Qore Update: Qore Ultimate Arqade, Episode 30 Preview

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We just wanted to let you guys know that the Qore Ultimate Arqade will be available tomorrow via the October – Episode 29. Qore annual subscribers just need to check out the Episode 29 Download Center tomorrow to grab this collection of all of your favorite quirky Qore mini games that you’ll be able to play right from the XMB of your PS3 system.

Death Orb for Qore ArqadeRune Raider for Qore Arqade

Qore Wars for Qore ArqadeMother Blaster for Qore Arqade

Meanwhile, the Qore team is pulling together what promises to be a packed November episode. The main stories currently planned include Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Tron: Evolution and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Look for Qore Episode 30 on November 2nd.

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  • Cool! We have been asking for this! Maybe you can update this through patches and add games to it with each episode.

  • sounds cool, can’t wait to check it out

  • Will PSN+ members be able to access these games as well?

  • I’d rather be getting GT5 on Nov 2nd, but anyway…

  • Yay? How about cross game chat.

  • How bout adding some trophies :D

  • I was a Qore subscriber from launch, but now that i’ve signed up for PS+ I don’t subscribe to Qore since we get the episodes as part of PS+.

    Will PS+ members be able to have access to this and other annual Qore subscriber benefits? It would be pretty unreasonable to ask members to pay both memberships, wouldn’t it?

  • Are there trophies???

  • Your killing me softly. I have had QORE since it came out, and I have sent in NUMEROUS emails complaining that the episodes are way too short. I do not understand your thinking.

    You send the lovely and gorgeous Veronica Belmont all over God’s Green Earth, to seek out, and interview popular gamees designers, publishers etc. to get the “inside scoop”.
    Yet, we get SQUAT. I never understood the thinking of sending someone all over the Earth, to get these interviews etc., only to show us a 5-7 minute clip of a game?
    How long is she & the camera man there? A few hours at least, right? Then you bring it back, and some moron edits it down to a few minutes.
    I complained after Ep. 1 that the episodes are way too short, and you wonder why many have complained that QORE is a joke and a rip off.
    EXTEND these interviews, make QORE at least 1 hour long, then you will see those users who knocked it, get more interested, and that in turn, makes them see the added VALUE in Qore!!


  • GT5 release date???

  • Has this Qore problem been fixed to allow annual PS+ members access to the annual Qore benefits? It’s a pretty tangy PS+ “perk” if it doesn’t come with anything.

  • I was a Annual Qore Subscriber until PS+ came out….now I am missing out on these things…why havent you guys fixed this? you expect us to get the Annual membership as well as PS+ to get this stuff?

  • Some people here seem to need a re-up on their Xanax prescriptions.

  • PS+ members should really get access to the annual Qore subscriber content, doesn’t seem fair that we don’t

  • @4, @8 and @ 13
    No, Annual subscription to Qore is different than with PS+. With PS+ it counts as you getting individual episodes rather than “subscribed” to them.

  • @16
    But it is an annual subscription that is supposed to include Qore. This stuff should really be available to PS+ subscribers.

  • Sony can’t win. If they give + subscribers this content, the Qore subs will cry its not fair. One potential solution is upgrade all legacy Qore subs to plus, but I don’t know the economics of it.

  • @17
    Wel Idk, PS+ just changed their plans which is why I have not resubbed to them. PS+ just started sucking towards the beginning of August.

  • @16 – I know, and that’s really dumb. I can see a reason for doing it that was for people who only get 1 or 4 month PS+ subscriptions, so they can’t get annual content for a month or two at a time. But folks who have a 12 or 15 month subscription for PS+ should essentially have an annual Qore subscription rather than 12 straight one-offs. It’s silly. If PS+ is supposed to be some exclusive service with great bonuses, how about actually giving them the bonuses instead of just giving them a taste. What do Qore subscribers care if other people are getting access to their content? It’s no skin off their backs.

  • I have annual Qore subscription and PLUS + :) Can’t wait :). It’s worth it have annual Qore subscription so you get into more beta and other stuff :). I’m in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta haven’t played much and Dead Space beta but dead space beta to scary for me lol not my type of game. I’d been playing to much nhl 11 :).

  • Lol then there will be no point paying for subscription to QORE= Sony losing money.

  • No way I got my 40+ inch screen set to my PS3 so that I can play those retro old school games … blasting pixels? haha, I think not. What’s the word on Fallout New Vegas? Why is the XBox getting all the love on this one?

  • kevin how do you prnounce your last name,??

  • @22 – Sure there would: people who aren’t PS+ members. And if people become PS+ members because of that content overlap, then Sony makes money off them on that end.

  • Since Sony is shafting both Qore & PSN+ fans this way theres only 1 thing to do to get the point across that is subscribe to neither.

  • I’m always looking forward to each and every episode. The added game is a nice little bonus. Keep ’em coming, Sony.

    Nevermind the crybabies. They’re young, and $25 is still considered a fortune amongst preschoolers, lol. That’s right, I said it.

  • ok so those of us that had 2 years of annual subscription from day one release of Qore and then opted for PSN+ do NOT get the stand alone arcade…seriously WTF?

  • sorry drop the 3 letter acronym I used and move the “?” after “seriously” please

  • I can’t say I’m a happy PS+ subscriber right now.

    I was a longtime Qore subscriber (2 13 months subs) and jumped on PS+ when I saw Qore was included, I was already going to pay $25, why not another $25 and get more content? Right?

    I’m disappointed us PS+ annual subscribers aren’t getting same benefits as Qore annual subs. I thought I was signing up for an all inclusive subscription.

  • Amen @29

  • I am still disappointed that there is no reason to renew my annual subscription… :((

  • No for PSN+…..
    EPIC FAIL!!!!!
    Why do we get a dumbed down version of Qore? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

  • Meh, these mini games are rubbish at best…PSN+ subscribers should be happy they’re missing out on this.

    P.S. Send Veronica to Vancouver to check out NHL 11…sports game of the year…

  • Good stuff. Still on the fence If I should get playstation plus. So far it’s been pretty mediocre. A new annual renewal is 50% of the price of plus. I’ll probably just hold out.

  • @27

    Isn’t it ironic that that is the most childish comment on the post?

  • @ Kevin’s reply to #4 – As PS+ members with 15-month subscriptions, many of us /are/ annual subscribers to Qore… we get over a year’s worth of Qore, but for some reason we get it on a month by month basis instead of the full year of content? We must all be idiots! I wonder how many Qore subscribers out there buy it every individual month for a year.

    @36 – Agreed. Some people are too small-minded to comprehend the idea that someone, anyone could possibly question the way things are.

  • I had a Sub to Qore for the past year, it seemed to only be interesting/contain some cool “freebie” every 3rd issue, not worth it. I’m a PS+ member, and my opinion is that its been good so far but needs to “ramp it up a bit”. As far as the “freebies” from Qore lately?..If they are just gonna throw in “Qore celebs” themes.ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…..FAIL.

  • Yeah. I just don’t believe that PS+ subscribers are going to be left out of this. I was a yearly subscriber to Qore from the beginning and decided to upgrade to Plus when it launched, partially because it included a subscription to Qore. I’m not about to double buy Qore on top of it. That would be insane.

    My guess? Sony is just launching this as Qore only to entice non-Plus subscribers to renew Qore. Give it a month or two and Sony will give it to Plus also.

  • Yeah, I agree whole heartedly. I read the Blog, and forgot about it. So when I went into the Download Center, and it wasn’t there, I thought maybe I had to do something else to ulock it. But now I see why I don’t have it, and yeah, that is grade-A…BS

    Like one of the previous Qore Members said, I’ve been a Qore subscriber like him, since Day 1. And in that 2 year time frame, we have received as “gifts” a few items. We have gotton:
    1- Some Themes
    2- Some wall papper
    3- High Velocity Bowling (had it before Qore)
    4. HOME Shirt

    I know I’m missing a few more items, but not that many, maybe 2.3 items if thate of them were special, so to speak. Now with PS Plus, we do NOT get the Mini’s Arcade? Oh come on, are you SERIOUS? You promised u

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