Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Reader Questions Answered, New Single-Player Settings

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One of the blessings (and curses) of working in this industry is getting to play unfinished games well before their release date. The blessing part is obvious; we didn’t hesitate to knock off work early to go play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on PS3 at an Ubisoft preview event. Heck, that *is* work. The curse part sneaks up on you later; after sampling the first 3 hours of the game, I’ve been dying to play some more – something we can’t do until the game hits store shelves on November 16th.

Don’t feel sorry for us – it was our job to quiz the development team from Ubisoft Montreal on what we saw, and Mission Director Gaelic Simard was all too happy to answer our questions and yours.

A bit more on those first few hours of the game (with as little in the realm of spoilers as possible)…

As someone who saw Assassin’s Creed II all the way through to a Platinum Trophy, I was curious as to what would be cut from the single player experience. From what I can tell – there are only additions.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS3Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PS3

I’ve seen Ezio man a cannon, sink a ship, and even pilot a primitive, da Vinci-designed tank. You can stray further from the narrative if you like, taking on assassinations for hire. Horses can be ridden in the city streets, making for more dramatic chases and getaways. If you were into the development of Monteriggioni, all of Rome now lies at your feet for renovation.

One of the more interesting changes I saw was in the way you perform your main quests. Sure, you can kill a target outright and advance the story. But if you perform a designated secondary action during an assassination, like breaking the mark’s defense with a kick (oh yeah, you can do that now), then you’ll increase your synchronization level. That can lead to some of Ezio’s lost memories resurfacing, in playable form.

We only scratched the surface of the single-player campaign in our play session. A completionist like myself will have plenty to keep themselves busy with, and that’s before even touching the multiplayer. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

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  • Haven’t heard much about the single player campaign, the way you guys ONLY advertise multi-player, makes me uneasy for the single player…the whole reason I play AC to begin with. 2 was such a breathe of fresh air, i’m not really anticipating this one.

  • My biggest point of concern has been the single-player portion of this game. I really enjoyed the story of the first two titles and the multiplayer aspect is a throw-away for me. Glad to hear from this post (and several other hands-on previews posted today) that my concerns have been unwarranted.

  • Good news, I hope AC Brotherhood can stand up on its single player, and not rely too heavily on multiplayer for its kicks. That really turns me off of games quickly, their persistence on multiplayer objectives.

  • Really excited! Will Brotherhood support Move?

  • I’m worried about the single player story, too. I don’t give a darn about multiplayer, specially in a franchie that didn’t need it at all.

  • Ah! looks awesome! I’d like to see both control schemes incorporated. Move for interaction and Dualshock3 for precision.

  • Love the Assassin’s Creed series… really looking forward to this one… and the multiplayer in the beta was a lot of fun…

  • I have the beta and now want to play ac1 and 2…

  • I have a question about the AC Brotherhood beta and would appreciate it if I could get some sort of answer here first.

    The AC Brotherhood beta was still up on the PSN Store so later that day I signed up for Plus thinking it would be there and then it wasn’t.

    Is there any way i could still get it since I did sign up for Plus on the same day the beta was up?

  • why all the hard multiplayer trophies why ? LOL i wanted that plat :( but ill try so hard making it my 55th plat xD

  • dont get me wrong about this game I LOVE IT its my second fav game on ps3 i cant wait for it

  • Where and when does the story take place? If I just wait till Assassins Creed 3 will I be missing a chunk of the story?

    • It picks up *immediately* after the events of ACII. Since there’s no AC3 announced, there’s no way to answer that question.

  • I just loved the beta, can’t wait for the full game’s release on November 18th (I live in Norway..) I’ve already Pre-ordered the Codex Edition from my local GameStop.

    The recruitment part of the single-player campaign sound awesome, and I was one of those who really enjoyed the development of Monteriggioni, so I look forward to the development of Rome.

    Question: The loading time on the beta is kinda long (I don’t mind,it’s just that I have a bad (somethimes) internet, so I fear that while loading a match I might loose my connection..9, is it gonna be faster when the full game’s out? Or will it be the same?
    – Thank you!

  • (sometimes)*
    Don’t mind the ‘9’ I dunno how that got in there..

  • Sry, for triple posting, but the ‘9’ was supposed to be a ‘)’ lol

  • Not impressed with my time in the beta but I understand that it was a beta and shall await the final product.

  • I’m a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed series, but this whole recruiting and managing assassins portion of the game seems tacked on. I was wondering how much of it’s importance is relied on in gameplay, because I personally didn’t enjoy that part of MGS: Peacewalker. Still looking forward to the game though!

    • I’m not sure that it’s mandatory – didn’t get that far into the game. But a well-trained group of assassins will come in handy in battles, as well as bring in the florins.

  • Ok, so this is random, but I love the camera work on the interviews. It really lives up the pace of it all. Props to the D.P.!

    Oh, and Brotherhood of course looks amazing XD

  • So is there split screen or not?

  • Is there any bonus for having played AC2, ie game save file?

  • @10 King4ransom

    The beta ended today so no need to look for it anymore

  • I’d like to know if the screen tearing from AC2 PS3 has been reduced or eliminated in single player? I didn’t see any in the beta but I saw some in the single player trailers they’ve been putting out.

  • Wow, this game is going to become like the best game of the year.
    ASSASSIN’S CREED BROTHERHOOD-Best Game You Can Look Forward To Getting!

  • @22 ok thanks.
    so the beta is over with even for people who downloaded it?
    I thought the beta might just be up still to play for those who already downloaded it, but not in the store.

  • If this were 2011, I’d be all over this game. But it’s been only one year and the terrible control system is still fresh in my mind. Doesn’t help either that I saw AC2 on sale a couple of weeks after release.

  • @26 Nothing wrong with the AC control system unless you don’t know how to use it.

  • I’m glad to see some options like riding the horse in the cities, and more nuanced fighting and defending controls, and the expansion of building up cities like we had for Monterigatoni in Assassin’s Creed 2. This game looks to be better than I originally thought they would make it, nice!

    • Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the combo system… if done correctly, gone are the days of waiting forever, then countering. You can chain fatal hits together on large groups.

  • I’m new to the Assassin’s Creed games – how does the melee combat system work?

    I’d heard the previous ones was a bit odd and unrealistic with you only ever taking on one bad guy at a time… something like Batman: Arkham Asylum however I thought was pretty much perfect.

    Just wondering as I’m loving the look of the game, but how combat works is a big thing for me.

    • You usually face multiple groups of guys at a time. It’s definitely more defensive minded with blocks and counters – you’re not going to slash through armored foes. But there are more armor breaks and other moves to mix it up in ACB.

  • looks like ill be using eagle vision ALOT more this time around… thanks for asking about that

    any idea it the game will clock around the same game play time of AC2 because i really felt it was worth the money and would love to play this type of game with how many hours i also did with AC2

    cant wait

    • They told me that 100%ing the game could take as much as 80 hours, not including MP. So… probably a good dollars:gametime ratio.

  • The Beta test was great! I’m glad all PS Plus members got access to it. This will be my first AC game and the multiplayer alone attracted me to this game. Looking forward to the single player! :)

  • Sweet, sweet hidden blades. Can’t wait! I s the beta really over? I haven’t checked.

  • Sweet, sweet hidden blades. Can’t wait! Is the beta really over? I haven’t checked.

  • enjoyed the beta for about two days then i quit. it got redundant and by the time i got to level 5, some players have guns already! what the heck?! i have platinums for AC and ACII, but i doubt i’ll get the one for Brotherhood since i’m guessing some trophies will be “multiplayer-related” and i hate trophies that rely too much on other people’s gameplay. bah!

  • @jeff – thanks for replying!

    i guess what i meant, in how batman seemed to differ from AC is that in batman, they would all mob you if you gave them the chance, whereas in AC, it seems you only ever get attacked by one person no matter how many crowd you, giving you the chance to take them on one at a time – something i found a bit odd with AC.

  • I really loved AC2, and the story was rich. I roamed for 40 hours before doing any side missions. Hopefully getting all trophies and every mission and Rome upgrades will be longer than AC2. I would hate to be disappointed that it would be shorter or but, Ubisoft is my favorite developer, they know creativity.

  • ACB please be longer that 25 hours, including everything.

  • cant wait for MP!

  • AC is a fantastic game, I absolutely love AC2. Pre-ordered this one ages ago :)

  • They should do a brief internship at Rockstar Games to learn physics and gameplay of the horses that they developed for Red Dead Redemption. Riding a horse AC2 is very difficult, and sometimes I’d rather go to the destination on foot.

  • All this does sound exciting. The multiplayer definitely is promising, but it is the main story that is most important.

  • Any word about differences between PS3 and 360 ver.? PS3 versions of AC and AC2 had much worse performance (+ lot more screen tearing). Both Prince of Persia games were much better in that department :)

  • thiz game iz lookin fab! =D

  • Greatly looking forward to release. The beta had some kinks to work out, but if you have a group of friends, or find the right group, it’s a blast.

    I’ve had this preordered since 2 days after it’s announce at E3, getting the collectors edition. Rush beat AC1, platinum’d AC2 and completed all side missions (which should’ve been a trophy), plan to do the same for ACB. Hearing in the past that story mode would give 15 hours of playtime had me worried at first, 80 sounds a lot better. Does ACB have a built in clock, ala FFXIII? Think I clocked 105 hours or so on there, and would like to be able to keep track.

    Lastly, is this going to be 1080p or just 720 again?

  • All these people hating so hard on the multiplayer aspect. Now I’m a hardcore fan of Assassin’s Creed and the single player is amazing but I’ve played the beta on Playstation Network and I haven’t had a multiplayer this addictive since the original modern warfare. Don’t be so quick to shun Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer.

  • 80+ hors wow cool i been replaying AC2 just to be ready!

  • Cannot wait for this game.
    Just ordered the Codex Edition, i feel i may have ordered it quite late, and as its “Limited Codex Edition” does this mean i might not get one as they could run out of stock?

    Really gutted if i lose out on it.

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