Stash Your Gold – HOARD Loots PSN November 2nd

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Know why you should be excited for November 2nd? No, not because it’s the 63rd anniversary of the first (and only) flight of the Spruce Goose, and not even because it’s Stefanie Powers’ birthday.

November 2nd is the day that HOARD drops on PSN for PlayStation 3! And as big a deal as this is for you, imagine how important it is for dragon-kind! Their story is finally out!

For those of you living in a cave (on a pile of gold?) over the last few months, HOARD is Big Sandwich Games’ dual-stick action-strategy game about dragons gathering treasure. Players roam over a medieval kingdom, burning villages, kidnapping princesses, slaying knights, and otherwise causing mayhem…all in the quest for the shiny stuff.


HOARD will sell for $14.99, and include over 35 unique maps across 4 game modes (Treasure Hunt, Princess Rush, Survival, and Co-op). With the inclusion of leaderboards and a comprehensive rewards system featuring over 100 badges to earn (and full trophy support), there is easily over 20+ hours of gameplay waiting for you. That’s like 1 cent per minute! The phone companies could never give this much value to you!

Get involved in the HOARD community at, and make us feel part of the Social Network by becoming a fan on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you online on November 2nd, although let’s be honest—it will be sad to see our leaderboard positions drop!

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  • FIRST!!
    btw, this game lookz nicee, does it support the playstation move or what? (If not, I think it really should).

  • This game looks like good fun.

  • Reminds me of the super awesome PSOne game Overboard. Well it’s actually Overboard on an open map which is awesome. Day 1 for me if it releases on the European Stores as well.

    • Hi NukaCoke–cool name, haha (yes, I’m playing Fallout: New Vegas).

      European release is in work but will be a bit delayed from North America. Sorry! We’re a small team and cranking it out as fast as we can. ;)

  • It looks fun but i’m not sure i understand what we need to do lol. Will there be a demo to try it?

    Btw Costume quest is a very nice little game.

  • This seems like a good game. Looks likeit would be good on the PSP, too.

    Anything on something like that?

  • Trogdor?

  • Had a ton of fun playing this with you guys at PAX this year!! Can’t wait for the full release! :D

  • The graphics shouls be at least a bit better. I mean, at least round and nice like fat princess for exemple (HD looking even without much polygons).

  • I saw the announcement of the release date on the game’s website the other day and am glad everything is on track! Each time I see more videos and posts about this game I anticipate it more and more.

    It seems that in Survival mode there is no health regen. Is there any way to recover HP? With or without, it seems that caution is in order. The player in the video seemed to be doing fairly well until getting that fire ring power-up (became overconfident?).

    • Hi pasufarin,

      In Survival mode, the only way to get health back is to capture princesses. They act like health packs in this mode. (In the other modes, you take princesses back to your hoard to ransom them for $$).

  • And is the PSP version finished yet?

    • Not yet, but the elves are hard at work on it! We’ll announce a release date as soon as it’s finalized! Thanks for the interest.

  • Was all excited until I realized it’s HOARD, not HORDE. No Kirk Cameron, no buy. :(

    (okay, maybe. but some Kirk Cameron DLC wouldn’t be unwanted.)

  • Yeah will the PSP version have anything different?

  • Are all games going to release for 14.99 now? If so I’m not buying any more PSN games on release. I’ll just wait and hope for a discount through PS+. No disrespect to the developer because the game looks good. It’s just that 15 bucks is tough to pay when there are so many new blu-ray releases coming out.

  • Will the game be released in Europe the same week?

    • Apologies, but the European release date has not been finalized. We’ve finished all the translations and are just doing final QA. Stay tuned!

  • This will be a good deal when it goes on sale for $7.49-$9.99. I’ll keep an eye out for it then.

  • Will there be a demo for download?

  • Played this at PAX and it rocked! Fun and simple with good re-playability. Great to have a co-op game that beginners can enjoy because they can’t “lose” and experienced gamers can enjoy for the action, upgrades and score tracking.

    Can’t wait for Nov 2nd, I’m having some friends over for a mini release party. Woot!

  • Should be $10. So tired of the $15 price becoming a standard now. It’s ridiculous.

  • nice ill wait for the psp version,i just don’t have time to sit at home and play these psn games anymore.i just play disc based games at home

  • also like if $15 is a lot,people stop whining and get a job,you spend more on junk food and don’t even notice it

  • Plz tell me that the psp will have multiplayer…Im selling my psp’s and I need a reason to keep at least one of them

  • I’m super excited about Nov 2nd! So much so that it’s hard to sleep! Man I can hardly wait for GT5 to get here!!!!!

    Huh? What do you mean” it’s being delayed”? What do you mean “there is no release date yet”?

    Nov 2nd… Meh

  • ps3 move trash . and yes ima 360 fan boi thats talkin about it . i gt achivement . all over some ya got trophies try to copy .. ps3 try to play catch up . wich is u neva gona catch up . 360 goin strong

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