This Week in PlayStation Home: Heavy Ink, Time Crisis, Medal of Honor, Loco Roco & More!

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This Thursday, October 12th brings a wide variety of content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home – from unlockable rewards from top PS3 games to stylish body art for your avatar to spooky Halloween items to help you get in the spirit of the season.

Our friends over at Heavy Water kick things off this week with their Heavy Ink line of body art. Choose from full-body, back and arm tattoos – including animated and glow-in-the-dark designs. Check out this video for a sneak peek at some of the wild tattoos releasing this Thursday in PlayStation Home.

The Heavy Ink line will be expanded in the future. The developers over at Heavy Water encourage you to reach out to them with any comments or suggestions: And if you have a specific tattoo design that you’d like to request, go ahead and give ‘em a shout at:

Lockwood brings even more Halloween content into PlayStation Home with the new Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom. Toss ingredients into the boiling pot and, if you manage to get the right mix, you’ll unlock some uber-exclusive rewards.

The newest additions to our line of Superhero costumes will be available this week from the Exclusives store. Check out this video for a sneak peek at these hot new costumes – including my personal favorite: the Fire Elemental.

Come this Thursday, you’ll be able to purchase a special Medal of Honor Tier 1 outfit from the Costumes store and celebrate this critically-acclaimed title properly. And if you pick up Namco Bandai’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm, you’ll be able to unlock special rewards in PlayStation Home. Here’s how:

  • Boot up Deadstorm Pirates from the Title Selection Screen and receive a DeadStorm Pirates t-shirt.
  • Boot up Time Crisis: Razing Storm from the Title Selection Screen and receive a Razing Storm shirt.
  • Boot up Time Crisis 4 from the Title Selection Screen and receive a Time Crisis 4 shirt.

Scion’s “Take on the Machine” activity returns to the Central Plaza this week. Log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to join the challenge and unlock special rewards. Then head to for additional information on the all new Scion tC and to find a dealer near you.

Scion Take on the Machine in PlayStation Home

Finally, be sure to head to the Threads and Furniture stores to pick up the new LocoRoco clothing and furniture items – from Doonga Doonga hats to Loco Sofas for your personal space.

See you in Home!

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11 Author Replies

  • When is EA Poker returning? Dying for some info.

  • Looks like an okay update, the MoH outfit piques my interest. Any news on the Heavy Rain gold ornament?

  • Wow…looks bland as usual. Yet another week of not bothering to get back on Home…

  • Looks like a good update, are the tC rewards the same or new ones from the week before?

    • The Scion event remains unchanged – we are simply making it available for all of those people that may have missed out during the first week.

  • Hey tat Lava Golem gear looks cool! looks like War’s Chaos form! lol
    Is the Scion game going to have new stuff or the same as the rewards 2 weeks ago?

  • Locust glad to see a detailed list of rewards and how to earn, please continue this for future updates. Thx.

    • Sometimes developers wish to keep these details secret (they treat the unlockables like Easter Eggs). But in the event that we are given permission to include instructions with our announcements, I can assure you that we will!

  • Sony should stop funding Home and instead use the money to get their exclusive games to actually come out on time.

  • 3 questions:
    1) Is last year’s Vampiress halloween costume making a comeback this year?
    2) Are the Scion rewards new or the same as last week?
    3) Will the Heavy Rain gold ornament be up this week?

    • Hi StephieRawks,

      Please see the above comments for the answers to your questions regarding the Scion event and the Heavy Rain gold ornament.

      The Vampiress costume will not be making a comeback this year.



  • wow would it kill u guys if u gave us some cool stuff for a change?… i mean… they brought last years halloween outfits.. but not the vampire one… and now tattoes n a calderum?… really?…

  • IT DA EPIC!!!!!!!!!
    But any update on Hudson Gate, Japan did the update!
    Or more?

  • I was a big supporter of Home but key word “was”…where are the features?

  • I would also love to get some information as to the timing of the return of the EA Complex and Club Fight Night.

    I would also like to know Locust if there are any plans to bring the Capcom Skylounge to North America. That is an awesome space and I’m sure users here would love it.

    Please share! :)

  • more dancing Sandman please

  • I want home trophies!

  • No IREM, Demon’s Souls, or JP Home standard events = NO CARE!

  • will the cauldron disappear within a month from the Home Mall?

    which items are most likely only available in the PS Home during the holidays

    • I’ve not heard from Lockwood yet regarding how long they will keep the Cauldron available, but I would urge you to pick it up soon if you plan on adding it to your collection. As a general rule, items tied to holidays and holiday events are only available in the time period surrounding that holiday (that said, we let the publishers decide how long they wish to make their content available).

  • i’m glad to see the Scion event is coming back since I missed out on gettin the car & a friend of mine was gone during the time of this event

    @ Joanna, I would also like to see the Fight Night space come back. that was a big hang out spot 4 me & I REALLY miss the DJ game =(

  • Still wish plaza was getting decorated for Halloween. But, looks like great update. Let’s get in the sprit of Halloween. HEHE BOO!!!!

  • kewl looking forward to the lockwood active halloween item as well as the Fire Elemental outfit

  • what category will the tattoos be under in our wardrobe? will it be like a shirt item or other?

  • :D
    How about any updates on us possibly getting the other halloween outfits? (IE female vampire, etc)

    Home is going to look gangster with this ink nyuuu~

  • whoa LS and staff, them tats looks sweet dude ty. i asked for this awhile back and this is gonna be a nice update. kinda epic in my eyes. 1 Question i wanted 2 ask was about a core update and if we will see 1 anytime soon. and a price on the lockwood item? ty again :)

  • One word;Amazing!Again thank you.
    Nice interview on the online HOMEstyle magazine Locust :)

  • I must agree with Buzz those tats look freakin EPIC!!! lol

  • You know what would be epic with Time Crisis: Razing Storm? Your own arcade cabinet in your personal space. Actually, you should do it for any Arcade-based game released on PSN. Your own NBA Jam cabinet would also be full on win, if not more!

  • I really dislike tattoos so Homes going to become an even uglier place to me with those around.

  • Home never stops amazing me!

  • Do u have any idea of how much these tattoos packs will be costing us?

  • any news on some new Playstation Home actions. (new dance moves, etc.)

  • you never see news about community events for home anymore
    now it’s all about what you can buy and when.
    what are you guys doing with all that money you make from home?
    any major updates coming soon besides pay for content?

    • Hey there,

      Actually, there is a community event scheduled for every night of the week. You can check out the calendar on our site (or just go to the Gamer’s Lounge on any day to see what the Featured Game of the day is):

      Furthermore, the Scion challenge is technically and event. And it is free! And there’s plenty more fun, free experiences coming soon. Stay tuned to this blog for announcements.



  • I know I’ll never get a reply but oh well…

    I loving how every week you HOME Staff keep giving HOME buyer these horrible virtual items.

    How about giving us Open Public chat back.. If someone is annoying I mean that’s what the MUTE button is for. I thought the PS3 was all about (buttons)KB!!

    How about you guys just scrap PS HOME as we know it and make it a big A@@ MMO or something.

  • @31

    They don’t care, they want your money on these useless items..

    I mean have movie night every Thursday or something.. have a voting room where we can vote on movies from the PS Store. i don’t mean the newest movies but you get the point. I can go on and on.

  • yeah so many options Playstation has to improve the whole Home experience yet the only thing they really add is more items to buy. smh.

  • Loving the Halloween themed clothing for our Home avatars! Do you guys have any Halloween planned events for us this year? Last year, I won Burn Zombie Burn for an event we did last Halloween. :)

  • When is the Xi Alumni hub going to return?

  • @34

    Thank You for seeing what I see… These mindless drones only care for virtual items ..what can HOME users gain by buying them nothing. You sure can run any faster, Load any faster, etc…

  • Thursday October 12th?


  • “This Thursday, October 12th brings…”

    Hey guys, Thursday is the 14th (at least this year).
    Ya might wanna bug Management into gettin’ you guys some calendars. :D

  • Wow this an awesome update. Looking forward to those sweet tattoos. keep up the good work

  • yay new stuff..ill be sure to see what my friends buy and what freebies i can obtain

    i might get some more loco roco stuff

    any updates to the muimui land release? does sony own that franchise?

  • the playstation blog should give out blog trophies to some mods in here
    category: best salesman/women goes to… all moderator’s!
    category: best community specialists goes to… better luck next year!

  • The Heavy Ink stuff looks awesome! I remember when some users suggested tattoos back then. Glad to see our community suggestions coming in Home. :)

  • Is it just me, or do a lot of the superhero costumes look like they came directly out of City of Heroes (PC MMO)?

  • Hiya few things the tattoos look awesome i know several of my friends and myself will be getting multiples lol,do you know what halloween costumes are coming?are there going to be more items like the cauldron for halloween?im really wanting to decorate my club with this there any word on decorating plaza and maybe a mini game for halloween?it would be great!just a thought could we get more purses soon?like a hobo tote different sizes and such maybe some cute dresses like a little black dress, cocktail dresses, more asian themed house items, some more cute flared jeans options, a white tank top lol and other colors, some corsets?just some ideas thanks :)


  • Still no item cap increase on our personal spaces huh?

  • jin zou brought up a good point DEMON SOUL ARMOR AND AN IREM UPDATE would be great in US home really want the HATS for irem school uniforms

  • Veronica Lynn Harpers tattoo Pitch to Heavy Water went LIVE for Playstation home! (creating Heavy waters first self-publishing content for home)- To have a tattoo shop for avatars made it to home!

    Great job on her old team for bringing it to life!

    congrats V

  • awesome skin tats i cant wait to buy them! great job on this weeks additions!

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