The Shoot Targets PlayStation Move Today, PSN Demo Coming Soon

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Today is an exciting day for arcade shooter fans, because PlayStation Move’s new shooter, The Shoot, is now on store shelves across North America! Also available today is the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment ($19.99) which lets you hold the motion controller like a pistol for a more immersive experience when playing games like The Shoot.

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

To get you amped up for the games release, we’re posting a demo of The Shoot later today on PSN. Check out the fast-paced shooting action today by sampling the Outlawed level before you buy the game.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed, The Shoot is a new game for PlayStation Move that lets you become the ultimate action movie hero. In order to earn that title, you’ll have to impress the director who’s cast you in his latest blockbuster.

Hit the studio lot and get ready to blast through elaborate sets featuring massively destructible environments. On location at the Haunted House Party, Outlawed, Robot Rebellion, Deep Perils and The Mob sets, you’ll be able to shoot out subway tiles, blast through warehouse windows and even trigger special effect explosions by firing at barrels of TNT. Then get down to serious business and take aim to annihilate sinister villains ranging from aliens to robots to zombies.

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

Accuracy is key in The Shoot if you want to keep the director happy. Use the PlayStation Move motion controller’s precision to take down your targets on cue, and you’ll earn special moves to help you pull off extreme action sequences. Stay sharp, because being a star on the set of The Shoot is a hazardous job. During your takes, you’ll have to hit your targets while dodging attacks from enemies as they throw knives, fire off rounds and launch missiles.

PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment for PS3

The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3The Shoot for PlayStation Move PS3

Prove that you’ve got the skills to make your movie a box office smash, and rise through the online leader boards. Then, share the spotlight by inviting a friend to get in on the fun and co-star in a co-op showdown.

We hope that you enjoy the demo on PSN, and be sure to pick up The Shoot and the Shooting Attachment for PlayStation Move today for the full experience.

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3 Author Replies

  • I’ve heard really good things about this game but I’m going to have to hold on it until I try out the demo.

    It definitely looks like a great party game. I could use some cooling down after just beating Dead Rising 2 and Castlevania.

  • I still don’t have Move, but I hope to get it soon!

  • I will check out the demo. Not sure if I want to drop $20 on a light-gun download title but I am not ruling it out if its a ton of fun.

  • Double WOOT!

  • I preordered this from Amazon along with Time Crisis, I’m very happy to see “Light Gun” style games making a comeback. Now, if we could only get Sega to release House of the Dead for PS3/Move :D

  • I enjoyed the demo a lot (on the move demo disc) and I’ll be picking up it up in the near future, not sure about the shooting attachment but I’ll look into it.

    Keep up the move support, its a lot of fun!

  • Earthworm Jim would be proud of that firearm.

  • I read that all wrong… the attachment is $20 opps and its a disc based game. I retract my earlier comment. :)

  • hey as far as the move goes?

    and demos how about echochrome ii?

    it has been on the UK store for at least a month.

    anyword on the release?

  • Is this the same demo as on the Move Package demo disk?

    • Yes, the demo available on PSN is the same as the one on the demo disc. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the demo via the disc, now you can give The Shoot a try via PSN.

  • dear sony, please look at how to release bundles. Releasing these games with no move controller is hurting them. They need to bundle games with move controllers. Pick 3-4 games and include the controller with the game. I already have a Eye, and feel like its a rip off to buy a move game then buy the controller.

  • HELLO?! Can you play one player, using two move controllers???????????? A gun in each hand? Hello!!!

    Confirm or Deny this…it is not a difficult question.

  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm is out today!

  • … too many games! Almost want to Shoot myself! – just joking!

  • When price comes down Ill get this with a move. Hopefully Thanksgiving day sales. I agree with the bundle statemeant above, nicely put jwspiker

  • does anybody know exactly when the store will be updated tonight???

  • @16 You’re new here, aintcha?

  • @17 LMAO – FTW!

  • @16 usually around 5pm PST.
    protip: if you use the store’s search function you an usually find a specific game hours before the official update goes through.

  • da shoot iz gr8!
    only if it supported da navigation controller =(

  • This is one of the best Move demos I’ve played thus far. My father’s actually been waiting on this game to release, so I suppose we’ll be picking this up some time soon.

    Now, here’s to hoping for a decent dancing game for my mother so I can finally convince them these things are worthwhile.

    • Glad to hear that you and your father are excited for The Shoot! Keep an eye out for SingStar Dance for your mom.

  • @12 Chuckbait

    You can play a 2 player game by yourself with two guns (one in each hand), I have done it on the demo. You will basically be playing against yourself for the highest score.

    I don’t think the single player game gives you an option to play with two guns however.

  • the shooting attachment looks great! i might just have to buy it for this game and killzone 3 too!

  • the gun attachment looks very nice.

  • The Shoot is not out in Canada ’till tomorrow.

    Shipping problem I guess?

    Now I have to wait for the week-end to play it since I work all week.

  • Ill try The Shoot demo first, this reminds me of the days of playing Area 51 on PS1, with that giant blue gun :) Good times!!!

    Ive really enjoyed Move so far… Tumble is frustrating fun… My dad is asking questions about MOVE, he sees things on TV, he knows i have it, If he shows up at my house some sat. morning without breakfast, wanting to use my PS3 to play a MOVE game…. I will be sending a all caps e-mail to someone!!!

  • I’m very impressed with how the Move works and glad Sony is taking the time to market it. The Move is a great addition to any PS3 system and shouldn’t be overlooked or under marketed.

    That said, I’m not very impressed with The Shoot. It might just be the on rails bit that sets me off of a sale for this title. Plus the calibration (At least I’ve seen it with the demo) is clunky at best. After calibrating the title the first few times correctly might I add all I could do was watch the cursor move around the outside of the screen, never allowing me to center. Finally after a few tries my cursor moved freely but didn’t seem to react one to one the way other Move titles have accomplished.

  • Every time I’m at Wal-mart, Playstation Move is sold out. I think it’s selling well the way it is. Saw a guy in a dark room in the apartment across the way… I was like: “Hey! I recognize that round glowing orb from TV! That’s Playstation Move!” Then quietly thinking to myself… [I gotta get one of those…]

  • Check out Costco as they have the move bundle for $10 less than wal-mart (at least last time I was there; about a week ago)

  • Unfortently our walmart is retarted they never have this sort of coolness on the shelf only online

  • I’ve got to admit that I didn’t really think much of this game, when I first heard about and saw gameplay from it. But the demo really turned me into a believer!
    And now that it’s only 39.99 I might even go all the way!


    A demo that came out weeks ago, but not for PS EYE owners who got screwed out of a disc when they bought Move controllers.

    Time Crisis came out Tuesday. The only reason the demo isn’t up is because Sony is waiting for Namco’s check to clear, since they think demos are items to manipulate consumers for sales instead of being free trials.

    I’d sure love to play Echochrome 2 demo with my Move controller.

    Sony sucks.

  • Thank you #22….at least someone is willing to answer a real question.

    ( I just love how they respond to comments about nothing…”Thanks for the support”…yeah cuz that helps to inform people about your video game)

  • …I’m lookin at you DONG!

  • I bought this game and wow its awesome! a must buy for its style and fun…

  • How do you get 2 players in the regular Career mode?
    It was available on the FREE DEMO, but it’s not in the full game?
    There is a 2 player mode, buy you have to unlock it?
    Does anyone know how to unlock it?
    Otherwise, this game is very fun and addicting, but it should be 2 players throughtout the whole game?

  • Maybe it’s just me but the gun looks more like a hair dryer…

  • @36

    it’s in score attack mode, though in the full game all of the challenges can be played 2 player apparently (though I’ve only got 1 move controller so I haven’t done this yet). I’ve got to say the challenges I’ve unlocked so far are the most fun thing in the game. They’re totally different from the rest of the game. I wasn’t really expecting much from this when I first saw screen shots and stuff, but decided to go for it after the demo. The full game is brilliant!

  • Will it have online support?

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