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I’ve been playing games non-stop this week, but I’m still lagging badly on Vanquish and Fallout: New Vegas. Next week is shaping up to be a doozy, too, with Rock Band 3 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II hitting the PS3. ‘Tis the season! What are you looking forward to playing in the days and weeks ahead?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

  • Qore Update: Qore Ultimate Arqade, Episode 30 Preview — Punk’s not dead, and neither is arcade gaming. See first video of Qore Arqade’s in-XMB retro mini games!
  • Costume Quest for PSN: Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris Bring the Treats — Double Fine’s Tim Schaefer and Tasha Harris demonstrate the delicate inner workings of Costume Quest.
  • Vanquish Out This Week on PS3 – Video & New Demo Details — This lightning-fast shooter is out now on PS3.
  • PULSE 10/19 Edition is Available Today — Christina Lee checks out Medal of Honor and NBA 2K11.
  • The Shoot Targets PlayStation Move Today, PSN Demo Coming Soon — By the way, that demo is now available on PSN. What do you think of the accuracy?
  • Get a Sneak Peek at ‘The Tester’ Season 2 Trailer! — Get a taste of The Tester, Season 2. The season debuts on PSN in less than two weeks.
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Reader Questions Answered, New Single-Player Settings — Single-player, collectible items, recruiting assassins, weapon additions revealed, plus new glimpses of Desmond’s quest.
  • ZEN Pinball’s Haunting New Paranormal Table, Free Codes — A Halloween hootenanny to remember with this new haunted table. 10 flippers (!), but dolphin-safe.
  • PlayStation Store Update — Costume Quest, Tomb Raider Underworld, new PS1 Imports and more. Also: Killzone 3 Beta Theme emails go out on October 25th!
  • Limited Edition Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game Bundle for PlayStation 2 — The console king lives on with this new $99 Toy Story 3 PS2 bundle.
  • God of War: Collection on the PlayStation Store 11/2 — HD pecs flexed, Kratos prepares to invade PSN and make us all his red orb girls.
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: God of War I and II and a Free Download of BreakQuest — Next week: 20% off all Red Dead Redemption DLC, including Undead Nightmare.
  • Exclusive Halloween Event Comes to PlayStation Home + Saw, Bleach, Heavy Strike — Lord Pumpkinhead (“the Demon Gourd from Hell”) is absolutely worth a gander.
  • Digital Comics Store Update — New arrivals include RED, Magician: Apprentice and Trick ‘r Treat, but Ratchet & Clank #1 may be the biggest debut.
  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm – Bullet Time with DeadStorm Pirates, Time Crisis 4 — Oodles of games and modes for this multiplayer arcade shooter collection for PlayStation Move. DeadStorm Pirates: God yes.
  • Stash Your Gold – HOARD Loots PSN November 2nd — Hoard’s tasty flame-broiled dragon action was a hit at PAX, now it’s coming to raid your PS3. Lock up your princesses!
  • ModNation Racers Free DLC and Double XP Week! — Move fast to take advantage of this limited-time free DLC, and get your weekly peek at the top creations.
  • What’s in a Name: PlayStation Move Heroes Developer Walkthrough — New gameplay video tour of The Game Formerly Known As Heroes on the Move.
  • PlayStation Network Video Content Update — Nail-Biting Thrillers collection, FREE ‘Midnight’ movie rental for Savage County and more Halloween-themed videos.
  • Superstars V8 Racing Hits PSN Tuesday: Exclusive New Trailer, Giveaway — Decked out with BMW, Jaguar, and Audi licenses, this PSN sim racer might help ease the wait for you-know-what.
  • A Closer Look: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition and PlayStation Move — If you want to know why the fire button is mapped to your thumb, this video is for you.
  • Reason #5 to Pre-Order God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Palace of Hades Dynamic Theme — “Dead bodies everywhere! Dead bodies everywhere!”
  • UNCHARTED 2 Giveaways Coming Soon, Anniversary Event Recap — Follow @PlayStation and @Naughty_Dog on Twitter for a chance to win DLC multiplayer skin codes next week.

    Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

    Courtesy of Jeremy Dunham

  • Zipline Podcast – Episode 23 — Two of our software engineers, Chris Oje and David Johnson offer suggestions for budding programmers who might like to work in the industry one day,
  • UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves banner

    Courtesy of Arne Meyer

  • UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Skins going out! — As we mentioned last week, everyone in our community who played during our UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Event will receive the special Anniversary Drake multiplayer skin.
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    • uh, there’s nothing there…

    • You’re playing Dead Nation? When do we get to do that?

      • No info yet (I’m playing the beta that went out to a small group of PS3 owners), but stay tuned. Also, I should add that if you’re a fan of Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation will make you weep rainbow tears. You even have the SSD’s “boost” button in the form of a “rush” — and it works almost identically.

    • Woot uncharted!! Man I’m hoping Netflix starts releasing new content here in Canada soon, I’ve been watching lots and lots of stuff. Also:

      I’m Playing: White Knight Chronicles, Red Dead Redemtion
      I’m Watching: Catfish, Zack Galifniackeuwsd (butchered spelling) Live, and Jackass 3D
      I’m Reading: All my university textbooks cause midterms start this week, so excited for that :|

      Zipline podcast typo – Ttwo

    • Sid lucky because mine expired a month ago and thus can’t be used anymore. I wish they didn’t set an expiry date to the Dead Nation beta though.

    • My new PS3 320 GB with PlayStation Move, coming to me in a couple of weeks! My old PS3 80 GB Motorstorm Bundle broke, and I can’t wait to pop in Medal of Honor and kill some Tal-I-mean-Opposing-Force!

    • Still having a blast with Vanquish

    • You guys tell me every week that news is coming for The Fight. Is this the week we’ll here something?

    • Inside North Korea was fascinating. The ending was particularly freaky. I don’t want to spoil it, but I will say he must be some kind of Great Leader.

    • Oh man I can’t wait, I’ve been a fan of the undead ever since Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead! Those undead bears are on my ‘to exterminate first’ list, as they have not been very kind to me and Mr. Marston in the past.

      Curses Sid I should be studying now but I am playing! I got until Tuesday!

      And hey no Fringe until the 4th I’m told, so sad about that :(

    • Sid, loved it and the camera angle too. Visually awesome, engaging game play experience. I sent in a few feedback comments during the beta last month but overall a day one.

    • It’s so cool Uncharted 2 has over 50,000 people playing stil daily!

      I’m playing: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, LittleBigPlanet (when my level’s out, please play and heart it!)
      I’m watching: Survivor: Nicaragua
      I’m reading: PlayStation Magazine

    • I want to do one too!! :D

      I’m playing: Red Dead Redemption (I bought it on release and got turned off of it while playing Uncharted 2 Online, now it’s definitely up in my top 5 games and I’m excited for the Undead Nightmare DLC).

      I’m watching: Flapjack, South Park, 30 Rock

      I’m reading: Playstation Blog

    • I’m playing: Castlevania Lords of Shawdows and Dead Rising 2

      I’m Watching: The Walking Dead (pre Air episode, tee hee) Fringe, Dexter, smallville, the venture brothers and Sons of Anarchy

      I’m Reading: The Walking Dead (best comic Evar! Its always been adapted into a tv show which will premiere on AMC this halloween, dont miss it!)

      Games I’m looking Forward to: Undead Nightmare DLC, God Of War : Ghost of Sparta, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Splatterhouse, Force Unleashed 2, Black Ops, The Sly Collection, 007 Bloodstone

      • SO JEALOUS. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Once you’ve read that, you might want to give Marvel Zombies a read — Kirkman also wrote it, and it’s better than you’d think.

    • Playing Guitar Hero WOR, Need For Speed: Shift and ModNation lately.
      Will be one of the first in town to pick up both FU2 and RB3 Tuesday morning and taking the day off to really go through them.

      AC Brotherhood, LBP2, FF14, GT5 and NFS: Hot Pursuit are on the will get list.

      Liking the new interface for Netflix, too.

    • Oh ive read it Sid, I read the first and second marvel zombies storylines quite someitme ago, I kinda took a break from reading marvel that past year though, pretty sure kirman left after that man, I might still check out the 3rd installment, also you better get caught up on the walking dead if your behind, just finsihed the fianl issue of the current community story arc and it was so flippin intense, and the next one is suppose to be crazy, its called no way out, check out the promos, and the first ep of the walking dead is really great, one of the best comic adaptations ever, was a little hard getting past ricks southern accent though since his voice sounds way different in my head, lol.

      • Thanks. I always thought Timothy Olyphant would’ve been supreme casting for Rick, but I’m willing to give this guy a chance.

    • Also im extremely jealous that you get to play Dead Nation, I’ve been waiting to play that for sooo long, and online co op has me pumped, zombies are everywhere this year, lol, and after the walking dead premiere I think alotta people will have a differnt view on the genre who hadnt read the comic, because its really more about the characters than anything and them trying to survive while trying to keep there morals and mentality intact, Im really hoping the shows successfull.

    • @ DarthMoose1986

      Oh man talk about crazy, at Comic-Con Kirkman promised some intense stuff was going to go down in the December issue, and the latest chapter didn’t disappoint! The build-up is terrifying!

    • @Gogo

      I know man, holy flip I wasnt dissapointed at all, Alot went down in that one ish, the only thing im not liking about the book is that it feels like Rick can kick the bucket any ish now, seriously thought he was gonna bite the bullet in that one, rick abraham, michonne and andrea are my fav characters outta the cast right now, so it be a kick in the sac for me to see any of them leave the book right now, but no way out looks so flippin intense, cant wait for decembers issue

    • @ Darth

      Yeah dude after all the things Rick has gone through it would be awful! Tyreese and Glenn are my favourites, but Tyreese :'(…I don’t want to talk about it. And I swear after I saw the cover for issue 79 I’m VERY CONCERNED for Glenn’s well being!

      But I still love the story man, so unique in it’s own way through the characters. Can’t wait for the TV show!

      Add me on PSN as well

    • Yeah I hate to see glen go as well, hes just been in the book for so long and has been through so much , I just find it hard to believe that after all they been through that one or if any of the main group would be killed by a zombie, im still expecting something crazy to go down woth sophia, kirkman wouldnt have kept in the book for so long if he wasn planning something

    • Can we please have some sort of screening before developers talk about their products.


      “Do you plan on including many DLC add-ons for Fallout: New Vegas, as Fallout 3 did?(thanks @VGNtertainment)

      We’re not really going into specifics on DLC, but we have a plan, and we think it’s a good one. You should hear more about it soon.”

      Only to have an announcement about it,

      In other words, how does this help sony? The guy admitted that it is a “good plan” to have exclusive dlc first for the other console.

      • Eh, I wouldn’t read too much into it. They made an arrangement that they feel suited them — can’t really argue with that. Console politics aren’t a focus here.

    • Fallout: New Vegas is what Fallout 3 should have been. Though you might want to continue waiting to play it until after the first patch is released- this is still a Bethesda game after all (Bugs. Bugs never change.)

    • Any idea how long the PS+ RDR discount will last? I’d grab all three but money is tight at the moment.

      And could someone please look into why it takes so long for my comments to show up on here? I don’t even get a “Awaiting moderation” message. It has been happening for months.

      • UPDATE: The Red Dead Redemption DLC discount for PlayStation Plus members will last for one week (so one week from Tuesday, 10/26)

    • Might nopt be a playstation recap but some interesting news why Gran turismo 5 got delayed:


      Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has said time and again that they’re working to perfect Gran Turismo 5 as much as possible. So, what exactly are the game’s remaining problem areas? Apparently, the framerate is giving the developers a bit of a headache.

      read more here:

    • im playing LBP2 beta amazing game hopin to recieve a killzone3 beta key downloaded the theme at 375 ratings

      im watching the final season of smallville and east bound and down

      im reading IGN articles and the back of cereal boxes lol

    • I’m liking The Guardian of Light, but the trophy bug is annoying. If I earn a trophy, I want it. When is that getting fixed?

      You guys really need to fix your certification process for both games and patches. The current situation isn’t right.

    • Fallout 3! I mean New Vegas!!!

    • yeah, ’tis the season to have no money to buy any games and for game delays when the only game i really wanted is GT5… so, what am i playing? still on GTA4… watching? hmmm…. last movie i watched, Blood & Bone with Michael Jai White… and reading, PS Blog.. hehe…

    • Man, I wish I had heard about the Uncharted 2 event before it happened instead of Thursday. Purchased all the DLC before this newest pack came out, played to Platinum (first plat), but can never obtain this glorious skin. Maybe someday, some how…

      Anyways, I am…

      Watching: The Walking Dead. I was actually on set during the filming, it looked amazing pre-editing and I can’t wait for it to come on the air.

      Playing: Right now, Fallout NV and Borderlands. Just hit Plat on Borderlands and it’s still a blast to play (online coop with a friend). I’m loving New Vegas so far, even though it is quite buggy. The storyline feels less like I’m following a set path and more like I have some semblance of choice, which is great. I’m about to take on Hardcore mode as a melee character, should be interesting.

    • Still waiting for Canadian LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition news. If I miss out I will not be happy.

    • Yeah, they might have a fix when the co-op update comes. It it doesn’t come then, it will never come because you guys allowed it to pass certification that way in the first place.

      The first time I started up the game, it didn’t even appear in my trophy list. I collected 10 skulls and didn’t get the trophy. Started the game up again and this time the game showed up in my trophy list but I still didn’t get any I earned.

      Then I read up online that it’s a known issue and reinstalling the unlock key fixes the bug. After 5 tries deleting my save game, reinstalling the key and starting up a local co-op game I finally got the co-op trophy. Then I played for about an hour and got a bunch of the trophies.

      Then a couple days later I opened the Spider tomb and killed at least 3 spiders with one bomb as they rushed out and no trophy.

      So frustrating.

    • do you happen to know when or if Lara Croft will be getting online co-op?
      I have some co-op trophies I still need to get in that game.

    • I’m Playing: Costume Quest. Really fun game; glad I bought it. :)

      I’m Watching: Today I watched Jekyll episode 1 (it was good), X-Files episode 1, and three episodes of Buffy (Hush, Once More With Feeling, Restless) via Netflix on my PS3. Netflix is awesome. IF I remember, I want to see Sherlock on PBS tomorrow night. More netflix stuff too. Oh and I also got to see the new Karate Kid & How to Train Your Dragon this week on blu-ray via redbox. KK was good, but How to Train Your Dragon was excellent. Fun movie!

      I’m Reading: The Somnambulist. I like it. I haven’t finished it yet, but Barnes is a good writer & the story is very mysterious/strange. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

      Its been a really good PS3 week. I got Costume Quest, downloaded a free trial of Netflix on my PS3, plus I got a free Karate Kid theme when I rented the new KK from redbox.

      Can’t wait to try the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo on Tuesday! It looks great.

    • @Sid

      Is there any chance of us being able to watch The Tester in other regions? I would have thought that now that The Tester is a bigger production, with big advertisers on board, that it’d be a good idea to share it with all PSN users.

      Of course I could set up a fake account, log in to US PSN from overseas… but it’d be much easier if the tester was available for everyone to watch.

      And, to be fair, it’s all Sony. It’s not like Netflix where you’d have a ton of copyright and distribution agreement issues internationally.

      Come on, Sid, send some Tester love our way

      • From what I understand, The Tester Season 2 will only be released in North America at this time — sorry for that. We’ll update you if that changes.

    • I’m playing Vanquish right now, after finishing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Friday, and wow, what an awesome game.

      And, thanks to you guys, I broke down and pre-ordered the PSP Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack. With my luck, you will probably release the next PSP next year >:( but this was just too good of a deal to pass up.

    • eeek !!! i am really enjoying netflix on my ps3 , however i did discover one big drawback . if the psn is down , one cannot use it . Not being able to use a paid service because a free service isnt working kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth … perhaps i’ll check into netflix enabled devices for backup .

    • Thanks for the response. Although it seems like Rockstar is releasing all three for the price of two which is an even sweeter deal.

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