Limited Edition Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3: The Video Game Bundle for PlayStation 2

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Hi all! It’s hard to believe that in just a week we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PlayStation 2 system. Today, we’re very excited to announce the availability of a new, limited edition Toy Story 3: The Video Game bundle for the PlayStation 2 system on October 31.

PlayStation 2 Toy Story 3 PS2 Limited Edition bundle

Available nationwide at participating retailers for $99 (MSRP), this new bundle combines the PS2 system with Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which lets players help Buzz, Woody and the rest of the Toys ensure no toy gets left behind.

Nearly 10 years since it first launched, the PS2 continues to be a force in gaming and to date is in more than 146 million homes worldwide. At $99, the PS2 provides great entertainment value for new gamers and families with its built-in DVD player and a deep library of more than 2,000 games. Be sure to mark your calendars for October 31 and enjoy!

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  • Wow. I am surprised that you are releasing a new bundle for the PS2. I guess that is cool.

  • uhh? ps2 bundle


  • Aren’t you guys forgetting GT5 Bundle that everyone wants ? >_>

  • do a toy story3 ps3 bundle and than a gt5 bundle

  • Uhh.. back from the dead? Just in time for Halloween too.

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I always wanted a PS2!!!! WOW!! Thank you so much SONY, now I can buy a PS2 even though I have a PS3!!!! I love Sony, and their SMART marketing!!!!……ends sarcasm

  • Release a firmware update for the PS3, then put that bundle in with the PS3. It only does everything but backwards compatiblility.

  • thats an Alright way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ps2 but i think a better way would be to emulate the ps3 so its compatible with ps2 games and releasing more ps2 collection games

  • Now we know why GT5 got delayed!! It was because of this bundle!! It is all making sense now!!

  • umm, why?

  • Really…REALLY? Because what the gaming community needs now are more PS2’s clogging shelves and being traded in. Seriously, if you didn’t own a PS2 by now, why freakin’ bother?!

  • Shouldda had a copy of the movie too. Just sayin.

  • Guys, I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get this bundle cause I don’t want to BE THE ONLY one NOT having a PS2 this Holiday season, do you think I should start camping out in front of a Best Buy now for this?…..I think a lot of people are going to camp out for this bundle!!

  • I’m thinking….maybe I should trade in my Ps3 for this bundle? Guys what you think?

  • It’s alive!

  • Good old PS2, this is surprising.

  • I vote backward compatibility FW update for the 10 year!
    Do it Sony!

  • PS2….really? Sony market never fail

    Hell yeah you should. Who need the PS3 when you can go with 10+ year old technology

  • LONG LIVE THE PS2!!!!!!!!

    Sony ALWAYS wins baby!!!


  • =)

  • I’m with everyone else on this… REALLY??? The PS2? I’ve got a PS3, so you’re wanting me to buy this? I’d much rather buy PS2 compatibility software Firmware for my PS3… you could bundle that, too!

  • Wow. I have a PS1, PS2, and PS3, and I know when it’s time for the older consoles to die. Getting the PS2 version of a new game is just a joke! I only get the PS2 classics anymore, and there are only a couple left ’til I’ve completed MY PS2 collection!

  • At first I was excited that because I though the ps3 was getting ps2 support finally, until I looked at the system in the back ground. Image fail, but its still good to know that the ps2 is still alive and kicking in terms of people still buying them.

  • I don’t want to hear anything about the ps2 except….

    BC firmeware update for ps3.

    Downloadable ps2 games on psn.

    THAT IS ALL !!!

  • I agree, why?

    Really, are people still buying the PS2?

  • Why is there a bundle for the PS2? Seriously…

  • Why not just sell backwards compatibility on the PSN store as an app….. Oh wait nevermind, my PS3 does play PS2 games. I guess it’s because unlike most people on this blog (apparently) I bought a PS3 when it originally came out, because… hold your breath… (spoiler alert) I like Playstation products.

    Whats wrong with Sony releasing a Toy Story 3 ps2 bundle? Maybe some parents want to buy a system for their children, that offers thousands of quality games for less than $20 each. Some people in this country have children that play video games…..

  • So basically, keep complaining about lack of ps2 BC. If you want that feature, then buy a F’ing PS2, or maybe you should have bought a ps3 when they first dropped and had that feature.

    It is not like the Other OS feature, which Sony removed from all systems. PS3’s such as mine, still do PS2 games. Just because you people were too cheap to drop $600 on a ps3, you’re gonna keep crying about it for, 4 years plus…..

  • What about someeee new colors instead of the old black ……like red , blue , yellow

  • Long live the greatest system ever.

  • Yeah, I clicked through thinking “Why?” also. But, seeing the $99 price tag helped me to remember that Christmas is right around the corner. Maybe it’s time the 6 year old got upgraded from his Gamecube. This would be a great bundle for him. I do wish you would have taken the time to make something special out of the controller or console. He loves him some Toy Story. Thanks, Sony.

  • I might get another slim PS2 if it hits below the $99.99 MSRP…

  • dead system is dead… lol. I guess it’s okay for the toddlers that don’t know any better though.


  • Good to see you guys still supporting the PS2! Way to go Sony.

  • Happy 10th anniversary PS2!

  • @scorpio182 for a dvd player

  • @Chuckbait:

    I, too, like Sony products. I, too, had a BC PS3 since launch 4 years ago. It was a 20GB version. I’m using the past tense because 3 years after I got the system, it yellow-lighted on me… 5 TIMES! I finally had enough, so I sold it for a newer PS3…one w/o BC. But since I still have my PS2, it wasn’t much of a loss.

    But on the topic at hand…

    Who DOESN’T have a PS2 by now, TEN YEARS after the fact? Granted, the PS2 had one of the best software libraries of any console generation. But we know that because we still have PS2s. Who on Earth is going to buy a PS2 in the face of the current generation? And why?

    Or is the PS2 version of Toy Story 3 selling like crap?

  • @what0070, yeah mine broke too, but it wasn’t the yellow light for me… The BR drive broke, I sent it back to Sony who sent me a “refurbished” ps3. And then that one broke…. So I bought myself a replacement BR drive off of ebay, and installed it. PS3 works like a charm now.

    Mine was a 60GB, and shortly after purchase I installed a 160GB, soon I believe I will upgrade the HDD to 640GB or higher.

    My point was just that many people can’t afford a ps3, not just cuz the cost of system, but also accessories and games. PS2 is a very cheap alternative that could fill the gaming needs of young children. I don’t think old systems are bad things.

    So its the PS2’s 10th anniversary, and Sony wants to celebrate that. Let them celebrate. The economy is rough.

  • Wow, PS2 is STILL BEAST. See that Xbox trolls? Not even your gimped 360, can stand a chance.

    PS2 is just too awesome. Congrats Sony/Pixar!

  • Please tell me this is a tactic to clear out remaining stock ><.

    This is ridiculous that SCEA is even still selling these machines. PS3 is now 200 dollars more, why not just include Backward Compatibility into the PS3 again (hell I'll even buy a new one) now that you're breaking even on every box sold, lets give a little back to the consumer huh? Then you can pack these silly games in with the PS3 along with a PS3 title or even the PS Move.

    It's time to get people off the PS2.

  • So much hatred from jealous parties who can’t play PS2 games on their PS3.

    Next time, don’t be late to the party.

  • I guess this is okay…but….
    For a 10th. Anniversary you should have packed in three of the greatest titles on PS2.

  • Ha seems like everyone forgot how great the PS2 was and that it was making a profit these last few years for Sony.

    Clearly this bundle isn’t for us, with our mighty PS3’s and HD tv’s. It’s for the younger crowd like your little bro or sister. Getting a chance to play one of the best systems out there.

    With all this lack of PS2 bc, I’m glad my 20GB launch PS3(yes I changed out the hd) is still going strong:)

  • By the way, what on earth are you people doing that have had so many PS3s die? I’m still on my 60gb. launch console and (knock on wood) haven’t had any problems.
    I really wonder where you are keeping your PS3 that it could die 5 times like that one guy says his did.
    I believe it, but it just seems strange that some people have so much trouble while the majority never do.

    I had a friend once who had multiple PS2s and X-boxes die on him but he was abusive to his consoles and didn’t dust them or keep them well ventilated at all times.
    However, his PS3 is still going strong on it’s second year.

  • @28 Chuckbait

    I own a launch 60gig, it YLOD and Sony sent me back a loud 60 gig. It eventually started to have overheating issues a year later, the most it’s good for now is playing Bluray Movies and Games in a room with better air circulation and is far away from me than the one I usually play my games in.

    I decided then to move to a PS3 slim so I could hear myself think, so my team mates on Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 could hear me over my PS3, and so I wouldn’t have to deal with my system whining about how it was over heating.

    Problems I outlined above are exactly the reasons I was concerned about BC’s removal in 2008. The Slim is an overall better machine in terms of reliability and usability than the release machines, but I miss my backward compatibility.

    It’s nice having collections, but not all my games are going to become collection titles.

  • How can anyone say anything bad about the amazing PS2! :D

  • this just lookz nicee

  • @#28 Chuckbait
    #42 Korebei83

    Or maybe some people were too early to the party and got faulty hardware. That didn’t happen to me personally, my 60gb was stolen. I had to start saving up again for another PS3, and by the time I had enough spare cash, they dropped PS2 BC. So I had to scrounge up some more cash to get a PS2, but my damn monitor only connects with HDMI, VGA and DVI, so yes, I’ll keep being angry until they add PS2 BC to the PS3 again, whether it be firmware, PS+ exclusive or just purchasing it from the PSN store, I want it back.

  • Congratulations, The PS2 is a amazing little beast isnt it, still kicking butt 10 years later!!!

    If the PS2 has kept going strong this long, its mind boggling to try to think how things will be for the PS3 on its 10th… Great Job!!!

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