The Drop: Week of October 25th 2010 New Releases

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This is the week when I begin my official training in the art of Sith. Not just any ordinary Sith Lord, but one that can play a mean Keytar. I can picture it now, with one hand I’ll be Force Choking helpless Wookies and Ewoks, and with the other, I’ll be romancing Twi’lek women when I become the new front man in the Max Rebo Band.


If you’re anything like me, you spent an unhealthy amount of time building, painting and furnishing the perfect home for your Sim. Rejoice! Spend your hard earned simoleons (again) on the PlayStation 3 version of The Sims 3 this week. Take it to the top rope and become the ultimate WWE Superstar with the latest installment in the Smackdown vs Raw franchise for 2011, and finally, Blacklight: Tango Down arrives on the PlayStation Network. All this and much more with this week’s lineup of new titles. Can you smell what The Drop is cooking?

PS3: Rock Band 3

PlayStation 3

Rock Band 3Master an instrument through the gameplay fun of Rock Band Pro, add another member to your band with a keyboard controller, or experience 83 new hits from 83 unique bands, along with your current library of songs from the over 1,500 songs available to date and counting.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Explore more of the hidden shadows of the Sith with this sequel to the hit game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Starkiller, Darth Vader’s apprentice, returns with over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a journey to discover his own identity and to reunite with his one true love, Juno Eclipse.

The Sims 3 In this home console version of The Sims 3, players will be able to create Sims with unique personalities, fulfill their desires and control their lives within a living neighborhood. Facing short and long term challenges, players will reap rewards and trophies and can even share achievements with friends by connecting to Facebook.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 — (Available on PSP) WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 empowers players more than ever to to define their gameplay experiences in a dynamic and ever-changing WWE. Along the way, gameplay scenarios change based on player decisions, allowing for more spontaneous WWE action in and out of the ring. Players can also enjoy a greater level of interactivity and have increased control of their destinies in the game’s popular Road to WrestleMania story-driven mode.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete EditionGTA IV reinvented the series with a renewed version of Liberty City detailed to the last pothole and rooftop vent. This Complete Edition combines all three chapters of the blockbuster release, including the original Grand Theft Auto IV storyline as well as its two expansions, The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Tony Hawk: Shred A skateboarding experience created for a younger audience, Tony Hawk: Shred allows players to GO BIG and feel the exhilaration of super sized skate and snowboarding using the game’s innovative, motion-sensing board controller right at their feet.

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy CSI: Fatal Conspiracy features five connected cases that will allow players to experience an authentic crime-solving video game with real CSI characters, heart-pounding interrogations and enhanced graphics.

Monopoly Streets Monopoly Streets has everything you love about the board game, presented as a street level tour of Mr. Monopoly’s fully animated world. Players can experience Monopoly, one of the world’s favorite family game brands, as a fully dynamic, living, 3D world that continuously evolves with the video game action.

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 Dangerous becomes deadly in Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 where the player steps into the boots of American marksman Cole Rainsford, who has joined his estranged father on an African safari to hunt savage animals that have been terrorizing remote villages.

Shaun White Skateboarding As the first skateboarding game in the best-selling Shaun White video game franchise, Shaun White Skateboarding will provide an innovative twist and fresh take on the skateboarding and action-sports genre.


PlayStation Portable

Z.H.P.A unique gaming experience created by the same team that brought the Disgaea series, Z.H.P. is the only turn based strategy RPG that allows you to create your own unique super hero to fight vicious villains. Z.H.P. gives you the chance to relive your childhood fantasy of making your own superhero and superhero base.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 5 Six months after fighting against the Dark Signers, New Domino City and Satellite lived peacefully together, Until the arrival of three mysterious people claiming to be from Yliaster and a mysterious Turbo Duelist called Ghost.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core Players will discover a whole new aspect of Bakugan by being given complete control over their creatures when taking on their opponents as Bakugan transform from small balls into towering creatures. In the midst of intense battles, players will find themselves bravely exploring dangerous and dark areas to stop the evil spirits that are sucking the life force from the world.

PSN: Blacklight Tango Down

PlayStation Network

Blacklight: Tango Down In the near-future, the Blacklight Tango Team has been sent to find recently missing Colonol Klein and his personal Blacklight team in the city of Balik. The country has recently broken out in war after the assassination of the president. The rebel group that had killed the president, The Order, is thought to have captured or killed the missing Blacklight team. Tango Team is ordered to stop The Order at all costs…

Superstars V8 Racing Licensed by the Italian Championship racing league, Superstars V8 Racing gets you out on the track to test your skills with V8 engines! Powered by some of the most important car manufacturers in the whole world, such as BMW, Audi and Jaguar, and sporting top class production cars, Superstars V8 Racing offers the utmost realistic impression of the Championship.

(PS Blog Coverage: Superstars V8 Racing Hits PSN Tuesday: Exclusive New Trailer, Giveaway)

minis: Flick Fishing

PlayStation minis

Flick Fishing With a skillful combination of bait, location, and technique you’ll hook a fish — now you just need to reel it in! Reel carefully to avoid snapping the line and losing your fish. Larger fish are strong, and won’t be hauled in easily.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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11 Author Replies

  • Hey Rey, will Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds and Bakugan hit PSN for PSP?

  • No PSone games??

    • Sorry, nothing this week. But keep your eyes open for any changes this Tuesday when the PlayStation Store update goes live if anything changes.

  • hmmm…looks good. thanks!!

  • Can you smell what “The Drop” is cooking?

    Wow. What a line. Who wrote that?

  • wow…so Dead Nation really wasnt coming in time for halloween…damn.

  • cant wait to grab rock band 3 …only 4 more months till its in the $5 bargain bin….or ill get it off craigslist eventually

  • Also, I should add that the sales of those two PSN games will be interesting to see. They are essentially compact versions of fully fledged games. Blacklight has been described as a “futuristic shooter”, while Superstars V8 Racing is trying to take a stab at the Gran Turismo market.

    PSN are cheaper in price, and not always cheaper in quality.

  • Can’t wait for The undead nightmare dlc, thats what i’m most pumped about this week.

  • Rey, I asked this on another post, but I was just waiting for this one now to ask you, because you are the go to guy for release dates on here.

    Is “The Fight: Lights Out” for Playstation Move due out sometime this week or did it get moved back?

    I ask because I remember seeing multiple retailers list it for 10/26 & 10/27. I’d just like to know what was up with it, because for me, this game was what sold me on the Move, and I’m very excited for it.

    Hopefully you can answer that for me.

    Anyway, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 is a definite pick up for me this week. Also, the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-Ray. Yes, the later isn’t a game, but it can be watched on PS3, so it’s somewhat relevant.

    With or without The Fight, I’m still looking at a good week.

    • Expect more news and a solid release date on The Fight: Lights Out very soon. It’s hitting PlayStation Move sooner then you think!

  • Next week: God of War: Ghost of Sparta! Epic Kratos Voice FTW!!

  • An amazing week that will empty my pockets, undoubtedly.

    But what’s up with Dead Nation not coming out in time for Halloween? If the game is getting some serious polish, fine, but I’ve been antsy for this title every since seeing how great it looked at PAX last month.

  • darn you psn. i have plenty of money all year, then when im moving in a week, a number of great psp games are coming out. i wanna try Z.H.P, and hopefully yugioh is on the psn. plus next Y’s is next week. do i buy a coffee table for my new apartment, or buy three/four great games…eh, who am i kidding. GAMES. thats the adult decision.


    What do you think Rey? I think he would be an excellent choice for the part!

  • Don’t buy Blacklight Tango for $15. It was a timed exclusive on 360, overpriced, and is crap. No PSOne games? What a surprise! Terrible PSN update confirmed.

  • any word on echochrome ii? demo or full release?

    as the demo has been available on the UK store for about a month.

    additionally where is Dead Nation?
    really not going to release before Halloween?

    • Well be announcing more news on echochrome ii soon. Dead Nation is right around the corner. Get hyped, we’ll reveal details soon!

  • Yugioh is comming to the psn? if so then ill buy it later.

    Other than that. what is the hold up on the past psp games? are you guys just not going to release it? i would really like to play crisis core on my psp (go)

    anyway i guess this week is pretty bad for psp games. i know next week is GoW so ill buy that because of all the bonuses we get for it. hopefully we get good/better games next week too.

  • still no sign of Dead Nation…thought we were gonna get it this week for Halloween. Ah well, I’ll just keep saving my money.

  • you click on the sims 3 link then you click on more info and you get a screen saying your flash player needs upgraded . aye sony PLEASE drop an upgraded ps3 browser already . good stuff anyhow .

  • Don’t forget Killzone 3 beta :D

  • I really hope the keyboard for Rock Band 3 kicks as much aśś as it looks! I hope to get my hands on one soon.

    • Jeff and I have had some time with Rock Band 3’s Keytar. It solid and stable, and can take some punishment, it’s a lot fun to play with. The learning curve can be a little steep at first, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

  • For the psp, you guys really shouldnt announce it unless it will actually be on the PSN network

  • Undead Nightmare is the only thing that appeals to me this week. I would buy Rockband 3 if it wasn’t so expensive.

  • Hi Rey. I purchased Zenonia from the PS Store two weeks ago. The game is honestly glitchy as hell and the framerate is ridiculously slow and it even freezes when I play it on the PSP. Can you please get in touch with Gamevil and ask them to make a patch for this. There should be no excuses for why a 16 bit SNES style action rpg should be running like this on the PSP and PS3. Thanks in advance.

  • Force Unleashed II and Blacklight: Tango Down… that’s about it for me…

  • hey is dbz tenkaichi tag team coming on to the psn this week????

  • Hey how about that Fighting game for Playstation Move. I preordered that game too. Along with WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011. I preordered them both. Looking forward to some more Move Games.

  • Why are the photos above the format title and not above the actual game title? Seems a bit backwards.

  • I need to feel the PLUS+ side of the force!! ????

  • lol, Blacklight: Tango Down equals no buy. Played the demo on my 360 and it sucked! Timed exclusive p.o.s from xbox? Keep it.

  • Still a little concerned that there hasn’t been any word on echochrome ii, I’m really looking forward to that.

    As for this week, I’ll be picking up The Sims 3. My girlfriend is a big fan of The Sims so it should be fun to play that together. I might pick up the RDR undead add-on, I didn’t really enjoy the game but there hasn’t been any good horror games recently and its Halloween so I’ve been craving some horror and the PS+ discount is definitely an incentive.

    Can’t wait for GOW next week!

  • Yo this week is going to be epic! I have strong feelings i’m getting in the Killzone 3 beta and we get Undead Nightmare!

  • Darn Rey, gotta be so cryptic? Haha. I guess Yu-Gi-Oh! will be a no show?

  • @21 Gamevil is aware of the performance issues on Zenonia. They’re working on a patch for it.

    @23 Sorry, but despite the trailers at E3 showing it on a PSPgo, it seems Tenkaichi Tag Team won’t appear on PSN. The Drop usually doesn’t list titles of games that get delayed one week from UMD to digital releases until the week of digital release (It seems Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 for PSP may be an example of this). Tenkaichi Tag Team was mentioned last week, and didn’t show up. It’s a fun game though, so if you’ve got a UMD based PSP, I’d say pick it up!

  • Here is a question I got ignored last week, maybe hoping it gets answered this week!!

    Where is W.T.F. mini for the PSP, I heard about the delay, but when is it going to be released?

  • Blacklight Tango/Superstars V8 Racing will there be a demo for them!!

  • I was interested in Force Unleashed II until I played that demo. Now I’ll definitely be waiting on reviews.

  • Joking aside, I had a chance to play Rock Band 3 with the Keytar at the recent PlayStation event in Toronto and it was a lot of fun. I chickened out of playing it in Pro mode though… I can barely play guitar on hard difficulty in Rock Band 2!

    • You and me both. Which is why I always stick to vocals. No matter how awful I am, everyone is still having a good time!

  • @35 HAHA I thought the exact same thing, what a hilarious typo (it was just a mistake riiight?)

  • Still no sign of NHL Gamecenter for PS3?

  • You said you had time to play rock band 3. If you could sum up the game in one sentence or word, how is it?

  • Rey I have 24 bucks left don’t forget I have pay 6cent of a buck here Ohio which sucks anyway, I want thank you for your reply to people I’m glad someone step in reply people question I don’t see Grace do reply to people during her store updated. I’m wondering if you can take over PSN Store updated I’m sure you always release awesome updated every week :). You know if there going be NFS HP DLC for new game? I’m might save my money on that :).

  • Will Blacklight: Tango Down be free? If not, I’m not interested.

  • Hey Rey, is there anymore word on when X-Men Arcade will be released on PSN? I’ve wanted to play that game for sooooo long… it’s killing me to wait lol

  • ISO Dead Nation

  • Looking forward to Star Wars and Blacklight: Tango Down!

  • Ray just want to say thanks for answering my comment.

    first one answered in months!
    its nice to see someone actually responding to the comments
    i see a lot more feed back on the EU psn blog

    and btw the playstation store needs to update

    Swords & Soldiers listing
    the game needs to be added to the 3D & Move Sections

    the game is full 3D compatible & its getting patched with move support within the week I believe according to their website

  • V8 Supercars Anyone?

  • what happened with Killzone 3 beta? Wasn’t it supposes to be available for the first 5,000 PS plus members to download the Killzone 3 beta theme?

  • dam alot of new releases, i only have just enough for blacklight tango down which i have been waiting for that for long time!

  • The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition comes out this week as well, doesn’t it?

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