Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Weekly News

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Siena now available for Beta

Hey Assassins Creed Brotherhood beta testers! We just wanted to give you all a reminder that a third map is now available. Siena is a smaller map where the action takes place during the Palio horse races. Most of the activity will take place on the ground here. We’d love to hear what you think of it so be sure to let us know by posting your thoughts on the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta forums!

Also, thanks for all the fantastic feedback you’ve given us so far. It has all been very helpful and we’re keeping an eye on the forums every day.

Another week, another MP character reveal!

October 11 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Weekly News #3, another MP character reveal

Over the past few weeks, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Facebook fans have been able to get early peaks at our multiplayer characters. This week’s reveal is the Thief, a female character who uses a blade from a pair of scissors to deadly effect. If you want to see this new video all you have to do go to the official Assassin’s Creed Facebook page and click the “Like” button. This will grant you access to a special tab on our Facebook page set up to deliver exclusive content to our most dedicated fans!

So be sure to head over to our Facebook page and become a fan!

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  • Not Interest in this Game Sorry.. Just have to Wait tell GT5 Finally Releases this Holiday :D

  • I’ve played Siena, it’s a very festive place despite the gore. The Thief character looks good from the picture here, I wonder if there will be more female characters available?

  • This beta is f’in sick. Loving it.

  • When does the beta end?

  • Hey Im loving the beta right now. Could you guys plz consider adding a feature that allows me to permanently mute all players from the main menu. Currently you can only do it while in game and you have to mute them all individually. Its frustrating to have to do each time as I dont like hearing other players random profanities and plus I normally get killed while I’m trying to mute everyone.

  • I will be giving my money to Ubisoft now instead of Polyphony Digital.

  • how the hell do you mute people? i am sick of hearing them yelling to themselves about how cool that kill was. youre stupid turn the headsets off!

  • loving the beta cant wait for the full game

  • only problems I had when watching some earlier MP videos of AC Brotherhood was that there was basically only one hiding place,the hay stack. of course every ones going to look there.
    also when targeting/searching for a person theres no interaction at all. makes it seem un-realistic. would be a more shaped game if they showed the person actually looking through the hay stack, or turning people around to check them,etc. instead of just moving the white outlines target around. this way if you think your being followed you could choose not to target/search for people because the actions doing so will give you away. that would definitely be a big improvement. fix that and add waaay more hiding places and more actions for all the ai bots. like sitting down then walking, then running and so on. so the environment looks more real. to me this things make it a real game or not. it just seems kind of washed out and a tad cheesy to me without these needed improvements. no offense.
    I guess I’ll pass on this game and wait to see if AC4 finally fixes these things to make it more of a real polished game.

  • This beta really is a lot of fun and breath of fresh air from traditional online games.

    Although, when you make a kill and you get the 3 second animation that you can’t defend from other assassins I always get killed. I wish you could make a quick stab-and-run attack that doesn’t involve any animation. Or counter attacks of course.

  • @1 Yay playing with virtual luxury cars you’ll never own unless you become retired! lol jk man! Every has diffrent tastes ;)

    @7 when the match starts press start>go to Abstergo agents> click on X on the names to mute people ;)

    New female character! Awesome! More females characters would be great to be fair for the lady players ;)

  • things I really like about this game. The fact that its possible to win with out killing anyone. I love to trick people and stun them. Great stuff. Getting points for Lure, stun and other defensive counters is great and unseen in most games. I usually only kill if my target happens to cross my path. Crowd morph is a great ability for searching and hiding. I recomend combining it with smoke bomb. I don’t quite understand my perk yet. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it yet. LOL at kicking stunned people in the face.

  • It’s uber 1337!!!

  • Why are they still making new games for this garbage franchise?

    How lame do you have to be to waste 60 bucks on garbage like this?

  • Great job on the beta. Outside of having to wait 5-10 minutes at some points for the matchmaking system to put me into a match the game has run relatively smooth.

    Also, I just want to point out that I was not planning on buying this game at all…but since this beta was made available to us PSN+ members I figured I’d give the beta a shot. I quickly fell in love with the multiplayer and now I actually pre-ordered the game off of amazon and am looking into the other two games as well. Great job guys.

    I hope my little blurb acts as an incentive for you, as well as other developers, to push betas out to ALL PSN+ members, because you guys earned a sale by doing so.

  • This series SUCKS!!! Ubisoft needs to focus on a good series like, hmmmmmmmm? Prince of Persia!!!!

  • Call me stupid if you must, but I only just started downloading this thing last night. Guess I kind of forgot.

    By the way, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a forum and feedback submission method within the game? /Sigh, alright I’ll sign up for the Ubisoft forums. Wish, at the very least, it could’ve been the forums, which every online PS3 member already has a login for.

  • I am playing the beta and i love it!
    Its a fresh wind from the other games we have now.
    Shure its alot of buggs but not so disturbing to tell the truth!

    love how the sneak mode realy works, i am always on my edge on this game. Its crazy.


    Awesome trailer, love the heavy and dangerous feeling.

    Day 1.

  • any chance of having private severs in the beta

  • I didn’t play AC1 or AC2, but somehow i took a liking to ACB’s multiplayer. Wasn’t easy at first though as i’m not the patient type to walk slowly towards the enemy while maintaining stealth. But as soon as i manage to get a kill it felt awesome. I still suck at escaping though. Being targeted was fun too as you’re constantly wondering who’s chasing u from behind or.. oh wait, from the top! DEAD XD But someone does have point about the few hiding places. I’m only worried if the maps in full game are bigger that would be hard for newcomers to chase their target. So far the standard sized maps in beta cause less frustration.

  • Please Ubisoft… can you make this beta available for Mexican PSN+ accounts? :(

  • I say they delay this as many times as Sony has delayed GT5 so they can make a perfect game experience.

  • Nice, the Beta’s awesome, thanks!!! 8)

  • Everytime I click on the link to go to the facebook page it links me to my facebook home page. Even if I enter the URL manually it does the same thing.

  • How long until it’s delayed?

  • Lovin’ the beta! Where’s Alliance mode?

  • I really am enjoying the multiplayer beta! It really exceeded my expectations, this is like nothing I’ve ever played & it entices me to buy AC2, Really feels like these guys put a lot of work in this.

    One question though… where are the beta forums? or are we waiting for a survey email or something?

  • I played the beta for a few hours tonight and its not bad… But what I find the most frustrating is that I cant seem to be able to defend myself other than by hiding or running away… Would be nice to have a chance to wack the person who’s trying to get you when you have spotted them

  • @dalianor – i feel the same way about not being able to defend myself besides running and hiding. theres been many times when i see them and try to press the circle button to stun but i think it only works if they dont spot you first.

    I love the gameplay!!!nice change from all the shooters.

    I just might pick this game up after trying the beta, never played ac1,ac2.

  • where can i download the beta now?

    thats what happens when you go crazy!!!

  • i know im going crazy to. I cant wait that long i mean they were sending me invites but i didnt have playstation plus but wen i got it the beta was GONE YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • ive waited so long for skate 3 but i couldnt get it(to expensive) but im not giving up on ac brotherhood. SONY IF U DNT STEP UP UR GAME AND KEEP BETA ON FOR THOSE WHO CANT AFFORD IT WEN IT COMES OUT THEN IM NOT BUYING ANY BRAND OF UR’S.

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