PlayStation Thanks the Toronto & New York City Gaming Community

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When the line started outside the Sony Centre at 10 AM in the morning, I didn’t quite know what to say, aside from a huge thank you for attending our Holiday Preview Event last Tuesday! You waited in line, you waited in the rain and more than 1,000 PlayStation fans showed up for their first look at the hottest games to hit the shelves this holiday season on the PS3, PlayStation Move and PSP.

The above video features both our Toronto & New York City PlayStation events.

The lines for GT5 and Killzone 3, they were daunting, but you didn’t waver. Impressive. Some of you even wore your PlayStation sunglasses inside. How very Corey Hart of you. We also had a few celebrity appearances. Sackboy made his premiere that night, to the delight of many LittleBigPlanet fans. He even pulled out a few dance moves with a fellow Canadian. The security was also stellar, with Helghast soldiers securing the perimeter on an hourly rotation.

PlayStation Toronto Meetup (10/5/10) PlayStation Toronto Event

Heck some of you may even be mini-celebrities now (at least B-list) with the media we attracted that day. While you were busy demoing games, Citytv Toronto had us on the six o’clock news, along with CHCH Hamilton and Global TV Toronto and Vancouver.

PlayStation Toronto Meetup (10/5/10)

If you weren’t caught on television, but you were caught on camera, we’d love to see your photos. Please feel free to post them on the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event Facebook page.

Since you’ve tried your skill at a number of games coming out this holiday season and early 2011, what’s on your holiday wish list? I can’t believe I’ve said holiday four times now…it’s still October!

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  • I hear your next meet-up will be in Flin Flon, Manitoba. Please confirm.

    On a serious note, Vancouver will be nice :)

  • Hey thanks :). i liked the meet up at Toronto, was a bit small but sure a lot of fun, enjoyed playing Killzone 3 and LBP2. too bad i didnt see anyone from Namco Bandai there to talk to them about Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Graces F for PS3 -_-

  • Ah yes, there’s me losing in The Fight. Good times.
    SingSTARE was awesome.

  • come to atlanta please we never have sony events here or go to athens georgia is which closer to me but if u come to atlanta ill come athens would be a good place since its the college city for the bull dawgs but atlanta to during a sports event or something i go to put it on ps share and still hasnt got put up

  • Wanted to come, but unfortunately wasn’t able to make it. But looking at the lines, I’m not sure if I would have lasted.

    As for what I’m looking forward to for holiday, unfortunately, there is not much left for PS3 games, so I guess I’m just going to catch up on old games.

  • i can see my friend and I in the toronto portion, at 57 seconds. friggin sweet. awesome event playstation blog. lines were huge for some games though, may want to get more boots to cycle more people through faster…

  • booths* sry. oh yeah and when you demo socom 4, dont break your freaking navigator. we were forced to resort to using the dualshock 3 controller paired with move. it seemed flawed.

  • Here’s looking forward to next year. Hopefully bigger and better.

  • Soooooo jealous of those who attended!!!! maybe one day something will be close enough for me to goto

  • Thanks again for hosting the event in Toronto! You can bet my friends and I will be first in line for the next event, which will hopefully be a lot sooner than next holiday season!

  • I had a great time at the NYC Playstation Move event! I enjoyed meeting Jeff & Ray and had a great conversation with Jeff about Crysis 2, DC Universe Online, and Deep Black. BTW, Deep Black is now listed on the Gamestop website as releasing on 04/12/2011.

  • Come to Miami, please!!!

  • Nice to see TO get some love. Now hopefully Toronto will be a detestation for future community/preview meet-ups!

  • Highly upset and didn’t make the TORONTO trip looks like it was good fun… I see my friend made it into the video for the NY scenes GO! Singstar DANCE!!..

    Blog Stalker

  • OMG look It’s me Sackboy and my KZ bodyguard from 1:00 till 1:02, wicked event guys thanks for having me!
    I wanted to run away with you guys and show the laptop DJ there how a real performer throws it down.
    AMAZING GAMES,- I can’t wait to own most of what I saw.
    -Met a hot redhead there we might get married, do I get a tropy for that if we do?
    Thanks SCEA
    !love ya!

  • hip hop gamer

  • sony likes apple lol

  • NEVER HIP HOP, Techno, Electrohouse, Dubstep, Minimal, only the real beats.

  • Chicago we exist

  • Is there any way I can get a good quality copy of this?

  • Too bad I missed this, but hey there’s always next time. As for my Holiday list.. well that’s too long of a list for me to remember them all.

  • OFF TOPIC!!!why cant this page no longer supports the ps3 web browser??? come on guys fixed !!!

  • How was I supposed to talk to you Ashley when You wern’t wearing a name tag, I don’t know what you look like and if you were like the other VIP’s probably spent most of the time hiding in the VIP area(aka the bar).

    Then again that was a bluff offer you made to avoid answering my questions anyway.

    How about answering them now? Here’s a reminder:

    Why is the facebook page used for nothing other then spamming locations where the truck is going to be once a month?

    Why is hardly ever touched?

    Why does have a consistant rotation of different contests for US citizens but gets like one maybe two contests a year?

    What does SCEC actually do? Because from over here it looks like you do nothing.

  • I see HipHopGamer was holding it down.

  • The event was fun till the lines got insane. No food like was promised either.

    Seriously though Ashley, I really hope we start seeing regular posts from you here, facebook and website pages filled with usefull content and updated regularly, and a regular rotation of contests. What has happened over the past 4 years is downright shamefull.

    You guys need to quit diverting/dodging the criticism and fix things.

  • Hahahhaha I am at the end giving the thumbs up!! NIICE! Had a great time!

  • Go Hip Hop Gamer! Hahah, he’s in all of the meet up videos. And gaming events.

  • Thank you R3Y for cutting out The Fight Between me and HipHipGamer since you didn’t get my win on camera it’s fair. Man you just had to leave me in playing Mel B huh LoL!

  • Aw man, so many clips of the people standing right in front of me!

    I was the big tall guy with the beard and the army jacket, like 7th or 8th in line.

    Nonetheless, I had an amazing time, got to play lots of cool stuff, and I even got to say hi and have a few words with Rey!

  • Thats my boy BLACKBIBLE on 1:20 getting fit with Mel B lol

  • I am so rattled right now. I work literally 2 minutes away from the Sony centre in Toronto… and I could’ve been at this event.

    Are you kidding me. How did I not find out about this!


  • It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks SONY!!!!!

  • damn rey I didnt know you was a florida boy, my old lady is from kendal and Im from merritt island

  • mann that was hella fun killzone 3 in 3d is AMAZING!!!!! and infamous 2 is ridiculous and gran turismo is beautiful but i think imma stick to driving with the dualshock lol, kinda emabarrased myself with the steering wheel… hopefully we get another one next year ill be sure to be there earlier

  • lmfao im in thew video this is friggin sick lololol
    postin dis badbwoi on facebook

  • WTF? Didn’t know this was happening. How was it promoted?

  • looking for a low price on the ps3 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………$149.00………allthing in the playstation go,go,on ready stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I definitely had a blast trying out Killzone 3 and inFAMOUS 2. I guess I was really into both games that I forgot to try out Move. I can’t tell if that’s me in the video around the 1:00 mark. xD Thanks PlayStation.

  • sackboy and helghast together?? nice!!! i think i saw the hip-hop gamer there too.

  • Thanks! I had an awesome time. I hope you enjoyed the syrup on your poutine Jeff! And…That you didnn’t have a heart attack lol. Where’s the pic.? Ahh..

  • @Ashley-
    I had a few favorite games while I was there, the first game I played was “Keep Out Of The Rain, almost got perfect.
    The next game I had fun with was “Snag The Swag” ended up getting 4 shirts and a pair of shades any hipster would kill for.
    I beat the games meet the hot redhead and stop some dude from stealing a dualshock.
    As for the Video games, -The Fight- LBP2 – KZ and the new GT got me playing till my fingers (and arms) hurt.
    Can’t wait till next time, it’s nice to be there but how can I get invloved?

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