The Shoot Targets PlayStation Move Today, PSN Demo Coming Soon

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Today is an exciting day for arcade shooter fans, because PlayStation Move’s new shooter, The Shoot, is now on store shelves across North America! Also available today is the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment ($19.99) which lets you hold the motion controller like a pistol for a more immersive experience when playing games like The Shoot.

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

To get you amped up for the games release, we’re posting a demo of The Shoot later today on PSN. Check out the fast-paced shooting action today by sampling the Outlawed level before you buy the game.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed, The Shoot is a new game for PlayStation Move that lets you become the ultimate action movie hero. In order to earn that title, you’ll have to impress the director who’s cast you in his latest blockbuster.

Hit the studio lot and get ready to blast through elaborate sets featuring massively destructible environments. On location at the Haunted House Party, Outlawed, Robot Rebellion, Deep Perils and The Mob sets, you’ll be able to shoot out subway tiles, blast through warehouse windows and even trigger special effect explosions by firing at barrels of TNT. Then get down to serious business and take aim to annihilate sinister villains ranging from aliens to robots to zombies.

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

Accuracy is key in The Shoot if you want to keep the director happy. Use the PlayStation Move motion controller’s precision to take down your targets on cue, and you’ll earn special moves to help you pull off extreme action sequences. Stay sharp, because being a star on the set of The Shoot is a hazardous job. During your takes, you’ll have to hit your targets while dodging attacks from enemies as they throw knives, fire off rounds and launch missiles.

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment for PS3

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

Prove that you’ve got the skills to make your movie a box office smash, and rise through the online leader boards. Then, share the spotlight by inviting a friend to get in on the fun and co-star in a co-op showdown.

We hope that you enjoy the demo on PSN, and be sure to pick up The Shoot and the Shooting Attachment for PlayStation Move today for the full experience.

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