God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Redemption” Trailer

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Spartan Army! Earlier this month, we unveiled our “Origins” trailer providing a few details about Kratos’ dark past, while also showing a small glimpse of his journey to find his long lost Brother, Deimos. Find out what other secrets still linger unseen as our marked warrior sets forth on his quest for “Redemption.”

We’re also pleased to report that our first review for Ghost of Sparta just recently came in — PlayStation: The Official Magazine gave Kratos’ latest PSP adventure a 10 out of 10! You can find it in their December issue which features God of War: Ghost of Sparta on the cover and includes a fantastic tribute article celebrating the entire franchise that has interviews with all of the five past and present God of War game directors. The December issue is on newsstands now so go pick it up! Here are a few choice quotes from the review, just to get the blood flowing…

“Sparta offers an immersive experience on par with many of the best PS3

“It’s no hyperbole to say Sparta is easily among the best-looking PSP

“Sparta is not only a great PSP game but a great God of War game with an
absolutely incredible ending.”

Every End Must Begin!

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  • I really getting this game

  • This trailer…just totally convinced me to preorder the game! I can’t wait!

  • speechless … its gonna be EPIC!!!!!!

  • When are you going to reveal the last Pre-Order Bonus?
    And if i buy the Game on the PSN Store do i get the Deimos Skin for GOW 3?

  • awesome.

    as usual, this is a must buy title for me. =D

  • Simply Amazing! Can’t wait! The Trailer was great and shows how much detail Ready at Dawn has crammed on the PSP. The full experience should be nothing short of Epic!

  • Kratos must have chronic amnesia; this is third time that he’s going to have a surprised look on his face when he finds out who daddy is.

  • [Or maybe this is just a dramatic retelling of the first time?]

  • Hate to admit but finally I can dust off my PSP for some butt kicking action. Sweeeeeeeet!

  • FREAKING AWESOME, cmon, do I really need to say it, OK fine, SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 8P 8)

  • Every God of War game is Epic. The trailers looks Epic. I knew it was going to be Epic so I preordered my Epic PSP Entertainment Bundle well when it became a preorder!

    God of War=Epic

  • That was a beautifully done trailer. Just like the “Origins” one. Nice job!

    The only two games I’ve bothered pre-ordering this year are God of War 3: Ultimate Edition and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. That should tell you guys something ;)

    Hope you guys have an awesome Marcus Rivers ad planned for this one, by the way.

  • So has Maury contacted Kratos and crew yet?….Zeus, you are kratos’s baby daddy lol….

    other than that, ya, he’s right…nothing can stop kratos….

  • IGN.com reviewed the game and gave it a 9.5!!

  • I’m sure Ghost of Sparta will be a fantastic game. I only wished Sony would make an official statement whether the Entertainment Pack will be released in Europe or if Europeans can get the bonuses some other way. Because if not, I want to import it from the US. Does anybody know if the download codes would still work and I could download the stuff in Europe(Germany) if I imported it?

  • Feels very special and happy emotionally to be a diehard god of war fan!

  • It looks incredible, I can’t wait, I have my entertainment pack preordered.

    You can see people talking bad about the psp online, but in all reality Ghost of Sparta looks better than anything coming to either of the competitors’ consoles, keep it up Sony.

    Support GOW3 and GOW:GOS with more PSN content! The preorder pack is a great start but these are great games that deserve more support.

  • It’s my first time ever pre-ordering any games, so I’d like to know, since I pre-ordered at a Gamestop store, is this bonus content a limited amount (so I’ll have to go to the midnight launch?) or is this content available at a limited time (so I have to pick up my pre-order within like a few days of launch)?

  • I have a PSP GO…if I download day 1, I’ll still be getting all the great pre-order stuff, correct?

  • THIS IS EPIC… THIS MAKES GOW3’s Story looks like a joke damn. I have to get a new PSP to play this. BLACK & RED PSP here I come…

  • Hey ken, you might want to fix these two quotes:

    1.“It’s no hyperbole to say Sparta is easily among the best-looking PSP

    2.“Sparta is not only a great PSP game but a great God of War game with an
    absolutely incredible ending.”

    They should be changed to:

    1.”Hands down the best looking PSP game to date.”

    2.”The best PSP game ever, and with and ending that will astonish you”

    You know they should spice it up more a bit! Can’t wait to get it on Nov 2nd for my PSPgo!

  • Its funny PlayStation: The Official Magazine is on news stands every where and the people who buy there issues (me) 12 months are still waiting for it.


  • Can’t wait,can’t wait!!!Nov.2nd can’t come fast enough.This will be totally epic.Thanks again Ready@Dawn,Santa Monica & SCEA.Thanks guys – a whole lot!

  • Great update (again)! I’ll have to read the review later. But what’s this– no more add-on themes or skins or other goodies?! The past few times you’ve updated us there was something that enticed us to go pre-order. ;-)

  • almost done with it, such a good game

  • Holy Crap did you see Eurogamers score? They gave it a 7/10. Sorry but WTF. I would fire the reviewer immediately! Plus after reading the garbage of a review. I can’t see why they write in the first place

  • DAY ONE! EPIC!!!

  • I saw G4’s review it was absolutely rubbish!!! very unprofessional

  • Joystiq gave it a 4.5/5. Very nice stuff. Guess I’ll be dropping cash for this one.

  • one more week….*glaps hands and jumps up and down like a school girl* that was embarrassing…. It’s almost here :-D

  • WOW! Absolutely EPIC trailer. Gave me goose bumps! Greatly looking forward to this even more. Glad I had it pre-ordered at Amazon for several months!

  • This trailer is EPIC.

    I really want to get this game, which I’ll probably do pretty soon. I’d say that’s pretty impressive since the last time I truly played my PSP was LONG ago (bought Peace Walker, but had a hard time with it).

  • We can get the documentary through the PSN download right? As well, Canadians can get the pre-order bonuses by buying through the PSN store right?

  • this should be a PS3 game

  • EPIC !

  • @EyeAmmMcLovin

    Why do you say that? Sounds like a great PSP game.

    Considering it would take us another 4 years to see a God of War game on PS3, I’m happy and content to have this little intermission title in the series on the little machine that could (PSP). I honestly am glad that they are making such an awesome game to help justify my purchase of the machine as well. If every PSP game of exceptional quality was as you put it “should be a PS3 game” we would have no games on PSP at all of worth while value. So take this game for what its worth, as an incredible experience to take on the go. Any true god of war fan has no quams about Ready At Dawn supplying us with another exciting entry in the series on the PSP especially after their efforts on CoO.

    Now if we can get them to produce Okami for the Move and maybe a new IP for PS3 and/or PSP and/or PSP2 I would be ecstatic, I honestly hope sony takes the time to possible add them to the World Wide Studios.

  • Epic! what’s the possibility of playstation plus members getting a discount on chain of olympus or maybe getting it free? would love to play that before ghost of sparta but i can only afford to get gos!

  • this look amazing. It seems like there is more story told in this game than any other god of war. I LOVE IT. And now know where kratos’s get the shield on sword from. deimos

  • nice. Is that Linda Hunt again? I love her voice. I was pretty impressed with Chains of Olympus. You know, Ready at Dawn should do at least one more God of War. That way we can have two trilogies. One on the PS3 and one on PSP. Anywho, that’s my two cents.

  • Its 2 games I wanna play that’s for PSP Paece Walker and now GoW:GoS.

  • Would buy but I refure to pay $40 for a downloadable portable game.

  • In light of the trend of these remastered blue ray combos (a la the God of War collection and upcoming Team Ico collection) How about a chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta Blue Ray combo? I love everything God of War and I loved COO its just not the same on a handheld, I don’t really care if the graphics don’t blow up well on a tv or are ps2 level I just want to play with a controller and a tv screen I don’t have to hunch over, ya know? Thinking about GoS but the PSP factor is eeehhhhhh. Whats more, that dynamic theme is pretty darn cool! Throw that up on PSN and I’d shell out $5

  • This just gets better and better! Wishin’ for a God of War 4! God of 4?

  • Tell me how a dude in GA got the UMD today?!?! I saw photo proof!

  • Ok now I understand the purpose of this game. On GOW there were side stories about Kratos. Some of those side stories are seen in this trailer such as: his childhood past, his true father wich we already know. I wonder if it will happen like in the story (SPOILER) she transforms into a monster before saying the last letter. In the documentary of GOW II the creators wanted to make an Atlantis level. So basically this a collision of both visions and thanks to santa monicas aid the graphics are going to surpass Chains of Olympus. Enjoy :)


  • no countdown here on the blog Jeff? Kratos isnt big enough to make 1? lol , come on its the biggest PSP game of this year !!!!!

  • Planning on stopping at EB Games here in Canada to pre-order this week now that we finally have it. If they don’t offer it in store then I will be getting it through PSN. The trailer has me pumped. I just got a PSP this year, but the titles this year alone have been amazing.

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