Surround Sound System for PS3 Available Next Week

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Hi all! Back at E3, we had announced that we will be releasing an all-in-one Surround Sound System for the PS3 system with built-in subwoofer. A device made for the ultimate gamer, the Surround Sound System will be available next week in the U.S. and Canada. It’s perfect for use with games and Blu-ray movies and more importantly, is easy to use. You’ll be able to enjoy immersive audio by simply placing the Surround Sound System in front of the television and connecting it to the PS3 system with the optical digital cable. The sleek design of the Sound Bar compliments the design of your PS3.

Surround Sound System for PS3

Surround Sound System for PS3 Surround Sound System for PS3

So, why pick up the Surround Sound System? The Surround Sound System utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound that creates the equivalent of a home theater system, bringing to life in-game sounds not normally audible with conventional acoustic systems. Bringing in SCE’s expertise in both entertainment and technology acquired from developing games, four sound fields and two sound modes have been designed with the help of our expert game sound designers. Check out this video that has excerpts from our conversations with the game sound design team:

To learn more about the features and specifications of this Sound Bar, visit our web site. Many retailers across the country have it on display as well. Visit one of the online retailers listed on our website for more info. Enjoy!

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  • Awesome, but I have to wait until I move to a house. Might tick off the neighbors when the Alien BluRays come out if I buy this thing.

  • Sony is my favorite retailer for all my audio and video needs. It’s unbelievable how small this is. It’s almost Bose-esque, in design and function. Unbelievable. Being a video game system, I think people are more focused exclusively on software, but the hardware engineers can create some incredible things too.

  • I don’t know never really been a fan of the sound bar. I’ll stick to my Onkyo/Polk 7.1 setup.

  • As much as I am a fanboy I think I’ll stick with my Sony 5.1 surround sound.

  • The ultimate gamer has a real home theater system already. :P

  • That looks interesting. I wanna buy one!

  • Is this better than the SS360 that has the surround boxes placed behind you?

  • “It’s almost Bose-esque, in design and function.”

    I hope this is a troll attempt. LOL.

  • I guess this is a stupid question but how many PS3 games support surround sound? Or even better a list of games that will (or already) support it?

    I ask because I just got a 40″ Sony BRAVIA EX710 Series HDTV and this would go well with it.

  • Looks pretty cool.

  • Looks great, but no price, no dice.

  • “how many PS3 games support surround sound? Or even better a list of games that will (or already) support it?”

    Umm… every single one of them since the system was released?

  • Also this fails due to only supporting 2 channel LPCM and offers no support for DTS-MA or TrueHD, and they bill this as being great for blu-rays. I don’t get it.

  • Will this only work on PS3, or will it work with my stand alone T.V?

  • @12
    The price is 179.99

  • “Will this only work on PS3, or will it work with my stand alone T.V?”

    How about doing 3 seconds of reading and answering your own question?

    “Inputs and Outputs
    Analog Audio Input: 1
    Optical Audio Input: 1”

    So yes, you can plug this into anything that has outdated audio outputs.

  • ^^^
    Not everyone can be as smart as you my friend, finding that sentence

    “Inputs and Outputs
    Analog Audio Input: 1
    Optical Audio Input: 1″

    Wouldn’t answer my question at all, I don’t no anything about sound, but at least you answered my question

  • Eh if the connections were decent it might be a half way decent thing. However this does not in anyway compare to a real surround setup. I’ll stick with my nice 7.1.

  • What a coincidence, just as I was looking to invest in a surround system this appears :) would definitely like to try before I buy though.

  • I’m sure it’s very nice but true 5.1 / 7.1 should wipe the floor with it.

    More for people who are more interested on how it looks than how it sounds i feel…. (just like with Bose rubbish).

    Got no truck with fake surround sound… I’ll stick with my Pioneer AX10i and 5.1 biamped set up :-D

  • @ headwing45 WWWOOOWW, i can,t watch late nite movies on that :), or playing GT5 and playing Black Ops.

  • Nice, I already have a 7.1 but i would consider it if i didnt have one. Its a less expensive alternative for those who doesn’t enjoy surround sound

  • how much will it cost?

  • Nothing but love right there. Yeah I know a true 5.1-7.1 system is awesome for this beast of a console but who really has the money these days and at times the space? Thank You Sony, consider this bought.

  • FAKING surround sound does not cut the taco. True 5.1 / 7.1 setups are awesome! Faked 2.1 (bose style) surround sound is garbage.

  • I apologise for repeat posting but (disregarding the optical input for a second) I don’t understand how a device with stereo input (the red and white sockets) can produce surround sound.

    Also could I connect my PS3 to my tv via a HDMI cable then connect my tv to this device using the optical cable (my tv has optical output)? This would seem like the more sensible option to me if feasible.

    If you are thinking of answering these queries in a snippy “know it all” type fashion then don’t bother answering at all. My questions are sensible and I would hope for a sensible response.

    • The best way is to connect this Sound Bar directly to the PS3 using an Optical cable. PS3 has optical out and this Sound Bar has Optical input.

  • Is the remote bluetooth or IR?

  • Will I be able to plug my cable box and Xbox 360 into this as well?

    • This Sound Bar has been optimized for use with PS3 but can work with all systems that act as an audio source given they can provide Optical or Analog output

  • It is supremely aggravating when people use a platform such as this to spout off their tech stats. No one cares. I have “true” surround too, but I still might get this because i like it. That’s all.

  • Looks nice ;) If the price is right i will get 1

  • Sorry, this is NOT surround sound. This might be great for all the stereo movies on PSN but this will never be “surround sound” compared to a true 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, etc. system.

  • This is a must buy.

  • Another fake “surround” sound system for the masses.

  • I spent time doing research and chose to spend the additional dollars (399) for Insignia™ – 670W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System by Best Buy. This is made by Onkyo. Full surround is incredible if you have the additional bucks and space.

  • @27 You don’t need anything more than a Read and White cable to create surround sound, all you need are audio inputs. The only difference between an Optical cable and a Red and White cord consists of how the signal is sent. The Red and White are digitally sent over, like 1 and 0s, at a consistant rate with out the need for a de mux. An Optical is sent over using Light waves, requiring a bit of translation in the beginning and end part.

    besides that, do you think they include an optical cable with this? I am a little disappointed that it doesn’t support 5.1 dolby though :(

  • @36, I meant to put analog instead of digital. My bad, and that sends out wavelengths for translation. I don’t know why I was thinking digital.

  • 2.1 only? Fail…

  • How much is this thang gonna cost????????????????????

  • Guys, if you have a 5.1, or 7.1 system, you’re not in the group that this is marketed to. It doesn’t mean the product is poor, it’s just not for you.

    I have 7.1 downstairs on my 60″ TV, but just a 40″ upstairs without any external speakers. The upstairs TV is in more of a social setting (living room), and my wife watches her shows and the occasionally movie (usually a chick-flick), but every once and awhile I’ll pull up a game on the PS3 to play it because I don’t feel like going downstairs. Obviously this product would provide better sound than the little speakers coming out of the TV, and so it’s something I’d consider buying for the upstairs TV, certainly not for the downstairs where I already have a really nice 7.1 setup.

    With that said, the product page is missing some key details, such as the size of this bar. How about that remote? I assume it’s IR, as it’s not interfacing with the actual PS3, so then it should work fine with my Harmony remote, but some clarification is needed. It’s about the sloppiest product page I’ve seen on an electronics site before, probably because it’s listed as a PS3 Accessory, not as a piece of audio equipment. They don’t even list the frequency response. Ouch!

  • this is of interest to me.. i wanted a better sounding gaming/blu ray experience without having to buy a reciever or speakers that require me to make space for them in my living room.. this would also be awesome for my bedroom..

    i’ll be on the look out for some official reviews but i’m very interested in buying this if its what i hope it to be and is as promised.

  • Nice…. Was looking at Vizos sound bar, but might have to give this on a listen and try. Hopefully it is good price with good sound.

  • I will be straight up this is a rip off. There is no substitute for a surround sound system. Either you do it right or just settle with TV speakers. I guess this is a decent option for those that have lousy TV speakers and don’t want to splurge on a surround system. Also Sony is not know for their speakers. Also their TV’s come with great speakers so… there really is no point in this product.

  • Any news on a European date?

  • How much sound does it put out? for if your saying $200 is right it better be good and to the point i can hear it clear an at a distance, outher wise its a waste so if any one finds a quailty range of bout how far it works up to plz put it up.

  • Think I’ll be sticking with my Onkyo 5.1

  • I want this ASAP.

  • @27 BudgetMonkey82 & 36 Link01
    The main difference between using the red/white and optical is that an optical cable can support 5.1 audio channels. Whereas, the composite (red/white) can only support 2 channels. If you use composite with this speaker, you cannot get surround sound (or, will be “pro logic” surround sound most likely). The real way to use this speaker is by using the optical input and feed it 5.1 dolby digital/dts.
    Link01 was correct but s/he left out this important fact.

  • No Dolby Pro Logic II D:

  • @ l3rand0

    Do you you even know what 2.1 means? It means the unit has 2 channels (speakers) and 1 subwoofer. Just like 5.1 means it uses 5 speakers and has 1 subwoofer and 7.1 means 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

    Like BlueFrog007 said if you already have a surround sound system then this isn’t for you. Mostly because you ALREADY HAVE A SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM. For someone who only has their TV speakers or maybe not a lot of space this would be a pretty decent buy though.

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