we can watch full episodes online?

  • whats the chances on some swag, those tester lanyards looking nice.

  • ahh hal sparks wont be a panelist

  • Sweet! I enjoyed The Tester and like entering contests, so this is a good deal.

    I’m excited for season 2!

  • Cool, free is always good :)

    Has anyone seen Hal with his hair long? Wonder if he will ever go back to that hair style that he once had.

  • sweet a chance to win stuff for doing something i was going to do anyway …nice

  • GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5! GT5!

  • i like curry

  • The applicants in the video seem better then the ones that will be on the show..

    But yeah, give me GT5!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gotta love it..gotta luv it got a luv it..that’s awesome that we have a chance to win also!! KUDOS!!


  • Is the contest US only?

  • Curry is annoying. Bring back Hal Sparks for season 3!!

  • @14: Yes it is.

  • People are continually asking for the return of OtherOS and BC, people want x game chat and GT5 (5 years of dev time = inexcuseable) but instead what do we get? this abysmal steaming pile of garbage. Does nobody in sony realize all their doing is helping sell the competitors consoles?

  • Every bit of conflict was compressed into that last minute, it seemed.

    @3 I don’t know if users are allowed to distribute the videos online. I have all of season 1 saved on my hard drive, and would be willing to distribute it if Sony would allow me to do so legally.

  • MY NAME IS MO CHOCOLATE!! I CAN DO IT!!! -mo chocolate-

  • @3 I don’t know if the episodes are copyrighted. I think they are, because they are supposed to be “PSN Exclusive” shows. I have the first season on my hard drive and would be willing to spread the love if it is legal.

    The last minute of that video compressed all the conflict from the entire season, it seemed.

  • So…. Whats for dinner… My tummy is rumbling, O ya, um Season 2, Win Stuff, Joy, IM STILL HUNGRY!!!

  • You’re still planning on giving away the GT5 CE for Episode 6? What if it gets delayed to next year? Will it be replaced by something else?

  • Looking better than season 1

  • Is it me or are they reaching for more people to watch this show now? I know I didn’t watch the first season at all, the show just screams scripted from the cast that supposedly “won” the right to be on.

    I will be watching now for the prizes of the Sony Cybershot and Handycam as I always wanted one of them.

    Also what is with the panelist they get for the show? I mean I would watch more if they had less Celebrities and more of the Industries top people on here to judge them and crack wise about there performance.

  • Niceeeee!

  • I am going to download anyway, but a chance at winning something for free is always a bonus.

  • I cannot wait for the new season. My girlfriend and I both enjoyed the first season!

  • There is a season 2?

  • Wait which episode do we have to download to be entered into the sweepstakes? This preview one or the season premiere?

  • umm i have a golden chocobo and knights of the round and im not on the show..this confuses me? lol

  • Seeing those entry videos and seeing how some gamers are made me a bit embarrassed to be a gamer to be honest, those people seriously need to get a life, I mean I love gaming, I absolutely love it, but wow I would never give up having a life for it though.

  • I don’t know why I watch this … it’s like a guilty pleasure. lol but I’ll take some loot!

  • Playstation, pls have the episodes Auto Download for PS+ users as i read in one of ur posts…

  • which version would we have to download, the one on the game side or video side of the PS store?

  • Do you still qualify for the Download and win contest if The Tester episode is automatically downloaded via Playstation Plus?

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