What’s in a Name: PlayStation Move Heroes Developer Walkthrough

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The title “Heroes on the Move” has always been a working title for our upcoming Spring 2011 PlayStation Move crossover game. When we debuted the game at E3 this summer, the game was still in its infancy and we couldn’t wait to show you a sneak peek. Since then, we’ve been unveiling bits and pieces of the game at Gamescom, PAX Prime, Tokyo Game Show, and most recently at New York Comic Con where we unveiled the title’s new official name, PlayStation Move Heroes. Same great cast of characters, same great PlayStation Move action, just a new official name.

Our developers, Nihilistic Software, also joined us at our NY Comic Con event to demo some of the new gameplay we’ve been working on. Check out the video above as Robert Huebner, Studio Director for Nihilistic Software, and Andrew Woodworth, Producer for SCEA, play through a new mission and discuss how they’re leveraging the accuracy and precision of the PlayStation Move to develop PlayStation Move Heroes.

Keep your eyes on the PlayStation.Blog as we update you with additional info on the story, co-op mode, and a sweet pre-order deal!

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  • Personally, I liked the pun in the working tittle, and the final one seems… bland…
    Admit it, the marketing guys made you do it?

  • I’ve read a lot of comments around the web on people disliking the new name, but I feel like the curtness of the new name is much better than the long-winded “Heroes on the Move”

  • Nice work guys! Looks win! LittleBigPodcast APPROVED!

  • seeing all these Move videos makes me want to try out the Move. Some games look like they’d be lots of fun.

    • I think you should definitely go try it out! Check some local retailers. They should have some set up over the Holidays.

  • Sweet, glad to seen Jak on PS3.

  • Why is there an icon in the bottom right showing that the Move controller is not being seen by the camera? Or am I not seeing it right.

    Game looks great btw! Can’t wait to pick it up.

    • If your motions take you out of range of the view of the camera, it’ll notify you through that icon. He might’ve been a little too high up or to the right of the camera while demoing.

  • *see, wow what a bad typo lol

  • yes, this is what we need

  • Hero’s on the Move was a better name

  • Honestly , I hate the new name. Heroes On The Move was WAY better. The new one just makes me think of the stupid way Nintendo names their games, by putting Wii in the title. Wii Sports, Wii Party, Wii Play. Its dumb, and now Microsoft is doing it. Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports. PlayStation is supposed to be different, and better. This better not be the way more titles are named!

  • Move is really impressive

  • Ok, I’m a Ratchet fan, and disc golf is one of my favorite Sports Champions games. Sold! I was wondering when a game would come out that needed the sub-controller. Mine is just sitting around charging all the time. Also, I don’t care what you call the game, just make it good! Thanks.

  • BTW, Move is so amazing, it had more precise movements than the Wii even when it was out of the camera’s view. That is PWNAGE!

  • Interested in the game, but please change the name back :-(

  • I have been excited about this game but this mission seemed pretty boring. I was under the the impression this was going to be a platformer?

    • It’s going to be an action/adventure title. This is only an example of what the game will be providing. Believe me, there’ll be plenty more to do that we’ll be showing in the coming months!

  • OK this is starting to show some of the unique control options only the move can offer. I’m interested to see what’s next. Move works great with MAG, RE5, and Heavy Rain in particular. I’d like to see some more interesting ways to use Move in more adult based games like those whilst staying away from being gimmicky.
    Lookin good so far

  • I am guessing this game is geared towards the ultra casuals, because if that mission is from the latter part of the game then this game looks ridiculously easy and boring.

    • This doesn’t represent the various challenges the game will create. It definitely won’t be for just casual players.

  • Will this game have an awesome story or like campaign mode? Or is this like a bunch of missions/ Mini Games?

    Hmm, well, I’ll check it out either way. Still, waiting for an adventure/ like Zelda game for Move Sony! :D

  • Looks like the tech is well-implemented. But I still think you guys should’ve stuck with “Heroes on the Move”

  • I prefer the old name as well.

  • Good demo! However, I am still awaiting to see different game modes and character usage. I actually dislike both(the new and the old) names but that’s just me.

  • Like the game. I also liked the old name better but I guess there’s more spicyness to having “Playstation” in the name. Anyway, excited to see more of the game.

  • Put Dan Fortesque in there (Medievil, PSOne game, one of the best games ever I dare say) and you can bet I’ll be playing this one :P

  • To be honest, this new name sounds like it should have been the working name.

  • from what i’ve seen,it looks like the game will have a lot of waggle during the gameplay. remove said waggle, and then i’ll be interested in the game.

  • please work on the name more, heroes on the move sounds better but not the best.
    im gonning to be thinking of a name all day.

  • I was watching this game in action at the NYC Move party. Looks like a pretty solid title. I just wish i got into the Sony characters more so I could really appreciate this game more.

  • The new name lacks any pizazz or cleverness that the original working title had. This title is just awkward. In casual conversation, are we just supposed to refer to it as “Heroes”? That’s painfully bland, but it’s worse if we include any of the brand names. “Move Heroes” sounds, quite frankly, stupid, and the addition of “Playstation” to the title is unneccesary, though simply “Playstation Heroes” would have been better. “Playstation Heroes”, however, would not have even subtly reminded us that this game is for the Move peripheral; that’s why “Heroes on the Move” was such a brilliant title.

  • This looks really awesome. The graphics are nice and the controls seem really responsive.

    I’ve held back on getting the Move yet – I need something bigger than some fun little soft titles – so bring on Heroes, Sorcery and more gamers games!

  • The demo looks promising, but like some of the other commenters above, I also prefer the “Heroes on the Move” name.

  • I think the new name is fine, though the other one was more… I don’t know, catchy I guess. Either way, it’s not that big of a deal for me.

    The game looks good and I’ll gladly buy it when it releases to add to my uber small Move library.

  • I also dislike the new name. Now it sounds more like a Guitar Hero sort of thing.

    The game still looks like a simple collection of minigames awkwardly cobbled together. Why on Earth are you guys making such effort to dig into the territory of minigame shovelware the Wii has already done to exhaustion years ago?

  • A little of topic: anyone else wondering when we will see voice recognition on the ps3?

  • Looks better than i first thought, ill keep an eye on it.

  • OMGOSH chance Dante back! Wait wait.. what are we complaining about this time? Oh, ok.. that name stinks! Go back to the old one!!1

  • Why would you give it a new name? The first one sounded like it was about a bunch of heroes on a mission but now it sounds like a money making skeem, but the game still looks grate!! Its so good to see Jak and Sly on the PS3, thank you for the glimer of hope!! ;-)

  • My idea of a sweet pre order deal would be a substantial discount -if not free- on all DLC packs as a reward for being an early adopter. Just putting it out there…

  • Tell me. How is it possible to change the sphere color to blue? Is it come from the game?

  • I can really see this game going either way, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this game turns out well.

    I do like the idea of the move being used in some more unique, complex ways that aren’t just mini-game-esque.

    Controlling that disc did look like it could be fun.

    if it’s complicated to just move around, even in the early stages of the game, though, that could be trouble for a lot of players. Will be interesting to see the end result.

    Hopefully this game will have a demo featuring a selection of the different types of gameplay found in the game.

  • i think Heroes on the Move sounds a lot better then playstation move heros why the change

  • Hmm, looks pretty solid. A lot better than when I first saw it. Guess I’ll keep an eye on the game.

  • Pre-ordered it a while ago, still excited new name or not.
    I know this is off-topic but can we get any update on dlc or title updates for Sports Champions. This is the game that most people will have and is in dire need of online. I declined the $5 haunted skins but would even chip in for that if I knew online and new events were in the works. Any sense of the plans would be great.

  • I dislike both names, but the name of a game is not the determining factor on if I will purchase a game or not.

  • What were you guys thinking? Heroes on the Move is a MUCH BETTER title than Playstation Move Heroes. I mean, Heroes on the Move actually makes sense as a standalone name, but works to reference the Move too. Playstation Move Heroes just sounds like an advertisement for PS Move and is just boring. It’ll also be harder to search for the game through google since it’ll possibly bring up a lot of unrelated Playstation Move hits.

    Get a marketing team involved in this seriously. Survey it, or let us fans decide??

  • I agree with a lot of the people that the old working title sounded a lot better than this new one. PlayStation Move Heroes sounds so gimmicky; like it was made to sell you the Move, not be its own solid game. The game looks solid, and I know it will be great, but I can’t shake the feeling of thinking its some lame gimmick with this new title. I wonder if this will affect sales. Maybe they’ll pull a Sucker Punch and change it back to the old title, or come up with something new.

  • I have to agree from what I’ve read so far… I like the old title, but it’s up to you guys (aka Sony Marketing).

    Points Sony is trying to make are the Move (opps!) controller is not called Move – it’s Playstation Move (TM) and someone likes that highlighted. There is also the fact the charecters are Playstation exclusive, so that is being said in the new title, too.

    Points well made, but not only was ‘Heros on the Move’ clever but easier to say. Just like is normal English when I write “Go over there” implies “YOU” go there. When I see I need to use the Move controller I know to use the Playstation Move (TM)controller. I call this Marketing Over Run.

    Please use Heros on the Move. Thank you for reading.

  • PS Move really is the gift that keeps on giving. This library is getting better and better.

    But, I have to agree with many of the posters above…

    “Heroes on the Move” was a better name

    It was subtle, and looked like a lot of thought had gone into it.

    “PlayStation Move Heroes”, however, just doesn’t work. Imagine the box art… it will already say PS3 and Move at the top, so it’s not like people aren’t going to know what it is. Now you have “PS3 – Move – PlayStation Move Heroes” across the top and down the side of the box.

    Directly naming the game after the peripheral shows a complete lack of confidence in the IP. It is almost like the IP couldn’t carry itself without such a direct connection to the peripheral.

    If I presented a game to you called “Sixaxis Anventure Party”, what would you expect? A well made multiplayer RPG, or a bunch of tech demos to show off SixAxis functionality?

    Bring back Heroes on the Move, before it’s too late

  • I don’t thinks its a good idea to advertise a move game’s controls as challenging, kinda gives the wrong impression. That was a pretty cool demo for the game, I’m really looking forward to this, looks really sweet.

    As for the title, I like the new title better, it has a directness about it that I like. Also Heroes on the Move sounded like an unofficial title (and it was a little corny). You can see from reading comments on pretty much any gaming blog, people like to whine for the sake of whining so just give it time and this will blow over soon enough.

  • Pretty annoying to see the icon on the bottom right of the TV showing the Move controller not being seen by the Eye. All they had to do was sit back a little bit so the Eye could get a good view of the Move controller. Also, the Move controller would blink red sometimes because it wasn’t being detected by the Eye. But about the game, I saw a Quick Look of it at Giant Bomb, and it’s still not the game that I’ve been waiting for. I bought 4 Move controllers and one navigation controller hoping for a good hardcore game like Sorcery. But it seems that’s the only game out there that’s going to satisfy the actual game category with motion controls. Man, I really do regret buying that many controllers. $230 for poppy casual games.

  • Also, I think “Playstation Heroes” is a better name. And you can just have the Move required icon on the box art. That way you can play around with that IP name in the future.

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