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Lots of games to play equals lots of news to read. This weekend I completed Enslaved (one of my Top 10 favorite games this year, no doubt), and am trick-or-treating my way through the very charming Costume Quest. What are you playing? What are you reading?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 18, 2010)

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  • Any news on when we can expect a new GT5 release date?


    Hey Jeff, I read (from the link above) that a voice actor is apparently working on the NA version of White Knight Chronicles 2. Will we be hearing anything on the Blog about this soon? Because I’ve been hoping WKC2 would get localized, but an official announcement would be great.

  • My Chemical Romance in GT5?

    Glad the game will have a custom soundtracks option.

  • Hi Jeff! I’ve only completed a tiny portion of Enslaved because I’m still playing BFBC2 multiplayer. I can hardly wait for the Vietnam expansion pack’s release this winter.

    Any chance that you could get Chris Cao or Jens Andersen from SOE to talk about the subscription fee options for DCUO?
    Also, I’d like to see an interview with EA/Crytek about Crysis 2’s multiplayer and ask them why have they not announced a multiplayer beta for the PS3 but they have announced one for the Xbox 360.

    • We’ll have SOE back to talk DCUO when they have a release date ready. I expect they’ll have that part sorted out by that point.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! >O where the news 4 MAG Escalation Mission Pack i have $15 in my wallet just 4 Escalation n it almost been 2 month since they announced coming out

  • hey jeff do you know anything about the new forums were getting some people on the forums have gotten emails about it

  • I’m done playing and reading for this weekend. Played me some Castlevania and Enslaved, read some more of The Water Margin.

  • My Chemical Romance doing the intro for GT5? NO

    Please no.

  • Any one know if their will be a demo for The Fight?

  • That LA Times article says “ipet” is that Some Sony-Apple joint venture I’m not aware of?:p

  • Jeff, Do you know what month we can expect to see Spec Ops: The Line to be released next year, it looks like it i’ll be an pretty decent 3rd person shoter. You should try to get Yager on the blog before the game comes out.

  • Glad to see such great sales for 3D Dot Game Heroes and Demon’s Souls, two truly amazing games.

    I wish I could live in Dotnia.

  • Anxiously waiting for the fight light out to come out -.-

  • Now Jeff, I don’t want to say I told you so, but your Phillies got what was coming to them for stealing Halladay from my Blue Jays, especially for the massive disappointment that is Kyle Drabek.

  • Finished Enslaved myself the other day, hoping for a sequel, Currently playing Castlevania and its freaking epic, im loving the voice work, the epic musical score and its just gorgeous to look at, im really looking forward to some dead nation and resistance 3 new as well. Im reading the the walking dead (best comic Ever, go read it now!) and Tongiht i’ll be watching new episodes of Dexter, Eastbound and Down and the Venture Brothers.

  • Yeah I did know that.

  • I’m playing The Shoot & Medal of Honor. I sprang for 2 of Sony’s Gun Attachments for my 2 Moves as well. I have to say those articles that you posted that were about the brand new gun attachment are dead on. I can’t imagine playing The Shoot without it.

    With Move games like that coming out, it only further cements my opinion that Sony has the superior motion controller.

    Speaking of Move, would you happen to know if The Fight launches this week?

    I remember hearing 10/26 & 10/27, so I’m just hoping it’s still on track for this week. I’m really excited for it. It’s what sold me on Move, and made me decide to buy 2 motion controllers for myself as opposed to 1.

    • It does have a solid feel to it, doesn’t it?

      The Fight doesn’t launch this week, but it isn’t far off.

  • Will ‘The Shoot’ have online support?

  • no chemical romance in GT5, its bad enough they’re making us wait. I cant believe its gunna be the intro song. I’ll Lenny Kravitz or Van Halen any day

  • Hey Jeff, when can we expect an official release date for The Sly Collection? I can’t want to play one of my favorite franchises again!

  • I’m having a lot of fun with Costume Quest (I’m in the Mall) & Netflix on my PS3 (discovered Jekyll & 30 Rock). Having a good weekend because of both! :)

    Looking forward to the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo on Tuesday. I wonder what else we’ll be getting! Can’t wait!

  • Also, do you know if they might be adding the Demon’s Souls dynamic theme to the US store yet? any time soon?


  • Jeff,any comment on why dragonball tenkaichi tg team isn’t on the psn?

  • Hope SONY will announce GT5’s offcial release date (NO DELAY!) before Halloween weekend!

  • In the article about 3d dot game heroes where it mentions they only predicted 25k units to sell, was that their predictions for launch? Or was that for overall?

  • I’m going to flat out say it. I like Dante’s new design. I liked the old one too, but I am looking forward to this. I also wish they had kept Cole’s new design too. I actually liked it more.

  • I haven’t finished Enslaved yet (still working on quite a backlog as well as reviewing some games myself), but I have to ask you about something.

    Going through I feel that it would be appropriate if Pigsy well…died. Not because I don’t like him, because I think it would fit the narrative well. Like I said, don’t spoil anything for me here, I’m sure I’ll find out for myself. But here’s the dilemma I find myself in.

    I distinctly remember that the Ninja Theory folks said that there WOULD be DLC specifically focusing on him and would come out later in the year to “continue the story.”

    That kind of depresses me. Not only because now I’m spoiled that I already know that Pigsy won’t be dying, but I feel that the overall story arc feels that it could be completed within the game. From what I hear, the ending is a doozy.

    Do you think that the confirmed DLC to extend the life of the game could take AWAY from the story? I just want a complete experience without more narrative being shoved upon me from the beginning, ultimately knowing that the game “isn’t entirely complete.” Oh well. My thoughts. Cheers!

  • That Netflix article is weird “The mean bandwidth usage is 4gb per month? Is that counting all the households with no internet connection?

    Stuff like that is why internet companies have insane bandwidth caps. I have to manage my bandwidth carefully when PSN games are 2gb.

  • The entire world is making fun of Sony and Polyphony Digital for the repetitive GT5 delay and the still unknown ULTIMATE release date. Seriously you said we would know it by the end of october…. We still have nothing. Does that mean that GT5 won’t be out this year?

  • I’m addicted to Move news like a bee is to honey. Excited that swords & soldiers is getting move support. I just bought New Vegas, but I’m still wanting to play MAG all the time just because I enjoy using the Move so much.

    Also congrats on From Software. They are one of my top favorite developers for those two games alone.

  • @
    I find it funny that you blocked me on twitter tweeting this “@jeffrubenstein So much for Phillies beating San Fran.” I am really not sure how that was insulting or meant to offend anyone.

  • @Jeff Rubenstein
    I find it funny that you blocked me on twitter tweeting this “@jeffrubenstein So much for Phillies beating San Fran.” I am really not sure how that was insulting or meant to offend anyone.

    Sorry for my #31 post, I forgot to post who the “@” was directed to :)

  • quick question
    When is the SLY Collection coming out? Some stores list it for the 11th of next month, while other list it for the last week of November. Which is the correct date?

  • @Jeff

    Thanks for the response! I’m actually kind of glad it isn’t due out this week because I planned on spending a decent amount of money on some new stuff, so that’s $40 for another week down the road.

    Until then, I got other stuff to play and wrap up. I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been able to finish games starts to finish.

  • WTH, The Fight Doesn’t come out this week? Then why do all the sites say 10-26 is the release date? What are you gonna delay all first party games now?

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