ModNation Racers – Those Ain’t Snow Chains!

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Greetings and Happy MNR Monday everyone. Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday update!

Kratos Mod and Kart coming next week!

ModNation Racers: Kratos Kart

Previously only available via special pre-order offers! Next week, the Kratos Mod and Kart will finally be available. They can be purchased separately or as a bundle from the PSN.

Don’t Forget: Double XP

Double XP week starts on Tuesday! Also, in celebration of Halloween, the Vampy Mod will be free for a week starting October 26th.

We also told you about Parts Packs last week. Remember that the Stunt Pack is FREE FOR TWO WEEKS from October 26th through November 9th.

ModNation Halloween-themed creations contest

Submit your original Halloween themed Karts, Mods, and Tracks here for a chance to win a free Mod and Kart. The winner’s creations will be showcased in November’s first ModNation Monday blog.

ModNation Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handiwork on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mod of the Week

Mod Name: Royal Racer
Creator: Icandy55

ModNation Racers: Royal Racer ModNation Racers: Royal Racer 2

Decked in flames from head to toe, this Mod looks ready to bring some heat to any track the Kart is on. The color scheme is simple, and the decals are detailed but subtle. The Royal Racing team definitely has the look. Now, if there were only a matching Kart….

Kart of the Week

Kart Name: Royal Racer
Creator: Icandy55

ModNation Racers: Royal Kart ModNation Racers: Royal Kart 2

The perfect complement to this week’s Mod of the Week, the Royal Racer Kart carries over the same classy design and simple but effective color scheme as its Mod counterpart. Unfortunately, using both the Royal Racer Mod and kart didn’t improve my skills, but MAN I looked cool coming in last!

Track of the Week

If you have a video(s) of your track submit them to MNR’s YouTube channel by emailing and we will include them in the blog if your track is showcased.

Track Name: The Elephants Graveyard
Created by: Laidbackcat

ModNation Racers: Elephants Graveyard

Laidbackcat says: “Race through a track dominated by these majestic creatures!”

Laidbackcat is a true ModNation Artist. As good as his track designs are, Laidbackcat goes the extra mile and makes some of the most interesting props I’ve seen in ModNation. This track in particular features some really impressive sculpted elephants.

Track Name: Creepy Crawlie Garden
Created by: Laidbackcat

ModNation Racers: Creepy Crawlie Garden

Laidbackcat says: “These gardens have been taken over by insects and arachnids! Featuring a phenomenally large tarantula as the centerpiece attraction! Not for the squeamish…”

I’ve never been especially fond of spiders, and thanks to this track, I have a full on case of arachnophobia. That giant tarantula is amazing, but it’s a bit scary, and so is the big loop around it. In addition to my new hatred of spiders, I think I also hate water now (stupid difficult fountain shortcut!).

Track Name: Calamity Falls G.C.
Created by: Laidbackcat

ModNation Racers: Calamity Falls

Laidbackcat says: “Annoy the upper classes as you interrupt their afternoon game of golf with a race! Enjoy the tour of this majestic country club’s splendid grounds, but watch out for bunkers!”

It was just coincidence that I happened to be driving Gopher in the Golf Kart when I raced on this track for the first time, and it turned out to be the perfect combination. Much to my pleasant surprise, this track actually feels like racing on a golf course. Every time I’m actually playing golf and I get behind the wheel of a golf cart, I dream of mashing that thing all over the course and driving like a maniac. Thanks to Laidbackcat for making my dream come true. This is brilliant.

Hot Lap Roster for this week

Continuing with the trend we started weeks ago this weeks Hot Lap roster features all new community created tracks.

Monday: Mountains of Madness, by voicefarm
Tuesday: Gobi’s Valley, by vikin4
Wednesday: Snake Food, by CIV_BOSS
Thursday: Miami Nice? by atheistsw
Friday: Pine Mountain Gorge, by Its2l84that
Saturday: Mystery Track
Sunday: Mystery Track

More news next week, until then… see you in the ModSpot!

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5 Author Replies

  • Neeeeed Raaaatttccchhhheeeeettttttt and clank. xD

    I haven’t played ModNation in a while. Hmmm maybe its time…

  • The one Mod i paid for is free, nice. Thanks Modnation :(

  • Nice update, thanks

    Do you know when The killzone 3 beta codes will be sent out to the 5000 USA Playstation Plus Members?.

  • Is it possible to download Mods and Karts from the demo to the full game?

  • @1: Agreed. Ratchet and Clank FTW! When’s it comin’?

  • So, how long does the double XP last? Is it just for Tuesday?

  • i dont care about modnation where is my killzone 3 beta? its monday the 25th i was one of the first to download the theme cuz i sit there and refresh the page till it was updated there is no way i wasnt in the first 5,000 goodbye psn plus for me.

  • FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely going to get that lvl 30 trophy now!

  • @6

    Double XP lasts a week.

    I presume Europe will get the track DLC on the 27th?

    Any update for a fix for disconnections while searching creations?

  • Ramone Is an awesome name, RAMONE, im saying out load in a kinda zorro way.

  • when are you going to fix the “typo” in the star creator trophy. its the only one that is preventing me from getting my platinum and i still have 200000 to go :(

  • @11

    They cant fix the “typo” so the amount of XP we get was raised instead.

  • well that doesnt make anything better

  • @13

    Believe me…it does!

  • @11

    FINALLY someone else agrees with me. I already asked this before, and they said they had no plans on changing it.

  • Im sure they can change it, they just dont feel like it, like thier mundane patch for load times

  • @6 “It say Double XP Week Start Tuesday…..” How can you ask, how long does the double XP last? Is it just for Tuesday?

    I just find that funny.

  • Are we getting this in Europe on the same day too or a week later?

  • @18

    It should be the same as the last double XP week, if so Europe will get it the same day.

  • Kratos mod in time for Ghost of Sparta. Sweet!! Looking forward to the downloads this week too. Starting to get back into Mod Nation after a bit of a hiatus.

  • I hate to speak off topic, but I am not sure how to reach Modnation. My game has locked me from drillbit. I once raced him but never beat him. then I took a little hiatus from modnation. Now I am back, I have passed everything. except for drillbit. he is now locked and I cannot race him. I have unlocked everything on his track. but I can not unlock drillbit. Ramone, is there a solution? or am I not allowed to unlock everything due to a glitch?

  • well.. I already have had kratos since day 1 but ill take the free stuff

  • Yes please on the parts, regardless of price. No thank you on the tease by putting “snow” in the title. I’m sure you know what I mean.

  • so when do you think someone is gonna legitimately beat Synophis on hotlap? iswear everytime i do hotlap im always going against his time….

  • I have got to get Modnation especially after GT5 got delayed. I have an Idea for a track and car that I want to do. Also a racer

  • i got a couple of suggestions
    1. A motrocycle kart
    2.make it so the hair doesnt go through the hat

  • Wait, so what does the title have to do with the post? I’m a bit confused. I was really looking forward to seeing a snow theme DLC… :(

  • Sweet, i already have Kratos due to the pre-order, but hooray for free stunt pack and free vampire mod! I was gonna buy the vampire mod when it first came out, but never did, now I get it free!

  • It would be insanely cool if they could let us modify the character models like the way anton and dr. Marks edit those models in one of the playstation move demos.

  • ehm.. why my comment is awaiting moderation?, it is supossed to be numer 18 comment? :S. I didn’t say anything wrong

  • Ok I’m ready for tomorrow’s free stunt pack DLC, already downloaded the 349mb patch for the game…

    what!!? vampy goes free? and I already bought it… damn :(

    another thing, Ramone, why lcandy55′s mods and karts are always chosen for mods and karts for the week??

  • @vintageOctopus: It’s a pun. Kratos wears chains around his arms not on his kart. It’s a big stretch for a laugh, which is why it’s going over some peoples’ head.

    I won’t ask how far away a patch is for searching by text for creations is, but I will comment that I have put publishing on hold due to not trying to publish a track of the same name as someone else.

    Also, has the prize for the winner of the Halloween contest changed because if the vamp mod will be free, then the effort seems a little moot.

  • Also has the contest been extended cause on the official thread on the official forum that was linked it says to get your stuff in before the 25th. :P

  • Keep the Double XP week coming :)

  • Hi there, will be the free Stunt Pack also available for Europe?

  • Dang, I just spent $6 on MNR DLC today. Actually I just got my copy of MNR in the mail from the subway contest today :)

    If I had known Kratos was coming tomorrow, I would have waited. Ah well, glad I didn’t buy the Vamp mod.

  • When does the EU get the free track stuff?

  • Ramone, I have the same problem as befree3. I can’t unlock Drillbit. I am sure it’s a glitch.

  • I hope more free dlc is coming our way!

  • Alright, so im on the PSN store and theres no free track DLC. Where is t? has the store not been updated yet?

  • @40

    There will be a blog post when the U.S store updates. Should be in the next hour or so.

  • @21 – the same thing happened to me with the race against Drillbit.

    You simply have to finish first again or whatever it was that unlocked the race against him in the first place. I thought it was weird too but was the only glitch I came across.

  • @41 thans but it still hasnt uploaded for me, idk whats going on

  • @43

    Forgot that PSN was down for maintenance so the store update will be later then usual.

  • i got a couple of suggestions
    1. A motrocycle kart
    2.make it so the hair doesnt go through the hat (really do something about this)

  • Doesnt look like Europe are getting the track DLC this week.

  • the free to dlc for was in the store in the game

  • guys, yesterday’s hot lap track and today’s hot lap track are undriveable!!

    you got to pick some better tracks to compete as a hot lap, they had cool work like the face of the snake in “Snake Food” track that it’s today.. but it’s just a view of 1 second, the rest of the track it’s quite awful to drive…

    you have to pic up driveable tracks for hot laps

  • @ #24 and Ramone. There’s someone else out there that deserves recognition for regularly beating Synophis lap times on hotlap, and thats maverick–07–, when I do hotlap, its usually his ghost that I have to follow. Thanks. -Stoni

  • @49

    Probably you don’t met him, but there has been always a guy who beat all of them in hot laps (synophys and maverick_07), for the very first 3 or 4 months.. every day a got to the hot lap to try out, and in the screen was always like this:

    3rd best record – somebody
    2nd best record – Synophis
    best record – eb4tiky5ef79o

    yeah what a nick.. but he was always first.. and with all do respect for the rest, I think they are winning now.. because eb4tiky5ef79o get bored of ModNation Racers and stop playing….

    he’s trully the king of hot lap

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