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Hi everyone, get excited for this week’s video store update!

This week, PSN kicks off Halloween with incredible deals, free movies and more! Watch frightening flicks of your favorite monsters, zombies and blood-thirsty creatures in the Monster Mayhem collection. Also, be sure to check out Deal of the Week ‘Monster Mayhem’ to get great discounts on monster movies like Dawn of the Dead, The Fog, Let The Right One In, and more. Next, enjoy spooky TV series and special Halloween episodes from hot TV shows like The Office, 30 Rock, Criss Angel Mindfreak in the Halloween TV collection.

Midnight Movie - Dracula

Also, be on the lookout for our Halloween Fright Flicks promotion, including a free ‘Midnight Movie’ rental each Saturday through Halloween. Starting this week, we are counting down to Halloween by offering discounted pricing up to 50 percent on Halloween themed “Deals of the Week,” store takeovers and collections centering around Monster Mayhem. Plus enjoy a free movie rental this Saturday of this week’s featured film “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” a classic film adaption of Stoker’s novel. Be sure to visit the video store between 5 p.m. on Saturday and 3 a.m. on Sunday (PT) to watch this re-imagining of a classic horror story. Learn more here or Visit Featured Collections > Halloween on the video store to find all of these incredible offers!

Check back next week for details on the next free ‘Midnight Movie’ rental and more Halloween-themed specials.

Other hot deals on PSN this week include a free episode of Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings, available now through 10/19 (also available in HOME through 10/21). And from now through 10/18, cash in on the Deadliest Warrior: Game Episodes Sale which includes Apache vs. Gladiator, Viking vs. Samurai, Spartan vs. Ninja, Pirates vs. Knight, and Roman Centurion vs. Rajput. In celebration of the 10/19 release of Predators on PlayStation Store, we’re offering users phenomenal discounts with our Alien vs. Predator Sale. Enjoy savings on the original Alien vs. Predators movies including Predator, Predator 2, Alien vs. Predator, and Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, now through 10/25.

Before you head to the video store, check out the trailer for Jonah Hex, now available on the US store!

New TV shows and movies arrive every week! Here’s a taste of what’s in store…

Just in TV
US Store: Games of the Year 2010, Modern Family: Season 2, MythBusters: Season 9, Sci Fi Science: Season 2, South Park: Season 14, Caprica: The Series: Season 1, Glee: Season 2, Flipping Out: Season 4, No Ordinary Family: Season 1, Raising Hope: Season 1, Detriot 1-8-7: Season 1, Parenthood: Season 2, The Biggest Loser: Season 10, Stargate Universe: Season 2, Weird, True & Freaky: Season 3, Swords: Season 2, Better With You: Season 1, Cougar Town: Season 2, Ghost Hunters: Season 6, Hellcats: Season 1, LA Ink: Season 6, Law & Order: Los Angeles: Season 1, and more.

Canada Store: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings: Season 0, Drinking Made Easy With Zane Lamprey: Season 1, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3, Bubblegum Crisis: Season 1, In Treatment: Season 2, Monk: Season 1, Big Love: Season 2, InuYasha: Season 1, Oz: Season 2, Six Feet Under: Season 4, and more.

New Release Movies
US Store: Jonah Hex, How To Train Your Dragon, Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, Scratching the Surface, Assassin in Love, Breaking Upwards, How to Make Love to a Woman, Don’t Look Up, Godzilla vs. The Thing, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Harry Brown, and more.

Canada Store: Breaking Upwards, Dear John, Doghouse, Don’t Look Up, Extraordinary Measure, Hot Summer Days, Nine, I’ll Come Running, The Collector, The Road, Letters to Juliet, Furry Vengeance, Astro Boy, Bring it On: Fight to the Finish, Scratching the Surface, and more.

Top TV Downloads


  1. Sons of Anarchy | Season 3 – Turning and Turning
  2. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 6 – Mac’s Big Break
  3. Smallville | Season 10 – Supergirl
  4. Supernatural | Season 6 – The Third Man
  5. South Park | Season 14 – Poor and Stupid
  6. Family Guy | Season 9 – Welcome Back Carter
  7. Family Guy | Season 9 – And Then There Were Fewer
  8. Family Guy | Season 9 – Excellence in Broadcasting
  9. Sons of Anarchy | Season 3 – The Push
  10. The Office | Season 7 – Andy’s Play


  1. Ancient Aliens | Season 1 – The Evidence
  2. Iron Man: Extremis | Season 1 – Extremis Part 1
  3. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings | Season 0 – Horrific! Confrontation at Okehazama!
  4. Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Season 1 – Delicate Things
  5. Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Season 1 – Legends
  6. Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Season 1 – Sacramentum Gladiatorum
  7. Ancient Aliens | Season 1 – The Mission
  8. Canaan | Season 1 – Evil, Flood-Colored City
  9. Eastbound & Down | Season 1 – Chapter 1
  10. Eastbound & Down | Season 1 – Chapter 3

Top Movie Downloads


  1. Iron Man 2
  2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
  3. Get Him to the Greek (Unrated)
  4. Splice
  5. The Karate Kid
  6. Jonah Hex
  7. Robin Hood (2010) (Unrated)
  8. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
  9. Kick-Ass
  10. Killers


  1. The Karate Kid
  2. Get Him to the Greek (Unrated)
  3. Iron Man 2
  4. Robin Hood (2010) (Unrated)
  5. Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema
  6. Furry Vengeance
  7. Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming
  8. Frozen
  9. Letters to Juliet
  10. Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time

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