Prinny 2: First Trailer, Panties Design Contest

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Dood! I’m here to tell you all about our brand new contest we have devised to hopefully help our favorite Demon Lord Etna to forget all about her lost panties. In order to escape her wrath and specifically from being skinned alive, we’re asking our fans to design a new pair of panties that our favorite Demon Lord herself wouldn’t mind wearing!

Three lucky contestants will be chosen by a panel of us here at NIS America and will win a free copy of Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP. On top of that, the best design will be made into actual panties and will be sent to the top three contestants and also to 50 randomly picked participants! Get creative and help out the Prinnies by making a most-excellent pair of panties for Etna, dood! Check out all of the details here at the Official Contest Page!

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP

On top of that we have prepared the first trailer for Prinny 2 and wanted to share it with all of you!

Those who played the last Prinny adventure — Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? — probably already know this, but this game is designed to be challenging. On my first playthrough, I managed to put a serious dent in my 1000 prinny lives before completing it. However, there’s a new addition that I think a lot of players will like, which is called “Baby” mode. The previous version only had “Standard” and “Hell’s Finest” and even on Standard, a lot of players still found some parts and bosses to be on par with side-scrollers from the 80’s in terms of difficulty. “Baby” mode can be activated within the game when necessary to help with game progress and can stop some grey hairs from sprouting. In my case it helped prevent choice words and hand signals from being expressed in the testing room.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP

I’d like to also take a quick moment to talk to all of you about some of the new Prinny abilities that are mentioned in the trailer. On top of the basic abilities that were included in the original Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero, there are some really unique features for Prinny 2. One of the most notable abilities available is the new “Break Mode.” The way it works is you first have to eat enough sweets or attack to build your Break Gauge. After a certain point, you can enter “Break Mode” and it will allow you to do 3 separate abilities that can really give you an edge in battle or boss encounters. On top of the special abilities, you will experience a slight damage increase also when using your standard jump slash or normal slash attacks. Break mode now gives you an even bigger reason to get ready for a serious button mashing session, as using it can have a direct correlation to your success against a boss or in certain parts of each level.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSPPrinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP

The first Break Mode ability is called the “Husky Hip Pound.” Much like the hip pound in the last Prinny game, this ability not only has the ability to stun, it has the ability to damage too! The second new ability is called the Prinny Cyclone. Using the Prinny spin technique while in Break Mode will allow you to do a powerful spin technique that will unleash damage to all nearby enemies that you spin over. Lastly, there is the “Prinnikaze” ability. After building your gauge to Break Mode, you can activate an extremely powerful diving sword attack that will deal extra damage to both enemy and boss alike, dood!

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSPPrinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP

On a funny side note, another comical ability appears in Prinny 2 in an item called a Netheryam. Once get one, you instantly start to fart and it lifts you into the air until it runs out. It can be used to get to areas that would otherwise be unreachable, to navigate a certain area of the map, or to soar over your enemies shamelessly with the power of self-reliance using your own gas.

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for PSP

That’s it for this installment from here at NIS America, stay tuned for updated screenshots, character pics, and more trailers on our Official Prinny 2 Website. Laters, dood!

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17 Author Replies

  • “the best design will be made into actual panties” Wow.

    /opens Photoshop

    • Hey IGLOO05!

      Hahahaha, we’re just as excited as all of our fans about this contest! Especially since we get to see all the submissions. Some really good ones are coming in! Looking forward to checking yours out!

      In the next couple of days make sure to follow us on our Facebook/Twitter as we post more fan submissions.


      – Ryan

  • Looking forward to this game can’t wait

  • Actual panties?? LOL best PS Blog post ever! XD

  • What type of panties would I like to design… What would Etna wear? There’s a lot to consider.

  • also is this contest open to Canadians?

  • Day 1 for me–make it downloadable please

  • Hahahahaha, sick and awesome post, Ryan! =D

    • Thanks Moonglare!

      Be excited! Prinny 2 is really fun and just as addicting as the last one!!! I’m looking forward to your submission for the contest ^^


  • One of the reasons I haven’t gotten the first game yet is because I read somewhere the controls are too sluggish. I read that when you jump horizontally you cannot change the direction afterwards. Is this true? Is this the case on Prinny 2? It’s unfortunate since even in NES games there are plenty of games where you can change direction in the air.

    Other than that, the game looks very fun and I would like to play it.

    • Hey AriesWarlock,

      I honestly didn’t find the controls to be sluggish when I did my playthrough. When you jump horizontally, it is true that you cannot change direction on the first jump, however, you do get a second jump as Prinny 2 has the double-jump feature. It is on the 2nd jump that you can change direction which greatly helps. I don’t think the average gamer will have a problem picking it up.

      On my playthrough I really didn’t feel that not being able to alter my direction on the first jump hindered my experience. Granted a lot of side-scrollers that allowed a little bit of tweaking mid-air made for good gameplay on NES, however a lot of the 80’s Castlevania games had the same jumping system as Prinny 2 and they still were a blast in my opinion. Double jump will be your friend as it really ties in to a lot of the boss fights!!!

      Hope this helps!

      — Ryan

  • wow you guys are really bold in to coming here and promote the contest…what i can say? i’m gonna pass this contest up because if i get lucky and win it then i might have trouble explaining my relatives what the heck i’m doing with some panties that…nevermind, this is just wrong XD LMAO!

    • Hey perrandy!

      I’m sure your relatives will be understanding! You should try to get them to design some too hahahaha.

      – Ryan

  • I am ashamed to say this, but I have not played the Prinny game… yet. :( Though I did play and love the Disgaea games! Is it me or does Etna have a different voice actor now? Kind of miss the original. Now I have to play Disgaea! :p

  • Well. Now I never want to hear the words Asagi or D00d again after that trailer.

  • So Asagi game is just a mode in Prinny 2

    • Hey eatthemall!

      I agree that it is a mode, however it’s a little bit more than just a “mode” by itself. The story itself is exclusive to Asagi, along with the bosses. You’ll also find a completely different set of weapons and abilities between Asagi Wars and the normal Prinny 2 game.

      The part I personally liked was that the weapons you can use really changed the way you go through the level in comparison with the normal Prinny 2 mode. I didn’t feel that it was the exact same mechanics as the normal mode and it made for a pretty fun experience.

      Hope this helps!

      – Ryan

  • This is why NIS is awesome! I am so tired of companies worrying about offending someone or always playing the conservative PR role. The PR staff from most publishers act like mindless drones with the same old sales pitches.

    Thanks you NIS for breaking the mold once again. Maybe there is hope for the gaming industry after all.

    • Thanks XKOROSHIYAX!

      Asking for panty designs from our fans may be pushing the envelope a little, but then again, we’re Prinnies, dood!

      Thanks for the awesome comment and support!!



  • Do you really think this is appropriate for Children? What about the whole, Sony is a Family Entertainment Company? Whats next Porno’s in the video store? You got enough Porn Stars in your Premium Themes as it is…

  • Thanks to NIS[a] and PlayStation for this awesome contest/idea!!!!!! Probably the best this century!

    Also, I really enjoy the Prinny-series, — though the difficulty setting was a slightly boring addition, I still look forward to Prny2!!!!

    Continue supporting/developing awesome, and actually fun, ideas NIS + PS!

    • Thanks righello!

      If you liked this contest, stay tuned for another one to be announced shortly on our website and Prinny Bomb!

      – Ryan

  • LOL, Prinny 2 is going to be awesome.

    …Any word on the NIS PSN Avatars? I want one of those too.

    • Hey Jerel!

      Glad to hear you’re stoked for Prinny 2!!!

      As for the PSN Avatars, we have them all ready, we are just in the submission process at the moment. It’s looking to be about another month and a half before you see them – so fairly soon!

      – Ryan

  • Love NIS… thank you for Prinny2!!! The first game was ridiculous in a good way of course=)

    Wish yal good fortune n all the success in the world. This is a day 1 pick up for sure!

    • Thanks hero316!!!

      Expect that same good ol’ ridiculousness in Prinny 2 just like the first!!

      Thank you for your kind words and support! We definitely appreciate it, dood!!

      – Ryan

  • I’m glad about the easier mode being added. I enjoyed the first game, but found some spots a bit hard. Can’t wait, since I buy anything NIS America. :D

  • DOOD!

    Also, do we have a date for Disgaea 4?

    • Hey VincentVendetta!

      No specific date just yet, dood. Best we can say at the moment is next summer!!!

      – Ryan

  • @Ryan

    Thanks for the reply. If there is a second jump then that should make things better. I think I will try this now. Please, do pass along to the developers to always keep in mind tweaks and designs to make the experience smooth for players as possibly as they can. Even better, take fan feedback. Thanks.

    • Not a problem AriesWarlock!

      The second jump has saved my tail a lot of times, especially when I wanted to rethink that timed jump hehehe.

      We definitely appreciate the feedback and I’ll pass it over to the localization team so they can get the word across seas ^^



  • Super informative video, D00d! The first game was quite challenging, so it’s nice to see an additional difficulty. I think I’ll stick to the default difficulty though.

  • Hey, I really need this question answered so I can know whether to buy this or not. The first Prinny was great but I had to press the square button so fast I thought I was going to break the screen off of my PspGo. I was wondering if there will be an option to maybe just hold the square button to get off super fast attacks. Thanks.

    • Hey Robbie_G_Irish!

      Unfortunately they weren’t able to give us a turbo button option to get super fast attacks going in Prinny 2. The attack button is still the same as the previous Prinny game.

      I know it can be a drag to have to mash the square button during boss fights, but the good news is that of the addition of the combo gauge and break mode. By saving your serious square button hitting for when you have your full break gauge, it will be easier on the hands/PSP unit and more effective during the levels/boss fights.

      Hope this gives you some encouragement ^^

      – Ryan

  • Oh my. The entries so far look pretty good. I’ll have to think on a design for a while :D

  • Invisible panties!

    Asagi Wars… mind=blown.

  • dood,dood,dood,dood aaaaahhhh i can’t take it but the game looks fun XD

  • lol this is funny, i will make sure i make something :P

    • Destiny89,

      Looking forward to seeing your entry! We’re slowly uploading them to Facebook!

      Best of luck!

      – Ryan

  • Slight disappointment on the voice actors, but this game sounds like it will really be awesome.


  • I appreciate the response Ryan. Your avatar reminded me that I need to buy Z.H.P. tomorrow.

  • Hey Robbie_G_Irish!

    Not a problem!

    That’s right! Z.H.P. is out tomorrow on UMD and for PSN download! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

    Have a great night,

    – Ryan

  • Asagi Wars! Woohoo! That looks awesome. Can’t wait for Prinny 2, ^,^

  • Is it really necessary for the Prinny to “fart?” And stealing panties? This is all heading in a direction that may too childish for me… and I’m a diehard Prinny 1 fan.

  • @SOOPERGOOMAN187 #14

    killzone is child friendly? yeah right!

    some panty joke that’s seen all the time in most anime, it’s not serious

    japan already has official streaming porn on ps3 from dmm, way to look foolish & ignorant

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