Ys: The Oath in Felghana Hits PSP in November, See it in Action

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Hello again, discerning PlayStation Blog readers! Localization specialist Tom here from XSEED Games, to talk to you a bit about Ys: The Oath in Felghana – sure to be the greatest portable gaming experience of 2010! Ys: The Oath in Felghana will arrive on UMD and PSN for the PSP this November.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana for PSPYs: The Oath in Felghana for PSP

Some of you may already be familiar with our previous release, Ys SEVEN, and may be wondering how Ys: The Oath in Felghana compares. Well … it’s hard to quantify, really! I’ve previously stated in a few interviews that Ys SEVEN is to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as Ys: The Oath in Felghana is to Super Metroid, and I really think that’s the best way to explain it. One is a lengthy, chaotic, sprawling experience full of more items and abilities than you could possibly know what to do with; and the other is a much tighter, more streamlined affair, where every single item and ability has a specific purpose and everything fits together like a finely-crafted puzzle. Ultimately, they’re both very different games (despite obviously sharing numerous characteristics, not the least of which is protagonist Adol Christin!), and the preferred title between the two is going to vary quite wildly from person to person.

Me? I prefer Oath in Felghana (by a very small margin, mind you!). And to explain why, I’m actually going to be bringing the Metroid and Castlevania comparisons to a whole other level. Ever hear the term “Metroidvania game?”

Well, that’s pretty much what Ys: The Oath in Felghana is – more or less. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m NOT claiming it’s an open-ended nonlinear exploration-fest … but it DOES follow the basic structure of this much-beloved action subgenre: you explore your surroundings, find new items or abilities, and use those to push on farther than you ever could before. It’s all one map that’s constantly ballooning around you, allowing you access to places that were previously well beyond your reach.

The level design isn’t as labyrinthine as one would expect from a Metroid or new-age Castlevania title, but it does have that same sense of atmospheric wonderment—that lonely, haunting feel of being by yourself in a hostile land full of crazed monsters, with only your wits and your arsenal of special moves to get you through. You’ll find yourself constantly being taunted by treasure chests that are just out of reach – on a platform too high, too far, blocked off or otherwise rendered totally inaccessible to you … for now. And you’ll file that location away in the back of your mind, knowing that eventually you’ll find a way to obtain that distant treasure … some way … somehow …

And really, that’s the key to this game’s brilliance: its spectacular level designs. Every corner of Felghana is unique and well-conceived, with ample branching paths, pitfalls, puzzles and traps to keep you on your toes as you hesitantly turn the next corner, unaware of what horrors may await you beyond.

And oh, the horrors you’ll find! For those of you who started this series with Ys SEVEN, I implore ye take heed: Ys SEVEN is arguably one of the easiest games in the series, while Oath in Felghana is almost certainly one of the hardest. If you’re expecting a 1:1 correlation between the four difficulty levels in each game (and note that Felghana also adds a “Very Easy” and unlockable “Inferno” difficulty on top of the existing Easy/Normal/Hard/Nightmare selection), you’ll become well-acquainted with that Game Over screen, for sure.

For here in the depths of this forgotten lore, you risk a gruesome death with every new frontier you explore — and likely not one you’d ever considered before! But if these challenges you can overcome, the sense of accomplishment is … second to none! (Hey, it’s a half-rhyme. Half-rhymes count!)

If you’re worried that the game will be TOO hard for you, though … don’t be! As with Ys SEVEN, there’s an unlimited Retry feature that lets you challenge bosses as many times as it takes to conquer them, and even retry individual rooms until you can traverse them in one piece. It’s the perfect mix of cruel and merciful, making for a wonderfully satisfying (and amazingly non-frustrating) overall experience.

I don’t think I can possibly do justice to this game with a single blog entry, honestly. It’s truly one of the most perfect, flawless gaming experiences of the last decade, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not a long game, nor is it a complicated one. But it hits all the right notes, and is genuinely enjoyable from start to finish … and might just make you want to keep on playing it, over and over again, until you beat all six difficulty levels and conquer the infamous Boss Rush mode! Masterpieces like this are the reason I got into video games in the first place, and if you can only play one title this winter, I urge you to make it Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Unless you hate fast-paced action, thrilling exploration, genuine challenge (without frustration) and/or kickin’ rock music, I can’t imagine ANYONE being disappointed with this purchase … Especially if you pick up the limited edition, which is worth it for the soundtrack CD alone!

So go place your preorders! You wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on Super Metroid back in 1994, nor Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in 1997 … and you’re not going to want to miss out on Ys: The Oath in Felghana in 2010, either. Trust me! It’s THAT GOOD!

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  • Bring it for PS3 too.

    • As another fan stated, we’re only the publisher, not the developer. Falcom made this game; we’re just localizing and publishing it in the English-speaking world. If Falcom were to develop a PS3 version of this game, we’d be all over that in two shakes of a dog’s tail! But until that day, I’d suggest you go out and get yourself a PSP, because Oath in Felghana is just the tip of the iceberg as far as awesome PSP games go. ;)

  • Yeah, I’d definitely get this for the PS3.

  • so basically ys the oath has move action based puzzles (like the dodging obstacles and platforming, while ys seven was more strictly rpg with mind based puzzles?

    • Oath actually has a little of both, I’d say. But it’s definitely a lot more of an “arcade action” title than Seven was. Seven was pretty action-packed, but most of that was combat — whereas here, a lot of it is, as you said, dodging obstacles and platforming.

  • You guys do need need to remake these games for the ps3. I love the first Ys on the psp, back when I owned one. The only gribe I had consisted of the load times. It twas a great RPG though, especially on the go.

  • Loving Y’s 7 and will get this as well, thanks for bringing these out to NA, it’s much appreciated :)

    • Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy Oath in Felghana just as much (though I have no doubt you will!). ;)

  • Hey, if this sells well, you think we might get a localization of Ys Origin?

    • It’s not outside the realm of possibility. We’ve never released a PC title before, though, so there are a lot of things we’d need to look into before we could publish something like that. But stranger things have happened, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future may hold!

  • I just got Wanderers From Ys III off my uncle on the weekend! Now I need to get a Retro Duo so I can play it again… It’s been so long since I played and finished it as a kid.

    Gonna love to compare to this remake.

    Also, I agree with Link01. We need a Ys PS3 game!

    • Falcom porting this to PS3 *would* be pretty cool, but honestly, I’m thrilled with the PSP version. I love my PSP, and being able to play Oath in Felghana on the go is just totally awesome. (Plus, it looks great, sounds great, and has absolutely NO load times!)

      Once you’ve played both Ys III and Felghana, by the way, I think you’ll be amazed at how very different Oath in Felghana is from its 16-bit predecessor. I also think you’ll enjoy the game even more, as it somehow makes the experience all the better when you can see just how far Falcom took the ideas from Ys III, and just how great a job they did with it!

  • Well, Link01 and the others who mentioned it. PS3 Ys would be awesome!

    Ys Seven is great, btw.

    Love this series (and Neutopia… It’d be nice to see Hudson bring that one back).

  • …I’m confused at the PS3 talk. This game was made for PC and ported/improved for the PSP. It’s not in any way nor has it been a game for the PS3, so I can tell you right now Oath in Felghana for PS3 is not going to happen. If you want a Ys game on the PS3, take it up with the developer Falcom. XSEED doesn’t make these games, they localize them (quite wonderfully I might add).

    @3 I’m assuming you’re talking about Ark of Napishtim on PSP as it had terrible load time problems. Rest assured, playing Ys SEVEN (if you ever get a PSP again) you won’t even notice the loading, and everything I hear about Oath in Felghana points to it being completely unnoticeable.

    Anyways, very excited for this Tom, the limited edition looks great and I thoroughly enjoyed playing and beating the crap out of SEVEN. Keep up the great work, you guys always have guaranteed multiple purchases from me!

    • No need to take our word for it — just watch the videos on this blog entry. The load times you see there are identical to the ones you’ll be experiencing in the final retail copy of the game (on UMD, no less!).

      …What load times, you ask? EXACTLY! ;)

      And thanks for the kind comments! Your multiple purchases have always guaranteed us smiles and sunshine, so our appreciation goes out to you, as well! ;)

  • stop with the PS3 talk, this is the publisher you’re talking to, not the developer! And thank you SO much XSEED, I picked up Ys Seven after reading about it on your previous PSBlog post and I fell instantly in love with it. Such an awesome game!!! And I’ll def be picking this up. Thank you for all you do to bring these games to the states!

    • Well, I can’t speak for EVERYONE here, but for me, personally, these are some of my favorite games of all time…so believe me, the pleasure’s all mine! ;)

      (Your kind comments fill our hearts with glee, though, so thank you very much!)

  • By the sound of it I think Vagrant Story would be a more appropriate comparison. That masterpiece of an RPG also has non-linear exploration of a very atmospheric hostile environment, and a tightly crafted set of items and abilities and great weapon and armour crafting to complete the perfect package of the perfect RPG.

    Glas to see other games putting forth their own take on the same basic formula.

    • In a way, I suppose you’re right — though Ys: The Oath in Felghana has a much different atmosphere and look than Vagrant Story, and is a much, *much*, MUCH faster-paced game, so I never really made that comparison before.

      …In fact, aside from the most basic aspects of level design, the two games are quite vastly different! But both are excellent titles in their own right.

  • YEAAAAAAA!!!!! HOURAAAAAA THIS GAME IS AWESOMEEE! trust me this game is the best game since ZELDA it is sooo fun!!

  • well i have never played any Ys game but this video just did it for me , i will be buying your game for sure , the other one that has just come out for the psp GO , is it similar to this game? im very tempted to buy it lol

    • I assume you mean Ys SEVEN, no? It’s the one I described in the blog that I’d say is more the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to this game’s Super Metroid. It’s similar, yes (same sort of ultra-fast-paced combat, same sort of atmosphere), but it’s also…different. ;) Very hard to describe. I recommend checking out videos of it, and if you like what you see, grab it for sure. It’s an absolutely fantastic game.

  • Ys Seven is by far one of the best PSP games available today. I look forward to Ys: The Oath in Felghana because I will definitely pick it up.

    • I wholeheartedly agree! Falcom and the PSP are a match made in heaven. I can’t wait to see what they release on the little guy next!

  • Loved Ys Seven and definitely getting Oath in Felghana. Are you guys thinking of bringing Half-Minute Hero 2 over here?

    • With all the massive volumes of requests we’ve been getting for it? … Nope, thought’s never crossed our minds! ;)

      But seriously, yeah, we’re aware of the fans’ desires for that game, and are looking into the possibility. If you want to really drive home how much you’d love to see it released in English, though, I recommend going out and buying wheelbarrows full of the first game — new, not used! ;)

  • Oath in Felghana sounds amazing! Great work on the blog entry. Count me in day one.

  • Amazing! thank you XSEED, cant wait

  • XSEED, thanks for picking the Ys games up! This will be a first day buy for me.

  • Thanks a lot xseed. I loved Ys Seven and if you say its the easiest game in the series then im out of luck cuz it was challenging to say the least on nightmare mode. I will pick it up and ys 1 & 2 when it comes out. Can’t wait.

    • Yeah, I’d recommend keeping your distance from Nightmare mode in this game — at least at first. (And that’s saying nothing of Inferno mode!)

      Normal mode is probably a great choice to start with, even for seasoned Ys veterans. While playing Normal mode for the first time, I literally found myself sitting on the very edge of my chair, drenched in a cold sweat by the time I got through the Elderm Mountains dungeon. It was fantastic!

      If you’re REALLY looking for a challenge, though…start on Hard mode. It’s pretty intense!

  • I pity the people that are new to Ys with the PSP. The games have come out Ys VI, VII, Ys III, and in 2011 ports of Ys I and II. That has to be confusing as all get out.

    Now the question is if we’ll ever get a Ys IV and V localized for the west. We’ve never recieved an English copy of either game since the series originated.

    • Well, the nice thing about the Ys games is that you don’t HAVE to play them in order. They’re very episodic adventures, with only extremely loose threads connecting them to a very slowly-developed overarching plotline (seriously — there have been ten distinct Ys titles so far, and the overarching plotline would still fit on a half a page!).

      As for Ys IV and Ys V, Falcom fans have been clamoring for an updated remake of them a la Oath in Felghana for quite some time now. If such a remake were to be made, we’d definitely raise our collective eyebrows in interest (and make a few phone calls, shake a few hands, exchange a few sidelong glances, etc.), you can be sure of that!

  • sounds great.. when will this cme out

    And for the people who want tp play this on ps3. you can just use the remote play feature onthe ps3 and psp systems..:)

    Mcbuttz78-psn vp of legionaires

  • @21, I don’t think you know what Remote Play is.

  • I appreciate you guys taking the risk of releasing this in North America.

    I hope it does well. Please keep it up.

  • Any hint on how will the limited edition look like for this one?

    • Oh, more than a hint! We’ve revealed the LE box already. It contains the game, a 2011 desk calendar full of Felghana art unique from the pieces seen in the Ys SEVEN LE art book (complete with “blank” pages featuring ONLY art, so it can still be displayed even after 2011 comes and goes), and a soundtrack CD featuring 80 minutes of music from the game, including one never-before-released track unique to the PSP version of Oath in Felghana (it hasn’t even been released on CD in Japan yet!).

      All for $10 less than the Ys SEVEN LE box.

  • Loved Ys Seven and can’t wait for this, Year of the PSP! imo.

  • I want to say thanks XSeed for bringing the YS series out in NA. Then you will be bringing the Legend of Heroes games too. I can’t wait for those too. It is hard being a Falcom fan & seeing so many great games of theirs never leave Japan. So thanks for bringing their games out. If YS & Legend of Heroes sell well will you bring out more of Falcom’s games like Vantage Master Portable, Brandish, Zwei & YS vs Legend of Heroes? Also will there be a demo for YS III? Again thanks for bringing these Awesome games out.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      We have a full-on partnership with Falcom, so we’re definitely going to try for more Falcom titles in the future. At the very least, I’m a die-hard Falcom fanboy, so you know I’ll be rooting for ’em! ;)

  • Thanks to XSeed for bringing these to NA. Hope you guys get these on Steam sometime in the future.

  • Well, I have been recomending Half-Minute Hero to almost everyone I know so here’s hoping! And for a more obscure game, how about Coded Soul: Uketsugareshi Idea?

    • Coded Soul! Great game. I’ve been personally pushing for it, actually, and I’ll be sure to let the Council of Elders know that someone else has asked about it — see if that pushes any decisions over the edge. ;)

  • Hey Tom,

    Corbie Dillard from Nintendo Life here. Just wanted to say it’s great to see you posting on here and keep those Ys games rolling! I’m loving Ys 7 and I’ve been squeezing in some late night playing sessions after work every night this week. Glad to see they’ve got someone who knows their stuff involved in these games. You rock!

    • Hey Corbie! Nice to see you again as well. Glad you’re enjoying Ys Seven, and I can’t wait to see what you think of Oath in Felghana! It’s one of my personal favorites, and I think you’re really going to love it.

  • Sa-weet! Been waiting to here some more news on this. What’s the price tag gonna look like? Is it shorter than Ys Seven? (Though I actually put a lot more hours into Ys Seven than you posted the average game length was. But it was awesome and I couldn’t stop grinding and farming :D ).

    • Standard edition will be $29.99 and limited edition box-set $39.99. And it IS a much shorter game than Ys Seven (standard clear-time for a single playthrough of Oath in Felghana will be about 10-20 hours), but it also lends itself to replaying much more readily than Ys Seven, with six difficulty levels, unlockable art, and a “Time Attack” mode that lets you fight bosses and try to beat your best time (complete with unlockable hidden bosses, no less!). Makes it a game that really rewards you for playing till your fingers fall off. ;)

  • Dear Tom Lipschultz:

    Are you… the same Tom that demonstrated Ys Seven for InecomCompany on youtube? I know that’s kind of a random question, but the way you (again, sorry if it isn’t you) explained the game series was so awesome, that I picked up Ys Seven on release day. I’ll be doing the same for Oath in Felghana.

    Btw, I just wanted to say, you guys rock for coming out with great limited editions and for a reduced price! Good to know, not all publishers are greedy, money sucking vampires.

    • Yep, that’s me! Glad my fanboyish ramblings helped convince you to give the game a try. I was totally on to something with my rabid praise, no? ;)

      And you are correct, we are not money-sucking vampires. Rather, we are turnip juice-sucking vampires! Wherever there are turnips, there shall only remain turnip husks once we have passed through.

      (Don’t mind me — I think I just need some coffee!) ;)

  • @22 remote is feature that let u play psp games through your ps3 and use your home tv. . Also it works vice vera ..If im not mistaken, //All u have to do is have the psp and ps3 account the same information..

    I have done this with alot of psp game’s that have come out for psp. Ive also did this with ridge racer 7.. I played it on my psp from the ps3.. :)

    Sorry 4 being of topic TOM

    • It’s not a problem! I’ve actually never done the Remote Play thing, so it’s kind of interesting to hear about it.

      Did you know, though, that even without a PS3, you can play any PSP game output to television? Provided you have a 2000 model or higher, anyway.

      PSP-200X models have a built-in TV-out function, though the cables are sold separately, and you need a TV capable of 480p or higher resolution (as well as a component hookup) in order to play PSP games (but you can play PS1 and TurboGrafx games downloaded from the PlayStation Store, as well as MP4 video files, on any TV, with any hookup!).

      And if you have a 300X model or PSPgo, you can play PSP games on any TV, with any hookup.

      I love playing PSP games on my TV. It’s like it’s a console when I’m at home, and a handheld when I’m away!

  • Dear Tom:

    Not at all! You spoke like a true enthusiast. I really like how to explain things so clearly and coherently. I’m glad Xseed made you the spokesman for the Ys PSP series.

    Can’t wait for Ys Oath and Ys 1 & 2 Chronicles. Take care Tom.

  • I was skimming over the posts, but I might’ve missed it… Anyways, how does Hard Mode in this game compare to Ys Seven’s? I completed Hard Mode on Ys Seven at level 64, with final equipment for everyone… but since these games are different styles, is this Hard Mode harder than Ys Seven’s? Thanks Tom.

    • Oh, definitely! Ys Seven is quite possibly the easiest game in the series, and Oath in Felghana is quite possibly the hardest. Normal mode, in this game, feels kinda like Hard in Ys Seven, and may even be MORE difficult. And Oath in Felghana has 6 difficulty levels instead of just 4, too, with an added “Very Easy” mode for beginners, and an unlockable “Inferno” mode that makes Nightmare look like child’s play!

      I definitely recommend starting on Normal, though, as I honestly consider it to be the PERFECT level of difficulty. It’s a real challenge, but doesn’t ever delve into frustrating territory.

      If you consider yourself a real expert, though…start on Hard. The going won’t be easy, but you’ll feel awesome once you get through it. ;)

  • Hello again! I absolutely loved Ys Seven (though it did drag just a tiny bit towards the end). By far my favorite “blind buy” of the year.

    By comparing this to Super Metroid do you mean there is no exp/leveling up? You can’t say, grind your way past tough monsters? It looks like Adol is going solo in this one which is a shame since I enjoyed the growing party and their banter of the last game.

    Do you have any guesstimates as to the file size of the PSN version? Last time you said Seven would be in the 700-800mb range, but it turned out to be a mere 448mb :p

    Is it possible for you guys to give people that buy the game on PSN the soundtrack and calander as well? I don’t know if XSeed has the rights to release the music digitally, but making some jpg/pngs of each calander page (PSP & PS3 sized!) shouldn’t be an issue?

    • Oh, no, I didn’t mean it that way — Oath in Felghana DOES have experience and leveling, so fear not! Though unlike most Ys games, grinding your way through bosses isn’t anywhere near as effective in Felghana (largely because there are no stockable healing items, so all bosses are fought on one life bar!). You really need to learn their patterns and show some serious dexterity!

      Grinding DOES work…but it’ll take a lot longer than most people are willing to spend, as the game is very much NOT designed for that. In other words, Oath in Felghana is not made to be strong-armed, but to be strategized!

    • As for the download size…I honestly have no idea! Until the game is actually available for digital release, its size is a mystery to us, since Sony’s compression scheme is (clearly) a LOT better than we’d previously assumed. ;) My best guess is, it’ll be somewhere in the same vicinity as Ys Seven’s download size. (It might be a LITTLE larger due to all the voice-acting, but not TOO much, I wouldn’t think.)

      And regarding getting the LE bonus items with the PSN version, I’ll pass your idea along to the appropriate party within the company, and see if anything can be done. But my guess is, if you want the LE goodies, you’ll need to pick up a physical copy of the game, as I’m betting there’d be some SERIOUS legal issues surrounding digital distribution of our LE contents…

  • Thanks for the answers! Glad to hear rpg-type stuff is there. I enjoy a good grind now and then if only to breeze through stock enemies. As for bosses I’ve never been good at pattern memorization, still I have been able to beat games like Mega Man, Metroids and the like so I imagine I’ll be able to clear this game as well. :)

    Legal issues are always a bummer but its something to think about for the future. Downloadable gaming is just so convenient that I’m willing to put up with these growing pains while awaiting the future in which physical & digital limited editions exist.

    Regarding the worldofys.com website will you be updating it to cover Oath as well? Calling it “World of Ys” yet covering just one of the games seems silly! Unrelated but I read Amazons description of YsI&II PSP and it says you bump into enemies to defeat them? Can’t wait to hear how awesome you can make that sound but we’ll cross that road when we come to it.

    By the way Half-Minute Hero will have been out in the US for a year as of tomorrow. Got any plans to celebrate? I’d suggest a sale/price drop on the PSN version. I’d re-buy it for $10… just sayin’. Might also get new buyers on board and interested in the hopefully coming sequel. :D

    • Don’t worry, with unlimited boss retry, you’ll make it through the bosses in Felghana, for sure. It might take you a while…but you’ll make it!

      Regarding the website, fear not: It’s due to be updated with Felghana content (including voice samples and comparison videos showcasing how much the game has evolved since it was originally developed in 1989 as Ys III: Wanderers From Ys) very, very soon. Just keep checking worldofys.com, and before you know it, BAM! Felghana city!

      On the subject of I & II, I absolutely *love* the bump system. It’s a hard sell, granted, but it’s just immensely satisfying to play an RPG *without ever standing still*. You’re in constant motion! And enemies EXPLODE INTO BLOODY CHUNKS when you kill them. You’re basically a crazy sprite of destruction running around, leaving a trail of gore in your wake as you groove to the sounds of electric guitars wailing away — how can that NOT be awesome?! ;)

      And finally…whoa, first anniversary of HMH! We’ll have to bust out our party hats and see what ruckus we can cause. ;)

  • Tom,

    I also picked up Ys Seven after watching your interview with InecomCompany on youtube. Ys Seven is my first Ys game, but after putting in many of hours with this game, it won’t be my last Ys game. This game plays so well on the psp!! I like how you can save almost any where. The game play is so tight and the camera works well. So Thanks for Bringing this game to NA and thanks for explaining these games in detail, you sold me on this game as well.

    • Man, we’re going to have to send InecomCompany a virtual fruit basket or something for all the fan support they helped drum up on our behalf!

      Glad I was able to introduce you to the Ys series, though, and I promise I shan’t lead you astray with my future recommendations! Mostly because Falcom is such a consistent company and Ys such a consistent (yet amazingly varied) series, so if you like one of the games, chances are you’ll like ’em all!

      (In the interest of full disclosure, though, I should mention that Oath in Felghana does NOT feature save-anywhere capability like Ys Seven, due to the way it’s structured — though there ARE ample save-points, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem!)

  • The LE is $10 less than the Ys 7 LE, you say? Well, I’m sold.

  • Hello Tom. (:

  • THANKS so much XSeed! We US-based PSP gamers LOVE you guys for supporting the PSP with these great translations/ports to the North American region. It’s a shame even more people aren’t tuned into the great stuff that you and other publishers have been rocking on the PSP this year. It is a fantastic little box!

    • Darn tootin’ it is. I love my PSP! And I’m not just saying that because this is a PlayStation Blog — I’d honestly say it’s my favorite of all the current-gen consoles and handhelds. It’s a magic box of awesomeness! ;)

  • Thanks for bringing these over!! Please continue doing this. :)
    I’m getting ready to play Ys seven for the first time tonight!!

  • Is the control D-pad or analog nub?

    • Either or. And if you use the analog stick, you can either set it to register 360 degrees, or limit it to 8 directions. Personally, I prefer to play using the analog stick limited to 8 directions, but I’m sure that’ll vary quite a bit from person to person.

  • Glad to hear of the D-pad support. I am now seriously considering picking up the game when it comes out now.

  • So, with all the comparisons you make to “Castlevania – Symphony of the Night” and the “Metroid” series, I’m confused as to why there doesn’t appear to be any type of on-screen map in your game.

    If this latest entry into the Ys series truly does mimic the Metroid style of gameplay, the lack of an on-screen map would make the experience terrible.

    I loved Ys Seven, so please quell my fears about the lack of a persistent on-screen mini-map in “Ys: The Oath in Felghana”.

    • Well, like I said, “the level design isn’t as labyrinthine as one would expect from a Metroid or new-age Castlevania title.” It’s Metroidvania in basic game design structure, but NOT in complexity. As such (and you’ll pretty much just have to take my word on this), you will NOT get lost. The maps are distinctive and straightforward enough that a minimap would be absolutely unnecessary. (And would, in fact, ruin a few of the game’s secrets — after all, half the fun is trying to remember just where that cracked wall or uncrossable gap WAS!)

      In short, a minimap is unnecessary because the game is really pretty linear overall, despite its clever level designs and occasional fork in the road.

      (And if you’re still not convinced, answer me this: Would Ys Seven really have suffered if there were no minimaps? Would you really have gotten lost? I don’t think the minimaps were strictly necessary even in THAT game, much less in Oath…)

  • I only hope Falcom sees fit to port the PS2 versions of Ys IV and V to the PSP and gives XSEED a shot at the North American release – I would snap that stuff up in a heartbeat! Ys Seven ranks as my favorite piece of software for the PSP. Get on the phone to Falcom, tell them at least one North American fan (who’s been supporting their series since ‘Book 1 and 2’ on the TG-16) wants this to happen!

    • Oh, trust me, you DON’T want the PS2 versions! They were…not exactly very good representations of those two games, shall we say? It was another case of a third-party developer trying to “reinvent” Ys all on its own, and kinda…missing the point.

      What would be awesome is if Falcom themselves remade Ys IV and Ys V in the style of Oath in Felghana or Ys Seven. If that happened, I think there would be much rejoicing indeed!

  • Hey there!, just wanted to say hi >8D, and say that im gonna get this game like i did with YS seven :D, also i’d like to congratulate XSEED for other great games that made my day so many times, like rune factory frontier 8I), and also little king story >83!

  • Tom Lipschultz, you are the man, keep up the good work.

  • imported the PC version a couple of years ago (from falcoms store directly) cant WAIT to play through again on psp. also happy that more people can enjoy this masterpiece of an action rpg now.

    interested in seeing the differences from the pc one (seems now you dont have to go back to your last save if you die)

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