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Quick bit of housekeeping before we get to the week’s reading list…

As you may already know, the updated, disc-free Netflix app is due to hit North American PS3s tomorrow. Some of our Canadian readers asked if their application is being updated with the new interface and features (such as 5.1 surround sound). The answer is yes; you’ll be prompted to patch the when you launch the Netflix app after the update goes live. Look for the update to hit before noon Pacific (don’t expect it at 12.01am tonight).

Here’s the other big news from around the web this week:

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of October 11, 2010)

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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow patch is the only thing that excites me in that… hah :P And I already beat it so I just want to resume on getting my platinum trophy.

    The only thing that worries me about this is that they don’t make it clear by saying if files that are already loading up as being corrupted will be fixed or not. I did what people said and I backed up my data but what I didn’t know is that the save file corrupts without warning upon exiting the game. The file I then backed up over a previously working save was the corrupted one :( I’m waiting just in case and hoping for the best but it seems like it’s lost so far…

  • Any word on when The Sly Collection’s release date will be announced?

  • Hi Jeff! It was great meeting you at the NYC PS Move event. I enjoyed our conversation about DCUO, Crysis 2, and Deep Black. Now it looks like Deep Black is one step closer to actually being released because it is listed on the Gamestop website as releasing on 04/12/2011. If you type “deep black game” into Google – you’ll see that several major gaming blog websites have published articles about this game.

  • Just a patch to netflix, no PS3 firmware update? . . .

  • I thought the Sly Collection came out the 26th of this month…?

  • does the app for u.s come out at midnight

  • @6

    -_- Seriously?

    • I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s being sarcastic.

      Or we’re all doomed.

  • @Jeff

    Quick question about LBP2 i hope you have info about it, will the game LBP2 have dedicated servers? i mean now that its a first party title i really want to see dedicated servers for the online

    Thank you

  • YaY! Your back this week. Anyway, any news on the U.S. LBP 2 beta. Such as how its going?

  • the following is SICK and perverted and definately not for 13 year olds! What is going on with you?! Clean up your act!
    >>>A Medically Recognized Condition – Penny Arcade!<<<<

  • Got into the LBP2 beta! its pretty sweet (besides the fact that we cannot play community levels yet)

  • Where’s my freaking LBP 2 beta code?!! I’ve been waiting very patiently and I still don’t have it and I can access the private forums. >_<

  • jeff any word for christ sakes of FFVS13? ive been growing tired of the waiting! i dont want to wait for next year just to see a trailer and an announcement of it going to ps3 and 360 :(
    I really hope that doesnt happen.
    FF7 for ps3? any hope on that yet? i refuse to let that idea die.
    Its just too good! i dont know why sony dont push this up! FF7 on ps3 would mean BILLIONS! of dollars for sony! sigh….

  • Guess Square Enix’s decision of not putting it on the PSN store paid off…

  • Will i be able to watch netflix during remote play on my psp? If so, Sony shall be praised for many moons.

  • When are you guys gonna release the 1.1 LBP2 Patch so that we can play some of the online levels without seeing the “Failed to Load Level” thing??

  • Sorry if this is the wrong post, but how come some PS1 classics such as the Disney games are being withdrawn, is that why u won’t put other Disney games on there since they’ve been rated by the ESRB?

  • I meant to say sorry if this is the wrong place to post.

  • I guess you guys missed half the internet going into a tornado over GT5’s delay…

    • Well, the announcement came on this blog, and we linked back out to that yesterday. Nobody else had anything else of note to add.

  • And this: PlayStation Move has ‘Modest’ Debut. – IGN

  • jeff,any word if google tv will come to the ps3? i know that the service is already out for sony’s tvs and blu-ray players….any clarification on the matter will be more than apreciated,thanks!

  • @ 20’s response

    How about the reason for the GT 5 delay? It’s obvious you’re delaying it because of piracy and there was some sort of internal screw-up at your employer regarding firmware and requiring 3.5 on all retail releases post Oct 2010.

    So now you’re basically delaying the biggest game in your portfolio this holiday and pushing it back to 2011 to who knows what quarter (Q1? Yeah there aren’t any games coming out then..). Although I’m sure that by the time it does come out, 3.5 will already be cracked, so what’s the whole point?

  • Jeff wheres the God of War Ghost of Sparta countdown on the blog?

  • Delay of the non existant gt5 certainly redefines the word DROP

  • “@Jeff: Well, the announcement came on this blog, and we linked back out to that yesterday. Nobody else had anything else of note to add.”

    thank you and you’re right. but we are all asking “something else of note to add” especially from you or PD. I think you too can understand how much frustrating is to ear about this delay again, it really seems a joke, in particular after E3 where the only reason you showed GT5 was TO FIX the date.. and in all interviews you confirm, repeat and reinforce this ROCK SOLID NOVEMBER release… that :

    “We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, …. we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.”

    it’s a little…. “infoless” and quite “cold” you don’t think so? this year you totally redefined the meaning of words like “soon” .. and maybe it’s the case to say something more than that, and most of all, something true.

    I sincerely always supported GT and PD, I’m still waiting this piece of work, with TLG (Ueda) is the game that worths all this gen for me.. but .. I don’t even know how to react at this believe me.

    (sorry for my english, but I hope you can understand)

  • Jeff, Do you know when we’ll see Resistance 3 gameplay in motion?

  • Socom 4 – Delayed
    LittleBigPlanet 2 – Delayed
    Gran Turismo 5 – Delayed
    Cross Game Voice Chat – never coming
    PlayStation Blog Share – useless

    Great holiday season Sony, no wonder Xbox is blowing you away in America. I’m buying Black Ops and that’s it.

  • i agree with #26, we need an actual reason, just get PD to admit why its delayed, even if it is b/c of the piracy reason, or fine tuning the physics of the cars, the 3D needs tweaking, give us something geez….btw i preordered the Collectors Edition like 2 months ago, so yeah, i deserve an answer just like everyone else

    p.s. @28 atleast the PSN is free and doesnt make us pay to be online with our friends

  • So, Lords of Shadow has a PS3 only glitch that sounds very similar to the glitch Resistance 2 shipped with. ah yes, i remember all to well. im glad i went with NBA2K11 instead, even though that game has its own problems, probably due to “forced”, “useless”, “unnecessary” move controls being implemented. game makers are not our friends, they’re greedy caulksuckers.

  • Alright theres the answer i was looking for.

  • @8 lmfao
    I meant #7 haha

  • New Vegas tomorrow

  • thanks anyways jeff :) pls if u got something leaked just let us know ^_^

  • Where the hell is the LBP2 CE for Canada? I want it.

  • Hey Jeff,
    I think someone might have broken the netflix app, it looks all akward and inconviennient to use now. I’ll just close my eyes until it’s fixed.

    *closes eyes to pretend it was just a bad dream, waiting for someone to fix it*

  • @30:

    Cross Game Voice Chat – coming soon

    fixed it for you.

  • Will we be able to share netflix….like other consoles

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