TV Superstars Ships Tomorrow for PlayStation Move

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Hello! I’m the Creative Director for SCEE’s Cambridge Studio in the UK. The PlayStation Move launch has been a really exciting ride for us, and as everyone prepares for the next wave of PlayStation Move games I wanted to take a moment to share a little more about our latest title TV Superstars. Apparently some retailers can’t wait and we’re shipping it early, so look for it starting this Wednesday, October 13th!

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move

For anyone who hasn’t heard of TV Superstars yet, here’s a bit of background info to help you get excited about its release this week.

TV Superstars was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Cambridge Studio, the creative minds behind the popular Medievil series, Primal, Ghosthunter and the award winning LittleBigPlanet on PSP, just to name a few. TV Superstars lets you and your friends and family actually appear in the game and compete in a world of TV stardom. It uses the PlayStation Eye camera to capture your likeness and the PlayStation Move motion controller to get you competing in a series of crazy TV show challenges, battling it out to become a famous superstar! Each of the TV shows within the game showcases a different use of the PlayStation Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera.

Here’s a look at each of the interactive TV shows within the game:

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move TV Superstars for PlayStation Move

Let’s Get Physical:

Get set for madcap mayhem with everyone’s favorite extreme sports host, Spike Powers, as he puts unsuspecting contestants through crazy physical challenges. A giant spinning wheel. A robotic monkey wearing boxing gloves. A giant catapult. You’ll need quick reactions and skill as you use the PlayStation Move to twist, turn, duck, run, jump, and aim your way through each challenge.

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move TV Superstars for PlayStation Move


If you think being a model is just about putting one foot in front of the other, you’re in for a surprise! Go backstage with host Randy Darling at some of the world’s most glamorous fashion runways. Using the PlayStation Move motion controller, you must select the right clothes and makeup before hitting the catwalk, earning the crowds’ applause for striking the correct pose during your debut runway performance.

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move TV Superstars for PlayStation Move

Big Beat Kitchen:

Host Big Chili D puts wannabe chefs to the test in the hip hop heat of Big Beat Kitchen. Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to pour, chop, and whisk, then tip, flip and shake following Chili’s instructions to plate the perfect meal then rap along with Chili following the on-screen lyrics.

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move TV Superstars for PlayStation Move


Grab your toolbox and join Jenny Ratchet for the do-it-yourself show where dream homes can become a reality… or a nightmare. You’ll use the PlayStation Move to smash through walls, saw through lumber, and paint walls as you build your clients their dream home.

TV Superstars for PlayStation Move (PS3) TV Superstars for PlayStation Move

Super Television Acting Agency:

Vivian Katzenburg runs the Super Television Acting Agency, home to all the brightest rising stars and the only place to go to get your face in TV commercials and on posters and billboards. From toilet cleaner to perfume, you’ll need all your acting talent and skills to sell these products. Use the PlayStation Move to follow the director’s instructions as your acting talent and skills are to put to the test to sell everything from toilet cleaner to perfume.

While competing in each of the shows, players earn “Fame Points” to rise from a Z-list wannabe to an A-list superstar. As players earn Fame Points and become more famous, they’ll have the opportunity to compete in lavish reward challenges and even star in their very own TV commercials, rising through the ranks to leave their own unique mark on the world. You’ll have to battle it out to see who controls the global television media as the world of TV Superstars comes to life based on your performance, allowing you to choose your own path through the world of TV fame.

Keep an eye out for TV Superstars coming soon to a retailer near you and we hope you and your friends and family will have as much fun playing it as we had making it!

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  • More Nintendo-esque minigame nonsense…I’ll pass…

  • I am too poor to be buying stuff like this. Got to save up for the big ones!

  • I’ve played the Demo with my friends and we had lots of fun… It was bizarre to see our faces in that skinny body all the time… I am considering on buying it ;)

  • This looks like a title that the developers did not take very seriously…the gameplay and move integration seems very trivial compared to sports champions which zindagi games put a lot of work into their project

  • Wow! I can’t wait to not play this game!

  • what is up w/ the faces?? creepy

  • This game is all that’s wrong with “motion gaming”.

    The demo was just awful.

    PS Move is an amazing piece of hardware, and games like this will hurt it’s reputation, and continue to alienate ‘core’ gamers that aren’t sold on the tech yet. This will lead to reduced budget games, post dev Move integration, etc.

    Games like Tumble and Sports Champions show the limitless potential the system packs.

    TV Superstars is just numb minded settling.

    Hey, you want to make money, we get it, but trust me, people that would be interested in this game, already have a Wii.

  • The game is fun. Played the demo. If you haven’t, shut up.

  • The game is not fun, the demo was terrible and everything I’ve seen about this game just looks so stupid. You’re not going to make much money off of games like this from the Playstation crowd. Should’ve never been developed for it.

  • I’m not playing this. I feel bad for that person who has to review this game lmao… I’ll play it if it was free

  • Man, I love shovelware.

  • We really need to see game quality for the PS3 Move evolve quickly! This looks like a crap sandwich without the bread!

  • I’ll pass on this… Waiting for The Fight: Lights Out. That looks awesome and it looks like a good use of the Move.

  • Think outside of the box for the Move! Like Sorcery, I’d rather see ‘House of the Dead XVII’ than to play wanna-be Wii games.

  • @7 – right on the money with that post

    Sports Champions was the first game I played with Move and it was so amazing that almost every game since then (Kung Fu Rider, Start The Party, Lord of the Rings, Racquet Sports) has been awful in comparison. If someones first impression was one of those games instead, their opinion of the Move would be poor I am sure.

    MAG and Tumble are the other games I have played, both of which are quite well done as well.

  • Why don’t u people just play the demo and then say how this game plays out with the move! Don’t just look at the screens and say creepy face oh this games crap etc!! Why not rent the game and then give your opinion!Its just a demo my friends!!

  • Jason Wilson i love all your games guys , MediEvil is still 1 of my favorite playstation series of all time , Sir Daniel Fortesque 1 of my favorite playstation characters of all time , i have all your games even MediEvil Resurrection and Little Big Planet PSP but this is a no no from me , i want another MediEvil game ( PS3 or PSP ) i dont care i just want to play another MediEvil game , please bring back Fostesque , Primal ps3 game would be nice too but please , please bring another Fortesque adventure soon

  • @17

    You may very well be in luck, lol. The talented people at Cambridge Studio simply must have been putting all their time into another project while this pile was being cobbled together by interns…

  • This game is great fun to play with friends! Just play the demo and you’ll see, TVS is a solid party game with really unique features. It plays well and its pretty funny.

  • This game looks horrible… unless the cost is $9.99 and it is a PSN title. I want The Fight Lights Out.

    (And Flight Control HD, but since i live in the USA, i guess that’ll never happen).

  • Aww… Come on people…

    Don’t be shy. Give it (the Demo) a shot.
    As @zipPy wrote in post 19, it’s a great game to play with friends or family.

  • We’ve played the demo at our house party and we all had lots of fun! We need more family/friends oriented games like this. We’ll be picking this up when it’s available.

  • Was a bit skeptical at first, but played this with my office mate and it was just good, campy, silly, fun.

  • The trophy data needs uploaded to the Sony servers since it is impossible to sync this games trophies at the moment.

  • trophies were fixed!! *YaY*

  • the people who will actually purchase this game dont come on here to post about it. this is a solid game and will do very well over the holidays…

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