Preview Samurai Profile Cards for Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes

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Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes is in stores now so we (Capcom) are bringing the fans a ton of new stuff about the game. Throughout the week, we’ll be releasing Hero Cards for each of the playable characters giving you a little back story on each character and some of their special moves. Just for the PlayStation.Blog, Capcom is giving you a preview of the first four of the 16 playable characters.

In Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes you pick one of 16 playable characters inspired by historical samurai. Each with their own unique weapons, moves, and personality you take your warrior to the battlefields of 16th century Japan to try and conquer the country. The ultimate ending of the game takes place at the battle of Sekigahara. Based on the character you start with and the way you work your way through the battles, the story changes and allows you to see this final battle from various perspectives. Each character charts their own course through Japan, so after finishing with one character, try another for a new experience!

Here are four of 16 players you can choose from:

Ieyasu Tokugawa – The Eastern Savior, Tokugawa fights with his bare fists to understand the experience and sorrow of ordinary civilians


Mitsunari Ishida – A general on the western force, his main interest is focused on defeating Ieyasu for revenge and is disinterested in conquering the nation, despite the power as a warlord.


Masamune Date – Nicknamed the Fallen Dragon, Date was defeated in battle by Ishida and Hideyoshi. Now is the time for revenge as Date returns with his six swords to slay Mitsunari.


Yukimura Sanada – Yukimura Sanada takes over the duties of his fallen leader to bring a bright future to Kai region. Using his two spears, Sanada must stand strong and lead his troops with dignity.


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  • Crapcom with another port. When will you guys ever give the PS3 an exclusive?

  • Just got my copy today! It’s so fun, thank you for giving this series another go in the states Capcom. I hope it does well. Magoichi is awwesssome!! XD

  • THis game looks to be awesome!

  • Dear Capcom,

    Please deliver a title update for 1942: Joint Strike that adds trophies :)


    PS: We’re really excited for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, hoping it’s 1080p @ 30fps this time! :)

  • Without japanese voices! Lame!

  • Garbage.

    Capcom used to be such an amazing company last gen. Now they are a constant embarrassment.

  • ew when is Capcom gonna change back to the old Capcom?
    Seriously, your own Inafune just said that Japanesse Dev make awful game when you are part of them.
    And Lost Planet on pc show the xbox button instead of keyboard button.
    MegaMan Legend 3 on the 3DS? why isn’t it on the Ps3 and 360 instead of a lame Nintendo portable system.
    And the last MegaMan games are nothing but hommage to the nes one.
    Mocking Onimusha’s return.
    …. that’s a dissapoitment

  • i refuse to buy a capcom game after the crap they are offering to PS3 owners, you know, ports, on top of that, games that just plain suck.

    the old capcom is dead….

  • Well, while the IGN review was very low, I think there’s a selling point in there: “Sure, it’s better looking and slightly more entertaining to play than any of the similar games that have come out in recent years, but–.” Granted, there’s a BIG “but” there… BUT, this, believe it or not, would get you a number of sales- my brothers think the world of that P.O.S. Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.

    My personal impression: Wii-level visuals (come on!!), but better controls and gameplay than what DW has become. My only question is: why, oh, why would you leave these crazy moves out of the demo and only include the characters from Dullsville?

    I’d also recommend making a selling-point of the price-point. $40.

  • I was really looking forward to play the game today, but GameStop did not have my preorder in. UGH, should have gotten from Amazon.

    Regardless, I’m excited to play it.

  • By the way, unlike all these whiners, I have no problem with Capcom in general. You guys do good. Got a very distinct style to your games that I can definitely get behind, and we PS3 gamers are getting our fair share of love.

  • @ ManaKnight
    I ordered from Amazon and I’m not getting the game till Friday and I have it on 2 day shipping.

  • sad, but capcom is going downhill and fast. when i got the psn demo for this i knew i wasn’t getting it. its just mindless button mashing.

    capcom is barely keeping up. the ideas, game play, design, there’s no diversity, no originality. they just keep giving us the same games from 10 years ago.

  • My EB Games won’t have this till the 15th! UGH…. I have nothing to do this week either.

  • so anyone that already get it? are they including the japanese voice track in PS3 version?

    bluray have room for that and they said they refuse to include it just because wii disc doesn’t have enoug space for both voice track, i am really pissed witha all this company using “equality” reason while most of the time PS3 has suffered from ban multiplat and now when they has chance to include something they just refuse in the name of “equality”

  • Dear Capcom,

    Please update 1942: Joint Strike with trophies. It was such a well-done HD take on the series, and I love the co-op!


    PS: Can’t wait for Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and more co-op play and awesome music like in the first one!

  • I like the profile, very impressive. I’m not liking some of the comment on here:

    @3: If Nolan North was the English voice of one of the character, does that mean we should boycott Uncharted 3.

    @5: Stop being a stupid fanboy, Capcom has the right to do whatever they want.

    I also need to watch the anime.

  • I’m so excited for this, but sadly Gamestop didn’t have my copy in today. Hopefully I will have more luck tommorow. It’s nice to finally see this series outside of Japan again and with all the historical goodness in tact.

  • I cant wait to play as Sanada!

  • @17 what the hell are you talking about, nolan north and boycott???

    the lack of japanese voice really reducing the experience feel and atmosfer of the game, especiallu for people that already watch the anime and people already play the past 2 basara title in PS2 (not that crappy westernized version called devil king)

    nobunaga without norio wakamoto voice, masamune without his awesome engrish is just really lame! the burning spirit of yukimura voiced hoshi soichiro will never burning as hot in english voice, the only character that will not be lame is only Tadakatsu since he isn’t talk.

    seriously this game is loosely based on japanese history already have 2 season of anime a manga and upcoming anime movie!
    and capcom in the past USUALLY include dual voice in their game it is just weird for them not including it in sengoku basara which is very japanese in all aspect of the game!

  • I might give this game a purchase.

    16 character is not so bad compared to like Dynasty Warriors which has like 50+. I’m glad I never bought any of the DW games, but unfortunately I have some friends who love them and play them like crazy to max out all the characters.

    • Yeah, check it out. As I mentioned, all of the characters have their own moves and weapons, they are not just re-skins of other characters so the experience is really different depending on who you are playing with.

  • This is an awesome game, I hope others enjoy it as much as I did and still do! This game surpasses the DW series by far, so don’t compare it to that series until you’ve actually played it. By the way, for the people who think 4 special attacks isn’t enough, each character gets 7 special attacks on top of their ultimate basara attack, not to mention some characters have a different variation of their normal attack combo depending on what buttons you hold down or if you’re in the it definitely has more variation than DW.

    I have to agree with the above poster about how bad the demo was though. It left out so much of what the game has to offer.

    I imported the game because I love the anime and couldn’t do without the Japanese voices. I still hope the game does will in the states though so perhaps you can bring the next number of this series over if there happens to be one. Next time, just PLEASE “Put ya guns on” the right way! Give us fans of the series the option to choose the original voices!

  • I think the lack of Japanese audio deserves an answer. Blu-ray has more than enough space for dual audio, and the Japanese version already has the native voices. I see absolutely no reason NOT to include the Japanese dialogue in the American version. The English acting in this game is horrible, and one of the biggest reasons I couldn’t even finish the demo.

    I know a lot of people prefer English, but this is a niche genre, and some of the biggest fans of these types of games would much prefer at least an OPTION to have Japanese audio. The US is full of bilingual speaking people and a largely diverse culture, start appealing to your fan-base Capcom!

  • This game is like Dynasty Warriors on speed, it’s sooo fun! I agree about the demo making the attacking options seem a bit weak. Seems there is so much to unlock and modify in the game. I’ve only been playing as Magoichi so far and as I’ve leveled her up so on top of her normal handgun attacks I can switch to a shotgun, a machine gun and I think I just opened some sort of bazooka. It’s crazy, the machine gun attack is so awesome!! Loving this game sooo much!

  • Man, Have been waiting for this game for ages!!! I love the series, falled in love with Devil Kings (though I always hated that you guys had to rename everything).
    Im a big fan of Date!!

  • I’m sad that the ice-samurai guy and his sexy girlfriend/wife(?) aren’t in this :( I’ll pick this up eventually tho.


    It was answered at a Captivate interview some time back. I saw a post about it in an “Ask Capcom” forum, I forgot which one it was.. but basically they wanted the Wii and PS3 versions to be identical. So since the Wii discs can’t fit dual audio, they didn’t add it to the PS3 version. That’s a lame excuse to me really.

    I think the real reason is they just don’t expect the game to do well in the States and probably didn’t want the extra costs it would take. The price of the game really says it all on their expectations. That is an insane price, in a good way, based on how many hours you will put into the game. Most new games are $59.99 on release and you beat them in a day or 2; some don’t have any replay value either.

  • @Kodaime

    They both are, but just not playable. I would have liked to play as them also.

  • No Mitsuhide Akechi + no JP audio = no buy

    I’ll definitely rent it tho :P

  • I loved the demo. I’m a bit disappointed for not having dual audio, but the casting for the English voices is great (the dude who did Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3 as Tokugawa, Snow’s voice from FF13 as Mitsunari…)

  • @Brian: I’m very glad that this game had a great demo on the PS Store because if it hadn’t – I would have never considered purchasing this game. The melee combat was very satisfying and I look forward to purchasing this game very soon.

  • @24

    More like Samurai Warriors on Crack.

  • @ xBarritx

    Thanks for clearing that up — and I agree with you, that is a pretty lame excuse for wanting to be identical with the Wii version. Capcom has no problem catering to the 360 versions of their other franchises (Dead Rising) with additional features that other platforms don’t have (exclusive content). But when the PS3 version of a game has an opportunity to add extra features, Capcom basically says, “everyone must be equal” which seems really stupid.

    I guess Capcom won’t go the extra mile for PS3 owners unless Sony hands over a truckload of cash like the competition seems to constantly do. It seems as if Capcom is quickly turning into the Activision of Japan.

  • @32 you’re right.. being a huge Samurai Warriors fan too I shoulda made a more correct comparison! XD Oh well..

  • @20: Did you know Nolan North has lent voiced so some Japanese game like Final Fantasy 12, Rsonance of Fate. If he did voiceover for anime, does that mean we should hate him and not buy Uncharted 3 because he dub a anime.

    About Norio Wakamoto, Are you aware he does a lot of dub over also. Like I believe he voiced Kessler in Infamous, Mr Sinister in X-men, and Victor Coste in Splinter Cell: Conviction. Does that mean he does way much better then any English VAs?

    Look, I can understand why people get mad when there is no Japanese voiceover, but you can’t bash the dub. Let me ask you this, what would happen Resistance, Killzone, God of war got anime anthology and they both got Japanese and English audio, how should we watch that?

  • @Jeigh
    PS3 owners are getting their fair share of love from Capcom?
    Do you mind listing all the love PS3 owners got from Capcom so far or is going to?

    Capcom has give nothing but bad ports, less content, and the middle finger when it comes to PS3 owners. Don’t sit there and defend this company when all the facts shows otherwise. They have no problem giving exclusive contents, games, etc to the other system, but when a PS3 version of a game have the chance to get something extra (both Japanese voice and English voice overs), ever version of the game need to be equal.

  • why exactly isn’t my comment showing up on this blog post?

  • @mikedo2007

    I don’t think the point is that all Japanese VAs are superior regardless of the game, but rather that some people who are already fans of the game series/anime want the option of the ORIGINAL VAs.

    For this game in particular.. it’s huge in Japan, has 2 seasons of anime released, and an upcoming movie.. hell, it even has a theme park attraction based on it!.. how you don’t include the original VAs is just beyond me. If you’ve ever seen the anime, the characters all have very distinct personalities, and after seeing 2 seasons of anime then only having the option of English VAs.. it simply does not feel like the same characters.

    I’ll answer your question though.. for me, I’d personally pick the ORIGINAL VAs since they tend to be the better ones.

  • sounds like they recycled the bleach VA cast, pretty sure i heard ichigo and captain Ukitake.

  • Wait so is the PS3 version dual audio? Because it would seriously suck to not be able to hear Date Masamunes’ AWESOME engrish.

  • I’m not sure I get all of the criticism that’s being raised against this game and against Capcom. I enjoyed the demo alot and am looking forward to picking up the game once I’m done Castlevania:LOS. As for not including non-English voices, it’s certainly not a deal breaker for me – cant understand them anyways :)

  • This is the game I’ve been looking the most forward to. People need to give things a chance before hating on them.

  • @35 seriously you really miss the point no one said they hate some va and will boycott other game that has that va(and have nothing to do with the game that has problem)!

    and you are not get my point at all , I only focused on japanese game and anime not western game or western movie which in norio wakamoto case i haven’t heard any japanese game and anime are voiced better by their english counterpart

    i want my japanese game with japanese voice and my western game with english voice as simple as that!

    I’ll watch that antology in english

    there is just different kind of game, and some of them usually better in their original voice, game like MGS, dead rising, castlevania, could be better in english voice, but game like sengoku basara, most of JRPG and anime based game are better with japanese voice, while bishoujo game/galge/visual novel/ definetely will not be good enough with english voice!

    when it is come to japanese game also there is people that fans of japanese seiyuu to be considered, Persona 4 dub is good but i prefer the japanese voice simply because kugyu,hocchan, koshimizu ami in it

  • @ n4nobust3r

    I agree! It’s just like movies. I hate watching foreign movies dubbed into English, it usually sounds really stupid. I’d rather watch the movie in its native language and read the subtitles if I don’t understand the language. Just as in videogames — for western games, English audio is preferred, but for Japanese games, I’d rather hear the native Japanese audio track.

    Sega realized this with fans of the Yakuza series. They dubbed the first game in English and the majority of the fan-base HATED it. Then from Yakuza 2 and onward, they released them all with the Japanese audio and English subtitles. The game has had a growing audience with each new release in the US, so it’s obviously working. This just goes to show that if you listen to your fan-base, they will buy more of your games.

  • ughhh i need to do noob control. THE GAME DOES NOT SUPPORT DUAL AUDIO BECAUSE OF THE WII’S DISC SPACE. they wanted both versions to be equal in content and the wii can’t handle both English and Japanese voices on the disc.
    @#29- but he is… he playable? no. but he is there.
    ahh i’m so glad i spent the extra 10 bucks and imported the Asian version 2 months ago. :)

  • something EPIC this way comes

  • Sorry but no.:)The only games that i’ve bought from capcom are SSF4 some arcade titles. They killed Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, after that they plague the PS3 with terrible ports.*Dead Rising,Lost Planet 1 & 2,etc)
    You used to be one of my favorite companies…:(

  • @45: I know he’s an NPC but here’s hoping to some future DLC maybe (nudge nudge).

    It’s a shame developers don’t use Blu-Ray to its full capabilities. Many games are well under 10GB worth of data and including a language track that was ALREADY THERE to begin with shouldn’t be a big deal (even cost-wise).

    C’mon guys… this is one of the many reasons we chose PS3 over 360 and Wii, yet we are forced to deal with “lacking” content due to fairness? I’m sorry but the Wii excuse isn’t good enough for me, it’s not our fault they don’t own a PS3 (or maybe they do *gasp*) and chose to go with a inferior console. Lets actually put the term “next-gen” to use yeah?

  • this game is a sublime example of why i love games that originated in japan i never had the chance to play demon kings but this game actually nade me wanna find a copy of devil kings and break out a ps2 now if only some of the other big names would make their way over like another century episode and the macross titles

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