Vanquish Out This Week on PS3 – Video & New Demo Details

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Recently, I ran into SEGA’s Julian Mehlfeld on the way to Toronto for our Canadian Press Event and Reader Meetup. He promised to show off something new from upcoming Platinum Games shooter Vanquish for the first time at this event: Area 4-1 “Silence.”

Here’s what we talked about during the demo, and some extended gameplay video to hammer home the points he makes about the game’s detail and frenetic gameplay.

Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation.Blog: What are we seeing here?

Julian Mehlfeld, SEGA of America: This section of the game takes place in a forested area. In the last section you’re in a transport escaping from what I will not describe – you can see it from yourself when you get the game when it comes out. You’ve crash landed in a park. A lot of areas of the game are very industrial – if you’ve played through the demo, you’ve got a good sense of that. In this section there’s more trees and grass, and kind of a change of pace both in color and environment.

You’ll have different cover points, different environmental obstacles. So you’re working your way deeper and deeper into a facility, and towards a larger dam area.

PSB: Something that immediately pops out when seeing this game is attention to detail, especially in the character’s armored suit.

SEGA: The detail in the suit is incredible. Whenever I demo this game, I have people take a look at the character, take a look at the suit, and take a look at the weapons. If you’re not familiar with Vanquish, the suit is developed by Darpa, and your character, Sam Gideon, has created it. It has a couple of key features: a dash that gets you around the environment very quickly, and one where you can slow down time using the Augmented Reaction System.

These two abilities open up the suit. The dash in particular, you’ll see a larger jet and vents on the legs too. As you move through the environment the suit opens up, the jet comes out. If you use up your “juice,” the suit opens to let out the exhaust. You’re a bit vulnerable at that point so there’s a nice color change to make you aware of that. You can see an indicator on your back when it’s ready to go again and you’ll see the suit come back together – it’s a very nice, very clean effect. When the action is so intense, it’s a very key point of information for you as well.

Also the weapons, they work off a kind of “keyring” system called the Blade System. Basically, any time a weapon is picked up, you can slot it into your keyring. You can have 3 weapons at any given time. As you switch weapons within the ring, it basically forms from one core, and the weapon builds out to form the weapon you’ll be using – machine gun, heavy machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun – you can just see bit by bit as it comes together. It’s a quick animation that looks really, really good. [play the video above to see it in action]

PSB: Bayonetta was really over the top, as well as other Platinum Games produced titles. What’s larger than life in Vanquish?

SEGA: What we’re playing through right now, there are two very big baddies who do all kinds of crazy stuff. In Vanquish, in both environment and enemy, you’re going to find yourself in a lot of unique situations different than you’ll find in any other shooter. Basically, it is very fast, very intense, and very action oriented. Even the mid-level guys you’ll come across, they do not stand back, they do not wait for you to come to them – they come to you. So you’ve constantly got to be on your feet, constantly be ready to take on whatever the game is going to throw at you.

PSB: Speaking of Bayonetta – that was a great game, but the PS3 version of the game had some technical issues. Tell me that Vanquish be different.

SEGA: Vanquish was developed on PlayStation 3 first and foremost, and then ported over to other systems. The experience you’ll get on PlayStation is incredible. It runs really clean, it’s very smooth. I know there were concerns after Bayonetta, which is totally understandable. I wrote on the Blog for you guys, and there were a lot of questions about this. My feeling is: play the demo, it runs just as clean as it does in the demo. It’s not like there’s a fakeout.

PSB: Why is there no multiplayer?

SEGA: That comes up a lot for Vanquish, and my feeling is that this is a mikami game with Platinum games. Mikami made Resident Evil and really intense single player games. Platinum Games is known for making really amazing experiences. Merge the two and you get a really good title in Vanquish. If you’ve seen the game, seen the videos or played the demos, you know this. Both the boost mechanic and the way it’s laid out, it’s very fast it’s very intense it’s very action oriented. You take those same mechanics, the Augmented Reaction System, the boost, and tie that into multiplayer, you have a slowdown mechanic and a very fast boost mechanic. It’s hard to put into a multiplayer format, I would say. It’s not impossible, but you’d have to pull back in a lot of ways on how those mechanics work. In the single-player game, those features are integral to the experience, and if you dilute those, you change the game. The single player game as they’ve come up with is amazing.

PSB: We’ve got some questions from our readers via Twitter. @jamaican27 asks: Will vanquish have alternate costumes?

The game doesn’t feature alternate costumes. Sam’s suit is an integral part of the game. There are secrets in the game, little things that you’ll find – I’m not going to spoil it for you, you can experience it for yourself. But there are things that you’re go through and discover along the way.

PSB: @Disturbed932 wants to know: What is Platinum doing for Vanquish that will extend the replay ability? I remember the demo having timed missions.

SEGA: As you go through the game, based on time, based on how many enemies you kill, based on how you kill them, your score is going to go up. We’ve got a leaderboard system, you’re going to want to play through again and again for better scores if that’s what you’re into. If you’re not into leaderboards, you just want a more challenging experience, you can get that out of the campaign; once you beat the game the difficulty will become harder and harder. In addition to that, there’s challenge modes which unlock throughout the story, which are based on time. It’s your raw skill – you have to know that stretch of the environment, know the enemies, know the waves, and it’s based on how well you can do it. They’re fun, they’re intense, there are some that I’m still having trouble getting through. It’s kind of a very fast, strategically how-am-I-going-to-get-through-this mode.

PSB: @r2wadhwani asks: When is Vanquish coming?

Vanquish is launching on October 19th, and post launch we’ll have another demo, which will show that challenge mode. So you can actually get a chance to see how intense things will get and what kinds of things it’ll throw at you. It’s a really good representation of some of the more intense areas of the game.

Any more questions for SEGA about Vanquish? Julian promises me he’ll be around to answer them today.

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  • The game looks, and judging from the last demo, plays great. Can’t wait to play the full game. Great job on the interview guys!

  • Yo jeff is the 6 min challenge still going on the demo of vanquish .. i beat it in 6 mins 34 secs.. what was the record.?. and how do i post my proof? I dont see a attach link thing??

  • Holy Smokes! This looks great!…can’t wait to try out the demo. The robotic designs in the suit and in the giant mechs look top notch.

  • Ill try the demo tomorrow but the one you released already i tried it and i didnt like this game at all.

    This holiday season is the worst in term of games.. so little nice games coming out.. theres no games i really want except dead nation. 2011 will be awesome tho but for now its dry…

  • Hey Jeff, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking out your time to type up “transcript” for us to read- that is for those of us who can’t hear the video (due to some of us being deaf or having difficult time to listen or other reasons). But THANK YOU! TRULY. I hope that many developers and PS Blog Staff(s) beside yourself continue to provide both options… THANK YOU AGAIN.

  • kind of like a zone of the enders wanna-be – pffft! demo gave me a headache!

  • It’s nice that you did your journalistic duty and called them out on Bayonetta’s technical issues, but I’m not buying what they’re selling.

    Will wait to see if this stacks up to be yet another multiplatform game that the PS3 can’t handle.

    • Totally understandable and I just want to be clear that we’re not backing off this topic – when asked on the blog and in this interview, I’ve been ask forthcoming as I can be, save from actually doing a side by side comparison.

      Having completed the game on PS3 in the office, I’m pretty happy with the experience. Definitely wait and see if that vibes with the rest of the PS community if you feel you need to; no harm in that!

  • Paid in full a few months back!
    Can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow!

  • WOW. This game looks awesome! I have played the demo and it’s a whole new experience that just blows my mind! The x box360 has its halo and now the ps3 has its vanquish.I cant wait to get this game.

    • Both are very different and yes, while both do have a super suit, but I tend to see Sam’s suit as more ability driven, which makes Vanquish a pretty unique game to play. Nothing against Halo here, just different experiences for both suits/games.

  • Dunno if I want to pay 60 bucks for a game that’s over in 4 hours…

  • Game looks very cool, but I hate timed missions or challenges. I would like to support your game, but with the short campaign and not much reason to replay after (besides improving my score), It will most likely be a rental.

  • So how long is the campaign? Cuz I’ve been hearing that it’s about 6 hours long.

  • it plays kinda crappy on 360 and nicer on ps3.
    i think i will be trying to purchase this forps3 this go round.

  • @knighttropper96: “The x box360 has its halo and now the ps3 has its vanquish.I cant wait to get this game.”

    What the hell? Halo is an exclusive and Vanquish is multiplatform. That’s a terrible comparison because Xbox gets this too; the opposite isn’t true.

    But unfortunately for Xbox, Halo is about all it gets aside from Gears and Forza, the latter of which we all know is vastly inferior to Polyphony’s masterpiece.

    Also for guys on the fence about a bad port, apparently Platinum Games learned their lesson and developed this game leading on PS3. Buy with confidence; our version will be equal or better.

  • Day 1 tomorrow. This is my type of game

  • that boss battle was epic man can’t wait for whatever goodies wait in the demo and full game XD

  • Picking it up tomorrow. And for those wondering, there are comparisons of the demo online and the PS3 version actually does look and run better than the 360 version.

  • Can’t wait to pick up my preorder on Wednesday ^,^

  • Love Platinum Games. Can’t wait to get this.

  • meh. Not paying $60 for a 3-4 hour game with no multiplayer. Going to wait when this game drop to $20 or less.

  • Super excited for this!. Hopefully you can answer some questions.

    Are there DLC plans? Or plans to make the pre order weapons available through download?

    Any chance of some PSN avatars or dynamic theme for Vanquish?

    Is the audio track from the ARS suit trailer featured in the game? Love what I have heard of the audio, hopefully it will go up for sale.


  • Please reply! Will the KZ3 theme be available at midnight or is it going to be with the whole PS Store update tomorrow?

  • how long is this game, im talking hours?
    i dont want to spend 60$ on a game that i can beat in one sitting, including the time for cut scenes.

  • although im excited theres no multiplayer in it. online modes suck thanks to cheaters and and other a**cracks

  • @23 ericscolon
    On normal difficultly, it will takes about 4 hours.

  • I just wanted to say Vanquish looks amazing, and you’ve done a terrific job with it, and that I’ll be buying it…used for under $30.


  • Will be picking it up tommorow :) already pre-ordered

  • Getting my pre-order on my work break tommorow :)

  • Looks like your average gimped to run on the wimpy Xbox 360 graphics hardware shooter.

    Not wasting a dime on this junk.

  • This game looks awesome and I would want to buy it but $60 or even $50 for a short game is not worth it. I hope the sequel is longer with multiplayer and I think it would be cool to have the suit able to fly. Also of course a sequel should be longer. I think a great setting idea would be to defend New York before it is too late. Just some ideas.

  • After playing the demo I am so SOLD on Vanquish. Can’t wait.

  • why are people fan boys of one system, stop making gaming your #1 focus in life. All systems are great, i love ps3, 360, wii, and psp

  • @CF3esBestia why are people fan boys of one system, stop making gaming your #1 focus in life. All systems are great, i love ps3, 360, wii, and psp.

    Yeah and you also want world peace. This is a PS3 site. PS3! You can’t complain at people for putting the console at the top here. Also pay attention to PS3 exclusives its not like they are making things up.
    Vanquish I did enjoy playing but not going to get it on day 1.Good interview.

  • I was going to buy this game. But right now, I don’t think the game is worth the $60 price tag. I read online that the game is actually about 4 hours long?


    $15/hr for 1 PS3 game is not a good deal.

  • When is Yakuza 4 coming out?Are you guys going to translate the Yakuza for psp???

  • This game looks great!!

  • @Vector i know, but its just funny when people bad mouth another system. Its a video game console for christ sake, its not like you have to choose sides between being a Buckeye or a Wolverine, which you BETTER CHOOSE BUCKEYE!!!

  • Great Demo. The experince playing single player is much better than multiplayer but if it takes like 4hrs I’m going to wait.

  • Picking up my copy tomorrow.

    I was hooked after the first trailer for this game was shown, the demo only made me want it more, I can’t wait to play it.

  • Is this suit as bad ass as Samus from Metroid? =)

  • I would totally preorder this game if Amazon had a $20 (or even $10) deal on it like Lords of Shadow or Black Ops. Alas, it does not, so I’ll wait for a price drop.

  • I wasn’t too interested in this game (I just never looked into it or gave it a chance) but after the video, hearing that it was developed on PS3 and that there is no multiplayer, I am intrigued and am downloading the demo. Still skeptical after the blunder that was Bayonetta but I’m interested.

    Great job on the post Jeff!

  • I’m worried about the lenght thanks to the rumors… But I’m getting this. I hope there’s a lot of replay value not only based on time missions and stuf… Unlockables, secrets, theather mode, art, extras… IDK.

  • Why is this game considered fun? I thought it would be a DL title. I’d be more inclined to buy a remake of Virtual On, cuz since thats what this game sort of resembles.

    Maybe if this ever becomes a $30 title, ill look into it.

  • I would buy this. For 30 or 40 bucks. But no more.

    Feels like a arcade shooter which is good. But 60 goes a long way.

  • Looks pretty but seems more tedious than fun.

  • Bought it, Love it!!! 8)

  • Release the Tri-Pack Weapon DLC on the Store too if you can (even as paid dlc) guys.

  • Amazing game.

  • Can we get a proper port of Bayonetta rather than this 4 hour game?

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