PlayStation Thanks the Toronto & New York City Gaming Community

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When the line started outside the Sony Centre at 10 AM in the morning, I didn’t quite know what to say, aside from a huge thank you for attending our Holiday Preview Event last Tuesday! You waited in line, you waited in the rain and more than 1,000 PlayStation fans showed up for their first look at the hottest games to hit the shelves this holiday season on the PS3, PlayStation Move and PSP.

The above video features both our Toronto & New York City PlayStation events.

The lines for GT5 and Killzone 3, they were daunting, but you didn’t waver. Impressive. Some of you even wore your PlayStation sunglasses inside. How very Corey Hart of you. We also had a few celebrity appearances. Sackboy made his premiere that night, to the delight of many LittleBigPlanet fans. He even pulled out a few dance moves with a fellow Canadian. The security was also stellar, with Helghast soldiers securing the perimeter on an hourly rotation.

PlayStation Toronto Meetup (10/5/10) PlayStation Toronto Event

Heck some of you may even be mini-celebrities now (at least B-list) with the media we attracted that day. While you were busy demoing games, Citytv Toronto had us on the six o’clock news, along with CHCH Hamilton and Global TV Toronto and Vancouver.

PlayStation Toronto Meetup (10/5/10)

If you weren’t caught on television, but you were caught on camera, we’d love to see your photos. Please feel free to post them on the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event Facebook page.

Since you’ve tried your skill at a number of games coming out this holiday season and early 2011, what’s on your holiday wish list? I can’t believe I’ve said holiday four times now…it’s still October!

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